LGTV Equal Rights

LGTV equal rights, be careful what you wish for, this may be premature but it looks like the Birmingham stabbings where centered in the Birmingham gay village, so by waving flags and acting like cunts you invite nutters with knives who want to harm you.
Also the police are saying lots of people in Birmingham look like the stabber(excuse the pun) so this means an ethnic group who like to stab each other (with knives no pun intended) so it may not be the usual muzzy terrorist its a new type of gay bashing, so the lgtv group have put themselves back to the 80,s same as BLM, so well done equal rights you wanted, it appears that’s what you’ve got……enjoy cunts!

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34 thoughts on “LGTV Equal Rights

  1. The test is simple and there are no exceptions.
    If it can’t be gassed then it will fit in the oven.
    Good day to all here.

  2. What about gay black Muslims? Will they get a free pass or a free tv?
    I’m confused now…..must lie down…….

    • I bought one of their DVD recorders, it was a total pile of donkey shite practically from day one. I’ll never buy another product from them.

  3. Ffs they’ve even managed to hijack the test cards as a LGBT (insert other letters here) symbol now.

  4. There’s something not right about this whole story. How can someone walk around stabbing people for 2 hours in Britain’s second city and not get shot by the police? Why wasn’t his description released? Why did the police commissioner almost make an apology for his behaviour? How come it took over a day to arrest him? How crap are the police and cctv operators in Birmingham? This bloke would have been shot by the police in London or Glasgow within 10 minutes of starting. Somethings not right here.

    • The description failed to mention his colour. Cant think why. Oh, yes. BLM sensitivities trump human lives.

  5. Don’t tell me that odd looking bitch from the 1970’s BBC2 test card grew up to munch on rugs?

    What next?
    Humpty rimming Hamble?
    Big Ted in a threesome with jemima and bagpuss?

    Is nothing sacred???

  6. This is the thin edge of the wedge. Tolerence, rights and equal opportunities for minority fuckers regardless of how objectionable their views and lifestyles are, except the liberal do gooders forgot that by giving more scope to these fuckers was going to result in them turning on one another and potentially creating civil war e.g.) Fundimentalist islamists object to gays. Gays demand to be treated as equals and free to express their sexual preference.

    If we can educate everyone to be tolerant of any kind of belief or practice then we’re home and dry, but that’s not going to happen in a million years. Discrimination is part of human nature and not controllable. The only way we can maintain reasonable social order is to satisfy and legislate for the majority status quo. In Britain that is White Christian Heterosexuals incuding eccentrics that wear funny hats and collect old stuff.
    The rest are a fucking nuisance and should piss off somewhere more suitable for them, or keep their gobs shut, the cunts.

  7. They spent plenty of time televising the trial of the NZ shooter after he shot them in the mosques. Stabbing spree in a British city, that was nothing, no extremism involved, no terrorism, just a poor refugee struggling with lockdown.

    Sure, we can understand how being locked down makes you feel like going out and stabbing a load of random strangers, we’ve all been there. Must be even worse for a refugee.

    If someone throws a brick at a mosque it’s national news, out comes the ‘growing far right threat’ narrative, easy to point the finger at your intended target then.

    Refugee goes wild with a knife in a gay area and the media don’t know who to blame without casting a bad light on one of their pets. Oh we know, the refugee was made anxious by lockdown, being a refugee he needed constant care, extra cash and slutty blondes to meet his needs.

    Media Conclusions

    The government failed to protect the gay community.
    The government failed to take care of refugees and one naturally lost his mind due to government negligence.

    The media have the right culprit but can’t level the correct charge.

    The government allowed the cunt in to begin with. The government are bringing in boatloads as I write. Refugees? Proportionally mostly comprised of young men.

    Young men who’ve managed to lose all their ID, may well of been fighting as member of IS or one of the many North African terror groups. Young men that have left their families and in many cases young children to come to England. These are the people we are importing, often followed by their fatalities who are waved in accommodation and benefits waiting.

    It’s an invasion, they occupy a street and then an area and then dominate a city. The gays are not a specific target, they are part of the whole target…..US!

  8. Did you know that LG stands for Lucky Goldstar?
    Before that it was Goldstar for makers of computer monitors.
    Before that it was Lucky fish company.

    • I thought LG was that bluenose mong who makes an arse of himself on Twatter and used to be in a Beatles tribute band known as Oasis.

      • That little cunt Liam used to write ‘Munich’ when he signed autographs. Apart from his piss poor Lennon and Lydon impersonations, he is an absolute cunt of a human being.

  9. I hold no brief for buggers, but it is worrying that so much care and understanding has to be given to refugees, gimmigrants and “asylum seekers” – probably low life that would not be accepted by an civilized society, that we are supposed to “understand” their lawlessness. Supposing that next they decide they don’t like vegetarians, or nudists, or any other group of people out of the mainstream, that they can be excused for their prejudice.

    What I find fascinating is so many of the left who support Islam, are themselves poofters. Do they really think that the madness of the fuzzy wuzzies will make them think they can excuse from death some left wing fairy because he supports them?. The madness and intolerance of these bastards knows no bounds.

  10. Not sure what the problem is?
    LBGTMGBGT. I drove one in the 70’s..
    Took plenty of juice, Not pretty, and needed a re bore.

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