Cocoa Magazine

I’m sorry, but I don’t even know where to start with this cunting. The following publication was recently brought to my attention:

I have so many questions going around in my head, it is making me dizzy:

1) Why cocoa? When I was at school, we used to get told off for calling the black kids chocco. Is it like n1ggaz, where the black coomoonitee are taking it back?

2) Is it actually a p3edo mag? I know the LGBT lot are desperately trying to get “P” added to the alphabet soup that they are, and maybe they are doing under some sort of BLM thing (Doesn’t appear to be a peado magazine, but more about empowerment.-DA)

3) How is it allowed? I can only imagine the uproar had the Klan published a rag called “Wh1te Boys”.

4) Why is it boys and not boys and girls? Is it to make it accessible to the peacefuls? By the way, there seems to be a female version called cocoa girls. Perhaps that is for peacefuls?

Oh my fucking Lord. Just when you think we had reached rock bottom, there is still further to go.

Nominated by:Lord Cuntingford

..and to support the Lord’s 3rd point, there’s this from Komodo

white boy on Esquire’s cover generates antiwaycist shitstorm…


53 thoughts on “Cocoa Magazine

  1. You can imagine the magazines content will be all about how they are oppressed, legacy of ‘muh slavery’ and racism everywhere. Being told they are a victim under the guise of a kids magazine. Maybe there is a George Floyd pull out?
    Not this controversial since Diane Abbott appeared on the front cover of ‘Mathmania’ kids puzzle book.

    • To be fair, there are plenty of calculations that can be run about the Abbott, such as:
      If a Shadow Home Secretary has X amount of time, how much of it will she waste trying to defend her psycho junkie wastrel of son before she just gives up and plays the racism card?

      • Youroutofajob


        If one rubber dinghy arrives at 12pm carrying 19 illegals and 3more rubber dinghys arrive each carrying 31 illegals how many have arrived that day lardbutt!
        Just a few off top off my head

  2. I read Scouting for Boys as a kid. I’m sure the contents of this virtuous magazine will be similar: how to secure a shelter (council housing), how to light a fire (Grenfell; police cars), obtaining food from your environment (looting), how to sharpen a knife, being a good citizen (?), meeting for prayer (raves).

    A wholesome publication for the next generation of uppity cunts. Now, let me see, how to build an oven in the field….

  3. Well I think that it’s a wonderful idea…preparing the young black female for life in Modern Britain. I can imagine some of the articles already…

    How to get a council flat at 16(get pregnant).
    How to shoplift
    How to scream “RACEESSSTTT” whenever you are accused of doing anything antisocial.
    How to grow an arse the size of a 45 gallon oil-drum
    How to be able to use your Tiger Tank size build to push through to the discount items in Tesco
    How to continually bang on about “oppression” while having your entire life and brood paid for by the taxpayer.
    How to hide up a tree and throw coconuts at passing Whities
    How to pack a punch like Marvin Hagler and not be afraid to use it when in full “Chimp-Out” mode.
    How to jump on a chair and scream “da mouse,Thomas.Oh Lordy da mouse” whenever a rodent called Jerry enters your kitchen.
    How to yammer on about “da cukin’ from da muffa Country” while living on a diet of fried chiggun.
    ……and finally,of course… to peel a banana using only your hairy feet.

    Fuck Off.

    • To be fair to the moon crickets, Mr F, at least half of your splendidly salient points could be levelled at poor white council scum too.
      And, by the way, I’m triggered by your use of the phrase “hairy feet”. I identify as a hobbit on Wednesdays and am very interested in my fellow hobbit’s ring.

      • If anything I detest those chavvy,benefit-funded filth more than The Dark-keys.
        Fat,greasy, tattooed,ugly woman..seedy,pasty-faced work-shy men and obese,ill-mannered,screaming brats.

