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I’m a famous actress you know

A Jumping On The Bandwagon cunting for the lovely, virtue-signalling Meghan, Scourge of Sussex, who has selflessly stepped back from obscurity to inform the world of her support for BLM and Choking George. It’s been ‘devastating’ for her apparently and she remembers the LA riots as a child, something of which I have no doubt, because she ain’t exactly royal stock – a classic biatch from South Central if ever I saw one. The sooner Phil The Greek hires her a driver, the better.

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65 thoughts on “Meghan Markle (6)

  1. I bet she remembers the LA riots well, a shopping trolley full of VCR’s and a half a dozen pairs of Air Jordan sneakers. As she is mixed race does she self-flagellate in the morning and protest in the afternoon or more likely, ignore her white heritage completely?

    • Can a tunnel and a Fiat Uno be waaaaaycist ? Lethal, even ?
      I DO hope so.
      Get on the job, Phil !

  2. One of the world’s most irrelevant individuals. A narcissistic, shallow freeloader.

    Afternoon all.

    • Afternoon, what a wonderful and accurate description of this awful, grifter cunt.

  3. This cunt makes me laugh, being not even black but has a perfect all over tan 100% of the time, the way she has dumped the white half of her family so she can cling onto the race card with all her money grabbing strength is totally laughable, anything for a bit of publicity,i bet she was on the phone to her agent to set up a press conference 30 seconds after she finished flicking her button.
    Always the poor victim, even after the mess she caused here in the UK it was alll our fault and nothing to do with her being a cunt, so Megain keep balancing that massive chip on your shoulder and keep playing the victim you dispicable cunt….

    • That photo above, shes the spit of my mates missus.
      Bet she stops Harold going out on the piss too!
      Everyone blames her for changing him into a little poof,but thats down to him,Hewitt jr has got a mind of his own but its woke!
      Been better all round if hed been in the car with his mum an Dodi.

      • He is probably frightend of the old cunt. He needs to find his inner Henry Vlll and slap her down before having her head removed.

        She really is a self-obsessed cunt. She would have been ideal for a soap opera such as Hollyoaks.

  4. I feel her pain. Every time a convicted armed robber and thug passes, a star goes out in heaven.

  5. Another liberal yank fawning over the rioting boonage and cuntifa. Get back to noshing on that ex-royal ginger dick.

  6. For some reason I imagine her shagging Harry up the arse with a big black strap on shouting “Black Wives Matter”

  7. The more I see of this avaricious, fake woke tart the sorrier I feel for the boy Hewitt. After all, it’s not his fault he was born into enormous privilege and is a target for every money grabbing slag on the planet. With this one though, it’s not just the money, she wants to emasculate the cunt and turn him into some woke Hollywood sleb prick. He wasn’t born for that role and it will be the ruin of him. Poor cunt.

    • He had the best education our money could buy but couldn’t spot a money-grabbing, attention-hungry slapper even when she was dangling off his cock?

      • Well I’d like to suck her nipples, get my head between her legs and bring her to an uncontrollable orgasm as I spell out the letters of the alphabet on her clitoris with my tongue. And if she’d had a bath and an enema, I’d do a B&W on her too.

      • Gene cunt, have you got any IV antibiotics handy? Allan might need a few bags afterwards.

    • I think everyone can be sure that by now Harry will be asking himself “What on earth have I done?” He will be living to her agenda not his/hers I reckon. She’s on her home turf now and let’s face it she couldn’t wait to get back there could she? She’s hooked her Royal Prince and now it’s back to business as usual but with added status or so she thinks. Harry won’t be interested in fighting Justice for a
      common black loser with a criminal record that happened to have the misfortune of getting caught by the rozzas with fatal consequences. This is her shit and there’s a lot more of it. I would wager that Harry would feel more at home in Helmand playing soldiers with squaddies covering his back than being there.

      Some might say that Harry is getting what he deserved, but I think he’s simply been naive and silly marrying this choc ice. He’s allowed the memory of his mother’s death and the fact that she was almost canonised due to her championing certain causes to colour his choices and judgement. Unfortunately for him, he appears to have become a cuck in the process.

      Meghan is getting her hands too dirty for a princess and she doesn’t give a fuck. She’s IN L A. MAN! This is not Diana Spencer mk2, concerned with animal welfare, land mine clearance and The British Red Cross, this woman writes about menstruation, gender equality issues and gets stuck into the divisive issue of racism. Stuff that basically really pisses people off. There’s no doubt old twiglets has been a crafty bitch in ditching her job as a civil servant in a tiara and really who can blame her if she could get away with it. The Royal machine should’ve prevented what is now going to become another big embarrassment. What with Handy Andy and these two probably on a collision course, 2020 is set to be another Anus Horribilus (Oh bum, did I mis-spell that? 😂)

  8. The life of David Dorn was far more valuable, worthwhile and mattered much more than that of George Floyd. Why dont you talk about that fucko. How about asking for a square in Washington to be named after him. What a race baiting cunt.

