TV Licensing (5)

I nominate UK TV Licensing. Let’s not pussy foot around: this only pays for the BBC and their services.

Note to admin: This picture is the email headers sent to me
up-to 2 weeks before my license was due to expire. The final
reminder 3 days before it was due to expire.

Not only have they stopped free licenses for the over 75s, they will now waste
£100M of your money on Black, African, Mexican and some other shit Entertainment.
Want to watch programmes on prime time Saturday night which says at the
end, “If you have been affected by any of the issues in tonight’s programme, call the BBC Action Line” (Casualty)?

Did you order your first license on 31st September? Don’t do that
or your license will only be valid until the 31st August. You have to renew on
that day. Always order a new license on the first day of the month or in the
first year you lose a month.

The money grabbing bastards also try to get your renewal money early
by sending threating emails up-to 2 weeks before the bastard is due, and a final
reminder 3 days before it is due. If I had time on Monday I would have waited for 1 hour before it is due to expire before renewing it.

Up your cunt Auntie and the tax disguised as a TV licence.

Nominated by Anton Pillar

62 thoughts on “TV Licensing (5)

    • It was actually the 58th of Octember according to our guest statistician Diane!
      TV Licence nuisanse types are best handled with a large dog and a Bren gun!
      Don’t have one, won’t have one. Fuck the BBC, make it subscription only.

    • My mistake. My piss was at such high temperature I forgot the last day of September is the 30th.

  1. Fuck the idiot box off and get the transistor radio out fella, everyone knows telly’s for cunts!!

  2. At least you have the choice not to pay. As we can’t be trusted, funds for the Australian Bolshevik commissariat and Smug bames of Shitneystan (ABC,SBS) are paid directly from taxes. Though at least if they piss off the government they’re funding is cut, but it seems to make them all the more vitriolic.

  3. Think of all the “entertainment” we get for a mere £157 though: a third chance to see episode 200 of series 97 of Escape To The Cuntry. Four new episodes of Eastenders each week, featuring an impossibly ill sixty year old minor thug who can defeat hard criminals in their 20s with one look- and soon Dyke Dancing every Saturday night – who could ask for anything more, while being told we are racist bastards if we are white and straight, innit.

  4. Stopping free licenses for the over 75s is a MASSIVE DRIPPING HAIRY CUNT with extra PUBES. The BBC should be ashamed, although I’m sure they are not; they do shit like this to regular folks all the time……. CUNTS.

  5. There are no depths this nest of rats will not plumb.
    An evil that should be crushed.
    Filthy cunts all.

  6. Demanding money with menaces from the Old Farts to fund programmes for the young (who probably don’t watch the BBC anyhow) has done it for me. I never really minded paying….always figured that the odd decent programmes that they made and I watched probably justified the charge if compared to the Pay-to-view providers.
    I filled in the form saying that I didn’t need a license…any Capita Cunt who turns up on my doorstep to check will be met with an initial polite “Fuck Off”..if he doesn’t take the hint the hounds and I will be only too happy to raise the stakes.

    Fuck them.

    • It’s true that the BBC has become a youth club. They keep trailing a programme where a bunch of whores called Little Shits (at least that’s what it SOUNDED like) are getting wet pussies as they look at a group of “fit” pansies, it is hard to know what they open widest – their mouths or their legs.

    • My Liege, if one were to refrain from the truth and instead say something like “I do not watch or record Live TV on any channel on any device furthermore I do not watch or record BBC iPlayer”, one could just shut the door with no consequences. I am assuming my Liege that the cock wombles cannot see your televisual device from across the moat. One further humble suggestion, it is essential to not ask them if they are indeed infected with “the gayness” otherwise I fear your castle would resemble the Libyan embassy faster than Flabba the Gut could consume a chiggun bucket.

    • Disinfect the hounds if they have bitten any Capita employees!
      Capita have no legal right to be on private property, no right to be in your home and no right to question a resident.
      Online form, fill in, no need for a TV licence.
      Fuck them.

