Councils, recycling centres and fly tipping

A massive cunting for Councils, Nazi recycling centre companies and recycling centres, that’s council tips to you and me, except they aren’t run by the Council anymore as they’ve farmed it all out to private Nazis.

Councils, the media and the public seem to be surprised that there is an increase in fly tipping recently. Well, the increase is not surprising really as due to Covid 19 accessing the tip to get rid of your rubbish has been made even more difficult.

One tip near me needs a payment for every time you go there, another checks where you live by asking for your postcode so that they can be sure you are not travelling out of your area to get rid of your rubbish and another needs you to register (online) a slot on a particular day for a particular type of rubbish. Turn up, for example, with cardboard AND scrap metals and you are turned away and you lose your slot and can’t get rid of any of your rubbish at all.

All this in those places where the Nazis, sorry “workers” aren’t at risk as they work outside and never get close enough to anybody to help them anyway. What The Fuck?

Ever since the increase in regulation and guidance regarding getting rid of waste over the past 30 years or so, not just the current CV19 era, (I refuse to call it a pandemic but that’s another story), the problems of getting rid of waste has escalated. I wonder if there is a link between ever greater regulation, rules and complexity and the increase in fly tipping. Maybe reducing the rules would reduce fly tipping? But that would require Councils and the companies thinking I guess.

If the UK were really interested in recycling and cleaning up this country, every community would have a tip that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year where anyone can tip any amount of anything for free. Then the Nazis, sorry “workers”, sorry operatives, could do their job and sort it out for whatever purpose.

Cunts the lot of them.

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42 thoughts on “Councils, recycling centres and fly tipping

  1. I always make a point of putting my litter in the bin just in case the wombles might get me.

    I imagine when someone litters Greta’s littering senses tingle. She jumps into her gretamobile and chases the culprits until they put their litter in the bin or else they themselves get ‘recycled’ by the Greta.

  2. My local recycling centre is spot on – as long as you are not trade they have the sensible attitude of “get it dumped”.
    I have heard less than glowing reports about other recycling centres though.
    And bafflingly, one of the local cnts got caught recently by my good self trying to fly tip in my fkin bins!
    I would have a chat with the rogue about this but being a local scrote with lots of enemies he was unfortunately attacked recently by some nutter with a bat and is currently under observation at Leeds General Infirmary.
    People taking the law into their own hands because the Police won’t do their job – I could of course never approve of such a thing.

    • Some cunt put two bags of dog shit in my recycling bin, why the fuck would you do that. I must be hated I think but if I find out who it is they will get to know what dog shite tastes of the fucking cunts.

    • Im ‘trade waste’ at the tip, I have to pay for a license to carry waste,
      Fill out paperwork( have to pay for that too)
      They wont let me tip unless in hard hat, goggles, hi-viz and safety boots.
      Occasionally they search my van for hazardous waste.
      The minimum charge is £100.
      So a sheet of paper? £100.
      Local authority tips are fucking pirates!!
      I go a private tip in Macc , straight in and out, no paperwork, not arsed about PPE, save £60 every load.
      Local authority tips can suck my arse.

  3. Bristol City Cuntcil had their recycling centres closed for months. Why?? It’s all outside and very easy to do social distancing.
    When they eventually reopened they implemented some crazy scheme that odd numbered car registrations come on certain days and even ones on others.
    You’ll be unsurprised to hear that fly tipping has greatly increased, a great big pile of shite can be seen on the approach road to my local tip.

  4. Up here in the Lakes, councils just don’t seem to have a Scooby Doo about the practicalities of people trying to be good and environmentally friendly citizens by driving to their nearest RC and getting rid of their crap!

    Instead, Copeland and Allerdale councils have made it even more complicated – suggesting that for some centres you’ll have to book online and make an appointment (great if you have internet access, but tough shit if you don’t!)

