Naming Names of the Innocent Until Proven


When the police arrest someone and they’re due to appear in court, the media will sometimes publish the defendant’s name before they’ve even been convicted.

Admittedly, a judge or the police themselves can withhold names. And for particular types of crime (rape allegations being the key one), the victim’s name is also withheld.

However, it still means that until found guilty, the accused could face having his/her name published across all forms of media, including his own Facebook page. This will no doubt arouse surprise, shock, anger etc. even though he still hasn’t been found guilty.

I mention this because I read in the local paper of some guy in Whitehaven who has been arrested and is due to appear in court accused of making 10,000 indecent images involving children. The article also mentions his full name, age and his general address.

If he is found not guilty, he is going to have to carry the stigma of being a “pee-do” around with him even though he’s innocent. His family, friends and possible workmates will always be suspicious.This could even lead to his own suicide!

My point being: should all names be withheld until the court has returned a verdict? If he is found guilty, then fuck him – throw him to the wolves. But if found innocent, then he should have the right of anonymity.

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70 thoughts on “Naming Names of the Innocent Until Proven

  1. The media releasing people details before a court appearance is dangerous and spiteful,
    Im thinking of the lad who hired the plane with ‘white lives matter’ on a banner.
    They did that in the hope hed get trouble at the door.
    If the guy above is innocent thats a fuckin nightmare, if hes a pee do hope he gets his throat slit.
    Good un Techno!👍

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    • Sigh, its not the missus again is it Admin?
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    • For whatever reason I had visions of Flabbott and Phillips as the pair of tits, owned by Dame Kweer himself.

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  2. Look at the damage to Cliff Richard, Jim Davidson and Tommy Robinson, the howls of the mob and the attacks from the media, despite not only being innocent, but not charged with a crime. Note too how these “exposures” target those not on the left, look how quickly that cunt “Jim” the Industrial Washing-machine salesman, aka, Oil-Slick Vaz faided from the public eye.

    • Aye. Certain rock stars from ‘legendary’ bands who have had sex with 13 year old girls and underage old groupies and the MSM doesn’t bat an eyelid and neither do the bogeys. Why weren’t Wyman and Page hauled in during Yewtree instead of Jim Davidson and Cliff Richard? If the likes of Stuart Hall and Dave Lee Travis can get nicked for ‘historical’ offences, then those two cunts from those two bands should be slopping out in the Scrubs.

      • And virtually every rock musician during the 1960s /’70s.

        As a boy of fourteen I regularly ate Mars Bars out of Marianne Faithful’s snatch.

      • I ate a meat n potato pie out of Nico, Ruff.
        And a revel out of Karen carpenter.
        We were both sick that day!!

      • Always suspected you of that mate:)

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      • I’ve had obscene dalliances with all sorts Miserable – Kathy Kirby, Susan Maugham, Clodagh Rogers, err…. you name ’em.

        Always had you pegged as a Debbie Harry groupie.

      • Do you know Ruff, I am a bit, find her hypnotic,
        A true beauty mid 70s and talented as you can be.
        But the one id of gone for most was Kate Bush!!
        Still a huge fan and still smitten☺
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      • Sounds like you’re being hard on yourself RTC, from a couple of posts you’ve made.

      • I know.
        He was mates with her brother.
        Oh and a young Stevie Nicks!
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      • Sixdog @ 6:33pm

        Yeah. I’ve probably allowed too much shit to enter my body temple.

  3. I remember Cliff Richard and Bill Roache both getting the witch hunt treatment. The BBC were especially well out of order where Cliff was concerned. And it was a stitch up by the BBC and the police to rival the Redlands bust of 1967. Yet the ‘accusers’ and ‘victims’ of both men remain anonymous. Dead right, it fucking stinks.

    • Too true, Norm. Not a fan of either bloke to be fair, but the way they were treated was an absolute disgrace. As you say, the accusers stay in the shadows and it’s the usual ‘nothing to see here’ bullshit.

      Jeremy Clarkson chins some cunt producer in an incident which could easily have been dealt with out of the limelight, but no. Clarkson was outed and contract not renewed. The BBC are utter bastard cunts.

      • Karma is a bitch though, Cliff went after South Yorkshire police and the BBC and they had to give a groveling apology. As for Clarkson he and his chums went on to do even better with their new show and the BBC has lost out on potentially lucrative future earnings so serves them right. However I do think something is very wrong about naming people before they have been found guilty all to appeal to sensationalist gotcha media reporting. Innocent until proven guilty must be upheld, we are not France. Mud does stick whatever anyone says.

      • That’s just it, Picket. Mud does stick – you’re absolutely spot on. Some people/organisations have an agenda though. The point is to discredit someone. The Cliff thing was particularly galling when you consider how the BBC covered up what Savile was up to while an employee of theirs.

      • Alan Davies attacked a homeless guy by biting his nose, but this has never seemed to effect his career at the BBC….I think I’m right in thinking that he is another lefty type….

      • Very good point. Imagine if an even slightly right-leaning celeb had done something similar. That would be their television career in tatters. Fucking bullshit. Alan Davies is a cataclysmic cunt.

  4. You can add to this cunting the cloak of omerta that the media always hide behind.
    “A senior source told us”, “A witness who does not want to be named”, “It has been alleged”, and a dozen other excuses that enable dubious, sensationalist claptrap to be printed in the rags, without having to verify the authenticity.

    From my own experience, my brother was interviewed for a piece in the local.
    What was printed bore no resemblance to what he actually stated.

  5. But if the accused have names like Abdul Mustapha that will never be published, especially on the Bangladesh Broadcasting Corporation.

