Harjit Singh Bariana

Not white? Not newsworthy

Harjit Singh Bariana is a cunt, isn’t he.

An owner of a chip shop and pizza takeaway in Sunderland has been imprisoned for six modern slavery offences. This swarthy rat “targeted white men who were left homeless due to alcoholism and drug addiction.” His victims were five British men and one Dooshka who were forced to live in “horrendous conditions” and work 13-hour days, including cleaning sewage pipes by hand. When he wasn’t beating them, he plied them with booze and leftovers whilst taking their benefit money.

“No one chains a slave without chaining himself” said the horribly ungrateful Mahatma Gandhi. In a way, the treacherous, little cunt was correct, as Bariana was jailed for eight and a half years, though will probably be out in four.

If it’d been a cracker enslaving darkíes and a Dooshka, MSM would’ve been on this more quickly than the Flabbotadaurus on a Nando’s waste bin, yet it’s been largely ignored. It seems ‘people of colour’ enslaving Whitey just doesn’t exist.


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  1. Gibsmedat reparations innit bruv?

    White Lives Matter.

    Just seen a video of a huge black chap beating the shit out of a little white clothes shop assistant dude in Yankeedoodleland. Poor fucker was on his back begging the guy to stop beating him. Completely unprovoked racist attack.

    Didn’t see it on the BBC or Sky though, for some bizarre reason. They must’ve lost the video file I guess…

  2. It’s always good to see both sides of a coin, impartiality being the cornerstone of news reporting eh?

    Oh, and fuck off BBC

  3. Pretty much the only people not indulging in slavery as a society are white western nations, funny that. We are guilt tripping ourselves over the distant past whilst the rest of the cunts are at it now.

    Keeping slaves obviously isn’t a big deal after all, if you can keep a handful of people as slaves and walk away with 4 years inside.

    Woke cunts.

    1.8 million Muslims in Chinese concentration camps, nothing.

    Massive human rights abuses China, nope not an issue for the woke.

    All your beloved tech made in factories Where conditions are so bad they built suicide nets inside the plants. Still virtue signalling on your apple products ain’t ya.

    Africa, an estimated 7 million black people in indentured bondage right now, where are the protests?

    I could go on but I know you don’t care, all your care about us the current woke cause and how many virtue signalling points you can get on social media. You are pieces of shit.

    Fuck them all, the war on white people is on, created and overseen by whites.

    Over and out

    • I think you should go on and on. There’s a lot of transient traffic through the site.

    • Thats a cracking post Sixdog,well said👍
      Didnt know that about the suicide nets.

    • I had to Google the suicide nets, Jesus wept that’s insane, but not that surprising when you think about it.

    • “1.8 Million muslims in Chinese concentration camps”? It’s nowhere near enough – get those lazy virus spreaders to build some more!
      Not to sound critical but a distinct lack of application from a Nation I formerly considered industrious! 😄

      • Now, now Sixfdog-thattts waycist!!!
        Diversity is our strength, er black lives matter, er, er, take a knee, listen to Marcus, er, er, r r r
        Top post Sixdog

  4. I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable about chip shops.
    There’s always some underage girl taking the orders, and the “cook” is always dressed in jeans and a grubby tshirt, and literally drooling over the girl’s shoulder when she needs help so he can flesh out his fuck fantasy by trying to get a look down her bra.
    In my opinion such places should make more of an effort, i.e wash their fucking hair, wear chef whites and be able to do quick mental arithmetic when it comes to your change.
    Now that I know there is a slave dungeon downstairs populated with dinghy passengers and drug addicts I think I shall steer well clear.
    Anyway, portion sizes have noticably shrunk over the years – I think I can do a better job myself.

    • Hahaha, I seldom have chips, but when I do, I’m always shocked there’s any left judging by the size of the bird who serves at my local.

    • That took me back to my childhood when “Snotty Mary” used to work at my local chippy.
      With one sweep of her forefinger across her nose, she would add significantly to the frying fat on a regular basis.

  5. Sorry to interrupt but Dame Vera Lynn has died at the age of 103. I am certain one or more of you must have had her on your death lists.

