Rishi Sunak (1) – No Payrise for the NHS

A cunting for Rishi Sunak, who awards judges, civil servants, senior military officers, lazy teachers and knee-taking policemen with a pay rise for their ‘contributions’ during the Covid pandemic but not nurses, care workers, porters or cleaners who have been on the front line.

It’s a kick in the face and shows just how much of that clapping was empty virtue-signalling wank.

More evidence that Tory public spending is an inverted pyramid of more cash to the top and least useful.

Glad I never voted for the cunts.

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66 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak (1) – No Payrise for the NHS

  1. Particularly irksome is a pay rise for teachers, we can see the results of their work on the streets daily and every time a statue is vandalised.

  2. Still clapping on your doorstep Rishi?
    For the NHS heroes?
    No? ..surprised, just for cameras?
    Yeah, thought that at the time.
    Well, upto now your stint running the country is a bit below par, filling up the house of Lords arent you?
    Need a extension built to fit them all in!
    Take it they wont accept any financial reward?
    Feel about the tories like I do about Labour, shower of shite.

  3. as time goes on it is obvious that the elites on all sides are creating a world for themselves at the expense of the mass of populations across the globe in order to position themselves safely from the tidal wave of covid20 that is waiting in the wings – eugenicist heaven – they are all corrupt, inhuman tyrants – and we are not part of their plans – hurry and say your goodbyes ……… it’s over

  4. It’s a slap in the face, unless he has a cunning plan for the NHS.

    But then again I have mixed feelings about this: just how far down the foodchain with the NHS hierarchy will any payrise go? Frontline staff should certainly get something, given they are in constant clear and present danger of infection.

    But what of the managers, the senior managers, the deputy senior managers, the assistant to the deputy senior manager for bean counting? Do these cunts get pay rises too, even though they’v probably never even got close to been at risk?

    And one could also argue that the NHS have already received lots of discounts during the last few months – mostly from retailers offering 10 or 20% discounts, or special offers exclusive just to them.

    And let’s not forget all the other key workers that have kept this country going. Admittedly most of them in are in the private sector, but all the same the risks to their frontline people is just the same, if not more so.

    And as for teachers getting pay rises – well that really is a pisstake. Do any of these cunts work long hours comparable to frontline NHS staff? Do they face similar risks? Do they have to make instant life or death decisions in difficult circumstances?

    Not that it makes any difference, because this country will be facing the mother of all fucking recessions soon, and scarcely anyone outside of the public sector will have a fucking job to pay for it all!

  5. If the top brass reformed the organisation and stopped pissing away money on pointless pen pushers and middle managers there would be plenty left for a payrise for those on the ground.

  6. Ironic considering Sunak (Boris Johnson’s sock puppet) is spending £350 billion supposedly protecting the NHS by furloughing every Tom, Dick and Harriet, thereby trashing the very economy the NHS relies on for its continued existence.

    Never mind, next stop the worst recession /depression in 300 years, the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum.

  7. The NHS has been excellent, despite the hideous dancing videos and the enforced public clappathons (the ‘not allowed to speak badly about the NHS or suffer pain of death’ reminded me of the weeks following the death of ‘drop-yer-knickers/media a whore Diana). The Chínky Flu has ensured its survival for another decade of moaning about lack of funding, staff who can barely speak English, moaning about lack of funding, awful spending, corruption, and moaning about lack of funding.

    What a jolly-up the last four months have been for teachers. Same pay, yet no travel exspenses, no early mornings, no rowdy classrooms, just sitting in the sunny garden drinking prosecco whilst perpetually bleating about how hard the póncey cunts work. Psh.

    Elsewhere, civil servants are already overpaid, oily rats. Do these weedy, Oxbridge homós really deserve a pay rise? And Judges? Who knows what those out-of-touch decrepits actually do except fiddle with their septuagenarian todgers under the fancy dress robes and attempt to reach the end of court without having shat their nappies.

    Fucking piss-take.

