HS2 – No Thanks! (3)

Just a drive-by Cunting for HS2

Why bother? Most large companies have said that the days of people commuting to City jobs are largely over….more and more office-types will be working from home. Add in the massive predicted cost overruns and it seems even more bizarre to continue with a project that was questionable from the outset.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

67 thoughts on “HS2 – No Thanks! (3)

  1. Dont forget great british engineers like Brunel would have built nothing, if we had listened to the voices of doom.

  2. Moggie one final post. Dont take this the wrong way, but i am surprised you say: so you realy think britain is a first world nation?.
    Well is the invention of the jet engine, internet,television, light bulb, train, antibiotics, small pox vacine, xrays not enough to qualify us as a first world nation. So i am shocked you asked that question. I never thought i would have to justify to anyone on this site that britain is a first world nation.
    For the record, i love reading most of your posts. So nothing personal.

  3. Thanks for that Tuff. It did cross my mind, because moggie makes many fantastic posts. I hope i have not pissed him.

  4. This high speed railway is nothing to do with the economy. More about bridging the North South dive. The fact it will be a dirty great gash, down the middle of the country, dividing, east and west, The sheep shaggers, in the west and the carrot crunchers in the east. Its been done in several countries, around this piss poor world.

  5. Should make HS2 go east-west. Poor fuckers up there need a decent rail line.

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