Sam Smith (3)

Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s fans rush to defend star as singer is trolled over their ‘quarantine meltdown’ and compared to Captain Tom, 99, after WWII hero raises £14m for the NHS.

The Money On My Mind hitmaker, 27, was criticised after sharing their varying ‘stages of a quarantine meltdown’ last month as they self-isolate at their £12 million home.

And now the singer, who prefers to use the pronoun ‘they’, has been compared to WWII hero Captain Tom, 99, who has raised £14m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden.

While the singer also addressed the backlash and tweeted: ‘Sending nothing but love to everyone out there today,’ followed by a heart emoji.

One person said: ‘Some of the tweets on here about Sam Smith today are absolutely horrendous. Praise key workers and Captain Tom Moore, what they’re doing is outstanding, but do you really have to do it whilst having a pop at Sam Smith as well?’

A different user put: ‘#BeKind congratulations to the immensely inspiring Captain Tom Moore for giving us all something to cheer about. We salute you sir.

Hero: The singer has been compared to WWII hero Captain Tom, 99, who has raised £14m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden

‘Nothing but love’: Sam addressed the backlash on Thursday and said they have ‘nothing but love’ for everyone.

And to all those people comparing him to Sam Smith have a word with yourselves.

Another follower commented: ‘NOT a fair comparison. Captain Tom did an incredible thing which deserves all recognition.

Sam Smith, you are nothing but a pathetic self centred attention seeking waste of space, all negative tweets targeted at you for your publicised inability to cope with the simplest of government recommendations whilst living a life of relative luxury compared to most are justified and fully deserved.

And any comparisons between you and Captain Tom frankly absurd and complete laughable.


Nominated by Willie Stroker

103 thoughts on “Sam Smith (3)

  1. I don’t dislike him because he’s vain, talentless, sings like a fiddled-with choirboy, gender pronoun-specific, or even that he’s a sphincter-squirrel.

    I dislike him because he’s proud of these non-achievements.

  2. Slightly off-topic again, and apologies for that. But here’s another urgent warning about a recent Microsoft Windows 10 update that seems to be fucking up people’s machines again.

    The update, KB4549951, went live on the 14th April, and contained a number of security fixes for Windows 10 versions 1903/1909. However, a number of users (admittedly not a huge number), have reported performance and stability issues, including:-

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    This issue isn’t a global problem, just a small band of users (probably in the thousands)

    Further info here

    (Oh, and Sam Smith is a cunt!)

    • I don’t use Win 10, and won’t until they get it sorted, which will likely never happen, but I stopped using those folders years ago and just set up standard folders, named the same, on a data drive and external drive. Never lost a file on both of those yet.

    • Serves yer right for sticking with money grabbing MicroCunt Windows.
      Free yerself and get for free Linux and all the apps.
      Never looked back after switching.

      • Bring back the Amstrad PCW 8256/8512/9512/9256+

        But NOT the 10 or 16. Especially the 16 🙁

  3. To paraphrase the late, great Dave Allen;
    ‘I’ve got a soft spot for Sam Smith. A bog in the west of Ireland’.
    Great nom for yet another self-obsessed, talentless nobody.

    • Theyre a right puff Sam smith.
      Mardarse too.
      Major Toms best of british good luck to the old lad.
      Sam, id take the belt to you son, give yer something to squawk about yer little fairy fuck.

  4. He is a cunt, simple. So are the cunts who pay to hear the painful drivel he ‘sings’ I’m forever staggered at what constitutes talent nowadays. I realise I’m getting on a bit but ffs, Sam Smith?

  5. Has there ever been shit piled so high as this ducky it is a cunt and so are the fuckwits who try and defend the i want to be the centre of attention cunt

  6. Sam Smith can kiss my knackers, whoever the fuck he is?

    Where the fuck is BORIS? Where the fuck is positive leadership?

  7. Great nom Willie.

    Samuel Smith is the epitome of the self consumed millennial so called ‘star’.

    Oh he twinkles alright, this little chutney ferret could make Liberace look butch.

    And why does HE feel it necessary to inform anyone that’s listening that HE wants to be THEY.

    Just fuck off Samual. You’re just a Nancy boy, nothing more nothing less.

    Just a thought, will your next album will be by THEY?

    Think your record company might have something to say about that, you cunt

  8. I think the music industry is a load of bullocks. The fame, the fortune all bullocks.

    The house probably isn’t his belongs to record company for as long as they keep him. Then if his records (or whatever they call them these days) drop in sales, they’ll drop him then fart out another creation.

