I’d like to nominate Greggs for a flaky-baked, virtue-signalling cunting.

Greggs have awarded Stormzy their first ever “Black” Card, thus allowing him free pastries for life:

Well, I’m sure the multimillionaire Stormzy needs a hand up in this respect. He quite clearly has no means to buy his own food, and so I expect this to be featured as one of the teary-eyed stories in the upcoming “Comic Relief” pageant.

“And now Davina McCall plays white-saviour to Stormzy’s oppressed BAME arse, by feeding him a cheese and onion pastie and a chocolate eclair!”

Yeah, the homeless/struggling veterans don’t need Greggs “Black” Cards do they? They can just fucking starve! I mean all they have done is serve the country they love, as opposed to denigrating/hating the country/people that welcomed and accepted them into their society.

Boo destitute veterans! Yay millionaire grime artists!

Given this, I’d recommend that the common sense folk out there boycott Greggs, as a show of disapproval towards their virtue-signalling bias.

Get woke, go broke! You get what you fucking deserve!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

99 thoughts on “Greggs

  1. There is a BBC News “Have Your Say” about Greggs paying employees to self isolate if they think they have coronavirus. I asked when Greggs would be giving Black Cards to homeless Ex-Servicemen and Women and watched the down votes roll in. I guess feeding multi millionaire rappers is more important to feeding someone that has actually done something for this Country!

    When are Greggs going to be giving homeless Ex-Servicemen and Women a “Black Pass” for a free pasty or sausage roll? They can give one to a multi millionaire grime artist but not to someone who has served this Country and fallen on hard times.”

    9 down 2 up

      • Kudos for trying, but it’s a BBC audience. Try suggesting Greggs goes vegan-only and you’ll see some ups. Frightening.

      • Sinister. And definitely not me. Link appears to be unrelated to Stormzy.
        Baffled, Tunbridge Wells.

      • Now 60 down votes and 9 up votes. I wonder if I had put immigrunts instead of ex-Service personnel the outcome would have been different. My comment is the fifth lowest rated at present, anyone would have thought I’d posted something nasty about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy!

    • I’m surprised that the cunt hasn’t claimed that the ‘black card’ displays institutional racism.

      Greggs does do a great cheese and union pasty mind…

  2. But surely Stormzy, Greggs is run by racist gammon. You utter cunt of cunts, why would you accept this ‘award’. Greggs and Stormzy are cunts of the highest order. His name is Michael btw, what a bell end.

    • But that’s his slave name, his culture was stolen by…oh no wait…

  3. Absolutely sick of seeing this cunts face. If you’re so clever Coònzy, go back to Africa and sort your own country out, ‘kay boy?

  4. A fat black obnoxious cunt will now be an even fatter black obnoxious cunt… Simple as that….

  5. Greggs are cunts, but Stormzy, sorry, “Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr.”, is an even bigger cunt. Shit music from a shit Croydon born cunt.
    Greggs think by associating themselves with this pussy of a cunt will lead to bigger sales, they are mistaken.

    Fuck off Junior….

  6. Gregg’s is overpriced and shit anyway… But now I am boycotting this wokeflake lardhole for life… And the sooner that arrogant chiggun eatin’ lordy lord mammy woke pet and chocolate novelty hatemongering cunt ‘Stormazeh’ fucks off the face of the earth, the fucking better…

    • I think you should set that to music. It will be an overnight sensation and the fast-food outlets will be knocking at your door..

  7. I got exactly the same generic response from Greggs – so sent them back this:

    Hello Ashley
    I am sure the 1.1 Million UK Citizens who are not multi millionaires and have to pass Greggs on their way to the food bank find it amusingly ironic that you give free food to a talentless racist.
    I will never shop at Greggs again.


    Little willy windy doesn’t mind a “black card” when it’s free food – selective waycism there you c*nt!
    But just imagine how many fat munters he can impregnate before waddling off into the night!

  8. Fuck Greggs. They seem to have the greasiest pastry known to man, it’s like necking a litre of castrol. And now cosying up to this prick? Get fucked.

  9. Bastard!!! I went to Gregg’s today. Guess that’s another establishment I can never enter again now.

  10. Fuckmit !
    Only been in Greggs twice (once last night) and had steak bake both times. Found them to be pretty good but having seen what they have done with that Stormzy cunt will never go through their doors again.
    Why do these companies have to jump on the woke (cunts word that is as well) bandwagon and not just stick to what they do best.

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