    • Sunak is a cunt, some self employed can get grants, because I cannot show 2-3 Years of financial records I can’t.
      Utter little slimy rat cunt pisses on the NHS and rewards the teachers for brainwashing our kids into the indolent needy shits they now are and spending nearly six Months on holiday.
      And to add insult to injury Gunga fucking dim is pandering to the baying mob by “actively” considering removing all the historical figures from our currency and replacing the with Guy Gibsons dogs and t*rrorists – did a nom on it, hope it gets through.
      His Dad did sterling work on “It ain’t half hot Mum though”!

      • Morning Foxy
        Yes, there’ll be Gandhi, Sadiq Khan, Imran Khan, and Ravi Shankar on future ten pound notes.
        Sunak is a cunt.

      • Morning Capt, from the report it’s (yawn) more likely to be wimminz & black t*rrorists on our banknotes soon. Cultural and historical genocide.

      • Diane Abbott is in the running for the new ‘Twelvty’ pound note and Lenny Henry on the Zimbabwean $5,000,000,000 note (toilet paper the next week)

    • My mum was badly let down by @our” nhs. I suspect she may have had better treatment had we lived in another country. I’ll never know – but I’m not clapping the cunts and they are not a sacred cow. Does anyone think British Leyland were good at providing cars for the UK? So why do we think the same about healthcare and the nhs?

      • Too right missed my cancer with 2 years of misdiagnosis certainly get nothing of me….apart from a claim

  8. At least let them park at work for free, it’s bad enough charging patients and visitors stupid money to park but ridiculous charging the workforce.
    What the fuck are the point of the Unions, just tell the fucking management/government either free parking or they don’t go to work!

    I am not usually a fan of Unions but for fuck sake, charging workers to park on hospital grounds….. CUNTS!

    • Some aren’t paying for parking. The wife is still getting it free at Derriford hospital Plymouth at the moment. At the moment……..!

  9. No NHS pay rise, Moaning about HS2.
    Is this place turning in to the fucking Labour Party?

    • To be fair HS2 has and always will be a waste of time and money. Especially when compared to simply reopening Grand Central.

    • no – but maybe it’s waking up to what’s going on in britain! who voted for lockdown? who voted for public services to be abolished? who voted for no nhs except covidhoax virus?
      their motto appears to be kill people to save lives

    • No pay rise for Nutses and porters, but some doctors ste getting pay rises, and everyone else in the public sector who’s far less useful.
      Still, if you want taxpayer’s cash handed to Capita and G4S and wasted on HS2, then who’s the bigger socialist?

  10. I once went down on one knee and proposed to a nurse in a hospital car park.
    She turned me down on medical grounds….

  11. It isn’t always about the money, sometimes it genuinely is about the job satisfaction. And before you think I’m going soft, let me explain.
    Yesterday at work I had to deal with an extremely obnoxious shit-stain of a child who was rude in general but was also spouting a load of anti-white, anti-non-Muslim guff and about what was going to happen to us all when his Sky Fairy came back etc etc. We’ve all had to do the online “spot the vulnerable person in danger of being radicalised” training and got the certificate from the College of Policing to boot so we had no choice but to escalate it, which led to Social Services and Plod being involved, who I believe were due to visit his house in some East London shithole last night.
    A very satisfying day at work I thought and it served the little prick right.
    But a decent payrise would also be nice, ta.

    • I bet the kid gets a pay rise.

      Back to the issue, I don’t want to pay anymore N.I for their pay rise. But by all means take it our of the social welfare budget and give it them…

      Throw your money into the rabbit hole with the NHS, where is it gonna come out?

      Pay rises should be sanctioned by streamlining the management and targeted cost identifiers. When I did my CIPS staining the difference between private and public individuals was night and day…

      Private employees had to learn principles to apply to their job and save money for the company.

      Public employees had to pass the course to go up a band and get a promotion.

