Millionaire Marcus Rashford – my great ideas that you’ll pay for! (2)

He couldn’t get more saintly without some fucker kneeling on his neck could he?

He is rallying businesses, charidees and supermarkets to beat child poverty. Innit.
The aims are:-

‘Expanding free school meals to every child from a household on Universal Credit or equivalent, reaching an additional 1.5m children aged seven to 16

Expanding holiday food and activities to support all children on free school meals, reaching an additional 1.1m children

Increasing the value of the Healthy Start vouchers from £3.10 to £4.25 per week and expanding it to all those on Universal Credit or equivalent, reaching an additional 290,000 children under the age of four and pregnant women’

Guess who pays for this? Marcus? Tescos? Not quite. We do.
I think a snappier name for his philanthropy would be –

Beer, fag and scratchcard vouchers for the feckless.

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68 thoughts on “Millionaire Marcus Rashford – my great ideas that you’ll pay for! (2)

  1. No doubt he’ll be expecting a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list to services for “Getting the Taxpayer to stump up more cash for Feckless Entitled Cunts!”

  2. Never heard of the cunt. Apparently he plays kickball. Apparently he’s a left winger. Colour me astonished.

      • Praise be to the lord…

        Next he will be telling us the burning bush spoke to him!

        Then we will see picture of him holding the tablets of the ten commandments!

      • His Christian mother works for Ladbroke’s Online Betting, it seems.Heritage? Nationality? Faith? You decide.

  3. Welfare should only be paid in food vouchers and tokens for the leccy and gas meters.

    Problem solved.

    • Good idea but that would only divert the cash they get to fags and booze instead of McDonalds and not paying the leccy.

      • I am of course hugely pleased that the many thousands of pounds of tax I contribute each year, is used to “help” these poor & deprived people to continue watching Sky Sports, and using Apple Iphones, and indulge in the local fast food joints, while also subsidising their rent and council tax, which thankfully they no longer have to pay for!

        However, I realise the country is going through some tough times with this dink virus, so I feel it is my duty to work far harder & longer, and pay more and more tax in order that these underprivileged souls can continue in the lifestyle they have become so accustomed too!

  4. Rashford is a media darling at the moment, they can’t get their tongues far enough up his arse.
    I’m sure his intentions are well meaning but people are judged by the company they keep if you know what I mean.
    The pertinent question here is why is this government so shit scared of the media when they won a big majority despite the media calling them every cunt under the sun. Time to give them a kicking (especially the BBC) not bend over and take it up the bum.

    • The BBC stands for British bias corporation
      Or big black cock as they all love a bit black sausage up the bum in the beeb

  5. He recently criticised am MP for saying that parents should be responsible for feeding their children. My wife and I looked after our children and didn’t expect anyone else to do it for us but times have changed and everyone knows their rights; responsibilities have gone out of the window.

    • Beat me to it, Guzzi. When I heard Dick Rash-ford’s criticism on the wireless, I had to put down the club hammer I was wielding at the time (DIY work) and take several deep breaths to calm down.

      It seems this cunt’s mission is to give the green light to those already irresponsible cunts who really should have their balls removed/womb pulled out.

      If you can’t afford to clothe, feed and look after children then don’t fucking have them. Feckless arseholery.

      • Trouble is, the black coommonnedee is full up with feckless males producing brats with “baby mothers”. Look at Obama – his dad (black) fucked off and left his mum (white) to look after him. I’m saying nowt out of turn as most blacks will admit this. So, yes, look after your own kids like the rest of us do.

  6. The Dark Key must go first and empty his bank account completely to feed the unwashed footpads.
    After that hand it a football and push it in a well.
    Fuck Off.

  7. Saint Marcus of the Blessed Black Panther Salute has just been given a special, virtue signalling, diamond encrusted award for all his efforts feeding the feckless, by the PFA (Professional Fuckwits Association).

    His football output seems to be depleting at an equal rate to his rise to the heights of cuntishness.
    Stick to the football Marcus. I used to quite like this lad, shame really.

  8. What’s the betting that he has accountants and tax advisors looking after his affairs, probably the same ones that Lineker has.