  7. The BBC is lauded as a great British institution. It was until the Reithian principles went out of the window and it’s programs were dumbed down to compete with the commercial channels. Throw the woke, lefty element into the mix and you have an awful service. I don’t think anybody would miss the BBC really.

  8. I think part of the problem is when you reach a certain age, you’ve seen decades of telly, so all you experience is repeats and rehashes. In other words, at my age all telly is crap. So when I learn about a remake of All Creatures Great and Small, I don’t think “wow” but simply yearn for Christopher Timothy et al….

  9. Yesterday, 450 cunts from the BBC sports dept attended a training course on “avoiding racial bias.” It was made clear that certain words and phrases are now verboten ……….” sold down the river”…..”nitty gritty”……”blacklisted”…….”whiter than white” among others. Apparently black footballers are not to be described as having “pace and power” but you must emphasise their “hard work and intelligence.”
    That must have cost a pretty penny (not a racist term, I checked) as well as the free nosh and booze afterwards.
    Welcome to 1984, you are fucking paying for it.

  10. We have a completely different system here in the states so it’s hard for me to relate. But if you want to change the programming perhaps making your views known in a polite yet firm and forceful way might prove persuasive. Might I suggest:

    Dearest Auntie Beeb,

    Fuck off you miserable money grubbing old cunt. Jesus H. Christ Himself, what the fuck is wrong with you? Money, money, money! There’s no fucking end to it. And for what? Do we get quality programming? Do we get tits and ass? No! We get Christopher fucking Jackson and other woke bullshit jammed down our throats until we’re ready to puke.

    And while I’m on the subject of puke, you’re always on about what racist, homophobic, insular cunts we are for voting Leave. Stick a fucking sock in it. We’re out of the EU and the world is still turning. The sun is still shining. And the Prince of Darkness is nowhere to be seen. So let it go.

    Now get on with some decent programming or I’ll come down there and shove my tele up your arse.

    Love, hugs and kisses,

    Your taxpaying, fee dodging, nieces and nephews.

    PS We don’t want guilt ridden historical re-runs like the “Jewel in the Crown” or revisionist nonsense like Idris Elba in Shakespeare either.

    (I don’t know if it’ll work. Just a thought.)

  11. Stopped my TV licence and threw the fucking thing in the skip, I was seeing so many dar quays on my TV I thought I was back in Rhodesia watching the ZBC, also don’t like the purile Marxist propaganda the spout either, the utter cunts!

  12. My wife’s Aunt with whom we temporarily lodge has said she won’t be renewing. Crapita can go and bury their fucking heads.

    The cunts also keep sending threats to me as I don’t have a licence. My house is in the middle of a rebuild and we have no aerial or dish. I have explained this to them umpteen times, but they seem to have difficulty in grasping this.

    • Never apologise, never explain. Intransigence, within the limits of the law (or not) is the correct approach.

      • Not sure about intransigence, but certainly recalcitrance is the order of the day with these Marxist pud-pullers.

    • Fill in the online BBC form PM, then if anyone appears (trespassing) at your door asking if you are the householder start filming them as you tell them to fuck off – Capita are taught to be sly and break the law for bonuses.

  13. The BBC for cunts, run by cunts since 1922. It’s reached a grand old age but now it’s time to lay it to rest. New director general or not, call it a day. It’s a pro-left propaganda machine. Time to stand on your own two feet and stop taxing a nation that doesn’t believe a word you say, you cunts.

  14. I never knew, until the other day, that watching live television programmes on channels other than the BBC, requires you to have a licence. How can this be legal ?
    I’m fucked if I know.
    In other news. Hundreds of police, many armed, have raided a pikey camp in Orpington. It’s all to do with firearms, apparently. Some smelly, thieving, subhuman cunts have been arrested, and the rozzers are expected to be there for days.
    I like it.
    More please.
    Much more.
    Get To Fuck.

