David “Ugly Cunt” Badiel (2)

Apparently according to David ‘Rule Britannia is a ‘cunts anthem’.

Perhaps the irony is lost on Badiel that he’s widely seen as one of the biggest cunts within the world of ‘entertainment’ today.

If you take a cursory look on the Internet you’ll find it’s difficult to see the cunts comments in context (He’s a lovey you see) but then up pops his Twatter page and it turns out his comment was in response to Nigel Farage singing Rule
Britannia because Al-BBC decided to drop the lyrics from Last Night at the Proms.

The cunt says…..

There might be some who feel a little sad about Rule, Brittania, seeing it, now divorced of triumphalist origins, only as a Proms tradition. Watching this however makes it clear how it’s still basically a Cunts Anthem…..

Back in the day there was a Labour politician called Gerald Kaufman, my dad hated him and I never really knew why.

That said my old man had lots of irrational hatred, in fact I think my first nom that got posted was on his irrational hatred of Elton Welsby.

So back to Kaufman. Every time his face popped up on TV he’d say ‘Hitler missed one there’.

Maybe he was right, who knows but I’d like to add Badiel to my Dads less irrational hatred list.

How many types of cunt do you have to be to record a song called ‘3 Lions’, the chest thumping, rousing anthem that makes you proud to be English, then go on record to say ‘Rule Britannia’ is a cunts anthem.

Badiel is the sort of Jew that thinks Israel is the oppressor. He’s the type of Jew that would have been a collaborator (IMO). He’s a shit stain on the outside of your pants that everyone laughs at.

He’s a crooked nosed metro liberal that’s made a living out of other people’s talent but let’s not be surprised by that, it’s in keeping with his national identity.

Hopefully in the world of how to out virtue signal your sleb mates he’ll take in a family of (Muslim) ‘asylum seekers’ who’ll show him the edge of a roof of a very tall building.

Nominated by: CuntyMcCuntface 

59 thoughts on “David “Ugly Cunt” Badiel (2)

  1. Yeah, a fucking freeloader, pretend football fan, wannabe intellectual who has lived off the talents of Rob Newman and Frank Skinner. Another remoaner Establishment man who deludes himself if he thinks anybody gives a fuck what he thinks. Cunts anthem is it? Fuck you wanker.

  2. It seems all the would-be comedians, and actor duckies feel they need to let us know their political views all day and every day now. 99% are left leaning cunts,and they just retweet their friends twats.

    I suspct Baddiel misses the limelight – time was when he was never off BBC2 or Wireless 4 hob-nobbing with all the other plastic stars.Those days are long gone, so perhaps he hopes he woke wank will remind the BBC he is still alive.

    • I think you have a point there, WCB.

      I too think that lefty libtard wokiness is a vehicle for cunts to try to stay relevant and noticed.

    • D’you know what WC? Yesterday Mrs Hunt received one of those unsolicited Fuckbook pop-ups featuring the legendary Dave Allen. We sat and laughed our heads off at his typically hilarious musings about life’s absurdities. 🎶 Those were the days 🎶, well yes maybe. But they were!!!

      Which is in complete contrast to just about every single modern day “comedian” who not only forever makes some smartass lefty sarcastic quip…… but invariably fails to be remotely funny either. I’m convinced that idiotic blabbermouth cunt , Ben Elton, started the rot with his asinine Thatcher jokes. Brave cunt too targeting someone who couldn’t answer back!

  3. I can’t fucking stand Baddiel. Unfunny, pushy, loud and insistently Jewish*. Also a football fan and blokey beyond belief.

    But if he’s “the sort of Jew that thinks Israel is the oppressor”…well, sorry, he’s not all bad. In fact, it’s a pity he isn’t, but at least he’s prepared to examine the possibility.

    *Your faith is your own affair, absurd as it probably is. It’s the insistence that grips my shit. As it does, say, with screaming harpy Mel Phillips who probably can’t renew her TV licence without mentioning her religion.

      • Doesn’t make him less Jewish, though. Perhaps ‘faith’ is the wrong word in my comment? Trouble is, if you describe it as a faith, it turns into an ethnicity or even a nationality, and vice versa, according to the convenience of its members.

