“Professor” Jo Swinson (7)

(Couldn’t find anything appropriate for this nom, so here’s a pic of her tits instead – admin)

An incredulous mega CUNTING for mentally, dentally, challenged, mammary gifted, delusional former leader of the Limp Dems: Jo Swinson, who has be appointed Professor at “top” business management school, Cranfield School of Management, based at Cranfield University, Beds (no doubt formerly known as Bedford Technical College).

It amply demonstrates the calibre of the “academic” institution when an insane failure of a CUNT can be deemed worthy of a Professorship!!!

Nominated by: Sir Cuntalot 

61 thoughts on ““Professor” Jo Swinson (7)

  1. “Professor” sounds impressive but we are becoming like the USA where it gets handed out to any cunt who licks arse and has the correct political credentials. Universities are, in theory at least, private institutions and they can call you “Dr Big Wang” if they feel like it. I imagine this EU obsessed lunatic is very much in favour at every university in the country. Calling her professor is just taking the piss out of all us dimmos who voted the wrong way.
    By the way “Dr Big Wang” is, in fact, Black & White Cunt but he is far too modest to brag about it.

    • Whenever I order online and am asked to select a title from the list, I will always choose professor or doctor just for shits and giggles. It never fails to amuse me when I see it arrive or whenever they message you with the opening line “Dear Prof. or Dear Dr.”

      Even with that, I’m surely more qualified to instruct on how to operate a successful organisation than this cunt could possibly be. It really does beggar belief, she leads her feeble assembly right down the final stretch of the U-bend, and as a result, is somehow lauded for her strategical brilliance with a professorship.

      • I play similar games with those fucking pointlessly idiotic ethnicity questions invariably at the foot of NHS / Government forms.

        I always tick “Other” . I then handwrite White Parking Stanley or Bleck Chinky which hopefully gives them something to think about…… not that anyone’s feedback is ever read anyway, except in the NHS which will have a team in each hospital all on £100k plus processing this imbecilic rubbish.

    • Morning FTF, I am indeed Big Wang… When Jo was unemployed she popped round for an audition in my production ‘Big Wang fires from the oily titties’.
      The audition was going well and my Big Wang was slithering abaaaaht on her oiled up titties until she started talking abaaaaht Brexit.
      She said she still wants to stop Brexit…she couldn’t stop Big Wang firing into her eye though.
      She failed the audition.
      The cunt. 😁

      • Funny you should say that BWC.
        She auditioned for my last production of “Suburban Chunker Tit-Wank Anti-Brexit Garden-Gnome Riders”
        Not a bad performance , for an amateur

        Seeing someone going on about cancelling Brexit , whilst lasciviously blowing spunk-bubbles and having a garden-statue hammered up their arsehole with a rubber-mallet – it was sheer visual-poetry , with the added bonus of a half-decent pair of top-bollocks on the whore.

      • Sounds like an interesting production Xeno…perhaps I could buy the Americas publishing rights. 😁

      • Sorry mate , I’ve already negotiated with a couple of major-networks.
        Out there though , they use live-dwarves instead of gnomes.
        The dwarf’s head is set on fire – and when it’s deemed to be well-alight – they ram it quickly to the neck and shoulders in the back-receptacle of a well-trained slut.
        The format isn’t new , but they are going wild for that anti-Brexit shit over there – and that’s what re-sold the idea.
        Yep. – “EU Slut Dwarf Quenchers” is set to be a real smash. I expect to be proper fucking rich off this , and Jo is loving the attention (Or she will when she gets out of A&E).

    • Freddie the only thing I can add here and others here have said it, but here goes; I’d love a fucking HOT SOAPY TIT WANK off her frankly fantastic fucking clock weights; she would need to be gagged so she couldn’t talk too. That is all.

  2. A complete swivel eyed loon who was determined to stop the democratic will of the British people, so detested she was advised not to do interviews because the screechy tone and insane drivel she came out with was so irritating the already annoyed TV audience were actively beginning to hate her.
    Swanning round Brussels with “Bollocks to Brexit”, despite the fact we, the people voted for it – could you be any more contemptuous and arrogant Jo?
    Did losing your seat, the last remnants of the Lib Dumbs being flushed down the toilet at the election and being barred from entering the house of Lords teach you nothing you expenses fiddling furniture stealing clueless bitch?
    I “profess” to a degree of malicious amusement to see how far “Professor” Cuntson has fallen – “I can be Prime Minister” 😄😄😄 one minute, jobless and openly laughed at the next. You go girl – further down the gutter, as you deserve.
    Now for goodness sake do something useful and get them out for the lads!

    • Professor?
      Aren’t they egghead types? speccy, boring, found in the lab?
      Jo looks more, well, ..like she was made in a lab.
      Wurzel Gummidge head full of rotting teeth but those tits?!!
      The only reason id pull her out of a burning building.

      • Sounds more like those honorary degrees they hand out to thick celebs years after they have left school with hardly any qualifications.

    • Anyone remember the carved wooden bookend on top of the fireplace in children’s classic ‘Bagpuss’ ?
      “Professor” Yaffel, was a carved wooden peacock…

      …same difference & equally talented !