  6. No one wants a nonce in their neighbourhood, but that’s the job of the courts. It depends if your a taxi driver I suspect.

  7. I’ve always thought it wrong that men accused of rape are named and shamed before trial, whereas the woman’s details are withheld, even if her claims are subsequently found to be malicious.
    I’ve just noticed that my computor is telling me that is not secure. Is this something I should be concerned about?

    • It means the site is not fully encrypted. If you’re ever redirected to other sites, don’t use your credit card to purchase anything. I, myself have been redirected to the site
      and asked to enter my details to which I declined.

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      • No. In fact she’s only been out twice in the last 6 weeks. I was hoping, what with her under my feet all day she would at least get round to utilising that mountain of cleaning products she bought around the time of our marriage. Sadly not. Kim or Aggie she is not.

      • Not so shy of entering your payment details when Diane Abbott’s son put those “hidden spy-camera in toilet-bowl” photos of his Mother up for auction on ebay though were you,eh ?

        You’re a degenerate.

      • It was an impulse buy Dick. It was the bowel in a bowl headline that caught my attention!

    • Goddesses the pair eh Jack?
      Oozed sex appeal, talent, and cut their own path musically.

      You well Jack?

      • I am thanks MNC, but could do with a break.
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    • No that’s not a trigger word.
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  8. This is something that has always confused me (why they do it).

    I agree, details shouldn’t be released until conviction. And media should be fined/imprisoned for releasing someone’s details before a verdict.

    All it takes is a spiteful ex or nutter to claim you did something really bad to them or, heaven forbid, their child, and your life will be in ruins. Even if they finally prove you are completely innocent, the stigma would remain forever. Particularly if the media were all over you.

    Look at that Robert Murat bloke. Ok, he comes across as a bit weird, but he had nothing to do with Madeline McCann disappearing. Despite this, his life was almost ruined by the media and I hear people still give him funny looks and sly comments. Mind you, I think he got a nice payout from one or two of the tabloids in the end. But he probably can’t get a job due to the suspicion he raises so he was due it, really.

    So yes, I agree names should not be released until a guilty verdict is reached. After that, go to town on them if you like, but it just doesn’t sit right with me until a verdict is reached.

  9. The current trial by press has already found Ghislaine Guilty, and the principal witnesses have all made public statements carried by the media. She stands no fucking chance of a fair trial

    I have it mind that ( in the interests of fairness of course ) that Ghislaine should be tried in my courtroom where she will be afforded fairness and a comfortable position with pillows and a jar of lube.

    She is of course. Completely innocent.

  10. If you are that worried, change your religion….it will NOT be print then.

    • On a similar note, it’s fuckin’ scandalous that convicted paêdophiles
      can change their names easily by deed poll in order to evade being identified in the future.

  11. On the flip side you have kids under the age of 18 who have complete anonymity before, during and after a court case, even when found guilty.

    Its only exceptional circumstances will a judge allow the names of so-called minors be released to the press. But by and large kids can quite literally get away with murder and no one would have a fucking clue!

  12. I spent years covering court cases when I was a newspaper reporter. It was always interesting to see how the same incident can appear totally different depending on how it was presented.

    I remember one case in which a guy was accused of beating up another guy in a pub. The prosecution version was that the accused was a brute who attacked the victim for no reason as he was buying a drink for himself and his girlfriend in his local. The defence case was that the girlfriend was the accused´s ex-wife and the victim had turned to him at the bar and said “Hey, isn´t she a great fuck?”

    • MNC, I’d like the energy of youth and the knowledge of age.

      Evening, MNC. Evening all. 🙂

      • Evening Spoons,
        Yes! #Metoo.
        Luckily for me ive stayed incredibly childish.

  13. The presumption of innocent until proven guilty has gone. There should be legal anonymity for all parties in all cases, and I notice the feminazi wimminz are once again demanding more r*pe prosecutions and convictions – the Blair Government was pressing judges for more convictions but were rightly stopped – application of justice is not a quota system. (And it might help if so many Women stopped making false accusations of r*pe – this is a hidden but serious problem).
    Law should be a case by case basis, not a percentage basis.

  14. What a load of Codd’s. If esteemed Cunters are curious there’s a fair bit available about the sanctity of innocence (a legal term).

    Perhaps it would be a fairly uncontroversial idea that, before “getting on one’s high horse”, one did a spot of “homework”. These are evocative, but not difficult, concepts. There is a lot of literature available for self instruction.

    Bill Roach is, however, a twat. Always was: His “Rolls Royce years in Haslingden” (in the 1960s) are better documented than his defence lawyers thought. His” Wilmslow years” of more recent times are more embarrassing still.

    My advice to cunters on this subject would start with Archbold’s standard introduction. Read it.

  15. Very off topic, now talking of shutting pubs again. Does the cuntishness and ineptitude of the bumbling fucking idiot in charge of the country and his cohorts know no bounds? He won’t be satisfied until we have a second great depression, bread lines and riots on the streets. As for these so called ‘Professors’ they will be ok in their high paid jobs whilst Rome burns.

    • Science attracts those who are gifted and clever. Science also attracts those who think they are gifted, and think they are clever. Science also attracts the idiot, the sky fairy, the local nutter on the loose and a whole range of itinerant flotsam.
      Johnson “follows the Science”. But who? Which group? Which Idiot ?
      He has shown himself to be witless, indecisive and unreliable.

      I predict a riot!

      Oh by the way Boris. The Army are closer to the people ( from which they recruit ) than some fucking crass idiot who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. If you are so fucking fearful for the future of this country, look to the columns of black para military that YOU have allowed to parade on the streets of our once Capital . THERE lies the big problem. Deal with it .

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