        I absolutely culturally identify with being Jewish, but I know God doesn’t exist and I believe not one iota in the religious roots of our heritage.

        Baddiel to the JC, 2016.

      • It was you that referred to Baddiel’s Jewishness with: “Your faith is your own affair, absurd as it probably is.” But he has no faith, you knew that, so why say it, unless to cause mischief.

        If you feel his ethnicity is relevant to your argument then fair enough. But why bring in a religion he doesn’t subscribe to?

        And being Jewish is not a nationality.

        Btw, in what way did my comment imply his atheism made him less Jewish?

        (Okay, point of order. Can we all move away from all things Jewish, and just focus on Badiel being a cunt please! – DA)

      • LOL. I suggested ‘faith’ wasn’t the word, and you jump in to pick precisely that nit all over again.

        Baddiel describes Jewishness (I think) as his ‘heritage’. So it can be a heritage. It can be a religion but doesn’t have to be (as you implicitly acknowledge) It can be an ethnicity: a bit dodgy, but mitochondrial DNA rather supports this version. And, whether you are taking about a separate bunch of people with a clearly distinguishable history and “heritage”, or a synthetic state bolted onto the Middle East, it can be a nationality.

        My extensive experience of this debate tells me that by whichever option I choose to bracket Jewishness, my opponent will inveriably tell me this is the wrong one, and that Jewishness is one or more of the others.

        Score one more.

      • I can truly identify with the fact that Baddiel is an absolute cunt. A totally unfunny bellend who’s been stinking out the comedy scene for years.
        Couldn’t give a flying fuck what this twat thinks about anything.

      • @day admin.

        What’s the difference between Jews and Muslims, Muslims get slated with no editorial reprimands, as do blacks, lesbians, the bbc and anyone else on here.

        Jews can be massive cunts too, if we are going to limit cuttings to a individual level without creed or colour being mentioned that’s fine with me, well targeted cuntings are more effective than generalisations. Seems to me that the line is crossed in regard to other religions and races daily with impunity.

      • LOL indeed. You’re the one who chose to flag up his “faith” when you know he doesn’t have one, not me.

      • (Okay, point of order. Can we all move away from all things Muslim, and just focus on Kumar being a cunt please! – DA)

        Acceptable Admin?

  4. Thank the lord someone has cunted this shit stain – wish his dad had missed the hole and cum over the curtains when procreating this cunt…

  5. Baddiel was the straightman to the much cleverer and funnier Rob Newman. Then he teamed up with the cleverer and funnier Frank Skinner.

    David, I don’t care about your jewishness but the reason your career is tanking is that, on your own, you are not clever or funny. You need a new partner who is and believe me there is a very very wide choice from those who are more clever and funny than you.

  6. He is British American, Hank we’ve had more than our share of him, fuck off back to New York big nose.

      • I fuckin hate this unfunny Millhouse looking bacon dodging monotone cunt.
        Only time I want to see you, David is kneeling in a trench in striped pyjamas.
        Get fucked you speccy cunt.

  7. So now that its de rigueur to take the piss out of this country and its traditions, this cunt (any many other sad past-it cunts) crawl out of their pissstained woodwork to tell the world how right-on they are with the Wokes and their decrees!

    Before Woke came along they were fucking nobodies that no one gave 2 shits about, And yet here are with a cunt like Badiel taking some lame shots while conveniently forgetting what he contributed to the nation back in 1996.

    That said I guess he’ll go into denial about “3 Lions” suggesting he was forced to make the “racist” song etc etc blah blah.

    A Cunt of no consequence. Next!

  8. I’m absolutely convinced this has less to do with what he actually considers to be right and wrong, and more to do with the barely-sublimated feelings of inferiority that this nasal, nebbish, slouched and specky omega-male feels towards the double-hard bastards with balls the size of Space Hoppers that carved out an empire with boots and bayonets.

    • Frank Skinner has a twisted spine after years of carrying this fucker.
      How the fuck did he get to be a ‘comedian’?
      Him and Nish Kumar both from the same cancerous womb,
      Oh and get your sinuses fixed with that BBC money you tight cunt,
      Makes me feel sick you talking down your big hooter!
      Like someone playing a trombone clogged with phlegm.