    I have no sympathy for pop stars. Once you sign a contract, they have you until you stop bringing in money.

  9. Sam Smith – the very name suggests he should have been a Labour SJW M.P. Given the leader is Dame Kweer he would probably be in the shadow cabinet now, with all the other poofters.

    • Like sam smiths mild.
      And loved smiths crisps.
      Thought the smiths were a great band.
      Think Sams disgraced the name, him and his dad Cyril.

      • In most cases the name is unpoetical, although the fact is poetical. In the case of Smith, the name is so poetical that it must be an arduous and heroic matter for the man to live up to it. The name of Smith is the name of the one trade that even kings respected; it could claim half the glory of that arma virumque which all epics acclaimed. The spirit of the smithy is so close to the spirit of song that it has mixed in a million poems, and every blacksmith is a harmonious blacksmith.

        Even the village children feel that in some dim way the smith is poetic, as the grocer and the cobbler are not poetic, when they feast on the dancing sparks and deafening blows in the cavern of that creative violence. The brute repose of Nature, the passionate cunning of man, the strongest of earthly metals, the weirdest of earthly elements, the unconquerable iron subdued by its only conqueror, the wheel and the ploughshare, the sword and the steam-hammer, the arraying of armies and the whole legend of arms, all these things are written, briefly indeed, but quite legibly, on the visiting-card of Mr. Smith.
        G.K. Chesterton, Heretics

      • In the old days Miles a blacksmith was a highly respected man, sometimes attributed with magical powers, even gods, wayland smithy, nibelung etc.
        And a smithy is warm all year round so people would go for a warm, chat, the smith heard many village secrets.
        Cant remember who but someone on here is a farrier?
        I know a blacksmith and a silversmith both talented blokes.

  10. A two bob, no talent cunt trying to distinguish himself from all the other two bob, no talent cunts (yes Lily i’m talking about you) by going a few steps beyond just being a Gaylord. Bumbanditry is so last decade dear. I don’t blame the money grabbing wanker I blame the arseholes who don’t piss themselves laughing at this piece of shit.
    I would drop the cunt in the middle of Karachi High Street and let our peaceful brothers introduce him to the teachings of Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him.

    • What do you reckon will be next for fruits like this then, Freddie?
      Being bént isn’t enough, being a tränsbūmder isn’t enough, so how does the next deranged freak promote itself in 2020?

      • Might I suggest standing trouserless against an anvil and twatting “their” knackers with a mallet, whilst singing along (sans autotune) in the key of F-Sharp – live streaming on YouTube of course ?

    • Lily fucking Allen ! There is someone we (happily) haven’t heard from for a while. If lockdown is good for anything it’s apparently keeping her quiet. Mind you once she comes out of isolation no doubt the virus will be a white mans fault and not the Tiddlies disgusting eating habits.
      Long may the silence of that cunt remain.

  11. “They is a cunt” doesn’t make sense unless your from inbred Norfolk or Cornwall.Twat, fucking cunt.

  12. No fucking idea who or what this cunt is. My default assumption is some nomark karaoke cunt of the X Factor. Couldn’t give a fuck if that is correct.

  13. This gender bending cock sucker is a man.HE, not ,they.
    Fuck off you snivelling little cunt.

  14. Pink trousers and pink shirt ha ha ha what a massive Cunt.

    If he doesn’t own his £12 million house all bought and paid for then I hope he loses it too!


  15. Looks like a right shirt lifter.
    Looks like a cunt.

    PS, it’s Ramadan, starts tonight, everybody join in with the party, I wonder how plod will react if the peacefuls don’t obey social distancing!

  16. I sometimes find it difficult to put into words how much I thoroughly detest this fucking Sam fucking Smith, and every cunt like him. A limp-wristed, attention-seeking cunt. Sam, shove your “love” up your arse. You cannot complain about the reaction when you post videos of your stupid fucking self gurning and sobbing that you’re “bored”, well guess what, so is every other cunt, many of whom are unsure if they’ll have a job to go back to when the lockdown has ended, and don’t have the millions of pounds that you’ve earned for doing FUCK ALL.
    Another soppy useless “Me me me” cunt who’s “singing” sounds uncannily like a tomcat that’s just snagged his ballbag on some barbed wire. His songs are coma-inducing drivel, and he has a face that’s screaming out to be set on fire, then put out with a cricket bat. Fucking stupid useless fucking wanker.

  17. What does it identify now as anyway? A toaster? A plant pot? A bottle of shaving foam? An apache helicopter?

    • Hey wheres Bertie Blunt?
      Not been on for a bit?
      Hope hes ok, if you read this Bertie your a selfish old git for making us worry.

