HS2 – No Thanks! (3)

Just a drive-by Cunting for HS2

Why bother? Most large companies have said that the days of people commuting to City jobs are largely over….more and more office-types will be working from home. Add in the massive predicted cost overruns and it seems even more bizarre to continue with a project that was questionable from the outset.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

67 thoughts on “HS2 – No Thanks! (3)

  1. Presumably politician bastards awarding engineering contracts to their mates for sweet backhanders?

    • And ripping up the countryside and demolishing centuries’ old houses because they’re not interested in the ‘conserve’ part of Conservative, the immigrunt-loving cunts.

    • Can only be this jobs – for the boys. If the government wants to improve transport spend 100 billion on improving existing lines and infrastructure; new rolling stock, buses newer signals. HS2 Is a massive waste of money and the government are starting to resemble complete CUNTZ who are out of their depth. That is all.

  2. Agree – if this does go ahead they should re-route it into Boris’s arse and then out his ears in a flourish of flashing lights and poppers

  3. No matter who’s in power we end up paying for shit we don’t need and don’t want.

    Like most people I suspect the main purpose of HS2 is lining rich cunts pockets.

    • Exactly.
      Contracts for fellow pigs at the trough, thanks for your support have a lucrative contract and a rent boy.
      Who wants to travel on this fucker anyway?
      Tickets would cost a fortune.

  4. The cunts will carry on and build it regardless…arguing it will rejuvenate the economy, bring Britain’s rail network into the 21st century blah ,blah, blah (whilst not admitting the right people have already had their massive brown envelopes already).
    There wont be the need for 60-70% of office types to commute to work thanks to the internet and companies will love the saving to be had on much smaller offices. There wont be much of an economy left due to the massive overeaction to Coronavirus and we live in a great depression.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Here’s a thing B&W. As you are from the same neck of the woods, have you noticed a proliferation of Manc street beggers up your end of the borough?

      • Not really OB, get a few round Notting Hill Gate outside the Banks but haven’t noticed any Mancs though. All a bit quiet round Notting Hill these days…pubs are full up though with cunts.

    • Nice to see you back,B+WC….some rude people very unkindly suggested that you may have been locked up, I quickly put them right,of course. ( I’m lying..it was actually me who suggested it and said that you had been convicted of debauchery).

      • Cheers Dick and thanks for putting those rude people straight.
        I was in reflection mode and had to go into hiding for a while after the local slag said I tried to put my tongue up her arsehole…of course it was a lie and I told the police so. She was probably trying to blackmail me. 😁

      • Interesting thought. ‘Shit’ turns white after being in the sun.

        Brown Holes Matter officer.

  5. Huge white elephant now.

    Rail capacity running at less than 20%. City offices empty and likely to stay that way. Teleconferencing is the future not jumping on a train to bloody Birmingham. No real need for business types to travel at warp speed. Why dig up all that prime green belt and cause more pollution and eco destruction?

    Same is true of a 5th runway for Heathrow and expansion for the other airports with planes standing idle. This is outdated thinking because the world will never go back to what it was.

    Communications have shrunk the globe not transport evolution. Get with it government or find yourself as obsolete as HS2.

  6. These huge government project always seem to double in cost and programme.

    But thats alright. The limitless pockets of the taxpayer can pick up the costs, so that street beggers from Birmingham can get to London 20 minutes quicker.

    The useless cunts.

  7. The other advantage to being able to get to Birmingham very quickly is being able to leave Birmingham very quickly.

  8. I thought there were supposed to be absolutely loads of people still furloughed or made redundant?
    Weekday work-time traffic has got back to the level it used to be before Squint-Eye flu.

    • We’re absolutely swamped up here with tourists…the camping sites are all full..caravanners,pushbikers,motorbikes,ramblers…I’d rather see The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming up the road,tbh.

      • When the head started to go on the old hilux it used to put out some dreadful black smoke ( well it was either the head or the red diesel) I took to overtaking pushbbikers, then dip the clutch and furiously blip the throttle…you couldn’t see the whinging Cunts for the cloud of pollution…always made me laugh.


      • Ho ho, excellent! I once got caught behind a queue of traffic waiting to get past a selfish cyclist. Waited for ages cos there was so much traffic. I was on an ancient motorbike, specifically a two-stroke 750 with ear splittingly loud pipes. When i got up to the cyclist, I pulled the clutch and revved it as i went past. I saw in my mirror that he’d got such a fright that he’d wobbled into the hedgerow. Is anything more rage-inducing than a cyclist who contributes nothing holding up people who pay vehicle tax?

      • @TTCE Yeah, and the sanctimonious twats who say they also own a car so they’ve already paid for the road by virtue of the tax which is based on car emissions. Is that right? Then you can pay for all the fucking emissions you’re causing by being at the front of a line of traffic all doing 6mph whist you fuck about trying to stay on your bike.

      • At least we can be satisfied that, despite most cars having catalytic converters or DPFs, they’re presumably still breathing in plenty of pollution!

