Effnik moaners

Ethnic moaners.

Those of you who know me on this site know that I am a proud Brit, even though my suntan is a damn sight better than most of yours.

LBC (Ferrari – yes, O’Brien – no) has just had some gig economy worker (i.e. cab driver) on moaning and bitching. Now with the economy as it is, I can understand the moaning and bitching. What I can’t stand is the inability to speak English properly. My parents are (or were, in the case of my old dear) Indian but insisted on speaking English properly when here. Hence, my ability to use the word hence. This cunt was like every mini-cab driver I’ve ever used in the smoke, and most of the ones I use here in Leicester, now that I have moved (Moggie, I hear you).

The atrocious English made my ears bleed. ‘I here long time. I no know where I get money from from. My job, I not know.’

Fuck off you cunts. Most of these fuckers have been here for over two decades. That was long enough for my old dear to learn the lingo. Why can’t you, you cunts?

Obviously, I’ve been on the sauce, but cunts are cunts and deserve a cunting.

The cunts.

Nominated by Dark key cunt

41 thoughts on “Effnik moaners

  1. In this muddled world where ‘Cultural appropriation’ is now another stick to beat whitey with it would further confuse the Wokeletons if Ahmed Snackbar, (piss be on his flaps) did converse in the queens own rather than some jibber jabber hysteria.
    Ergo, he’s not obliged to be coherent, it’s an effnic thing.
    Sup well Dark Key.

  2. It is a clear representation of intent:
    I come to you cuntry, I use edicate for many children’s, I use many medicines, I want take evy-fing I can…
    But me refuse be Briten.
    B’liars failed social experiment paying dividends.

  3. I’ve worked with many Indians over the years and have always found them hard working and industrious. They also integrate and contribute to society. Yet their neighbours the ‘peacefuls’ hate our society and culture and want to change it to suit them.

    I’ve no time for people who move to another country and contribute fuck all, with no intention of assimilating.
    Works both ways of course, Brits who fuck off to Spain are just as bad. You are correct in your cunting. Learn the fucking language and get rid of the desert clothes or better than that…fuck off.

    • I came across a video on Youtube of Scottish Orange lodge marchers on July the 12th in Benidorm. What the fuck is that all about?

      • I hate using text talk, but lol.
        I really did laugh out loud at that!😆

  4. Effenick’s continually deride this nation,. inflict their culture and religion, and flaunt their arrogance under the protection of drakonian laws. Continually complaining, and degrading all areas of their occupation , are turning the UK into a mirror image of the shithole from which they crawled.

    I am of that group who does not wish them well, and would be most pleased if they fucked off back home and stayed there.

  5. I suppose the reason that some don’t bother to learn the language is because they don’t have to…translators will be provided at taxpayers expense.

    How the Fuck the likes of Doctors manage to deal with some entitled jibber-jabbering, entitled Cunt without just telling them to Fuck Off is beyond me…mind, if I was a Quack I wouldn’t limit myself to The Coloureds… I’d also be telling our home-grown scum to get a job,get sterilised and get fucked before I kicked their sponging arses out the door.

    • ‘If I in Romania, ambulance take me to hospital’

      Me, into Google Translate:

      9’You’re not in Romania, now. Take that taxi parked on your drive. Goodbye’.


  6. If these boils on the UK arse want benefits, they should be made to write down why they deserve them, in plain English, and in front of an adjudicator, without an interpreter present.
    Demonstration of a complete disregard for our language, or way of life, earns a free ticket back to where they came from, or to a place of our choosing.

    To save time and trouble, if I am an adjudicator, you’re getting fuck all, pack your bags.

    • Perfect.
      Any that miraculously pass your test can get in the oven.
      Better safe than sorry.

  7. I worked with a Pakistani chap who had come here in the 70s. You couldn’t have found a more classy, respectable English gentleman if you had tried. He still loved his homeland, but loved this country too. Was respectful of our customs and did his best to fit in. He learnt his English in Pakistan before coming here. I have a profound respect for this type of immigrant. However, the grabbing, thieving cunts who rock up and take the piss out of our country can fuck right off.

    • I have a Muslim crewmate who’s the same. Salt of the earth, great paramedic who’ll move heaven and earth to save your lived one. He despairs at these whining cunts who have no intention of fitting in.

    • That’s the crux isn’t it? When it was thousands, assimilation happens. When it is millions, conflict.
      Dark Key-top cunting and kudos 👏.