    • Saw footage yesterday of the protests and someone had a portrait of George Floyd and theyd drawn angel wings and a halo on him ☺
      But he looked just like those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.
      I laighed aloud and threw a salted peanut at the telly.

      • “ But he looked just like those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.
        I laighed aloud and threw a salted peanut at the telly.”

        Fuck me sideways with a wire brush that me laugh so much I think a bit of wee came out

    • Sadly there isn’t any mileage in David Dorn, the only life that matters and indeed every mattered is George Floyd, no point in miss sparkle taking about him, not enough likes on he Twatter/Instacunt accounts.

  9. Look at things from her point of view. She has got herself into a position where she has to generate vast amounts of money just to pay for security. L.A. isn’t the safest place on Earth and gorillas don’t come cheap. As time goes by I am sure that what seemed like a good idea a year or so ago will gradually reveal itself to be a huge mistake. In the meantime it will be a case of having to jump on every passing bandwagon to make ends meet.

    • She must have forgotten to complain about the riots, the grooming scandals in Great Britain, the memory of the decapitation of Lee Rigby, etc

  10. Get twerking , sparkles. The money will dry up as soon as HM passes her crown over Chucky’s head and straight to Wills, who fucking hates your guts.

  11. I like her.

    She has exposed the ginger Cunt that she snared for the fraud that he is. The “People’s Prince” who cheated his way through school.made thorough use of his unearned privilege through his Army career and used his position to live an indolent existence.

    She has done nothing wrong as far as I’m concerned….she saw The Main Chance and took it. She never pretended to be anything that she wasn’t…..a “woke”.d-list American actress looking for the big prize…and she cleverly landed the jackpot. If the royal family,their advisers and Prince Brainless couldn’t see what was thundering down the tracks toward them…well.they deserve everything that they get.

    If she has hastened the end of the whole inbred,grasping,thick pantomime which is the royal family she will forever be a heroine in my eyes.

    PS….I don’t detest all of the royal family….I’d ride that Lady Amelia Windsor until sparks were flying out of her arse and my knob was worn down to a 12 inch nub.

    • By approving Hewitt’s marriage the old trout and Big Ears thought they’d pulled a master stroke, earning brownie points from the media and the sheeple for being modern and keeping up with the times by embracing diversity… “see how virtuous we the Royal Family are, and how not racist we are!”

      Yeah, they chose a foreign tart who looks 2% black and 98% white, and identifies 100% as black. They’re reaping what they’ve sown, so fuck them.

      PS: I don’t detest all the Royal Family either, I’d fuck Kate 24/7 no holes barred anytime.

      • I suppose they could of married the half blood prince off to some bird from papau new Guinea with a bone through her nose and filed teeth, but this is the British Isles Ruff, not fuckin Kong island!!

      • The point is Miserable, they wanted to have their cake and eat it, giving the appearance of embracing diversity, but only technically. Markle was able to get away with being classified as black, while in reality she is obviously white.

        The last thing they wanted was a genuine black joining the Royal Family contaminating the blood line.

      • Too right, Ruff tuff.

        Inject some decent genetic material into the family.

        Too bad poor William couldnt do that to her.

        He wasn’t a bad-looking lad in his teens, but now the Windsor genes have expressed themselves and he looks like his own uncle.

    • Lady Kitty Spencer, Dick.

      I would use that as a three holed activity centre until it was only fit for the skip.

  12. Thing is with Meghan, she’s only black part time, most days she’s not black at all.

    Fuck off Meghan, you wanted to be a white princess and you fucked it up

  13. I for one would definitely shag her and, after a long deliberation with my missus I am coming out as BAME. That’s right I’m trans race, identifying as a half chot. Shade binary if you will. So you cunts just get off me and Megan’s back so we can breed in peaceful! CUNTS!

    • Don’t think Meghan’s ever dated anyone non white Daz, she may be mixed race but her pussy is like the KKK

    • Welcome to the black community Daz, I seem to recall you live aaaaht in Herefordshire? Perhaps we could set up a county lines ooeration? Got make some money in these hard times old chap.

      • In that part of the world Daz will be too busy with cider and incest to get involved with your dodgy doings.

    • It used to an offence, we’ll still is until the soft arse councils started give ‘free areas’ for Graffiti Artists or cunts as I like to call them.