      • Was it a Suzy GT750 or a headcase Kwak triple? Do love a bit of 2 stroke, me.
        Great for making little Greta cough and splutter… 😁

      • I bet Harvey price has two strokes over photos of st greta thundercunt, I bet Katie price has laminated all the photos

  9. I don’t want HS2.No use to man or beast.Over running,over budget waste of public money.Invest in our current rail system and NHS.Uber twats.Scrap the lot now.

  10. I don’t want HS2. But my Costain SP needs to recover so let’s rock and roll!

  11. Nicely cunted Dick.

    The unelected (unelectable) Lord Adonis was the cunt responsible for dreaming up the eye wateringly profligate white elephant that is HS2, while he was a minister in Gordon Brown’s fag-end New Labour government.

    In April Adonis tweeted: “HS2 is now beyond the point of no return. The key construction contracts are signed. Virtually the only good thing in public policy this month.”

    Unfortunately Boris LOVES pissing vast sums of taxpayers money down the shitter on pointless projects such as HS2. That’s why he recently gave it an enthusiastic go ahead, as if we don’t have better things to spaff £106 billion (and rising) up the wall on. 🙄

    Boris’s latest wheeze is a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland – only £20 billion he reckons (£100 billion+ in the real world), 90% paid for by the English taxpayer….

    A newly independent Scotland and the EU will no doubt find it most useful:


  12. Why not revamp and reopen Grand Central and brink back the railway networks axed by Beeching?

  13. This bastard monstosity is ripping right through the area I spent many happy hours when young. Though so close to London the area is blessed with a natural beauty created by the Chalk Chiltern Hills. This line is going to tunnel under Amersham Old Town before fucking up Great Missenden and onto Wendover. The route chosen goes through woods that have existed since Pontius was a pilot ancient unreplaceable living fuckin history. OK plant trees on the cuttings embankments whatever it will just look like a housing estate green space. All this to knock 20 mins off the journey to Brum. Another thought as all these peolple working from home and the firms they work for are more than happy what fucking need does an xbillion vanity railway project fufill. Have not the governmet been banging on about reducing carbon output surely millions home working will allow the government to achieve their bonkers emmissions targets. There will be a need to move large numbers of DWP staff around the country to rapidley serve our welcome new arrivals. This could be a use of the HS2 that actually justifies the project, nothing else I have read or heard does.

  14. They’d do better spending that money on broadband infrastructure so people living in the sticks don’t have to wait all day to download their email.

  15. HS2 – cracking idea – waste a fortune so some bankers and lawyers can get to their jobs in London 20 minutes earlier and can buy up a cheap mansion a bit further away. The initial cost estimate was around £56 Million, that is now estimated at £100 plus Million and will probably top out at the best part of £150 Million, and of course be ridiculously late and not very good when it’s done.
    A private sector business contract is very different: “This is what we want, this is when we want it done by – how much are you quoting”?
    “OK, we accept the quote, crack on”.
    And if it goes over time the company with the contract gets hammered in penalties, if it goes over budget the company with the contract has to swallow the difference – and if either of these things happen people get sacked – as they should be. And no business that wants to STAY in business would ever propose such a ridiculous white elephant and ask for funding, they would be laughed out of the building and viewed by business as cloud cuckoo land idiots – professional credibility gone.
    Overspend, overrun, inefficiency, waste laziness and incompetence are commonplace in Government contracts and severely drain the national finances, but nothing is ever done – why the hell not from a Government “committed to savings in the public sector”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    This is OUR taxpayers money you jerks – get into the habit of spending it well.

      • I meant Billions as opposed to Millions in my earlier post – I blame my new book “Da Diane Abbott comic of da fried chiggun and mojito money thing”!
        Must cut down on the afternoon meths and lucozade cocktails!

      • I hadn’t even noticed you put millions. If only it were, and even that is a shit load of cash for something most people not only don’t need, but won’t live anywhere they could possibly make use of it, assuming they could afford it.

  16. It will be a colossal pile of shit.
    This is guaranteed as politicians are involved.
    The dozy cunts have no idea and should fuck off immediately.

    Bring back Mussolini instead.
    Trains will be fine then.

  17. My sister is an anti HS2 activist. They left it too late, Packham should have put the boot in several years ago. Still look at it this way no one will use it, we will all be dead dead from Chinkie bat flu
    Nature will recover……

  18. I have said this before. It’s all about London. It’s all about some city cunt being able to briefly visit somewhere distasteful and be back home in time for organic hand crafted quinoa bake.
    Fuck all to do with the north and midlands. All about Cuntsville on Thames.

  19. The cost was enormous just talking about the fucking thing. Great money for old rope, but only for the people who know the “right people “. The scumbag cunts, fucking up the country side. I can’t convey how much I hate politicians the pricks know fuck all. As for that cunt Adonis (the name is ironic seeing he is one ugly cunt) he would knock St Pancras down and put some monstrosity in its place, the mans a menace to anything of value or ancient in this country something we want to preserve, who the hell voted for these slugs.

  20. It will be 2035 (if it does go to completion) before it reaches the North, I suspect it will stop a Birmingham.
    By 2035 it is quite likely I will have either croaked or will have no use for it.