    Moreover, they also insist that the local permit scheme has been put on hold since the start of the lockdown, which means if you come to dump your crap in anything other than a car you’ll be told to fuck off!

    And they don’t accept trade waste either; plus you have to show ID of where you live in case you’re doing some “County Lines” dumping.

    As a consequence queues are getting longer, people’s patience is wearing thinner and fly-tipping is on the up and up. And yet the decision-making thickos at the local councils just don’t understand why!!

  5. Twenty years ago I was turned away for having one bag of rubble and in the end went to Bigglesswade (dont know if that’s spelt right ?) to get rid of.It is not a new thing. Councils are fond of chucking there weight around the cunts. For the big boys at the top a pay rise every year (we have to do this to keep the best) these cunts would not last two seconds in the real world. It was St Albans where I was turned away and my girl lived in Sandy. I hate fly tipping.

  6. Off topic, but I’ve got Malwarebytes screaming at me that this site contains a Trojan.
    I had to jump through hoops to get on. Perhaps admin can check and see if it’s overzealous, or some bastard has infiltrated.

  7. What if you have a sticker on your car of Greta, with the caption, “How dare you?!” on it? Surely they’ll give you permission then.
    A bit like blue disabled badges, or ‘doctor on call’ badges and parking.

  8. excellent cunting – in these most precious times i find the local tip is closed and has been for months – the fucking cunts are getting paid for doing fuck all – should remember this when the war comes cos these bastards will be the first in the queue after politicians … oh, and celebs, sportsmen, extinction rebellion, blm and morrisons, piers moron, gbm, the bbc, sky, the nhs … oh fuck it, all of them

  9. Don’t get me started on these cunts.
    Recycling is a dirty, dirty racket (pun not intentional)-many councils allowed private firms to set up facilities for trade use, often doling out millions of pounds in grants, in return the private centres had to meet levels and standards and keep pricing at an agreed level for a set period (3 years?).
    Once expired, the centres put up disposal fees to trade by 3-400% overnight.
    Net result: massive increase in fly tipping, massive cost to the councils (read tax payer) to clear up the mess.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Local councils just do not seem to be capable of joined-up-thinking.
    I witnessed this in many local authority areas back in the late 90’s.
    The available sites are reducing- being redeveloped for housing stock.
    What we need is a new system of recycling to rid society of all manner of gypsies, thieves and gimmigrants ( and supporters):
    I have even thought if a good name for this: The Final Solution.
    Just need to apply to the local government for a grant……

  10. If I can smash it, cut it or any other method to reduce the size of whatever, it goes in the general waste bin to avoid the hour or more long queue at the local tip, mind you the last time I was there they had a couple of very tasty little fillies on duty rather than the normal hairy arsed Neanderthals
    Took a Stanley knife to an old, quite large, suitcase last week, went in the bin quite nicely. 15 minutes work saved a 20 minute round trip, petrol and an hour queuing, which was nice.

  11. I only ever fly-tip on cunty farmers’ land, and only then if the beetroot-faced mídgets has attempted to block public rights of way. I’ve only done it five or six times and the tyres, sofas, fag packets, bottles of wine, tins or ale, old pairs of grundies, knackered mattresses, and bits of soiled tissue wouldn’t have disturbed his slaughter of animals, pig-worrying, or fucking his sister so what’s the problem?

    Five or six times this year, I should clarify.

      • Oh I was delighted…I’ve been waiting to use the “pedallophile” line for a while….nearly did the other day but thought that I’d wait ’til he got a bit of Dutch Courage in him and gave me the opening.

        Uz thick yokels enjoy uz games.

  12. I’ve read the leaflet for the shit that can go in the recycling and normal bins. It says that light bulbs can only be disposed of at the local recycling centre. What, you expect me to get 2 buses or a taxi to dispose of a light bulb? It’s going in the normal fucking bin, along with any other bit of shit that can’t be recycled.

    • I should add that it’s the first time I’ve read it and I’ve lived here nearly 6 years. Amazing how much crap I thought could be recycled that actually can’t.

