Roger Waters (2)

What an opinionated, millionaire Lefty, up-his-own-arsehole this cunt is.

He was loathed in Pink Floyd. He keeps churning out endless versions of “The Fucking Wall”. And now he’s a Political activist fighting to stop the very creepy Julian Assange from being extradited to the US.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a Pop Star standing on the political platform, especially this has-been of a cunt. Hes not qualified to do it.

So fuck off and shut up, Roger Waters (with your Daddy issues) and just twang you’re guitar.

Nominated by Fenton Fistula

79 thoughts on “Roger Waters (2)

  1. Another cunt that could live in a comfortably numb retirement with not a care in the world but can’t fight his inner cunt.

  2. I have hated Pink Floyd for well over fifty years ; I have bugger all time fortheir fans too.

    • Does that mean you’re not inviting me for tea and sandwiches?
      I like Pink Floyd but Waters is being a cunt here.
      Stick to the music mate and let’s deport that creepy Assange cunt to the USA so he can start his well overdue sentence.

      Utter cunt.

      • And while we’re at it let’s deport that other creepy cunt Prince “I know nuffink abaaaaht it” Andrew.

  3. This twat has championed just about everything the Liberal Left adore. He is , a complete fuckwit. Waters has done extremely well ( financially ) and like all rich people ( IMO ) should not be allowed in law to voice any comment on any matter at any time.
    Being a good guitarist/keyboards player, and being fucking rich gives him no further rights beyond the average citize,
    Yes he’s a cunt, a very stupid cunt!

  4. PF bored me shitless over the last 40 odd years, and cunts like champagne socialists like this knobrot only fans the flames!

    A bit like Bonehead from U2 – writes songs that appeals to the great unwashed, while comfortably living off the royalties and whatnot in his ivory tower (along with suitably tall enough Wall, ha!)

    Hopefully he’ll be in the deadpool very very soon, with death due to someone shoving a guitar up his gaping arsehole.

    And with any luck he’ll be buried on the Dark Side of a Landfill with all the other useless smelly shite!.

    • Bono is my Cousin – I keep it quiet for good reasons!
      (I kid you not, his real name is Paul Hewson and he is a Cousin on my Mothers side!)
      And a tight c*nt – no mansion for the Fox from Da Bonio!

    • I agree with you 100% there, RTC. A Saucerful of Secrets, Meddle and Obscured by Clouds being the best of the bunch IMHO.

      After Animals, that’s when things when turd-shaped. I was never a Wall fan. Waters wrung the tits out of the Wall for every last penny his clawed hands could grab. Yes, Waters is a massive, whining old cunt who has to show the world he has a beef about something or other. At least Nick Mason spunks his cash on fast cars and doesn’t complain like this cunt.

      Whine on, you crazy old cunt.

      • 👍 Nicely summed up Paul.

        Btw, I lost my virginity to the strains of the Ummagumma live LP. Not a lot of people know that…

      • He killed Syd Barrett!(alledgedly)
        Im with the Sex Pistols on this ‘i Hate Pink Floyd’!!
        Stick it up yer ummagumma Rodger.

      • I know he did Rtc, and did like the Beatles too,
        Lydon said these things to shock, he hated complacency.
        Terrible wasnt he?😁

      • Miserable, were you in the Animals? You look like a younger version of the chief Animal in your photo. Or are you in Kes? I have wondered this for a long time.

        Pink Floyd. Why are they called Pink?

      • Hi LC, your right its a promo image from the film ‘kes’ one of my favourite films of all time.
        Its little Billy Casper showing his disdain to the world😁

      • Pink Floyd were named by Syd Barrett after a couple of blues men he liked called Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

      • Echoes was their finest piece. A cosmic abstract collage, with very little lyrical content, and the first moment they found their post-Syd sound.

        As much as Waters annoys politically, DSOM and Animals owe their existence to his lyrical concepts, and are imo the best PF albums.

      • Afternoon Fenton.

