Steve Rotheram

Mayor to you son

Let’s give a good ISAC welcome please to former Labour MP – another of those with a Fancy Nancy speaking voice, who has this morning decided that schools in his fiefdom ought not to be re-opened due to Covid 19. Of course all these failed Labour politicians enjoy putting the boot in at any suggestion the government makes, but fair do’s Stephen (who likes to be known as Steve as a contraction of the forename gives the illusion of popularity), has obviously thought long and hard about this – or at least in the 16/17 hours before he made his pronouncement on the BBC – yesterday he was engaged in far more importanrt work:

Why are these vapid cunts paid so much money for doing fuck all? Metropolitan Mayors and PCCs are almost always failed washed up back bench MPs who got kicked out of their constituency, or seeing the writing on the wall, resigned before they were told to fuck off by their constituents.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

25 thoughts on “Steve Rotheram

  1. Ex labour MP= cunt. Left wing loony major = cunt. A useless swivel eyed shit funnel= cunt.

    • The photo above, that steve in 74?
      Hes a fairweather mayor, says what he think people want to hear,
      Hes modeled his mayorship on mayor Larry vaughn in Jaws,only hes saying its not safe to go back in the water.
      Ill prep him Terry if you cook him.

      • Hes a scouse louse is Steve, a ex brickie, so hes probably come up through the trade unions, stole the bubbles from the spirit levels on way up.
        First at the trough,
        Up the revolution!✊

  2. It’s simple. If the government says schools should re-open then that is what they do. If they don’t, then any government funding for the local authority education services stops immediately. No furlough pay for teachers or parents who refuse to send their sprogs back to school, no access to benefits, nothing. To ensure the council tax payers don’t get slugged to cover the cost of councils losing govenment funding bring in a statutory freeze on the amount to pre-covid levels.

    • I cannot see any reason why children are not taught remotely from home.
      Not to worry – decisive hard Man Boris will come out fighting, I’m sure 🤣🤣🤣

    • If the kids are confident enough to queue outside Sports Direct branches far less than 2m apart, they should be confident enough to get back to school.

    • If that happened, how long before the BBC wheeled out a dark key teacher and some ethnic on free school meals to say that the Tories are Nazis?

  3. I hope that’s not a poppy lapel badge he’s wearing. I can’t see it clearly on my phone but I don’t want some commie remoaner bastard pretending to be a patriiot. Fucking fake.

    • It is Freddie, 4 poppies no less!
      He looks a bit of a moody cunt doesnt he?
      Reminds me of that Kenny Noye!

      • It’s a red 96, guessing he jumped on that bandwagon as well, grab a few football votes.

        What a cunt!

      • He has probably seen the pictures of all the B’s crowding together in front of a Nike store waiting for it to open on Monday, social distancing of 2mm.
        The B’s , Nike, Chigun, Drugs, Knives….. that’s it 😁

      • London will be the capital of the Muslim state of Britain.

        Covering one’s face rather comes with the territory.

        This piece of smarmy, treasonous shit is to London what Obummer was to America. Except that Khunt won’t be gone after 8 years, you can guarantee that. Especially once the Trocadero building has been turned into a mega-mosque, which there is an active planning application in for.

    • any bets on black poppies this year? All those dark keys in the trenches.

  4. Get the kids back to school? What’s the fucking point, most of them would be going into jobs that no longer exist and won’t exist again. Sat on their arses at home doing fuck all is the future for many.

    Covid is a hoax pandemic, late 50s Asian flu, global population 3.5 billion, global deaths under 3 million. Work out the percentage of global population and it’s far worse than Covid-19, did the world stop or even really blink?

    The politicians are still playing football with in the face of what’s coming upon us mortals is trivia.

    Currently we are reaping the harvest of uncontrolled mass immigration, mid management of finance policy for the vested interests financing whichever party gets elected. The same cunts that oversaw the dismantling of industry and shipped the jobs that are required to restart an economy to China and the like.

    Arguing about opening schools is the political equivalent of choosing new wallpaper when your house is on fire. Everything wrong in this country right now can be directly traced to Westminster. This petty little cunt doesn’t understand he’s a puppet.

    • If he’s from Kirkby, he’s not a scouse cunt. You have to come from inside the city boundaries to be a scouser. He’s a woolyback.

  5. What about justice for the 39 ? You know ? The 39 killed in the Heysel disaster. Quick to sleep that under the carpet are the scouse twats. Waznuss da’ didda. Must have been some other workshy scouse shit houses

  6. The lack of firm leadership has got us into the situation where a whole host of nobodies are able to make decisions based on political rather than health grounds.

  7. As an ex mp, he will be addicted to the toil free pretty penny he was getting, and knowing that a nobody back bench loser cunt like him will never get anything near the wage he was blagging in the real world, he did what most of those twats do, and found another seat on the public funded gravy train. As for the school closure issue, he probably made his decision by reading social media, all the scummy mummies bleating on fuckbook that they ain’t sending little Logan or Jayden, or baby fucking moonboots to school until a cure for everything is found. And, I bet if you asked those same slags where their kids were at that minute, most of them wouldn’t have a clue.

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