  9. He is calling a large number of Brits cunts, perhaps he won’t be surprised if one or more of those cunts gave him a slap.

    • Couldn’t stand it. A patriotic song should sound bombastic. Shroud never have a line such as ’30 years if hurt’ in it.

  10. Responsible for one of the biggest cunt anthems in history, this cunt can fuck right off. Prick.

  11. A couple of years ago he started a campaign to get try to ban Tottenham fans singing ‘Yid Army’.

    As my old man used to say ‘Hitler missed one there’ about Gerald Kaufman I’d posthumously attribute that comment on behalf of him to this big nosed piece of shit.

    Apparently Jew boy resented the chant on the basis that only 2% of Tottenham fans were Jewish.

    Oh yeh how in the name of fuck do you know that you cunt.

    I used to be a season ticket holder at Blackburn (I know I know) and still go now and then and I have never been asked by the club what my religion is.

    Baddiel is struggling for relevance and as all desperados do they lash out in a petulant manner in order to get heard.

    It’s absolutely right that he hung on the coat tails of Newman and definitely later on Skinner.

    Fantasy Football was brilliant and when you rewatch it it smacks you in the face just how much Skinner carried the show.

    Fuck me even Jeff Astle in the latter stages of dementia was funnier than Jew boy.

    Fuck of Baddiel, put this cunt up on the wall of cunts and shoot him.

    • I think it no coincidence that all the “comedians” like Baddiel are shouting long and loud this year and doing anything they can to draw attention to themselves. Since even the BBC gave up on them, all they had was their “stand up” in some little boozer or club. Covid even took that away from them. Baddiel doesn’t even get a job on “The News Quiz” these days and you can’t aim much lower than that (except for “The Now Show”)

  12. Brittannia with her legs spread while BLM rioters are taking it in turns.

    That’s his mother, that is.

  13. Never liked him. Arrogant pseudo-intellectual of the same Ilk of Salman Rushdie, Will Self and Dianne Abbopottomus. Only joking. Not😉

    You see that pile of festering, maggot infested offal on the floor David? That’s your intellect that is!
    ©️Newman & Baddiel (in faeces)

  14. ‘Badiel is the sort of Jew that thinks Israel is the oppressor’
    Israel is the oppressor.

    ‘He’s a crooked nosed metro liberal that’s made a living out of other people’s talent but let’s not be surprised by that, it’s in keeping with his national identity.’
    Which means you don’t think he’s wholly British think he’s from the ‘Jewish nation’ and you’d be right.

    • There are some talented Jewish comedians ,Miles – Mel Brooks for example, and in the past Jack Benny and Peter Sellers, but I agree Baddiel is no David Kossoff (and neither is David Kossoff now because he is dead)

      • Oh yes of course Mr Boggs. My ‘antisemitism’ really only extends to the political Jew. Like all the above- always liked for some reason, a name from the past for you, Alfred Marx. Maybe because he looked like my father.

      • I also forgot to mention another Kosher comedian who is still heard from occassionally – Peter Mangledbum, who appears in todays “Evening Standard” (yet again!_). It’s the way he tells them 🙂

      • Re comedians, add: Lenny Bruce, George Burns, The Marx Brothers, Larry David, Marty Feldman, Walter Matthau, Ben Stiller, Gene Wilder, Sacha Baron Cohen, Bernard Bresslaw, Karl Marx…. 😀

      • ‘I wanna tell you a story’ RT. Yes Max was very Jewish in his mannerisms. But I don’t think he was one. But this story of my own (I mean I am making the connection) brings up the old charge of the Jewish Cosmopolitanism. Or the Jewish family spread throughout the world with ambivalent allegiance. I was reading about the Marx brothers because guess what I like the Marx brothers. I found out there were quite a few Marx brothers who werent in fact in the Marx brothers act. And one was called ‘Frenchie’ maybe the youngest. Why was he called ‘Frenchie’. Because was the one that went to France when the family were expelled from whichever country they were expelled from. Can’t remember. I repeat I like the Marx brothers-Duck Soup’ ‘A night at the opera’..
        But what if there was another Marx brothers family. And they didn’t go into the entertainment industry but went into Banking or Politics. Now you have a problem. Because you have rich powerful members of the same family in different countries around the world.
        That’s what I thought. Just a debating point.