        Morning Mr.Cunt-Engine
        Morning All

    • You never fail to both amuse and amaze me mr fiddler
      .laughed my bollocks off
      .the tom&jerry nailed it!

  4. The vermin acting like their lives are over because some naff publication like Esquire ran an article on a white lad should be grinded up and used for fertilizer on the double. Some Mexican hooker on twatter saying that she “minds” because it’s Black History Month? Who the fuck are you in the world you illegal oompa-loompa looking cunt? If it weren’t for the Yanks, you’d be back in your open sewer of a nation selling your well worn fanny to your extended family to fuel your crack addiction. Uppity Mexiroaches should be used to clear landmines. Make it happen President Trump.

  5. I’ve said it before, what was obscene 50 years ago will soon become normal, this publication is very sinister, not only because of the subject matter of the magazine (race baiting) but also content (read between the lines) , it’s all a tip toe towards what is wanted by the “elites”, divide and conquer over and over!,utter cunts they are bringing children in to their sordid game of hate, I believe Chairman Mao used simililar tactics during the cultural revolution, history always repeats!!!

    • I wonder what that blimp is up to these days? I bet she regrets blotting her copybook; she could have been raking it in with all sorts of scams which would make the Grenfell Gang look like amateurs.
      Another calm day in the Channel; I wonder if patrols are increased on balmy days.

      • Astonished that she didn’t get a peerage, at least. Last heard of opening a food bank in 2015. Allegedly. Details lacking. Render down in UT’s oven, for use as soap.

  6. Isn’t the magazine promoting black superiority as it seems to exclude yellow-skinned people from the Far East? Forget a pure white magazine for a moment as that would be churlish, but what about our racially downtrodden yellows?

    Perhaps we could call the magazine Sweetcorn as opposed to Cocoa and the maiden issue could have an interview with Jackie Chan with a picture of young Xen Wan Kmee on the cover.

    Cocoa inclusive? Inclusive for the race which is currently doing all it can to prove it is the world’s greatest victim. Perhaps instead it should be promoting integration, education, hard work and achievement instead of whining on about muh slavery and 21st century oppression.

  7. I can’t see how there is a demographic in this country that would justify and sustain a magazine of this nature.
    Which makes me wonder who is financing it and why? A strange title by the way.

    • It could subsided by other titles in the publisher’s portfolio but I am surprised that print is seem as an appropriate medium for hoof especially its target audience. What’s the betting it will be ‘over by Christmas ‘?

    • Good point. Countries like the US and Brazil with substantial black population have traditionally had magazines directed at black people but they generally follow the same pattern – profiles of celebrities, social and legal issues and lots of ads for hair straightening and skin lighting products along with dating. I´ve never heard of one directed specifically at kids. I can´t see it being a success. Don´t forget surveys have shown that black girls prefer having white dolls to black dolls.

  8. Well I think we should all apologise to people that nothing has happened to for what we didn’t do 400 years ago.
    That’ll keep em happy won’t it?

  9. Makin money that’s what it’s all about. See a bandwagon jump on quick.
    Bollocks about oh we are responding to a need, money plain and simple, black is the new black and worth a punt if you have a few quid to spare. Does one take a knee now?

  10. I have decided today to identify as a black lesbian. As a woman I demand that Wireless 4 give me my own series so that I can whinge about everything that upsets me as a woman. For example why is the Wimmins Hour top job going to Emma Barnett, a white girl, and not one-a-ma-sistas?

  11. They should bring back Jackie magazine. I’ve still got a full set, but they’re getting a bit dog eared now and many of the pages are unaccountably stuck together.

    • I preferred BUNTY, RTC. Girls of St Elmo’s Boarding School…..”jolly Hockeysticks” and …those socks. Hmmmm

  12. I dare say that the newly Published Magazine “White Child” will not get the promotion it truly deserves. ( reasonably priced too )

  13. The magazine started in July 2020, there’s one for girls and one for boys

    I don’t see anything wrong with it if the aim is to teach young black children about successful black people. I would have thought it’s a force fir good, especially if so many black kids don’t have a role model.