    • Bless her. Pity about that racist song, White Cliffs of Dover. Didn’t she realise #BlackCliffsMatter?

  6. Prison then deport him back to his “Black Lives Matter” Homeland 👍👍
    You want curry??👎👎

  7. On the subject of slavery, BBC have reported that a headstone of a slave has been smashed in a Bristol cemetery, what a fucking shame.

    While browsing I found a story that really boiled my piss, the cunts who are restoring the Colston statue are actually preserving the graffiti …. what a bunch of twats, preserving vandalism…. this is how much out country is taking it up the arse!

    Haven’t seen anything about the P Stanley cunt!!

  8. Seen a few cases of slavery in my line of work.

    The first one was a bit of an eye opener. Had to go and check on a boiler that had packed up (needed a reset).
    The boiler was in the back of a service cupboard that a bunch of peacefuls had piled high with suitcases the size of the western hemisphere.
    They screamed at a little Thai maid to remove the suitcases that were obviously bigger and heavier than she was. When I stepped in to help her, I was told not to.
    They were evil cunts that used to rock up in town every six months or so and immediately put out a service call because they couldn’t get the AC to work (it required pushing the button marked ‘ON’).
    Turns out they were not who everyone thought they were and ended up skipping town with thousands in unpaid bills and a string of bailiffs at their door.

    The penthouse In the same building had two little Malaysian maids who were sleeping on a 5′ racking system in the service cupboard. They were shitting themselves because they couldn’t get the AC to work (That magical ‘ON’ button again) and ‘Madam’ would be flying in from Saudi any minute and they were going to take a kicking if the penthouse wasn’t at exactly 22 degrees when she got there.

    The last one was a little Somali girl wearing a handmade ‘Nike’ headbag in Tesco, pushing a trolley loaded to the brim with heavy shit, while two Nigerians barked orders at her to get another trolley.

    Not one of these slave owners was white, or English.

    • Yeah, in a lot of countries they call their slaves ‘maids’ or ‘builders’. Quite a few of the ‘maids’ are raped and beaten and the ‘builders’ end up dead due to cost cutting on any safety whatsoever. Many end up enslaved due to getting their flights and accommodation ‘paid’ up front. They then can’t pay off the ‘loan’ (high interest and ‘fees’ added for anything and everything) and get stuck.

      I wonder if Linekunt and co and indeed, those virtue signalling footballers, will make statements about standing against slavery in Qatar during the next World Cup?

      Or will they shut up about it and just take the money as usual? I wonder if Guardiola will be ashamed about his players taking advantage of slavery in Qatar?

      I hope the PL goes fucking bust by the way.


      • I bet they won’t even have their nice new BLM shirts on, the spineless cunts.
        I suppose that kind of behaviour is what comes of getting down on your fucking knees.

      • There is a video on Reddit of an Ethiopian ‘maid’ falling from a 7th floor window in Kuwait.

        What is notable is the shitcunt bitch filming it doesn’t even try to help her.

        Apparently she was trying to escape.

        The Kuwaiti cuntwhore of an ‘owner’ said she was trying to clean the windows….. From the outside, 7 floors up.

        Where were BLM when this happened?
        I don’t remember the riots or protests surrounding this.

  9. Poor old Vera Lynn take no pleasure in the passing of the forces sweetheart😕
    And Oxford College wants to take down the statue of Cecil Rhodes😕
    When I went to school he was a national hero not something to be ashamed of.
    Then theres him at the top, singing banana or whatever the cunts called, a fuckin chai wallah taking englishmen as slaves?
    Starting to think we are in deep shit….

    • He was a bender, shouldn’t that make him immune to sjw attacks. Could admin please provide a wokeness scale of the righteous so that I might understand whom outranks whom, a sort of the oppressed poker rules.

      • Shackledragger@
        Just been researching Cecil Rhodes, and cant find anything factual about him liking pink or skipping?
        Apparently thats a fairly modern smear brought about in a hatchet job film by….the BBC.