        I wasn’t too keen on ‘Animals’ when it was released, probably cos I was more into stuff like Devo, Chrome and Wire at the time.

        But it grew on me over the decades. And recordings I have from the 1977 tour are tremendous!

  5. The Wall was great. Julian Assange is a hero and deserves all the support help and assistance to prevent his totally unfair extradition to the US. In fact I think Vladimir Putin should step in on his behalf, either openly or covertly.

    “Roger Waters net worth is approximately $310 Million dollars, making him the 13th richest rock star in the world.”

    If I was stinking rich I would keep myself out of the public eye and amuse myself with various international properties, modern and vintage Ferraris, model girlfriend and a selection of different coloured expensive prostitutes, oh and fine wines.

  6. Pink Floyd weren’t bad except for the early rubbish that sounded like Blur.

    • I admire Neil young, Dylan, Ray Davies, Cohen etcetera but IMO Waters is the finest songwriter of the 20th century. Funny how none of them were great singers, didn’t have bgt back then thank fuck. I do have to agree that he is a massive cunt politically, but he’ll be dead soon and my signed memorabilia will be worth a lot more. “Sitting in a bunker, here behind my wall… waiting for wywh signed by all 4 to hit a grand”

      • Right about the best writers never being great singers… Ray Davies is probably Britain’s finest…. Only great writer who was a great singer that I can think of right now is Scott Walker (RIP)…

        And that cunt Damon Albarn is the worst Syd Barrett impersonator there is….

  7. Can’t say I hate them, and a couple of good mates are fans, but their stuff always struck me as pretentious and contrived. Normal career progression these days, struggling artist to stadium-filling Big Name to fading star to wannabe world-changing idealist with need for publicity and opinions unaltered since age 16. What better planet to orbit than Assange (failing, say, Meghan Markle)?

    Assange’s self-inflicted predicament continues, gratifyingly, despite his er oppressive treatment by the you know like fascist state which operates er in secret just because if it didn’t…I can’t keep this up for long…want sociopathic cunts like Assange to fuck up its necessary but unattractive operations. Google the cunt to see that the world of woke regards him as some kind of hero rather than a seedy narcissist hacker and that he is defending freedom of speech rather than sabotaging democratically elected governments (and, nod to the DNC, potential governments)

    There is fuck-all in the cables he stole that we didn’t know or guess already, and he steered very clear of some areas which would have imposed a much more final solution ( ™ Holocaust Memorial Trust) to his meddling than the judicial one he is currently trying to wriggle out of.

    A tosser supporting a tosser, then. But Assange is the unimaginably greater cunt.

      • Appreciated, RTC. Glad you liked it. Quite right about the video, unlikely to be used as a recruitment ad, but, as I am sure IsAC’s ex-combatants will agree, shit happens. In Iraq, or in Londonistab.

      • I would argue this, firstly they were carrying weapons. the people with them were aiding and abetting.
        when the dust off came (ambulance) it is very possible that they picked up those weapons and at that point they crossed the line.
        The rest is collateral damage.
        I recall a comrade who admitted to shooting prisoners during an advance, the advance was fast there was a gap between them and the follow on troops, there were discarded weapons, troops were re arming after surrender, so he just shot them to protect his back, that is war I am afraid.
        If the echelon had have kept up he would not have done so.
        (this was not a HMF story)

      • I recall a couple of US Marines receiving lengthy jail sentences for finishing off a wounded insurgent. The marines were moving forward and did not want to risk a potential grenade arriving from behind . The court said that they should have given first aid to the blighter! I have never served in the forces but this does not seem to be a sensible course of action; cease your advance and let the opposition regroup. Fuck that for a game of confers; you are at war or you are not, there is no sort of being at war.