  8. Well cunted Dark key cunt,
    It pisses me off people not speaking English… a truly great language with proper swear words.
    The eastern europeans and somali’s are cunts as well who generally dont seem to want to learn English…rat cunts.

    • I think the worst offenders for not speaking proper English, like what how the Queen does, are the English grey trackie, hoodie wearing little shitbag chavs that excel at being proper little thick cunts on purpose. “Innit bruv” you little pile of shit! it is “isn’t it brother” Cunts!

  9. I’ve often noticed how the English of some of them miraculously improves when they make either a complaint or a demand.
    Funny that.

    • Too right.
      “I doktor in Bucharest* top job, me money lots. House big, you give. Rapid give. Respec me mucho. Important I.”

      Here’s your free house and benefits.

      “What do call this miserable amount? This is an outrage. I was a top surgeon and demand a six-figure salary. Quick sharp, DSS. Back in Bucharest I’d have you killed.”

      *Nigeria/ Ukraine/ Poland/ Slovakia/Hungary/Somalia/ etc

      • Sir, I’m afraid you’re under arrest for burglary, fraud, and drug-dealing. Anything you say…

        “Me no comprendé, no eenglish, no understand, you racist, me poor from Romania come.”

      • I pay six fousand dorrars for leserved prace in back o’ Vietnamese rorry an’ now I gotta pay fo’ Eengrish ranguage resson?


  10. The biggest stumbling block to resolving the problem is the Human Rights Act 1998 and amendments since. Any suggestion by any one in authority that one group of people has to do something that the rest do not, bang technically you fall foul of the fucking hra. Every aspect of our lives is covered by this insidious poisonous act. Right to family life, stay in country no matter what shit you,ve been involved in. Habitual criminal just out of nick for umpteen time fuck, you got some illness And therefore cannot be deported back to your original country cos you may not have access to the right meds. I remember emailing the Labour Party and begging them not to go with the hra. Problem was Cherie had just started a new chambers with some other parasites (matrix) which guess what specialised in unman rights innit. So old tony did fucking right well out of bringing in that act cos Cherie made a mint basically suing her old mans government. Here is a thought experiment that I play when someone in the government makes a statement to show us they have a pair. I run through the unman rights act and see if any part of the new tough stance falls foul of any article, clause etc. The truth is every statement could be challenged under the act. Remember too that members of the judiciary will allow the flimsiest connection to grant in favour of the appellant. Get rid of the hra life will be a lot easier, we did OK without this stop anything that might upset the pc erosion of what’s left of our society

  11. Now I was an ethnic minority, this was my experience.
    1, Translators do not necessarily translate, some times they voice their opinion.
    2, The lack of ability to communicate, seriously reduced my social and intellectual circle.
    So I learnt very quickly, even to the point that I banned English whilst working with the locals, I found that speaking in a language that the others did not understand propagated at atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion, My boss was flabbergasted when I blew up on one of the blokes shouting at him that “This is Croatia and we speak Croatian here!” (He never spoke English when there was a local about again).
    As for special treatment, well quite the opposite, I got fuck all, Enshrined in law was the law of defenders that stated that any non conscript that fought for over 3 months at the start of the war (91/92) would be granted land and property and a pension.
    At no point in the law does it state that you must be a Croatian national, did I get it? did I fuck only 3 of us did!
    That’s my ethnic moan.

  12. You can bet your arse that when something is being given away gratis, apply in writing, their grasp of the Queens will miraculously improve.
    When you have completely fucking disgraceful political parties that put identity politics and virtue signaling at the top of their manifesto and continually show complete disdain and disrespect to the indigenous populous, what other net result would you reasonably expect?
    The latest bat-shit crazy protests and the response from the politicos confirm this.
    It is now a perceived anathema to display any form of patriotism in this cunt-tree: unless it’s celebrating the royal family becoming more cosmopolitan😉.
    Remember: diversity is our strength.

  13. If I went to live in another country id make a effort to learn the lingo, customs, work with the locals, fit in.
    A lot of the original immigrants to the UK did the same.
    To go to a country and demand stuff, kick off and generally be a fuckin nuisance shows the lack of respect they have for us as a people and a country.
    Strenth gets respect.
    Weakness gets the piss taken.
    Its a simple lesson.
    I learnt it when very young and im borderline simple.
    How come politicians who’ve had the best education money can buy cant grasp this basic lesson?

    • Because they will take any fucking vote they can.

      The biggest problem we, as a nation face, is T.F.A.

    • Best education? I suspect there are a number of MP’s who need an instruction manual to wipe their arse.