      • Fair enough. I was relying on the miniseries made about him a few years back. The only other thing I recall was he had a servant/slave called Christmas (a present perhaps).

  10. The early 21st century will be remembered as a time when deleting history was more important than making history….

  11. Nope, nothing at all on the Al Ja Beeba’s webpage about this. It clearly doesn’t suit their narrative. If it was some middle class white man enslaving Africans or Asians then it would be headline news for them.


  12. Gay lives matter.
    He seems like a nice chap . Giving the homeless a roof over their heads and feeding them, he’s even supplying the alcohol.
    This chap deserves an OBE.

  13. I see Dominic Rabb has come and said he is not Kneeling for any Cunt” or words to that affect” he said it’s nothing but subjugation. Good for you Dom. Of course the usual lefty cunts are demanding his resignation.

    • Fat Fuck Lammy has already blown a response from his arsehole:

      David Lammy, Labour’s shadow justice secretary, said the comments were “insulting” to the Black Lives Matter movement and “deeply embarrassing for Dominic Raab”.

      Fuck off Lammy, you BLM obsessed, giant unflushable turd in a blue suit.

      • Oh, if only Dominic replied ‘Fuck off’ you racist cunt. You only care if whitey is the bad guy. If black lives matter, why not ask what YOU can do to end the fact there are 7m slaves in the world…and all of them are owned by BAME people, not honkies. Many in Africa. Ask what you can do to stop the fact that 90% of blacks killed by others are killed by another black person. Black lives matter? Prove it you racist cunt!”

        I hope to see Lammy arrested one day for crimes against humanity (whitey in this case).

    • I think he said he would only kneel for the queen and his wife. In that order.

      Fair play to the bloke.

      • Tuck Boris back into bed (if he isn’t already) and make this cunt PM. Seems to be the only cunt who’s stood up against this bollocks.

    • Fair play, he must be the only public figure on earth doing this right now.
      I sent him a message of support. I think everyone should do the same.
      This crap has gone far enough.

    • It’s now on the fucking BBC, the stupid fucking media and Labour having a go…..
      How the fuck is a symbol off resistance, the silly cunt with the Afro who started it in the NFL did it during the national anthem, this is not resistance it’s a mark of disrespect. Resistance would be to refuse to play.
      The liberals like to choose the definition to fit whichever fucking shit they are spouting, any white person who takes the f’ing knee needs a good kicking!
      Let BAME have their symbolism but don’t encourage the cunts!

      Kweer and his whore did it, fucking treacherous cunts!

      • Lol, the BBC are rolling out Ed Davey to have a go, he thinks that Raab should make further apologise and take the knee…. What a CUNT!

      • It would be very interesting if Raab faced a public demand to kneel.
        And awesome if he continued to refuse.

      • By Public I assume you mean the media and the libtards.
        The majority of the country don’t give a fuck and think BLM can go and fuck itself

      • I was thinking that fool dianne abbott demanding it on tv in the house of commons.
        An excellent opportunity for a refusal.

      • If the Flabbot got in one knee she’d never get back up. I hope she does try it on and at least some MPs refuse.

        Can’t see it though, the pussies (apart from Raab).

      • I think back to the power of public opinion when the Revoke article 50 petition gained 6 million signatures and how that didn’t translate into anything more than a ‘wet fart’ in the general election, Bojo got a landslide the liberals were hammered and Labours worst result in living memory 😂

        The labour and libtards like to claim the public opinion, thousands are offended, the majority of the British people and so on, which doesn’t actually translate into reality in a general election 😂

        But I know what you mean 👍

      • I, personally, think that the VAST majority of the public would back him. There is already a backlash against this BLM bullshit. You have the counter protests for kick off and now, as mentioned above, the head stone of a slave vandalised. This is just the start. It’s a minority that’s for all this crap, but they’re fucking loud and they have the Quisling cunts in the media trying to garner favour. I’ll hand in my fucking stethascope and resign if I was told to kneel, at work.