      • Moggie, and other esteemed members of this here fine website, I’ve noticed you can take batteries, lightbulbs, printer cartridges and water filter cartridges to the supermarket to be recycled.

        The little printer cartridges (inkjet/bubblejet?) can be recycled. I don’t know about those laser printer things.

  13. The UK is rapidly becoming THE recycling centre of the world-witness all the shite being dumped (and maintained in 4*hotels) recently.

  14. I caught a pushbiker advertising his “I love da cute ickl bunny-wunnies” credentials by dumping his empty tofu-container. When I approached him I was,of course,petrified that he might scream “Cunt !!” in my face….I didn’t need worry,he crapped his hemp knickers before biking off back to his crappy little Barratt-Box semi, shouting about how how he didn’t need a job because he was just sooooo bright and anyone who worked was just stupid….there was also a lot of use of the word “portentous” which for some bizarre reason he seemed to think made him “super-dooper” clever.

    A strange,sad,jealous little character…well known in the area as a “pedallophile” due,in part,to his love of pushbiking presumably…with an inflated idea of his own intelligence.

    • ‘I’ve only done it five or six times and the tyres, sofas, fag packets, bottles of wine, tins or ale, old pairs of grundies, knackered mattresses, and bits of soiled tissue’

      So revealing Mr Fiddler-those items sound suspiciously what a Pikey leaves behind when they move camp.

      • It’s the grundies and soiled tissues that worry me….I wonder if the mattress is his child’s?

    • Was it Capt Mag?, but I’m sure he’d call you a cunt to your face so you’d have known!

      • Oh I’m sure it can’t have been Capt.M….he’s much too busy telling members of Mensa how thick they are to waste his time with a stupid yokel like me.

      • Saw a video where a farmer kindly brought a trailer load of tyres back to the owner, I haven’t got a link but I don’t think that the “Dhagluvas” will be calling again!

      • Busy day writing for you today, uncle.
        Tofu and Barrat homes? That feller you caught sounds like a dick. I hope you gave him a stern telling off.

      • Yes he loves cute ickl bunny-wunnies. .But he doesn’t love them enough to avoid leaving bottles that could cut their cute ickl bunny-wunnie feet.

    • “Never the ‘Twain” Sir Dick.
      I will forth and reduce the population of the local “pesky-leverets” in your honour.

  15. Flytipped rubbish in my neighbourhood. Contacted the council over three years to get it cleaned up with no luck. One hand full of empty fired 100 % safe WW2 303 bullet cases a thrown on to the rubbish pile. Quick call to the council about the ammo. Bish bash Bosh cleaned up and all rubbish removed within 2 hours !!! After 3 years it magically took 2 hours. Cunts……

      • The moment I mentioned ammunition to the council their tune changed. Would I do it again, well no as it was a bit naughty. But Three years of rotting rubbish in my community while the area outside the council offices is spotless. Sometimes you got to be a cunt to beat the real cunts.

  16. Great nom
    It wasn’t long ago I went to the tip with a single black bin liner ,one of the hi viz brigade pounced on me and started to explain my carbon footprint for my actions ,I swiftly reminded the cunt he worked at the tip and to fuck right off

  17. Don’t get me started on Nazi Binmen. I once did my garden top to bottom and the brown bin was full of grass, leaves and all that. But it wasn’t emptied, because some twat had put one solitary empty coke can in it. The Bin Hitler said he refused to empty it because it was ‘contaminated’. One fucking drinks can I knew nothing about! I nearly put his fucking head in the fucking thing. They are big girls and total jumped up cunts.

  18. My local tip is spot on. There is a skip for everything.

    Only problem is that I can’t squeeze anything bigger than a small suitcase into the boot of my car.

    Recently refurbished the house and garden and got a wait and load.

    A house full of old crap, builder’s rubbish and garden waste (including a shed) £180. Bargain.

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