      The only thing Jo Swinson has ever been successful at, is growing milk filled fun bags.

      With widespread unemployment & redundancies hitting families all over, it’s heart wearming that Bell End Cranfield Management School has appointed a Cunt as Professor at a salary of £81k. Her husband must be down to his last £5Million by now.

  3. Professor of curtain making and communism at night school – the veritable zenith of Loony Jo’s career – there’s only “Director of parking” at Tescos and she’s got the lot!
    On other news, I am up at this hour on a Sunday after breaking social distancing to vigorously romp with a busty blonde gal from my local Home Bargains last night – we stayed up half the night playing snap, and she was “most competitive”! 😄👍

      • I asked her all sort of rude things Xeno – and I did her a 25% extra deal as well!
        I knew she was my kind of girl when I saw knocking that doorman unconscious with a single headbutt!
        And she makes Swinsons rack look like Keira Knightleys! 😁

      • Ah yes. Keira Knightley. Tits resemble Two buttons on an ironing board as I read somewhere this week. Probably a fellow ISAC on this esteemed website

  4. All you can say for the deluded tart is that she doesn’t look quite as demented as that awful Moran woman, who might well become Swinson Mark 2.

    Seriousy what is it about Swinson that makes Ed whathisname the current leader to be so enthusiastic. She was at best a very minimally talented politician, who was just like so many who scraped into Westminster under AWS that Labour love so much.

    If she wants to enter academia, I would suggest Oxford or Cambridge, I am sure one or other need a lavatory cleaner or dinner woman.

  5. She has never held a job outside of politics apart from a brief stint in public relations between leaving the L.S.E. and being elected to the House of Commons.

    That’s the trouble with so many Labour/Liberal M.P.s…heads filled with a load of idealistic bullshit at some seat of “Higher Learning” by a bunch of Cunts who have probably themselves never held a job outside of academia. The Tory MPs tend to be venal Cunts too stupid for business but sly enough to know that they can make a nice living through corruption.

    Fuck them all.

    PS…Boris Johnson and his list of appointees to the House of Lords puts us on a par with some third-world fucking banana republic…except the banana republic would probably have a healthier economy…and a better future…and less corruption…and less lazy Cunts clogging up the roads when they should be back at work.

    • I wondered if she was a lezza but see that she has actually got a kid. This is from the “Lib/Dem Voice”, some in-house magazine,presumably……

      “And, the undeniable fact is that the firstborn son of Jo Swinson and Duncan Hames is incredibly, snuggliciously cute”…

      What the actual Fuck !!…Any Cunt who can come up with the word “snuggliciously” deserves to have petrol pumped up their arse before having a
      Messenger Firework 4 inch ball head rocket (similar to the size of an Olympic shot put) rammed down their revolting throat.

      Utter Cunt.

      Morning Mike
      Morning All

      • Well, Jess Phillips has a ten year old son, who she is very keen to talk about….. perhaps a turkey baster rather than Mr. P daring to lay his handson mother superior?

    • PS…Admin….On balance I think that I’d have actually preferred to see a photo of Cyril Smith’s tits rather than a picture of this demented harridan.

      (I’m trying to eat my breakfast, damn it! Go ask Ruff Tuff. He probably has a secret stash – admin)

      • @ Admin. You are seriously wide of the mark there. Please do not associate me with the preverted likes of Cuntstable Cuntbubble. 😠

    • How come Boris didn’t appoint Nigel Farage?

      After all, if Nigel hadn’t withdrawn half his Brexit Party candidates from standing in Tory constituencies, Boris wouldn’t have come anywhere near having his 80 seat majority.

      Instead he appoints his Remoaner brother Jo and arch Remoaners Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond….

      • Quite agree.

        but don’t forget some Russian business man and a retired cricketer too….just the sort eminently qualified to influence British law.

        I seriously wonder if Johnson is going mad or,more likely,that the true face of Boris is coming to the fore..the Brexit sellout can’t be long of coming now.

        Morning RTC.

      • Morning Dick.

        Boris hasn’t changed. He neither wanted nor expected to win the referendum, he just wanted to be seen as being on the “right side” so the Tory Party membership (80% Leavers) would back him in a subsequent leadership contest. The cunt has ZERO integrity.

        Farage was extraordinary naive to trust him.

      • Yeh Sir Nigel was stuck though. If he hadn’t pulled his candidates out then we’d have easily ended up with Worzel as PM. Can you imagine the fucking mess we’d be in then?

        Every day that passes The Dame thanks his lucky stars that Labour aren’t in Government.

  6. Morning Dick
    Morning all,
    Hes lost his marbles, total fucking shambles,
    Lockdown my arse, cant have family round but can meet them in the pub?
    Result!👍 although utter nonsense.

  7. Only 7 nominations. I was confused for a bit but had noticed she was a cunt of the year and not on the wall of cunts. Fucking cracking Norgs though, as you Poms might say.

    • Shackle@
      Shes not as blatantly in our face like she was, nowadays shes a minor irritate,
      Like shes gone from tumour to pimple.
      Those tits are wasted eh?
      Like putting cherries on dogshite.