      • Frenchie was their dad. The brothers were: Chico, Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo and Gummo. The first 3 were the main act. I can recommend a great book about Groucho called ‘Groucho” (funny enough) by a bloke called Hector Arce. Covers all of the brothers as well. Amazon has it for £10 paperback.

      • Got that wrong. Blinded by my prejudice.
        But the point still valid if you think about it.

  15. Baddiel and BBC cuttings together-how apt.
    The Beeb, traditionally run by Jewish executives and legals, over promoted Jewish music hall stars.
    Fashions change and its all about darker skins good now……

  16. His careers gone
    His careers gone
    That’s David
    His careers gone.
    Talk about talent
    he has none
    And now his careers has go aa on
    He tried books
    they were poor
    they didn’t help him
    sco aaaa ore
    Talentless twat
    His career has gone flat
    Unsurprising is that
    irrelevant wanker

    His careers gone
    His careers gone
    That’s David
    His Career has gone

  17. Great nom this and @ Admin: that header photograph puts me in mind of a Jim Davidson phrase:

    “A rose between two pricks.”

  18. I haven’t laid eyes on this rotten cunt in decades.
    Sometimes ISAC can be a curse with the appalling vermin it unearths.
    I thought this specimen had died of AIDS.
    Oh well..

  19. I’ve come to this late, so, despite admin asking to move away from the “Jewish question”, I just have something to say about Gerald Kauffman. I remember him being interviewed on Radio 4 just after he had resigned. He made it clear that he didn’t want to resign, but was “having to” as, otherwise, he was going to be exposed by the media regarding some shameful misdeed. I can only imagine what it may have been, but suspect it started with “p”.

  20. At Cambridge, I knew rather better than wished one Mr David Goldblatt. He was the bezzie mate of my girlfriend’s brother¹. Check this cunt out:

    Quite apart from his, ahem, Christian name, and his self-evident (but admittedly superfluous) „mitteleuropäische Ursprung“², Goldblatt and Baddiel have so much in common, they could have been conjoined twins.

    I didn’t know until now, but am not remotely surprised to learn, that Baddiel was also at King’s a very few years earlier.

    ¹ Goldblatt and my gf’s brother were both at King’s College, which was then notorious as a hotbed of far left-wing, weed-smoking right-on wankers who just happened to have attended the “correct” schools. In the case of my gf’s brother Godolphin & Latymer. I didn’t like him, and Goldblatt was even more punchable.

    ² keep Kimono away, he’ll probably kick off.

    All other enquiries please to:

    Knobby Knowles
    KW17 2LN

    • Interestingly, Goldblatt appears to have airbrushed out his Cambridge pedigree – presumably because it sits uncomfortably with his faux “man of the masses” cockewomblery, from which BS the soft twat generates significant revenue these days by chatting shit about football.

      Although Goldblatt isn’t funny, neither is Baddiel – and the parallels [posh school>1980s King’s Coll Cantab>North-London-centric wankers/writers pretending to be men of the people>faux erudition on footie>shalom] are frankly breathtaking.

      Happily, I’ve never met Baddiel, but I can vouchsafe that Goldblatt was an irritating cunt back then, who appears to have actually become more deserving of a good thrashing with age.

  21. Well after this cunt bored us with his crap droning world cup song he needs to shut the fuck up. Give me New Orders “World in Motion” any day. Best world cup song of em all.

  22. Guide to Admin’s choice of pic:

    Left to Right: Scouser, Brummie, Cunt

    Excellent Nom C McCF

  23. I loathe Baddiel. He ‘became’ a Chelsea fan when the Premier League started. A bit like that other cunt, Damon Albarn. Johnny come lately nu-footie cunts. Yet Baddiel thinks he is an authority on the game and its culture. I’d have loved to have seen the little cunt shitting his keks on the Stretford End in the 70s.

    But what I hate most about Baddiel is he is married to the saucy office manager from Saxondale. Gave me the horn, she did.

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