That’s SO Overrated!!

Ron Knee´s nom about Citizen Kane as an overrated film got me thinking about other things I feel are overrated. Here’s a few random samples:
Champagne – gives me a headache.
Mona Lisa – po-faced bint with olive skin.
Wimbledon – whatever happened to frilly knickers?
BBC – a once hailed institution that has lost all credibility.
Democracy – a failed system that pretends to represent society but in fact only benefits an elite.
Belgian chocolate – heavy, lumpy, looks and smells like shit.
Social media – don´t people actually talk to each other anymore?
Lionel Messi – baby-faced millionaire footballer with no personality on or off the field.
Caviar – overpriced slime.
British monarchy – bejeweled parasites decked up in crowns, robes and medals.

Any More?

Nominated by: Mr Polly 

79 thoughts on “That’s SO Overrated!!

  1. Anthony Satan Blair. I saw this sack of shit last night (BBC, of course) saying that compulsory ID cards are both sensible and necessary. You tried this N*zi shit as PM and got a massive “fuck off” remember Phony Tony. BASTARD! Right Teflon Tony, let’s get a few things straight (this is what I will be snarling into his rat face as I lean forward prior to biting pieces out of it) – firstly, you fucking ruined the UK. Secondly, you are no longer PM, you had your time with your fingers in the till and snout in the trough now shut up and fuck off.
    Honest people do not need ID cards, p*kis and crooks will just forge, steal or clone them.
    The SS are done Phony – stop trying to bring them back, and I am not keen on rat mans plan for tattoos on the forearm..
    I cannot put into words my hatred for this snake cunt.
    On other more jolly news, the Antifa rat who hunted down and murdered a Man for wearing a Donald Trump hat has been tracked down and executed by American Cops – not so easy when they have weapons too is it? 😁👍☠
    Made my day that did.
    Killing my back moving this swear jar – I will send the bill to snake Man Tony!

    • Believe me Vern. I run you a very close second re Blair. Just possibly the biggest cunt of all time.

      Many of the the other cunts nommed on here are indeed stupendous cunts but Blair (and a few others) have uniquely ruined millions of lives here and in the Middle East. All whilst STILL delivering the customary platitudes with that sanctimonious shit-eating grin.

      And never admitting they’re wrong.

    • I will send my incredibly busty young lady companion Allan – she is fkin killing me! (I don’t mind though TBH!).
      It’s also nice that she is a barmaid at my local! 👍😁

  2. Harley Davidsons
    Kraut cars
    Daniel Craig
    Boris “plastic conservative” Johnson
    The EU (naturally)

  3. Agree about Messi and Wimbledon. Messi is as boring as fuck and he makes Bobby Charlton look like Mick Jagger. Messi of course doesn’t even come near Charlton as a player.

    Wimbledon is now robotic grunting win every year cunts like Mighty Joe Williams and another Messi-like boring cunt in Federer. I used to watch it for Chris Evert. Fit as fuck, she was.


    Billie Fucking Eilish
    Ladyboy Gaga
    Jack White
    Kunty Perry
    The Obamas (any of the cunts)
    Jodie Whittakunt
    Robbie ‘Fat Cunt’ Williams
    James ‘Fatter Cunt’ Corden
    Adele (and her new crack house whore look)
    ‘Sir’ Tom Jones
    Emma Twatson
    Cunts ‘N’ Roses
    Marlon Fucking Brando
    James ‘Poove’ Dean
    Mrs Brown’s Cunts
    Scarlett Johansscunt
    Daniel Craig
    Game of Cunts (aka Cunt of Thrones)
    Lily Mong

    And last and definitely least

    Saint Chicken Floyd George. Patron Saint of BLM.

    • Forget to mention all that American and Hollyweird comedy crap.

      Stephen Colbert
      Amy Sedaris
      Saturday Shite Live
      And Rebel ‘Lordy! It’s The Fat Slags!’ Wilson

  4. Found myself nodding at most of these.
    I would add sexual equality-I honestly think our paths were easier a few generations back:
    Men and women had defined roles, the family was at the centre of societal organisation and I think, people were far, far hapier🤔.

  5. This might get me shouted at by you uncaring rotters 😢 but I really, really want to fk Rebel Wilson.
    I would also like to find the Specsavers letter confirming my urgent appointment..

  6. A late 80s overrated special

    Ben Fucking Elton
    Tracy Chapman
    Emma Thompson (cunt)
    Tin Machine (For fuck’s sake)
    Only Fools & Horses
    Cunt, Aitken and Waterman
    Neighbours (Fucking drivel)
    Prick Astley
    U2 (Rattle & Cunt)

  7. Much as I love their early music, I have to say that The Stones’ ‘Exile On Main St’ is overrated. Some great tracks on it, but half of it -at least – is shite. A bit like The White Album. Most of it (The White Album) is great, but a third of the 30 tracks on it are absolute crap.

  8. Stairway to heaven – (booorring!)

    Lewis Hamilton – (F1 cars pretty much drive themselves nowadays and he always gets the best one. Black privilege.) Senna was 100x the driver he’ll ever be.

    Zinedine Zidane – Very good player of course but not as great as many make him out to be. Platini was a better French player (but a bit of a bellend).

    Ricky Hatton – (Got twatted on the two occasions, almost killed against Pacquiao, when he fought a world class fighter. That Tzu bloke doesn’t count).

    T20 ‘cricket’ – (Gets rid of most of the skills in cricket and is therefore not fucking cricket).

    Kiwi fruit

    Expensive wine

    Expensive whiskey

    Expensive booze in general (once had a French lager that cost £20 – didn’t taste different to a Heineken).

    Designer clothing (apart from suits, coats and shoes)


    Modern technology (digital TV has ghosting on black parts of the screen. Internet freezes sometimes or you get adverts all over even with an adblocker. Games are all woke and look great…but the gameplay isn’t much at all).

    Premier League football – Soulless money-grubbing cunts who now fucking think they have the right to lecture us on all things political, with their pea brain sized noggins. The good times are ending for the cunts as the Chinese aren’t paying anymore. People are fed up of the greedy, boring, mouthy cunts.

    Foreign food – Having lived in and visited quite a few countries in my time, let me tell you that British grub is amongst the best in the world. Try and get a decent loaf of bread in most Asian countries, for example. Or a pie. If you find ’em they’ll cost a fucking fortune.

    Massage – Tried two they both hurt. Got a stiff neck after visiting one of them. They were both touted as ‘good’.

    Toys for pets – My old Ma’ is forever buying her pampered cats toys. If lucky, they might okay with one for two minutes and then be more interested in the box, or just fucking leg it out of the house if it has moving parts that make a noise. Give my sister’s dog (Pitbull but a soft cunt that runs away from cats) a £15 ‘indestructable’ toy and it destroys it in seconds flat.

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