  8. Hmm – pubs open, up to a hundred people in an enclosed environment breathing and coughing all over each other and ignoring social distancing – no masks.
    Nip to the local shop for a copy of the Daily Spurt and 20 tabs – need a mask.
    Is it Moby or Juggy Swinson advising Boris?
    Get rid of this damned fool before his insane “policies” ruin us.

  9. With the bollocks she comes out with, she could give Professor Stanley Unwin a run for his money.

  10. “Professor” Big Tits is her title.Throw her back in the burning building.Ps Boris is losing the plot day by day.We are turning into a Banana Republic

  11. A fully qualified loony-tune in a dress!

    If it wasn’t for her prominent tits she would barely get a mention in polite society. And quite frankly she can keep her tits behind closed doors because one suspects they sag right down to her kneecaps without the aid of a bra.

    So much for my breakfast of boiled eggs in egg cups this morning!

  12. Is it right she is a Scot? She sounds to me like she comes from where the zider apples grow in Zomerrrzet.
    An obvious great loss to the British people with so many fabulous ideas and the PM that might have been.
    Would like to see her tits though.

  13. Bloody hell admin, I thought we were going to have a good pair of top bollocks, not those saggy Spaniel’s ears.
    I woke up this morning with wood, logged in and what a disappointment. My wood went down quicker than the Wilhelm Gustloff.
    Admin you owe me a nice set of tits.

    As for (Professor) Swinson whats she teaching soapy tit wanks?

    (Grab a sock, close your eyes, and think of England. You love a challenge – admin)

  14. Make it Professor of Concrete Boots,seated at the esteemed bottom of the Atlantic.
    Loony cunt.

  15. A bit gobsmacked by this one, but I suppose somebody had to give this whack job employment. She’ll be delivering enlightenment to the next generation of unemployable graduates no doubt.

    I think we’ve got used to the fact that Professor is actually a synonym for useless, overpaid cunt. Heaven knows there’s been enough of them on telly during the ongoing pandemic.

  16. Joe Swinson wondered what she was upto now
    This deluded idiot steps from one platform to another Never had a proper job but likes to tell others how it should be done Professor Joe Swinson in what tight dresses & showing off those monster pair of jugs? 👍👍

  17. Think about it a moment.

    Academia in general believes most people are too thick to vote and if we are allowed a vote it shouldn’t be binding.

    Jo Swinson believes………

  18. It has not been about talent or merit for a very long time – Swinson is and always has been a cunt – here’s the proof she’s made it – CUNT

  19. Isn’t she been lined up for a position in the House of Cunts? Dame Swinson of Fuckwits, or something!

    Just goes to show that being a complete and utter twat at your (former) job, and having little or no experience of real-world-work, immediately makes you qualified to join all the other gormless cunts in the House of Lords.

    What a fucking joke if it does actually happen!

    • That cunt Ed Davey started agitating for Swineson to get a place in the House of Cunts immediately she was ousted as an MP. A case of one cunt recognising another cunt I’d say.
      Swineson is a waste of a half decent rack.

  20. I would love to splosh on those baby hangers, and do her up the rusty sheriff’s badge

  21. As one Lib Dem cunt fades out, a weirder one takes their place in Layla Moran.
    She’s just self identified as a pansexual. Wok the fuck is that all about?

    • PS I’d give her a go but I don’t know whether I could handle her.

    • Pansexuality is grossly misunderstood in this country.

      If birds want to go around with bits of Tefal hanging out of their holes – then fucking why not?
      One bird I knew could play Rule Britannia with her arsehole – on a set of pan-pipes.
      That white stuff on Peter Pan’s statue is of course not bird-shit at all.
      Now all we hear is Pandemic this , Pandemic that. They must be wanking themselves silly these pan-fucker whores.

      Hope that clears any confusion.

      • No Xeno – it’s just created pan demonium!
        Layla Moran is a lunatic – certifiable Lib Dem – and we fund this?

  22. One of the best things about election night, was seeing the look of sheer disbelief on her face when she realised that she’d lost her seat. How could her could constituents possibly have voted for someone other than her? Didn’t the ungrateful bastards realise how much they worshipped her? I’d love to know who she blamed for that, because I can guarantee that she didn’t blame the one person who actually WAS to blame, herself. The fact is, every time she visited a town or city to campaign for the Limp Dumbs, with her dipshit promise to overturn the Brexit vote, she actually lost support for her party. Her ego is almost as huge as Bercow’s, and so is her arrogance.

    • This come back to all the Twitter cunts. Same as Corbyn’s bunch of dick lickers that thought he was heading to number 10. If you only listen to your like minded mates, you are going to get a lopsided view. Fuck em all.

  23. Swinson’s first lecture will be on how you can save money be claiming all your cosmetics and toiletries on your expenses , courtesy of the tax payer.

  24. Ugly Scottish delusional fuckwit.
    Big tits are ok if perky, I bet hers scrape her spare tyre.
    I also bet she has a rotten smelling flange.
    Uncle Terry-into the oven with this turd that refuses to flush.

  25. Micky Flanagan, could do a entire show about her tits. As he pervs at her chest, he would say, are they in, or out, out.

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