  18. Sam Smith is a cunt, always has been a cunt and always will be a cunt. I’d rather listen to a bullfrog than this queer cunt. We have that cunt Cowell for inflicting this pile of shit onto us.

  19. I think the issue with the lock down is self control or lack of it.
    There have been times in my life where I have had to stay put for safety reasons, and it is arse, but the alternative is well, terminal.
    So as with every one else the lock down is arse, I admit when my Tobacco order went missing in the post I was rather fucked off, and I have been under double lock down on the 14 day rule which meant I could not leave the house at all (which is massive cunt, because it aint your fault).
    Any way tobacco supply has resumed and I is happy.
    Rather pissed off that my department has not been called back, as we were key workers and got all the recovery kit ready, but I doubt it will flood for a while so tough.
    I think there will also be a lot of unfinished projects, I have 1/3 of the raised bed built as I can not get the bricks or sand. The hall has not had the final coat of paint because I ran out of paint.
    The bathroom has peen painted pastel pink, a Job that I have avoided for almost a year, but thought fuck it there is something to do.
    As far as melt downs, no not happening and I have no desire to be in the company of my fellow man (or woman).
    Why someone who is grammatically confused (are you singular or plural) can cry on the internet (a bit like me here) and get thousands of “Likes” is beyond me.
    On this comment I expect to receive a few fuck off’s and a dose of sarcasm (I wont cry promise).
    Oh and I identify as a Lego brick, tread on one bare foot and you will get the idea.

  20. This cunt is so annoying, he makes gay people homophobic. When he was having a little pity party because ‘they’ couldn’t go cottaging the other day was a low point in the history of humanity. Fucking fruitcake, and fuck all those who buy into his derangement too, the shallow cunts.

  21. That useless prat Matt Hancock’s just been on TV doing another one of those pointless press conferences. He capped it all by praising Muslims and said “Rama-lama-ding-dong” or summat. Twerp.

    • Apart from being about becoming extremely angry/ stabby/ blowy-uppy towards non-believers, Rammadamn is also supposed to be about thanking Allâh and fasting. Perhaps Hancock could ‘fast’ his career for a while.

      • Or maybe he could go on the fast track, live the rest of his life in short order and be in a box by the end of May. I simply don’t believe anything this wipe has to say.

  22. Anyone playing pronoun bingo is a cunt.

    Social media plastic pop star who believes the masses give a fuck. I’d say it needs to man up but that ships sailed and sank.

    Fucking they? Fuck off

  23. Another Gay…they are everywhere.
    Fuck, piss and Cunt off. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh

  24. Off piste…

    I’ve just seen a video of Richard Branson giving a sincere message to his Australian fans over the nosedive of Virgin Australia. I shouldn’t laugh but… what a cunt. He’s even painted his beard black like he’s lost his marbles. Let’s hope the pressure doesn’t build too much for these insatiable billionaire cunts.

    • “Eying up the public purse from distant shores” quoted The Guardian.

      For once they are not wrong.

      His sincere message is along the lines of Virgin Australia was set up to brighten people’s lives, to put a smile on people’s faces and to create jobs. Nothing about making a large amount of money for himself.

      He then goes on to blame the British government/taxpayer for not bailing him/the airline out as has been the case in several other countries.

      It’s your company Branson, you want £500m and you have a personal net wealth in excess of £4.2b. Surely the solution is obvious, isn’t it?

      And what’s the black beard/grey hair look about?

      • Goodness knows, Willy. He probably flew in the wrong coiffeur.
        A man who lives thousands of miles from Britain to avoid paying tax wants the UK (us, basically) to keep him in the billionaire status to which he’s become accustomed. What an absolute cunt.

      • If the cunt wants to be bailed out he should ask the country where he pays his taxes to do it…

      • He’s got more money than he knows what to do with Ruff Tuff. Love the way he tells his staff that everyone else is a cunt for not helping his company when all he has to do is put his hand in his own pocket.

        Says he emigrated from the UK not because he dislikes it here, but because he prefers somewhere else (which happens to be a tax haven.


  25. Absolute embarrassment of a ‘man’. If he were my son, I’d get plastic surgery and change my name, such would the shame be.

    Send him to Saudi Arabia. He can demand to be called ‘they’ over there.

  26. I’m not going to clap anyone at 8pm tonight. Instead I’m going to take a minute to sit quietly and think about how much of a fucking cunt they is.

    Then I’ll probably have a wank.

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