Dead Pool (166)

Congratulations to Chas C Music who gets a second hit in a week with the forces sweetheart Vera Lynn who has sadly passed away at the grand old age of 103.

On to Deadpool 166.

Reminder of the rules.

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next.It is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s nominations from a previous pool (Like Black and White cunt frequently does).

2)Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt who will be ignored.

3)Nominations must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

My picks (Shaun)

Derek Draper
Leon Spinks
Stuart Wheeler
George Alagiah
Frankie Banali

85 thoughts on “Dead Pool (166)

    • Kirk Douglas has already fallen off his perch Chas C.
      I’ll have
      Roger Daltrey
      Brian May
      John Motson
      Jon Snow
      Kenny Sansom

  1. Raul Castro
    Anne Buydens
    Eillen Ash
    Beverly Cleary
    Bernie Madoff

    Nice work Chas C.

  2. Stanley Baxter
    Bill Ward
    John Astin
    Luke Rhinehart
    Dickie Davies

    Bang on Chas.
    Good innings Vera, nice one đź‘Ť

  3. George Lucas
    Pope Francis
    Loretta Lynn
    Alex Trebek
    Sheldon Adeleson

    Well its actually happened Vera finally died shes been a popular nom since the pool started I dunno how many years ago Nicely done Chas cuntgrats

  4. Camilla Parkyer-Bowels
    Jilly Cooper
    Joannaaah Plastic-Bumley
    Ton Koopman
    Daniel Barenboim

  5. I dare say all the woke BAME Antifa BBC Grauniad and BLM cunts will relish in the news of Dame Vera’s passing. They will squawk ‘But… But… She sang about white cliffs! She glorified the British Empire!’

    Well, they can all fuck off!

    Tommy Docherty
    Frank O Farrell
    Henry Woolf
    Patsy King
    Norman ‘Groupie’ Pilcher

  6. Q. Why does Vera Lynn not eat Japanese food ?

    A. She can’t stomach whale meat again

    I’ll get my coat…..

  7. Arthur Scargill
    Buster Bloodvessel
    Helios Creed
    Imelda Marcos
    Renate Knaup-Kroetenschwanz

  8. Eddie Richardson
    Freddie Foreman
    Sammy The Bull Gravano
    John Gotti Junior
    Ralph Natale (former Boss of the Philadelphia Mob).

  9. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
    Desmond Morris
    Trevor Peacock
    Pierre Cardin
    Cleo Lane

  10. Josef fritzl
    Madeleine albright
    Larry king
    Dianna Ross
    Bill treacher (Arthur Fowler)

  11. Giovanna Ralli
    Leslie Laing
    Roger Whittaker
    Tommy Steele
    George Rhoden

    Good Shot,Chas C.

      • I have some bad news for you, Sir Limply.
        Dioclese claimed Kilmer at 10.41 (Lord of the Rings also take note).
        Rubbing salt in your wounds is Pedantic Cunt who nabbed OdH at 11.11.

      • Sorry, Andyboy seems to have OdH at 10.21. Dioclese also needs to review his choices.

      • Bastard fuck and three Hail Mary’s.
        Barbara Windsor
        Dec Clusky (The Bachelors)

      • You should have put an Our Father or two in there as well, Sir Limply. Dai O’Rhea has Babs at 10.28.

  12. Glynis John
    Leslie Phillips
    Sonny Barger (Hells Angel geezer)
    Mike Harding
    Patricia Routledge.

  13. Hold on, when I posted my comment neither June Brown nor Kissinger were taken but after I posted it I noticed they had already been nommed in comments which weren’t there at the time, despite being written earlier. What happened? Did some of the earlier comments end up in the spam filter?

  14. Jesse Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    Latoya Jackson
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Glenda Jackson

    Fuck me, have a few days away and two die.

  15. Neil Ruddock
    Steve Jones (sex pistol)
    Julie Kavner
    Keith Richards
    Peter Kay

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