  14. Well cunted, Dark Key. I have seen various facets of the immigrant spectrum. Assimilation is not about losing one’s culture or birth heritage. Far from it. I think it is about living in one’s present day or moment. One way or another we’re all dreamers. What bloke doesn’t fondly recall his glory days of being a handy sportsman and/or baring up half-a-dozen times a day with subsequent potential birds to pull, or being good on the tooth and not becoming instantly obese. And I’m reasonably certain that most sheila’s love to remember the time when their tits didn’t droop like a cocker spaniels ears and and their arse that didn’t show the relentless pull of gravity. But most people wandering over this ball of mud aren’t constantly kidding themselves how much better their particular options on reality are. I mean it is what it is, idn’t? I lived in England for 2.5 years and although I was surrounded by my fellow Anglos – especially compared to Sydney, Australia – I knew it was very important that I get along and fit in with local standards, customs, way of living and doing things. I was made to feel very welcome by very hospitable people. And I always acted like a decent guest. By not being an arsehole! Long ago just after I left school and was waiting my apprenticeship to commence I worked for the State Government digging ditches to put the sewerage on. Most of the Italians, Greeks, Yugoslavs (yes, even those mad bastards) were patriotic Australians, but they maintained a great love for their former homeland. Who can blame them. It’s the whinging bastards I find annoying. Especially those making highly fictitious comparisons between Australia and their place of birth which always rubbish Oz and favours the shithole. Bloody Nora! Why would anybody stay (anywhere) if they are so miserable?

  15. I ordered a taxi a few months ago, a very rare occurrence, as our kitty needed some treatment. Now, I’m aware that a lot of taxis in the Midlands are registered in Wolverhampton because even a fucking corpse can get licensed there. Of course this bloke turns up, only knows where he needs to go because of satnav, has no idea which is the best way to go, speaks the barest minimum pidgin English which I don’t understand, and doesn’t understand enough proper English to take directions. It took 40 minutes for a journey I could have made in about 10 then wanted £20. I told him the price I was given was £10 and that’s what he was getting. Uppity cunt started shouting and swearing. Unfortunately for him I am Eastern European descent, understood almost everything he said, called him a thieving cunt in my own language and told him I’d report him for that. Oddly, I got a different, and English, driver on the return journey. Victories are few and far between but are to be savoured all the more for that.

  16. Having been born in highfields and raised in the belgrave rd area, I can probably speak better urdu than these cunts can speak English

  17. The wests economy isnt based on racism and slavery. Its based on the one thing that slavery, that has been a part of every human society, could not provide. Non human slaves.. the industrial revolution that freed billions. Heres an idea British farmers……Keep up and invest some of your billions.Cunts

  18. Multinationalism is fine, it’s multiculturalism I have a big problem with.

    My missus used to work with a guy from Iraq in London. Top bloke. He’s from Iraq, yes. But he’s not a Muslim, not remotely religious, just a decent guy who now has a growing business in London, a welcome addition to the country. He wanted to get away from the shitty peacefuls, the very ones that are welcomed here with opened arms by the Labour cunts and the middle class wankers.

  19. We cant forget these effnics have a vested interest in reversing Brexit and thats so they can get all their friends and relatives set up here as well, Jim Davidson has the right idea, move to Dubai and be a minority there before he finds himself in the minority here, the only difference is i bet the Arabs dont have a system the millions of freeloaders can leech from the rest of their fucking lives while us mugs pay for it all our lives.
    Thats why we voted for Brexit to try and slow down or even stop the flow, except now we are about to have 3 million rinky dinks turn up here, little do they know how the average brit feels about rinky dinks since they inflicted Covid on us, they are going to be popular cunts …..not

  20. Here’s an idea, how about all UK citizens who are fed up with being blamed for everything by the effnic agitators and honky pork head guilt tripper snowflakes,exchange homes and nations with South Africans of the same feeling. That way, the incoming hordes can help themselves to a functional infrastructure and crack on with it and those of us who identify (trigger word alert) as proud, unapologetic British will rebuild the ruins of the colony.
    Then fast forward twenty years and see what’s changed. Anybody?
    I’m fucked off with our achievements being brushed aside by the gimmigrants and indigenous 5th columnists, let them keep this place and we’ll start a new life in your ex-shithole.
    But you won’t like that will you and in 20 years time it’ll be gimme dat reparations all over again.
    Less oven, more napalm.

  21. People rioting for a criminal theyve never met, against a police force that had nothing to do with his death, exposing themselves to a virus that mocks their idea that Black Lives Matter.

    I call it Darwinism.

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