    I’ll get my coat.

  14. Fear not fellow cunters, to redress the balance, I hear ISAC in conjunction with the British Dairy Farmers Association will soon be launching:

    The magazine for white middle aged chaps, everywhere

    Top tips page including:
    How to insulate my walls to stop my lovely neighbour’s Shaquita and Jamal’s sound system keeping me awake all night.

    Product reviews:
    Which stab vests-we give you the run down on this seasons essential inner city wear.

    Life tips:
    How to apologies to your children for NOT being an absent father and thus making them stand out at the recently renamed “Windrush bongo-bongo high”

    Spot the whiteman-our monthly exciting iner city photo based quiz.

    Moving stories:
    Top ten ovaltinies destinations, including Western Cumbria, Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Wight.

    This and much, much more, available from ISAC publications, soon!

  15. OT. John Boyega quit his role with the perfume brand Jo Malone after he was cut from the Chinese version of an advert he helped devise. 
    Well it is well known that the worlds most populous cuntry do not like people of colour. Cannot see them marching in Bejing. Open and shout case of racism……….

    • Harry-I saw this story had been nominated, read about it the other day.
      He really is an irrelevant little race baiting wank-stain.

      • Is that the Boyega who wasnt at all a token choice for the re-working of some Star Wars film? They’ve probably never heard of him in China. How would they portray him?

        John Boyega, famous for that Star Wars film?
        John Boyega, whose films include that Star Wars re-boot?
        John Boyega, an actor whose roles include a black stormtrooper in that Star Wars film?

      • Boyega, now standing in the queue outside the Job Centre, hopefully.

        Nearly forgot my woke annoying full stop then.

  16. How fucking racist it this!

    I might launch a mag called either:

    Milky Bar Boy
    Blanco Boy
    White meat
    Honkey Girls

    • I get ‘Master race’ magazine.
      Problem is Lewis Hamilton kept winning!
      So now get ‘Aryan Stormtrooper’.

      About star wars.😇

  17. Cocoa Girl magazine? For the sake of fairness, where is Milkybar Girl magazine? Or Caramac Girl Magazine? Or for fairness of the sexes, replace the word girl with boy.
    Where are those magazines? Just asking for a friend. *runs away*.

    p.s when I was a child, I thought the word racìst meant someone whom was against or had a dislike competing with others to get to the finish first.

  18. All men’s magazines cater for the LGBTWXY fucking Z ‘community’ these days.
    Can anyone remember the last time GQ or Esquire actually had an attractive woman on the cover? And when I say woman, I mean a real woman. Not some transbender circus cunt or some fat bearded bandit in a dress.

    And even the bunny mag was ‘celebrating’ having its first transbender Playmate recently. Old Hef will be turning in his grave. There’ll be trannies on Page 3 next. Oops, silly me, It’s been banned already. A pair of knockers is apparently ‘offensive’, but deviants, circus freaks and men in dresses aren’t? As Tony Newley used to sing, Stop the world! I fucking want to get off!

      • It’s pretty astonishing how things have changed in such a short length of time. All the lad’s mags: Loaded, FHM, Nuts, Zoo no longer exist. And the ones that still do either have men on the cover (cunts like Daniel Craig and Stormzy) or trannies and pooves. And don’t get me started on crap like Attitude and other publications like it. A fairy can get an eyefull, but a straight bloke can’t because it’s ‘sexist’. The dumbing down of heterosexual men and men in general has been going on in Britain for years now. The feminazi and the LGBT mob are in league with each other and are little more than the Nazi Party in drag. Sieg Heil, Ducky!

  19. Bring back the dandy-although the characters would take one look at Blair’s brave new Britain and refuse to leave the comfort of DC Thompson’s offices.
    A quick trip into town and Dan would be feeling pretty fucking desperate😄.

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