  9. I’m not too hard on him over this because unlike a lot of cunts he does have good intentions. But yeah, like most people in my generation he doesn’t seem to understand economics particularly well. What he should be doing is advocating for reform of the system so that the money actually gets spent on food in the first place.

    • Good intentions are fine as long as he contributes some of his vast wealth too, Chiggers.

  10. The PFA are having some kind of pow wow today to decide if they are going to continue to wear the BLM logos and do the kneeling bollocks. It seems that they are worried that , with the prospect of at least a restricted crowd in the near future, some “ignorant” people might spoil their virtue signalling.
    Well wouldn’t that be a shame? Have the courage of your so called convictions you fucking bottlers!! Give real people the chance to show you what they think of your posturing. You cunts.

    • “Good Afternoon Millwall, please could you all join in and sing the Black Power national anthem Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing as the players kneel down for BLM. Thank you.”

    • Of course they won’t-cunts.
      They have also announced that all games played behind locked doors are to screened for free.

      Back-peddling twats.
      Damage limitation, incoming👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    • Aye. They’re still doing the fucking knee taking as the national teams have been doing it this week.

      I remember them saying it was just for the first 12 games. I said at the time no club/player would want to risk the backlash from the black racists and communists for being the first to stop doing it.

      This will go on for the entire season, mark my words.

      Oh, for Mark Bosnich to return and throw out a Roman salute at these muppets.

      • Didn’t Paolo Di Canio do one as well some time back? I’ve kicked the Arsenal season into touch as a) I don’t want to go back with all the social distancing shit b) I don’t agree with all the BLM shit. And my local Olympian league team, whom I used to watch on Saturdays as the Premier League seem to have given up on Saturday afternoon footy, have had a row with the local council and are now not playing locally.

        For fuck’s sake, I might see if I can start supporting a Polish team – no BLM crap with those guys.

  11. Can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em. And this year, the Gary Lineker award for misguided philanthropy goes to…..
    Get fucked football cunt.

  12. Move over Greta. Someone else has replaced you on the podium of latter-day saints.
    “Shame on you world, Replacing me with a MAN…oh but wait a minute he´s a BLACK man so that´s all right then. I´ll just go back onto my boat and sail into the broad blue briny.”

    • Mr Polly, I think Greta would cut her hair to like a boy and paint her skin to look black.

      Greta: “How dare you, my bread bin?! Wig wam rude boy?!”.

      Something like that.

      • The Thunderbirds publicity machine is way ahead of the game. Coming to a cinema near you next month the documentary “I Am Greta”.
        Guaranteed an Oscar, get your tickets booked now.

    • Is that him at the top?
      Multi millionaire dressed as a hood rat?
      Cudos to him if hes going to put his hand in his pocket rather than expecting the British taxpayer to save the feckless.
      Marcus, ive met the poor and a lot of them are poor because they are workshy lazy feckless cunts.
      Not all I hasten to add, but a LOT.
      Nobody helps you like you help yourself,
      The gods favour the industrious.
      Get working, do or die.

      Work will set you free.

      • Council estate born and bred myself and you’re spot on. Large percentage of lazy scroungers living a life of fat arsed leisure while more industrious folk wear themselves to a frazzle just to keep a roof over their heads or even better their lot.
        And if you dare to speak that truth, cue the screeches of “heartless tory scum” and “class traitor” from your local Labour commissar/political officer/councillor and his gormless acolytes.

  13. Want kids? Pay for them. Sounds mean but a decent parent will do without for their kids when things are tight (I know mine did), Chavella and this weeks partner will not give a fuck about their taxpayer funded horde.
    Marcus of course will not be picking up the bill for this – on a basic wage of six figures a week how could he be expected to?
    Maybe by paying his fair share of taxes on his wages, bonuses, image rights and sponsorship income?

    • Hello Foxy!
      The problems with moderation fixed now?
      Admin posted a message to you saying they were trying to sort it.
      Dont stop posting.
      I enjoy your posts.👍
      Toodle pip.

      • Afternoon MNC – I think it’s just a random WordPress thing but Admin are on it so all good – I am over my little strop! 😁
        Grumpy beast I am!
        Apologies for going off nom, but just saw a live BBC news broadcast with some random guy shouting “Bollocks to Boris” and other random abuse – quality!