    • You should have told Plod that you heard the Cunt ranting about having a gun,Betty…..could have earned him and his family an enlivening tazering at least.

      • Damn. Why didn’t I think of that? I love a comedy tasering, but Plod would’ve probably ending up having to apologise and take the knee.

      • I’m surprised it wasn’t picked up on at his school, but seeing as he lived in East London, his views were possibly quite in tune with those of his teachers….

  12. Yep, thanks for the clapping, you cunt. That paid my mortgage and put fuel in my fifteen year old car. Job satisfaction, as pointed out above, is one thing, but, to see civil fucking servants get a fucking payrise???? I’d love to have been wired up to a monitor when I read that. This government? An inept, corrupt shower of shite.

    • Get them in the back of the ambulance for a working over DCI – we will collectively deny seeing a thing!
      Fuming – people who save lives get nothing, commies on holiday get a pay rise.
      Fuck Sunak the snake.

    • Don’t forget the ten grand that M.P.s awarded themselves to pay for extra costs involved in working from home during the crisis,D.C.I…..I bet that just made your day.

      • I almost had an ICH when I read that as my BP went through the fucking roof. I’d have kicked the cunt off the stretcher if I’d have been at work as I’d have needed it more than them.

        Fucking right, Vern. Put the defib in manual mode and shock the cunt INTO cardiac arrest.

      • Ten grand for new shiny things as the self employed go to the wall – I just cannot believe the audacity of Politicians – and Matt Hand Cock whining that footballers should take a pay cut whilst simultaneously refusing to take one himself and then stealing 10K.
        I would be happiest with my fingers dug into his larynx as his knees buckled and his eyes rolled upwards.

    • That’s why I didnt clap, DCI.
      What good does it do NHS workers if you then undermine the morale of them by leaving them out of a spending spree for the public sector? It’s an act of stabbing people in the back. The northerners who voted for Boris should be wary.
      Many of those who did clap are themselves, effectively, politicians, desperate to show what nice people they are.
      When it comes down to it these people wont lift a fucking finger to help anyone who can’t help them in some way. They’d step over an old woman who’d fallen over in the street, or let a door swing closed on a wheelchair user. The problem is it doesnt cost people anything to stand outside the front door and clap. In reality it was always self-applause.
      Plus, given they way it was promoted, it feels a bit North Korean.

  13. Give it a day or a week or so and Rishi will concede to public pressure and award a gazillion pounds in NHS pay rises.

    The Conservatives are finished. Sick of the money squandering, ridiculous laws, escorted inflatables, Coronavirus bs, enforced nappy wearing and the prospect of an enforced vaccine. Anyone would think we are dealing with truly dangerous Ebola or MERS but no, we are dealing with a virus that kills a miniscule amount of people who would die anyway and most people don’t even have symptoms. Sick of it.

    • When will somebody have the balls to say this. The risk of dying is fucking minimal, I will gladly take my chances.

      • I’m tempted to start a petition but the thought of having my bank account cancelled/funds blocked and becoming an enemy of the state is frightening.

        Had a fantasy thought of killing myself in front of the House of Commons whilst broadcasting it to the alternative media if and when mandatory vaccine arrives!!!

  14. My dear wife, the good Lady Helpuss, is a nurse. She hasn’t had a proper raise since 2010, worked throughout covid and like her colleagues feels demoralised. GPs got one OK and they have mostly been hiding behind their screens for 6 months and were already on £100K. Ditto dentists who were not even OPEN during the crisis.

    Clearly and true to type, the bloody tories only value the middle classes and not the people who do the real (risky) work.

    I couldn’t vote for Corbyn and have no faith in Sir Kreme Kracker and his bunch of non entities. How we need a proper opposition but I see none on the horizon.

    I backed Boris on Brexit but he has let us down over this despite being saved by the people he has scorned. Shameful.

