Honey Monster Ross

My God…what an utterly revolting woman….


Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

(A man of few words! But we guess Fiddler is either secretly besotted by this “sexy babe”, or is utterly speechless by the desperate attention-seeking fat cunt of a thing! – Admin)


117 thoughts on “Honey Monster Ross

  1. How the fuck can I reverse seeing that?
    I would send her the vet bill for the PTSD my dog would suffer in the event we came around a rock and there she was.. just like that.

  2. Phobia as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary….

    An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.


    a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.


    A thing that is known or proved to be true.

    Fat fucks don’t scare me, neither do I have any aversion to them.

    In my opinion if you’re fat then you could always argue with me that you’re not, however when it comes down to it if you’re 5ft 2 and 18 stone then you’re fat.

    And that’s a fact.

    So Honey Monster I’d guess everyone who’s calling you fat can’t be wrong and besides it doesn’t make you repulsive but you are fat.

  3. Everyone wants to fuck her…..

    Is that some sort of ‘fight club’ challenge, bloody hell its not something you would want to take on with dicky ticker 😂

  4. I wouldn’t go near that if I’d had 2 grams and. A bottle of rum…
    Actually I probably would.
    No tonguing though I may not make it aaaaht of there.

    • They say “every holes a goal” but you would be better sticking this one over the bar B&WC.

  5. It says sheis an ‘activist’. So instead of being literally active doing a bit of a jogging or going to the gym to get thin.. She pounds away on the keyboard about ‘fat shaming’ and ‘our attitudes to fat people’. Exhausting.

  6. Shagging the Honey Monster would be like driving a Trabant.

    Bags of fun but you wouldn’t admit it to your mates.

  7. Id love to see Jonathons face when his phone vibrated and he opened his picture message to reveal a big bearded tattooed grinning northerner wearing just rigger boots grinning at him and hanging out the back of his fat daughter!
    Payback for what he did to Manuel actor Andrew Sachs.
    His speech impediment would worsen…

    • What Woss and that cunt Russell Brand did to Sachs was well out of order. But of course the Beeb vermin didn’t sack him at the time. Scum working for scum.

  8. To borrow a quote from the great Eddie Hitler:

    ‘I would rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife!’

    Sweet Jesus. That is fucking repulsive.

  9. Happy to confirm that this young lady is edging towards the kind of figure that “does it” for me!
    Love the larger lady😛

  10. There is no such thing as “Fatphobia” it’s more drivel from some walnut brained Yank in a college in the backarse of nowhere trying to get their 10 seconds of relevance.

    The only scenario in which i would fear this pitiful mound of indulgence and gluttony is if i came between it and it’s no doubt extensive dietry allowances. That mound of rocks behind her used to be a restaurant and look what became of it when they couldn’t satisfy her pork chop craving that day.

    I’m certainly glad people have restrained themselves to only “sliding into her DM’s” as sliding into her corpulent frame’s netheregions would probably end up looking like a spelunking expedition where the rocks are made of pungent cheese.

    • Dead right. Anybody who doesn’t like someone offering any kind of criticism – even it is fucking true – tags them with the libfuck knee jerk response of ‘aphobia’. These daft fuckmongs will be calling fat people a ‘race’ next and ‘fatphobia’ will be racist. The world has gone to fuck in a handcart.

    • I thought DM’s were Doc Martens. I wondered what the relevance of footwear was in the artice 😩

    • Many years ago I saw the gruesome twosome walking up Tottenham Court Road. Mrs R was knock-kneed and her skirt had ridden up to reveal skanky stocking tops. Erotic it was not.

  11. Trying to justify being a fat cunt ignores some important issues.

    Fat cunts are a terrible drain on society.

    If you said to someone they had to carry around 50 bags of sugar all day, they’d say you were fucking nuts, yet creatures such as this have no problem carrying around 70 and costing a fortune from health care costs.

  12. Fuck. Daddy made me diet instead of accepting me as the useless fat cunt I was born to be. He’ll be sorry when I die of diabetes related gangrene in my thirties. At least the dodgy genes won’t be passed on as it is too fat to fuck. Even if some drunken teenager manages to impregnate it from behind she will roll on top of fat baby in her sleep and smother it. I am involved with a charity that installs farrowing crates in council housing estates to help keep the welfare state going. We are currently working on a livestreaming website which incorporates the best aspects of chaturbate with bestgore.com

  13. How fucked is western civilisation if it’s easier to change people’s perception of health and beauty than it is to go on a diet to lose the weight you put on by being greedy and lazy. The problem is now that these cunts are so entitled, fat shaming them doesn’t work, and they are likely to top themselves. Either way is good for me, one fat cunt less.

  14. The fucking reason you should never celebrate this is because it fucking kills you, you stupid cunt!

    When people get to that size (even younger ones) they wheeze when walking and stink because of the fungus that develops in their skin folds. Their heart is being pushed to a maximum and will give up much earlier than it would if they were normal weight. They end up with the fat version of diabetes and needing even more resources and care to keep their sorry arses alive.

    I understand it’s not easy when they’re this size, as their stomach has stretched out which makes them feel very hungry most of the time.

    But stomach reductions are available on the NHS and if hey don’t take one up, I have no sympathy. Apparently these can work for many who are massively obese.

    But they probably feel like they should be ‘celebrated’ nowadays, the silly twats.

    Out the cake down love and get your stomach stapled, before you have a heart attack in your thirties.

  15. Ross and that other loudmouth ‘funnyman’ and part time street warrior Russell Brand both need to be permanantly ignored by all tv companies after bullying an old bloke.
    But bullying old blokes isn’t one of metro liberals isms or phobes so is therefore acceptable.

  16. Toxic diets as a teen?? Woss as been toxic since birth, I cannot see any point in his existence. She should sit on his head, now that would be a laugh.

  17. She’ll end up with a six foot, seven stone ned and have near enough 10 kids. I don’t quite know what to call that, but it is a thing.

  18. I like the fact that she is described as “an activist ” translated means someone who lays in bed all day, eats all the food in the family fridge and goes on a protest in the afternoon.
    She’s a typical example of a celebrity upbringing where the parents care more about their careers than bringing up their kids properly.
    Get a proper job and fill your own fridge. Bet you a pound to a pinch of shit you loose weight.

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