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It has been a long time since the queen of New Labour, Anthony Blair’s first lady and champion rimmer of Hartlepool has had a nomination all to himself. The oily fuckwit is usually to be found fisting any money-making opportunity he finds, however questionable, tacky or unpatriotic it is, and the current pandemic is no exception:

What a surprise – the self obsessed, money-grubbing old turd-burglar “advises” Chinese companies (therefore the communist Chinese government) how to take advantage of our current plight by taking over British companies, and gaining their knowledge and research on the cheap.

This oleaginous, quivering pile of human excrement has no talent to make money by his own hands – his only talent is to crawl, fawn and give bum sex to the rich and powerful.

Time to take this worn-out old poofter to a Chinese wet market, before Kweer Charmer finds him a job from the public purse as his toilet slave, a role Mandy would be, in all honesty, one he would excel at.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

35 thoughts on “Peter Mandelson (5)

  1. Advise the corrupt old faggit right down a Wuhan well.
    Head first with his hair on fire.
    Ah Friday!

    • Peter grima tongue Mandelson is like a shark scenting chummed waters, or a vulture catching the smell of carrion in the air,
      Where thes muck theres brass my grandad used to say, well I say where tberes money theres mandy lining his pockets.
      Ive got some advice for China.
      Have a wash, treat animals better and fuck off.

  2. The political class have been selling and giving China our industrial and military secrets for decades, the elite see the Chinese model as a template for the world. Fabulous wealth and power for the elite and a population under complete control.

    The Clinton’s were on bed with China 30 years ago. If Mandelson was a rogue he’d be in serious trouble but he’s doing nothing unusual for the pile of cunt at the top of the pile.

    Any criticism of China is frowned upon, there are even MSM companies partly owned by the Chinese who eradicate any negative press about China.

    The article below is from 2016.

    China has continued to by media companies since, this includes news organisations. Would Reagan and Thatcher allowed the Soviet Union to own the media?

    Fucking crazy, the Chinese are taking over and Mandelson and the like are selling us into a slave state.

    • Those familiar with the Soviet Union’s Cold War military plans will be familiar with the word ‘Maskirovka’.
      How quickly the West forgets, particularly when the prospect of filthy lucre raises it’s head – we are now in it far too deep with the fucking Rinkeys in this respect …& Mandy & his ilk are the reason why.

  3. I’ll give the buggerer one thing…he must have the constitution of an ox. The Aids,internal damage from rodent nibbling, visits to Hartlepool,an anal sphincter like a 9 inch drainage-pipe,prolonged exposure to The Blair Virus,over enthusiastic beatings from rent-boys..any single one of these things would be enough to see off a normal man….not Mandy..he appears to thrive on it.

    Don’t expect WuhanFlu to bother Mandy….the Cunt is some kind of human Petri-dish capable of harbouring and withstanding any disease known (and a few unknown probably) to science…if Science can’t get the bastard, then we must all pray that Our Saviour The Lord sees fit to rid Mankind of this Devil’s Spawn.

  4. This rancid old queen needs to be put on the first plane to Chinksville. Greasy EU loving vile hypocrite of the 1st order who used his position to get his rent boy a passport.

    Vile old poof.

    Good morning.




  5. He is a corrupt posh cock gobbling vagabond – I remember years ago there was some scandal when, as UK’s European Commissioner, he spent New Years Eve at a party on a yacht with the co founder of Microsoft. This became part of an EU investigation and even the EU (CUNTS!) said “It was inappropriate for a serving European Commissioner”.

    Mandy is commissioned to serve his own ends. CUNT.

  6. He’s been LORD Mandelson for some time now you disrespectful cunts. He also holds the Legion d’Honneur awarded to him for “services to France.” Yes, that’s right you bastards, he single handedly held off an entire German regiment at Verdun in 1916……or something like that.
    Anyway, that’s not the point…….how dare you question the integrity of this great man?
    As Greta always says…..HOW DARE YOU???

  7. I completely get that the Chinese want to progress. I actually want them to progress in their own country, so that two billion vile little cunts rise up in civil war, that makes C-19 look like a bout of thrush.

    All the coolie cunts do now is copy ideas, illegally and mass produce. Ex politicians of this fine country should NOT be encouraging them to purchase UK companies on the cheap. Chinese contribution to innovation ceased about 1000 years ago and consisted of: –

    1. Gun Powder – to make ammunitions to blow these little yellow fuckers up
    2. Compass to navigate toward these slanty eyed minions
    3. Paper to record the massacre in letters, songs, poems and sketches.


  8. I don’t like that photo, it’s giving me the hebee jebees. That’s the trouble with poppies …….any filthy traitor cunt can wear one and pass himself off as a patriot. This bastard is no more a patriot than I am a fucking peaceful. Just when I think this must be the biggest cunt in the world one of you bastards comes up with an even bigger one. You do realise what you are doing to my mental elf don’t you? When I get nicked for offing some cunt i’m going to blame you lot. Fuck you.

  9. Self interest and corruption personified. The reason we detest the political classes.

    • Helping China, of all places, he knew they were commies and dangerous but he saw £££ money in the swiss account the shameless cunt.

      This thing about the chinese inventing. Gunpowder?
      Yeah maybe they did but they didnt invent the gun!
      The weirdos used it for fireworks!
      And who likes fireworks?
      .? Cunts.
      Cunts like fireworks.

  10. This slithering snake needed to borrow £370k from Geoffrey Robinson to help buy a flat.
    After his next job in the EU he bought a house for £8m no mortgage needed.
    Nope, definately nothing dodgy or under hand about dear dear Peter is there?

  11. Only one word describes this old queen
    A proper cunt curl up and fucking die👍

  12. Everybody hates Blair but let’s not forget that it was this cunt who got his traitorous arse through the door in the first place. I’ve heard all those rumours about Phoney Tony liking a bit of cock and the more I think about his relationship with Mandy the more believeable it sounds.
    Oh…….and let’s not forget that he married that ugly, scouse sack of shit. I think that’s what’s called “doing a Schofield.”

  13. Blair was very forgiving of his special friend Mandy, to the extent of repeatedly giving him high profile roles despite his frequent, ahem, indiscretions.
    Blair supporters see this as admirable loyalty to a good friend.
    Normal people think “fucking hell, Mandleson is your friend? How much of a cunt must you be? And how’s the marriage Tony?”.

    • And let’s not forget Tony’s other special friend, Alistair Campbell, the drunken, schizophrenic manic depressive. Fuck me, what a trio of cunts!

  14. The worst kind of capitalist is the one who pretends to care about everyone else, like this snake.

    He’d send his granny to a North Korean gulag for a tenner.

  15. May the next mutton injection he takes, be the one that delivers a fatal dose of whatever contagion is assuredly most lethal. To be corrupt is one thing. To be openly and gratuitously corrupt, is beyond all toleration.

    Personally, both he and Blair should be dealt with in a Peoples Court ( no fucking Judges or fellow arse bandits ) and the dealt with in an appropriate manner. ( fatal of course )

  16. Fucking despicable cunt in my eyes.

    I heard a story about him years ago, not sure if it’s an urban legend or if it’s true.

    He was doing a photo opportunity in Yorkshire and whilst in a chippy, pointed to the Mushy Peas and said ‘Would I be able to have a dollop of that Guacamole?’

    Fucking siilver spoon up the arse fuckwit…

    • Apparently, the Muchess of Pork is on youtube.
      If there is a pot of green gloop sitting on her mahogany whatsit, I somehow doubt that it’s guacomole or mushy peas.
      Answers on the back of a financial advice card to:
      Uncle and Auntie Rotter,

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