    • It will be interesting to see if anyone starts to push the boundaries on this. How about a mural proclaiming ‘White Lives Matter’ on the other side of the underpass.
      Surely on one who believes BLM could object. Then we could have a mural ‘ Only Blacks Should Knife Blacks’.
      This could throw up some interesting situations and the gormless, indoctrinated,unintelligent cunts will be unable to think things through.
      I am looking forward to see how it develops.

  14. No mark half chat hopefully soon to be forgotten cunt living her life on our hard earned fuck your support for black life platters (available at all good chickun takeaways) just another opportunity to up your media profile fuck off

  15. I watched the Meg message, ‘the only thing worse than saying something is saying nothing’ , sorry bitch for you the opposite is true.

    I though she looked a little pale, must be in the genes.

    • Did she use the phrase “systemic racism?” I’ve noticed that’s the latest buzz word among the woke. Watch out for it. Along with carefully using the word “protestors” rather than “rioters”.
      They think we’re fucking dumb. That’s why we keep voting the wrong way.

  16. White when she wants to be, and Black ever so occassionally. A totally fake individual with the intellect and appeal of a dehydrated pissflap.

  17. As a Black and White cunt in the limelight she had to come aaaaht and talk about the cuntish murder of George Floyd.
    It seems Meghan is damnned if she does and damned if she doesn’t…give her a break.
    They have fucked off now and although they will still cost us money it’ll be nowhere near the amount the rest of the cunts cost us.
    Altogether now…God save our gracious…go fuck yourselves.

    • Without having it rammed down my fucking throat, I would neither know nor care what her ancestry was.

  18. Ah, Meghan Markle Free At Last Fucking Ono Lawdy Mama of Sussex.

    About as much use as a chocolate duchess, which is what she fucking is.

  19. I was going to cunt this monumental cunt myself, but was too fucking furious about her deluded self-promotional bandwagoneering. Who the fuck does she think she is and why the fuck dies she think we should give a fuck about her or her wretched whining.
    What a massive cunt she is.
    Married the apparently 6th in line to the British throne, despite his (in all likelihood) not even being related to the royal family. Fucks off to Canada to get away from the media attention; and then plasters this tripe over the airwaves.

  20. She’s so proud of her black heritage that she has a nose job to make her nose smaller (nostrils still like bin lids though) and straightens her black frizzy hair. Wonder if all those selfish woke twats protesting think black lives matter when one of them shoves a shooter or knife in their fizz hog. People getting warnings off the coppers for being in their own gardens but nothing is done against the wankers spreading the lurgy via utter cuntishness. Just a thought but do you think the coppers would act on an EDL white lives matter march???

    • Loving the rhetorical question, Bob. They’d act all right! And charge all present with waycist offenses and breaking lockdown rules. NI seems to have a better response btw. Some of today’s rallies have been cancelled by request of the police and Foster has personally weighed in to point out that Covid isn’t too worried about the justice of your cause.

  21. So tired of this, enjoyed the break from Kung flu for a bit but this shits me unto tears more so. Now the natives are arcing up again, yawn.
    #BLM , bogans love malt(whisky)!

  22. Oh, but I definitely would. Di at her peak (Lady Di days) was average compared to her.

    I couldn’t give a toss what she says to be honest. She’s hot so she gets a free pass from me.

    Them’s the rules.

    Fuck off.

  23. Sorry fellow cunters, she is pan-sexual.
    At least she would be after I’d smashed one into her flange.
    Harry would thank me eventually, as he could hang out of the back of some hooray-Henrietta instead. Probably.

  24. I think she has come out of the dark more on Black Cocks Matter. No Doubt Hewitt has not been able to deliver to what she would be used to in the past as she really needs to get the webs blown out of the moneymaker.

  25. Wish she and fuckwit would shut the fuck up and piss off into obscurity. There’s more intelligent shit expelled from my arsehole than what comes out of this slags gob.

  26. Little Miss Bounty (Dark in the outside but white inside) is textbook Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Right from the start she has displayed behavior that brings everything back to her. Doesn’t wear hosiery while being seen in public with HM, which takes the spotlight from the Monarch, and puts it in her. Serial bride, keeps wanting the attention that goes with a woman’s big day. All eyes are in her. Constantly clutching her baby bump to show the world that she is carrying a baby, then when it’s born hides it away so that the camera stays on her. Despite constantly demanding privacy, she always knows where the camera is. So-called ‘friends’ releasing ‘secret’ charity works. Every little thing she does is designed and engineered to get her face in the paper. The way she treats that dribbling ‘Walt’ that she married is more evidence of narcissism. Drives wedges between every family member or friend. Probably tells him that he doesn’t need them, as she will take care of him. One of these days old Ginge Hewitt is going to be photographed with one of his old flames. You just watch the firework show when that happens. That could well be the catalyst in her absolutely loosing her slender grip on reality! She definitely needs help, that’s for sure!

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