  14. Here’s more good news. Some libtard mayor in Washington State who was all for BLM and licking their arses has changed her mind and is now calling them “domestic terrorists”. What brought about this change of heart I hear you ask? Well the cheeky SJWs spray painted across the front of her house. 😁😁😀 “it is so unfair on someone who has given so much to the community” the libtard wept. Ah diddums. Don’t like it when it’s on your doorstep do you bitch? 😁😀

    • Serves her fuckin right.
      Boris is on news trying to sell us Tim Tams?
      Australian biscuits, and we’re sending the aussies penguin biscuits.
      Fair enough, nice to see hes dealing with the important things, teatime treats while the country slips down the shitter.
      Ill have a Tim Tam while watching the statues being melted down.

    • These liberal cunts have no idea, they seem to think the are dealing with rational intelligent human beings, big mistake the majority of B’s in the US are dumb cunts!!

    • Another BLM supporter, ESPN writer Chris Martin Palmer, who commented “Burn it all down,” when retweeting a photo of a Minneapolis building in flames in late May, had a different reaction when rioters came close to his house, The Sporting News reported.

      “Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood,” Palmer wrote. “Go back to where you live.”
      Fuckin’ hypocrites 😅

  15. Make the cunt build a butcher’s mincer then feed his arms into it for his family’s sausages.
    Then burn it.
    Then put it all in the sea and go for a pint.
    The cunt.

  16. Raab has just gone up in my estimations of politicians-well done.
    Hopefully see some backbone from others.

    • He’s risking his neck by stating the bleeding obvious.

      Let’s see if the Tories stand behind him. They fucking well should if they want re-electing.

      If they cave on this, I’m voting for some far right nutter from now on and it’ll be the Tories’ own fucking fault.

    • His wife and the queen. Ah yes proposing to his wife but you don’t kneel to the queen. Oh sorry you do when you receive a knighthood. Maybe he is hinting?
      Been reflecting on this kneeling business. Being a Catholic I kneel at mass. Genuflect when I go in. So I am comfortable on my knees. I think Jews stand in the synagogue. Muslims sort of kneel but its crouched down. To avoid confusion at football matches the players should just prostate themselves.
      Football is actually becoming religion.
      You know the early Christians were thrown to the lions because they wouldn’t kneel to the Roman Emperor, accept he was a god.
      I know the Thai people kneel to the King.
      Atheists have no-one to kneel to.

      • New guidance from the FA:

        ‘When taking the knee strike the breast three times saying the words-”mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa”

        ‘The service can then begin’.

        ‘We made a mistake earlier -the correct wording -‘The match can then begin’.

      • I kneel to no one. Better to die on your feet than live on your knee.

    • Don’t hold your breath on that Cuntfinder. Those Lilly livered bastards are more likely to feed Rabb to the mob now. But yes good on yer Rabb .
      The media will go full retard on Rabb now. Especially SLY and CHANNEL 4 Cunts

      • He’s already wimping out. This from the BBC website.

        “To be clear: I have full respect for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the issues driving them.

        If people wish to take a knee, that’s their choice and I respect it. We all need to come together to tackle any discrimination and social injustice.”

        If the cunt respects the movement he’s a cunt.

      • What we need are ecumenical football matches. So we start with the ‘Call to Prayer’ of course. Then there is a Procession of ‘The Ball’ round the ground. The spectators bowing their heads. Then at half time instead of pop music playing a sermon by one of the players on racism and how we can overcome it.
        As a sop to the indigenous people ‘Abide With Me’ at the final whistle.

      • So long as that knee of his stays straight he will be irritating the fuck out of them.
        All the words that come out of him will mean nothing to anyone.
        It’s all about if he will kneel.
        After all, it’s not about equality, it’s about them normalising racism against us.

  17. Farage must be pinching himself-this whole situation is manna from heaven to him.
    His next incarnation will result in bums on seats in Westminster-perhaps there are some on here who fancy a career change?

    I would start watching the coverage if there was a chance of seeing the mace shoved down “Jaffaman” Lammy’s throat😂😂😂

  18. Bald headed pile of pig shit, this heap doesn’t register as a human to me, I regard a cockroach’s life higher than his.!

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