Sam Smith (3)

Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s fans rush to defend star as singer is trolled over their ‘quarantine meltdown’ and compared to Captain Tom, 99, after WWII hero raises £14m for the NHS.

The Money On My Mind hitmaker, 27, was criticised after sharing their varying ‘stages of a quarantine meltdown’ last month as they self-isolate at their £12 million home.

And now the singer, who prefers to use the pronoun ‘they’, has been compared to WWII hero Captain Tom, 99, who has raised £14m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden.

While the singer also addressed the backlash and tweeted: ‘Sending nothing but love to everyone out there today,’ followed by a heart emoji.

One person said: ‘Some of the tweets on here about Sam Smith today are absolutely horrendous. Praise key workers and Captain Tom Moore, what they’re doing is outstanding, but do you really have to do it whilst having a pop at Sam Smith as well?’

A different user put: ‘#BeKind congratulations to the immensely inspiring Captain Tom Moore for giving us all something to cheer about. We salute you sir.

Hero: The singer has been compared to WWII hero Captain Tom, 99, who has raised £14m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden

‘Nothing but love’: Sam addressed the backlash on Thursday and said they have ‘nothing but love’ for everyone.

And to all those people comparing him to Sam Smith have a word with yourselves.

Another follower commented: ‘NOT a fair comparison. Captain Tom did an incredible thing which deserves all recognition.

Sam Smith, you are nothing but a pathetic self centred attention seeking waste of space, all negative tweets targeted at you for your publicised inability to cope with the simplest of government recommendations whilst living a life of relative luxury compared to most are justified and fully deserved.

And any comparisons between you and Captain Tom frankly absurd and complete laughable.


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  1. Sam Smith is an utter cunt
    Love to see “it” out and about in down town Mansfield after the lockdown poncing about

  2. Does anyone else remember when the poor cunts who believed they were say, Napoleon or Jesus were locked away in small rooms with very soft wallpaper?

    I think we need a return to those times.

    For everyone’s sanity.

  3. Social distancing must be hell for a celebrity, cut off from all but social media they are getting ever more desperate for attention.

    Which will be the first to live stream their morning wank?

    • It was always gonna be though wasn’t it. Anything like this organised by the BBfuckingC, especially with that cunting bloody helmet Henry in it, is going to be 24 carat shite.

      • I know Ghee but I couldn’t help tuning in. Haven’t been able to watch celebrities on webcam since Leslie Grantham. God rest his masterbating soul.

  4. Sam Smith is a warbling chutney ferret, when did the world change to the point when mincing ponces like this mincing faggot and Roo Pauls dragrace are tolerated, its now a sad sad world that we live in and its now half full of cunts like this….

    • Did any of you have the misfortune to sit through a “theatrical” called “Kinky Boots” ?
      I had to…it was a thank-you from my Jewish landlord. Well, if ANY grouping needed a since of humour…
      I had to be polite about it, but it was, quite simply, utter dreck.

  5. I quite like some of his songs but not the majority. He’s too camp and his dress sense is like a third-rate teen runt skateboarding outside the Tesco metro. Next up the tattoos and trinkets and drugs phase followed by the inevitable soul-searching aftermath. Yawn, darling.

    On a more important matter than this glitzy klutz, I can’t buy any eggs. I’ll simply die if I don’t have my mushroom and tomato omelette.

  6. Finally got a delivery slot with Tesco, so we put in our order. Turkey, sprouts and some new lights for the tree….

  7. The only cure for cunts like this is extreme measures. Firstly you sit him down and ask him to explain exactly what he means and everytime he comes up with some non binary massive cunty I’m not sure I can cope anymore attention seeking nonsense you give him a jolt of electricity. The volts get higher until eventually he’s downing pints smoking cigs and talking bollocks. If it turns out your flogging a dead one just turn the meter up and get him dancing for your own fun then accelerate the natural selection process he’d have been subjected to in the wild. Problem hear my fellow anti cunt mobsters is this cunt is packing some serious influence….his brand is strong

  8. When this pillow biting cunts attention he so desperately craves dries up and the braindead morons have moved on to the next fuckin talentless, arsehole, cunt Cowell foists upon us, he will be a prime candidate to fucking top himself, the attention seeking cocksocket

  9. I can tolerate those affected by The Gayness-19 virus, but can’t abide any of them who fucking mince about! And I don’t believe ‘they’ are proper gay! Also, Lenny Henry is a talentless cunt!!

  10. I think he’s a cunt. I was only saying so to the wife last night. Nowt more to say about him.

  11. I detest that fucking attention seeking waste of space
    If you post videos of yourself weeping like a fucking newborn because you’ve got to stay in Big mansion with all your millions doing precisely what you did to get them – fuckall – whilst the rest of us get on with coping then you are a prize cunt, probably the biggest we have here. That’s in addition to the pronoun bollocks to which he and all his gimp followers want throwing on the fucking sea. Soft shithouse needs to do a day’s work

  12. washed up has been who’s breath stinks of his own shit due to his sucking whoever’s cock has just been pulled out of his overused arse hole.!

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