        (It’s only because we have some candid photos of you and a blow up doll with a Jess Phillips facemask, that we take an interest – DA)

      • TTDA@ – And that’s only because I look more attractive than the doll! 😁👍

        (Good point – DA)

  14. By ‘the government needs to spend money’ he doesn’t seem to realise that the money comes from the taxpayer. Fine if you’re on 100k a week and have the best health insurance money can buy, but a pain in the arse for the normies.

    What next?

    Should we ask Duncan Goodhew for his policies on transport so we can implement them? Maybe ring up Brian Jacks, the lad who always won ‘SuperStars’ in the 1970s to see what he wants the nation to do about a Brexit deal? How about putting Tessa Sanderson in charge of the Education budget? Maybe Eddie the fucking Eagle can be put in charge of the military budget too?

    World has gone fucking mad.

    I see the world (including that cock smoker Linekunt) are up in arms as some blue tick on Twitter called out Rashnose for saying ‘He’s never met a parent who didn’t care about their kids’ The bloke asked him if he’s sure about that as his own dad fucked off. Legit point in my opinion (he said all parents cared about their kids….seems his own dad didn’t give a toss, right?)

    Anyway, fuck him because the cunt has been throwing out black nazi salutes so he’s starting to convince many to do the same with regards to their own race.

    PL starts this weekend and I could not give a fuck for the first time ever. Bunch of tossers.

  15. A grand a week off each of these overpaid cunts would be a nice gesture. Some fucking chance.
    I wonder if this cunts deprived childhood had anything to do with an absent father? Surely not.

  16. I’m suprised he hasn’t made it a “non whites only” thing, most of the bleks think it’s perfectly justified to think that, so he’s obviously a cunt but not a racist cunt like most bleks, the poor don’t need more of my money, they only spend it on Lamberts and Red bull, they need a fucking job, after a damn good sjamboking!, utter cunts!!!!

  17. He’s probably acting with the best of intentions…. I’m just sick of “celebs” being treated like demigods sent from on high to lecture us mortals.

    Fuck them all.

  18. My old gran brought up my dad in real poverty alone. She worked all the hours, sent him to Grammar school and Medical school and he worked as a doctor in the NHS for forty years. No free meals, nothing. If you cannot provide food to your own children in the most cushioned pampered society on earth your a mong.

  19. My wife used to have to look at the finances of these poor cunts with numerous brats. She was astounded at how much some of them have and how it gets wasted.
    I cant see any reason a child should go hungry in the UK except through neglect. Often from absent fathers.

  20. The twat should work at Sheffield Council. The best spender of other peoples money since Bernard Madoff.

  21. Still in Corfu and was in the pool this morning being nosey listeningg to some 60 something auld scouse birds yapping. In one breath one of the cunts was moaning about being diddled out of a quid on something or other and could ill afford it cos she is on the dole. In the next breath she’s bumming off about holidays last year to Thailand and fucking Venice. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT WORK THE FUCKING SCOUSE DOLE SCAMMING CUNT?

    • Afternoon, Dick.

      I very rarely agree with Ayn Rand, but she got this right:

      The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other – until one day when they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology.

    • Dick@
      I read Afuas comments and for once tried to see things analytically and from both side.
      Intellectual consideration ensued and I decided that yes, id Really like a log burner.

      • Can’t argue with that. CG.

        All of these past United strikers are better than Rashford

        Tommy Taylor
        Jack Rowley
        Dennis Violet
        Denis Law
        Brian Kidd
        Stuart Pearson
        Jimmy Greenhoff
        Joe Jordan
        Andy Ritchie
        Brian McClar
        Mark Robins
        Mark ‘Sparky’ Hughes
        Norman Whiteside
        Eric Cantona
        Frank Stapleton
        Ruud Van Nistelrooy
        Dwight Yorke
        Andy Cole
        Teddy Sheringham
        Ole Gunnar Solksjaer
        Robin Van Persie
        Carlos Tevez (cunt though he is)
        Wayne Rooney

        Rashford wouldn’t even be in the Top 20.

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