Adele 1, The Woke Leftwaffe 0 (6)

Adele tweeted a photo of herself from her L.A. mansion of her in a Jamaican flag bikini and her hair in Bantu knots (that ridiculous hairstyle that makes your head look like a sea mine) to celebrate what would have been the Notting Hill carnival, which has been cancelled due to the Flu Manchu.

Aaaannnddd the Leftwaffe immediately took to twitter to accuse her of cultural appropriation.

FUCK…OFF! Fuck all the way off!

Adele was born and raised in Tottenham. She was raised in that culture, and she knows it better than most people, including black people. It could be argued that after being born and raised in that culture, she could make a genuine claim to be a part of that culture. But that doesn’t stop the woke.

And point of order, there are WHITE Jamaicans. Some of them have the same accent as black Jamaicans. They are all part of Jamaican culture, because they all consider themselves Jamaican. And not a single Jamaican has complained about Adele. So, if they’re not offended, no fucker else has the right to be offended.

Apparently a lot of celebrities, and others have jumped to her defence. Naomi Campbell and Alexandra Burke have defended her and, to my complete amazement, that well known moron and race baiter, David Lammy. And let’s face it, when even an ignorant twat like Lammy jumps in on the side of common sense, you know the Leftwaffe are on a loser.

So, you woke motherfuckers. Shut the fuck up. Like it or not, she actually knows more about that culture than YOU ever will, because she was raised in it. It’s her heritage. And like I said, if Jamaicans aren’t offended, you have no right to be offended. And my Geordie mate would say, “howay and shite”! Cunts.

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64 thoughts on “Adele 1, The Woke Leftwaffe 0 (6)

  1. These bags of soot, lefty cunt BLM prices of shit want to have a go at Adele for misappropriation of black culture then they want to stop straightening their hair and marrying WHITIES because they are being cunts by misappropriating white culture.

  2. Mind you, posh white kids with dreadlocks deserve to be dismembered by outraged Rastafarians… 😁

  3. IS it me or is that pic of a worried face knowing the cunt behind her is going first on the train thats about to be pulled? (they could use the hair as handles when passing the Bukkake)

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