Extinction Rebellion (6)


A Social Justice Warrior flag-waving salute to the great unwashed who make-up this sinister organisation, who will, once again this weekend, deprive policemen of their well-earned leave, inconvenince those who have to get to work at weekends, and do their best to spread Covid 19, as they march all over Britain – an extra special treat is threatend for London, with “mass” demonstartions (not the sort of mass the Pope would know about) and the pansies will be on the march to Brighton Pavillion, with their recycled iced pansy water along with their recycled trite slogans and whistles.

I just hope the weather is as piss poor as they say it will be, at least that will guarantee the filthy bastards will get one decent wash this year.

When I read about Singapore’s “Caning Room” last week, I just wish we could establish one in every major city in this country, so that these great unwashed warriors, together with illegal immigrants and the cunts who aid them to get here could all receive six strokes of a damp rattan cane across their fat arses. That punishment would also be suitable for roly-poly Labour MPs like Neil Coyle who yet again in a now deleted Tweet described Brexiteers as ignorant racists. I wouldn’t mind weilding the whip myself on that fucker.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs

44 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (6)

  1. Those daft ER cunts who dress in those strange red costumes are fucking weird. What exactly’s that supposed to mean?
    Annoying cunts should get arrested immediately. This is just another Marxist front.

  2. Teargas, water cannon, dogs, horses, cracked heads, long prison sentences. These middle class pricks want to be revolutionary heroes, give them something to be heroic about. Martyrdom comes from suffering so make the cunts suffer.

  3. These dumb cunts say “man made climate change” causes extinction.

    If we can change the climate and bring about the extinction of dumb cunts like this then ramp up those CO2 emissions and bring on the next ice age!.

    • Having double the population the World can support is responsible for climate change, as well as it being a naturally occurring cyclic event which has happened over hundreds of millions of Years – and as China and America are the Worlds biggest polluters why aren’t these Corbyns pwotesting outside their embassies?
      And these Gyppos and marxists need arresting and imprisoning.
      Or interviewing by the Fox.

      • Apparently if the UK achieved zero carbon emissions tomorrow then the Chinese would make up the difference within a year. There’s a sobering thought.

      • Hey Vern,

        With respect I must take issue with some of what you said.

        I didn’t know the Earth had a finite number of humans it could sustain. Do you think, when the above mentioned environmental idiots and their Marxist allies in BLM take over, they will not implement policies to reduce the surplus population of humans polluting the Earth to an acceptable level?

        Do you not think they will then strictly regulate the production of human offspring so they can bring about their vision of a Green, socially just utopia.

        They want you to believe that 104% of all scientists world wide and the prophetic prodigy, St. Greta of Dumberg, agree that we humans are responsible for the changing climate. I’m more inclined to think their blowing smoke up our collective asses is a much more greater threat to our existence.

        I’m not pro pollution…I’m anti junk science. And I’m terrified of the Brave New World Marxists who will co-op any politically correct cause they can in furtherance of their nefarious agenda. Genocide has frequently been committed in the name of bettering of mankind.

        Think about that last statement next time you hear one of these yo yo’s tell you “The science is settled! There is no debate.” Believe…conform…obey…or…DIE!

        Never let these cunts get their foot in the door!

      • I am a born cynic GC – I believe nothing I cannot research and prove, Human input since the industrial revolution has thrown the natural cycle of the earth out of kilter but checking fossilised trees etc shows this has occurred naturally when there were hardly any of us.
        We have double the population we had a Century ago, and we are greedy and wasteful as a species.
        It will get to a stage in the very near future where we have to ask ourselves some hard questions about limiting the birth rate.
        Shooting hippies and commies will be the next stage of course – standards have to be maintained! 😁👍

  4. I heard something yesterday they are gluing themselves around Palace of Westminster, what a bunch of cunts.
    They tried to stop Bojo getting to the House of Commons but the police soon shifted them, for some reason the media don’t seem to be interested, maybe because they aren’t causing enough mayhem.

    Water cannon, problem solved, would pay money to watch that show.

    • Did they use environmentally friendly, non toxic, organically certified, non GMO, sustainable, renewable, fair trade, socially conscious, gluten free, Sussex Royal approved glue?

      If they were BLM related they probably used Gorilla Glue.

  5. As you will guess I wrote the nom a couple of weeks ago, but things have actually got worse: On September 1st the day kids started going back to school and (some) people going back to work they started a fortnight of their fuckwittery. Surely if these people are on JSA or furlough or whatever they are breaking the terms and conditions of recieving state aid.

    If the authorities clamped down on these scroungers and took all financial support away from them they wouldn’t be able to fartarse about like this.

  6. These cunts cost me money last Friday. I had to cancel one of my driving lessons as I couldn’t get there as most of Bristol was gridlocked cos of these fuckers.
    How did they figure that causing massive traffic jams is going to help the environment in any way, shape or form?
    I’m all for reducing carbon emissions but sitting on a sofa in the middle of the M32 probably isn’t the way to go.
    Absolute cunts, each and every one of them.

  7. Water cannon. Fill with pig slurry. Release.
    This also works for our peaceful friends.
    Bring back the fkin SPG – they knew how to deal with hippies and commies!