    • ” Victor Charlie to Unkle Terry’s travelling oven, Victor Charlie to Unkle Terry’s travelling oven, come in, over ”
      Good morning.

    • Jack, you don’t pay for the freeview channels as such, it is because any tv set that CAN receive BBC must pay. I think it is crazy but there you are. Until the charter is revoked we are being held to ransom.

      • You can legally watch TV without a licence for any catch up service (except iplayer) and any steaming service.
        As long as it isn’t live it’s fine, you can still have an aerial or sky dish on your roof, but you aren’t allowed to record any live TV, it has to be catch up.

  15. If you are still paying it……
    Never has the word …CUNTS… been more appropriate ….

  16. The BBC is now appalling value for money. It is no longer the default with people watching so many other channels and the licence fee can not be justified.

    If it stood up for British values and gave a fair view of British history then may be I’d still be happy to pay. But it isn’t and doesn’t. The whole organisation is woke, leftist, anti-Brexit and run by a cabal of oxbridge know-it-alls who have utter disdain for the working classes.

    The charter should not be renewed. Let those who want the BBC pay a subscription, freeing the rest of us from this ancient yoke.

  17. The BBC, paid for by us under threat of law pays a private company to enforce the license tax. The private company then uses thugs to collect the money of those unwilling or unable to pay. Capita of course are in this for a profit. The BBC make the actual costs of collecting the license as clear as a pool of slurry.

    It seems Capita were paid around 53 million last year, how much profit they made is not clear. Even though Capita do the collecting the BBC spent £4.x million on administering the collections contract.

    The BBC proudly tells us that the cost of collection is only 2p in every pound collected, fucking whoppee BBC, 2p x 3.83 billion is still a fucking lot of money.

    This of course is chicken feed compared to 3.83 billion the BBC received from license fees last year. That 3.83 billion equates to 75% of the BBCs total annual revenue for the year. The BBC managed to earn another billion odd selling shit to other countries .

    Let’s focus on the 3.83 billion collected from households in the UK, regardless of the ability to pay. Nearly 4 billion spent on what? The BBC fills the air with repeats all day every day, If I had the time I would go back and calculate the total amount of new to air programming on the BBC as a percentage of total output.

    The BBC like any other public ally funded organisation is very inventive when it comes to spending money, 40 plus local radio stations, foreign language radio, educational programming for broadcast direct to classrooms or provided on DVD. Stuff like why having your cock cut off and some rubber tits is totally normal.

    It seems the vast majority of people still think the BBC is wonderful, much of this is based on nostalgia for Dad’s Army, Only fools and Horses and the like I expect.

    The BBC gets a lot of kudos for it’s impartial news reporting, BBC reporters these days seem to generate a large percentage of their news from FOI requests, using the same freedom of information act they refuse to comply with more often than not.

    We are told that the BBC has the finest news gathering operation in the world, we all seem happy to believe it to some degree or other. How did the most prolific child sex offender in UK history manage to operate right under the noses of the BBC’s second to none investigative reporters for DECADES without one of these intrepid journalists smelling a rat? Either they are actually fed the news they investigate or it was a coverup on a massive scale.

    Their is not going to be any government action on the BBC, the government are terrified of the fucking state broadcaster, how ironic is that?

    It is down to we the people to push the argument to defund the BBC.

    I can’t coherently cunt the BBC, I don’t have the abilities required to run a well targeted campaign to defund the BBC but lord only knows I am desperate for someone to lead such a campaign .

    • The BBC also pays this compulsory levy to private companies to make their sodding programmes. If they made their own crap, and if watching everything else were not conditional on subsidising private enterprise, there might be a bit more logic to a licence fee. Not much, since the outlet is pure propaganda for some hideous social experiment, the more ironically since the victims are paying for it, but a bit.