  15. My missus had an appointment with a gynaecologist, it was the last appointment of the day, quite late so I tagged along as there’s a nice restaurant around the corner and thought we’d go there when she was done.
    I was sitting in the waiting area, she was in a room just a little way down a corridor. The door had been left slightly open so I could hear the conversation.

    The Doctor said, “What clinic did you go to before you moved to the area..?”

    She said, “I can’t remember what it was called.”

    He said, “Well who was the last gynaecologist you saw..?”

    She said, “I can’t remember that either.”

    He said, “Well can you remember the last time you had a check-up..?”

    She said, “Now that I do know, that would be last summer on my cousin’s hen do in Prague”….

      • Tell your missus that I’m not a gynaecologist but I’ll have a fucking good look at it for her.
        Every Cunto in Westminster is a cunt.

  16. Clowns clowns clowns.Monkeys would perform better.The idiots have taken over the asylum.The Tories are turning into the Liebour Party.We are all screwed

  17. Fuck this weedy carpet riding cunt.
    Middle managers at an NHS Trust?
    A fucking disgrace.

    • A terribly sad and disgraceful story. More will die from cancer and suicide than this fucking cold virus. Call me a cunt but is a ninety eight year old with dementia now more important than a twenty seven year old with a new son and her whole life in front of her???

  18. I refute the term ‘lazy teacher’. They should be defined correctly as ‘very lazy Teachers’. They have all been double busy on Full pay for doing a couple of video lessons a week for three months, they are now on six weeks summer hols and now they have concerns about having to go back to work.

  19. As with all the public sector, middle and upper management soak up the big money. Over staffed and usually pointless, and away from prying eyes, any time cost saving measures or budget restraints are needed, it will always be front line staff that feels the pinch, as they are the visible, tangible element of the service, and their presence or lack of it will be felt by the public, whereas some chancer on 90 grand a year for shining an office chair with his pointless arse would never be missed, meaning the predominantly left wing run institutions won’t be able to blame the government.
    How the tories missed this open goal to achieve a bit of popularity by rewarding front line staff with a pay rise, or even a bonus is beyond me. Perhaps they plan to do a u turn to make them look accountable to the people, like they did with the free school meals for feckless cunts the other day. Now that is a colossal waste of cash.

  20. As a local government officer I’ve still been working my tits off since Lock down started. No furlough holiday for me. To be honest, this will redress the balance since teachers and NHS workers have about three more rises than I’ve had over the last couple of years.

    • ‘To be honest, this will redress the balance since teachers and NHS workers have about three more rises than I’ve had over the last couple of years.’

      That’s the sort of race to the bottom attitude that I fucking well despair over. We’re actually recruiting for emergency ambulance staff if anyone fancies a crack.

  21. It should come as no surprise that politicians are acting like cunts. We all know on this noble site that they are cunts. When the cunts have a reshuffle whoever gets the health position regards it as a poisoned chalice. The NHS is the largest employer in the country so it would be a lot of money to shell out. Don’t forget cunters there is only so much, we have to fund the poor of every nation plus the heroic new rail line so people can get out of the shithole called Birmingham to the other shithole called London faster.

    • Should make HS2 go east-west. Poor fuckers up there need a decent rail line.

    • France has the best healthcare system in the World – despite massive demand from sprained ankles whilst running away!
      Go to France, see how they do it – and do the same.

      • You won’t get an ambulance in France for some of the utter shite that cunts call us for. I don’t know who I despair over, more, the utter motherfuckers that are calling 999 for a stubbed toe or our risk-averse culture that sends us ‘Just in case’.

  22. Tory’s buying off the lefty teachers-well what a suprise😂.

    Hundreds of thousands-no, not cake decorations-the number of small business buried by lockdown, anybody whinging about no pay rise want to have a fucking word with themselves.

  23. During Lock down, most Hospital Wards were empty, and the staff underemployed. Waiting list ops and Outpatient appointments cancelled.
    The ITCU and Critical Care Centres were the only ones working , and could have been better resourced if managed better. Pay rise? Politicians and Teachers must come first.

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