  8. These cunts glueing themselves to things should be left there and eventually filmed pissing and shitting themselves. Then it should be shown on the BBC , most of these wankers probably work for the commie bastards anyway.
    However, knowing these fuckwits, it would probably become a social media craze to soil yourself on camera. The Shitterati!

    • They should be chained there until they starve to death or resort to cannibalism.
      And there should be school trips arranged so kids can boot them.
      Smelly hippy commie filth – put a dog on theM!

  9. I fucking hate this pikey/marxist scum. You know the type, white middle class vegans with dreadlocks wearing clumpy boots and jumpers 5 sizes too big for them.
    They are total vermin and should therefore be exterminated.
    Terry, I know there’s a long queue for your oven but do you think you can fast track this filth to the front of the queue?

    • Speaking as the sales and marketing director of “Unkle Terrys Cuntry Ovens” I feel we can “fast track” this application Cupid! 😁👍

    • Don’t forget the feminists and other weirdo ladies who just love a good shriek and attention whoring moment due to absent father figures/simp dadies.

    • Just for these cunts I’m recommending running them over in armoured cars.
      A perfect hobby.

  10. I say if they superglue themselves to a railing we should all chip in and get some chains to help thier cause. You know the chains as padlocks that take a small explosion to remove. Then douse them in cold water and let them marinade over the weekend in the wonderful British climate we have ruined apparently. They will think twice about it next time.

    • Chain them up. Push into ten feet of water – avoiding any statues that may be lurking in there.
      Return in three hours, extract, burn.
      I believe that will do the trick!

  11. Aren’t these fuckwits supposed to be organising mass cyber attacks on goverment and business websites?
    Or couldn’t Tarquin get his iPad to come on?
    “Mumsie, buy me a new one NOW!!!”

  12. They are not the great unwashed. The large majority are middle aged and probably middle class. Still the pigs are more interested terrorising people for not wearing masks than dealing with these cunts.

    • That will be none then.
      But try getting on a train without a mask and see what “Officer power trip bullying cunt n*zi” does.
      Copper or not, that fucker would have been through a window minus a bottom jaw if he tried that shit with me.

  13. I did wonder when this lot would wake up again.

    How we have missed them:)

    I imagine many of them have just managed to fit in a quick March between the family holiday in Tuscany and returning to uni versa ee.

    If they wanted to actually do something useful they could march to where the first shovels are digging up the ground for the fecking pointless HS2 project and make a protest there.

    Instead they will gum up the city centres with their mindless drumming and stupid chants.

    Useless fuckwits.

  14. I suggest my new Lancaster the “Sir Arthur Harris”, piloted by Wing Commander JTC and an air drop of napalm.
    Followed by emptying the toilet.
    “Aagh! It burns”!
    “What, the napalm”?
    “No – Mum made me take a shower”! 😢

  15. Did they actually disrupt anything this time? I don’t really watch the news now and talk radio didn’t have anything major to report.

    • There is footage (from the Guido Fawkes guy) of an ambulance on emergency unable to get across a bridge in London because the cunts had blocked a bridge.
      Where the fuck is suck dick and strap on, they should be clearing these cunts as soon as they appear, just kettle the cunts and kick the shit out of them, they might thick twice about obstructing ambulances.

  16. Soros’ storm troopers I call them, they should be beaten with sjamboks until they repent for their cuntishness, especially the vegan cunts!, utter cunts!

  17. Extinction Re-bellends again.
    What a horde of cunts, the real problem this world faces is population increase not people like me with two flats and an Audi driving all the time…think abaaaaaht it every human causes loads of trouble.
    Eat, shit, consume, erode, take more than we need and act the cunt.
    C’mon Corona get rid of the real virus…us.
    (Obviously not the important people like me).
    Corona is one way nature is telling us to go fuck ourselves.
    Wait for Covid-22… that maybe the wipe aaaaht.

  18. Someone asked me, “Do you like children?”

    I said, “Oh yes! But I can never eat a whole one”.

  19. Rent-a-mob cunts-same faces at most of the protests.

    I don’t believe that the majority of these idiots actually believe the science.
    Do you remember the vox pops done at some of the protests last year? Hysterical men, wimminz and children weeping that the world was going to end in a few days or weeks. It takes very little influence to whip up these mongs😂

  20. was ER short for emergency room once?
    theses cunts deserve a good hiding, preferably on mars or pluto or somewhere

  21. Fucking wankstain cunts wouldn’t shift their arses for a fucking ambulance on blue lights. Lucky for them I wasn’t driving it.

    Scum of the fucking earth. I’d use a fucking Apache gunship on the fucking lot of them. Fucking vermin.

  22. I don’t think extinction rebellion ever say theres too many cunts well there is, and they are huge cunts.

    Thanos had right idea that fucking purple cuny, we would half the cunts.

  23. These cunts must be on a permanent gap year on daddies money. Get A Fucking Job you useless twats.
    I’d like to see you pull that Canning Town stunt again and see you all get another kicking.

  24. If they want to become extinct rebels, they can just line up to take Gates’s untested CoroNOvirus vaccine.

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