    The London to Birmingham part is a line from one shit hole to the other and will become the P*ki express, complete waste of money like the M6 toll, why build a Birmingham bypass and then charge people £6 for 27 miles of road (originally £2)

  21. What’s even more annoying is that once the lines are in place, the so-called private operators will tender for the tracks, and expect a massive government subsidy – just as they have been doing ever since the existing rail network went into privatisation donkey’s years ago!

    So not only does the taxpayer have to cough up £106bn for the tracks, but also prop up private operators, who will no doubt charge huge fares for those very same taxpayers!

    Moreover, expect to spend your travel time standing up because all the seats are taken and they won’t add extra carriages.

    And to achieve what exactly? It’s all very well getting to Brum 20 minutes quicker, but what of the local rail infrastructure? If that’s shit, then any time saved on HS2 will be lost as you wait for connecting trains to your local destination.

    You only have to look at the Crossrail fiasco to appreciate how easy governments squander public money, and then bleat we’re in a recession and austerity is the way forward!

    • Don’t forget that’s 20 mins quicker to Brum which is correct. Alas the terminal is 20 mins away from city centre.
      No cunt on tv ever mentions that.

  22. I might have stomached the idea if a freight line was built along with it to get the lorries off the roads to ease the main M1 and M6 but they didn’t. Originally 30 billion but you know you have to double any government funded adventure but when they adjusted it to 55 billion you knew the brown paper bags were being passed around like confetti.
    Fuck HS2 and all who pay ridiculous sums of money to ride on it.

  23. The P*ki Express 😁😀😁😆. I fucking love that but unfortunately they won’t be allowed to travel on the roof.
    The only cunts who want this shit are the rich cunts who are going to get much richer through access to the taxpayer trough. The Jellyfish could boost his popularity overnight by cancelling this shit. Yeah the usual suspects will moan about the money already wasted but the Eton toff is used to that. Remember the Garden Bridge anyone?

    • That’s like telling him to stop telling whoppers. Wasting vast sums of money (public and private) on idiotic vanity projects runs in his blood.

      Anyway he’s now moved on to building a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

    • The Pakee Express reminds me of a good joke from years ago.

      Abdul Gupta lives in Bradford and wants to visit his homeland in Pakistan. He only has enough money for a one way ticket and figures he’ll borrow some money in Pakistan to return to the UK. Off he goes to Bradford train station and says to the man at the ticket counter, “One way ticket pleases to Pakistan thanking you so kindly sir”. The ticket counter man rubs his chin, thinks for a moment then says, “Yeah, well that’s a major tricky trip, innit. I can get you a train from here down to London, but you’ll need to change at Crewe. From London, catch a southbound Eurostar out of Waterloo. Change trains in Paris for the overland express to Brussels. Transfer to the inter-Europe service to Munich and change again. From there head south again, going through the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria…..(time passes)…..and eventually you’ll cross the Iranian border and you’ll be in Pakistan”. He gives Abdul a huge stack of tickets for the various legs of the journey and sends him on his way.

      A month later, Abdul wants to return to the UK so off he goes to his local train station. He gets to the counter and says, “I would be liking a one way ticket back to Bradford thanking you”. The ticket seller replies, “Certainly Abdul, North Bradford or South Bradford?”

  24. It’s always been a ridiculous waste of money to me, as I would rather crawl with open wounds through a Bradford sewer than catch a fucking train. Fucking trains are always late anyway, so shove the twenty minutes up your arse. It’s like investing in Betamax when dvd was coming out. Get fucked.

  25. Too many palms in high places being greased for this not to happen.

    Absolute joke and waste of money. What they need are longer platforms, longer trains and cheaper tickets. Using the money for those things won’t grease any palms though. Used to use the train once upon a time to go to work. Fucking nightmare at times.

  26. If Labour or the Libdumbs ever got into power they would probably extend HS2 down to the Dover coast, thus enabling the Architects & Freeloaders Dinghy Express easier and faster passage through the UK

    • Of course there is already the Paris to Folkestone chunnel train, but if arriving by escorted inflatable into Dover it is a mere 10 minutes on the train to Folkestone where the HS1 will take ’em straight into St Pancras in London, From a there it’ll be a walk, taxi or short tube journey to Euston to get the HS2 to Birmingham Curzon St. By 2032 the HS2 will no doubt go straight from Euston to Bradford.

      It isn’t for London people, it is an immigrant transport service.

  27. Should have spent the money investing in super high-speed internet instead, for the entire UK, and about 15 years ago. Would have been a wise investment to make regardless of the current corona situation.

    We all have to rely on fucking shyster internet providers (dog face cunt breath balloon man) and BT copper lines in the ground. The leadership of this country are so fucking inept I bet they’re conducting all their parliamentary meetings through Zoom and sending TikTok videos to each other. Bunch of dickbags.

  28. I am going to be unpopular with this view. We are the nation that invented the train, since then the japs and germans have built fast train lines. If we dont catch up, we are no longer a first world nation.

    So sorry we need to do it.

  29. Keep the slant eyed Covid19 importers out of HS2 at all costs We don’t want their cheap steel or any of their tat 👎👎

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