      • “That” one, even!
        *note to self – less gin at breakfast!* 😀

        (Vernon – just to let you know, we’re keeping an eye on your posts just to see if they get dumped into Modland for no valid reason. We’re doing this because you’re special, ha! – DA)

      • TTDA@ – Cheers DA, pwincess is in a less stwoppy and tearful mood today! 😁 – I think it’s just part of the random WordPress lottery, but the effort is appreciated! 👍

  18. I recently submitted a nomination pointing out the irony of the BBC demanding money from people who do not use their ‘service’ and promoting the’right’ of people who arrive here in a rubber boat to free healthcare, housing,education and spending money. I defy anyone to produce a logical argument to support their view.

  19. Forcing me to pay for the shite output of the BBC is much like forcing Cwiss “fucking” Packham to purchase subscriptions to “The Shooting Times”, and “Sporting Gun”.

  20. Defunded them now. All I see recently is BLM shite being advertised and I’m not paying to watch that.

  21. Come on you cunts. It’s worth the license fee just to watch Sue Perkins on the Mexican border.

    • I would like to see Soup Erkins stranded at the North Pole with just snow and blackened fingertips to keep her amused.

      • “Well i hit him hard right between the eyes, he went down but to my surprise he got back up and charged me a hundred and fifty seven quid”!
        Paying money to watch a fifth columnist organisation of cunts, marxists and traitors?

  22. Remember the old, threatening, ‘No TV licence? You’ll get caught in the net!’ ads? Funny how they were never shown on the BBC, although it would have been cheaper than paying the commercial channels to run them.
    It’s almost as if the dear old Beeb knew they were up to no good…

  23. I’m not surprised at what’s happened to the BBC. I feel it’s merely a reflection of what’s happened to this country.
    A once great British institution who you could rely on for impartiality and good old fashioned British values now full of wokes and lefties. Just like the rest of the country.
    Very sad.

    • So right cupid.

      If an organisation does not have a good mix of staff with varied views then how can it possibly produce balanced output?

      • The BBC job interview is a tick-box exersise:

        Top Uni?
        Ethnic? If yes get an extra point.

        If any candidate were to question BLM they would be shown the door.

        An employer is not allowed to discriminate against race, age, gender, disability but what about politics?

        The BBC does.

      • I want to see the news presented by a white middle class Man in a top hat – enough of this united colours of BLM nonsense!

  24. I would say that the BBC are shitting themselves due to the amount of resistance there is to paying the TV tax of late.

    As previously mentioned, I cancelled mine a while back and applied for two years rebate, as that is the honest amount of time we have not been able to receive terrestrial channels and we do not watch live TV, or any BBC output.

    The TV licencing cunts are putting up one hell of a fight not to relinquish any cash that I am legally owed.

    Just for a bit of fun, I am going to involve a lawyer to really start putting the shits up them for non payment.

    For added annoyance factor, I am also going to respond to their latest threats with a legal letter removing the right of tort from the BBC or any of their representatives (TV licencing / Crapita).

    Can’t wait to have some twat from Crapita turn up and hen have the cunt arrested for trespass.

    • That’s the way to do it Odin.

      I honestly do not watch live tv-the older I get, the faster my piss boils at the levels of pc cuntitude.

    • Good luck getting the Capita cunt arrested…
      The coppers will be too busy down on a knee, or sat in a panda scratching their heads wondering how to disarm a black yoof without getting filmed by Dawn Butler…

  25. We need a Referendum on the TV Licence 👍
    Do we want to fund the BBC Yes or No 👍👍
    Regarding the present sack of shit licence system I see the new Director General is trying to pass a 2 tear licence system Standard (probably all the shit and repeats)
    Premium ( more shit, woke programs,some sport,Black Lives Matter rubbish, etc) 👎👎
    The sooner this out of date old boy network is disbanded the better 👍👍

    • Per household TT (around $200 annually) – daylight robbery to watch the British Communist Organisation!

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