      • Battle is simple – keep engaging until they are no longer a threat, f*ck being nice – you are there to kill them!
        What kind of f*cking lunatic takes children into a battle zone?
        Everyone with a weapon is a threat, a 10 Year old with an AK can (and usually will) kill you just as easily as an adult.
        A friend of mine has a Hungarian Father, tiny guy, most quiet and mild mannered gentleman you will ever meet – and one day he was telling us about the Russian invasion of Hungary, where they realised the mad Magyars were having none of it.
        He told me that when you shot a Russian you would either bayonet him through the eye or if you had no bayonet open the skull with the rifle butt – as he said, and a young chum of mine found out to his eternal demise – dead Men don’t kill you, so make sure they are.

  8. I always thought it was irresponsible to pen the lyrics “we don’t need no education.’

    • The double negative effectively means the kids do need education, and there’s absolutely no doubt about that.

      • 🎶 We don’t need no indoctrination. 🎶
        Nah, it won’t fit cos of the extra bar.

      • Indoctrination: the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

        Education: the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values.

      • Education is what is left after what has being learnt has long being forgotten

    • Both of Waters’ parents were teachers. His father, the son of a coal miner and Labour Party activist, was also a devout Christian and a Communist Party member. In the early years of the Second World War he was a conscientious objector who drove an ambulance during the Blitz.

      Waters’ father later changed his stance on pacifism, joined the Territorial Army and was commissioned into the 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers as a Second Lieutenant on 11 September 1943. He was killed five months later on 18 February 1944 at Aprilia, during the Battle of Anzio, when Roger was five months old…

  9. Not keen on Floyd and know fuck all about this cunt.
    Arnold Lane was nice and pervy and Emily was poppy. Pretentious cunts after that.

    • They were good live before they started recording. I actually bought Arnold Layne, then I came to my senses. Haven’t listened to them since. Rock stars know as much about politics as film stars do. And that’s fuck all.

  10. What is it with all these famous people that feel the need to use there fame to spout out crap about the environment , racism and politics etc. They should, like all of us just do what they are paid for and keep there opinions to themselves or behind closed doors instead of using the stage or TV to express them. Roger (the coffin dodger) waters your a cunt and fuck Assange the slimy looking slithering snaked cunt , he deserves everything he gets.

  11. They were fucking great musicians. Wtf can’t they stick to that and stay out of politics?
    Leave it to the politico cunts.

  12. TIME is a great song.

    Doesn’t quite make up for him being a total bellend over the past 40 years though.

    Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
    Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

    Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain
    And you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
    And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

    And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
    Racing around to come up behind you again
    The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

    Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
    Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
    Hanging on quiet desperation is the English way
    The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say…

    • Always loved the way the time signature changes and we go onto a galloping rhythm. And how it morphs into ‘Breathe’. That jangling sound.

  13. This horse faced cunt has always moaned at the ‘lot’ of a rich and famous rock star… Also a lot of his lyrics are actually quite shit… “Run, rabbit run/Dig that hole, forget the sun/And when at last the work is done/Don’t sit down it’s time to start another one.” Play School presenters did better songs than that bollocks… This privileged cunt can sit on his arse in his country pile and ponder on ‘humanity’ while the rest of us actually just get on with it and fucking go to work…. While ‘Money’ is a a pure piss take… Lecturing the record buying riff-raff about how meaningless money is and about redistribution of wealth when old Gee Gee Features has fucking loads of it… And they are merely two examples of him being lyrically full of shit…

    As for his ‘political’ activity? Fucking laughable… A privileged never had it hard middle class tosspot who has no clue how ordinary working people think or live… His Falklands ranting was a disgrace… If he’d had his way, Waters would have had us roll over and let the Argies take the islands – and the UK – up the jacksy… And whinging on (and fucking on) about his daddy copping it in the war… How many others through conflict have lost fathers, sons, husbands, boyfriends, grandfathers, grandsons? Loads, of course. Yet they do whine on about it or have the financial cushion that Waters has… Also, wasn’t Waters senior a ‘pacifist’ who actually refused to fight the fascists and drove an ambulance instead? So,the cunt didn’t even go toe to toe with the Nazis, yet ‘Rog’ eulogises such a proto-snowflake? At least my granddad – like so many others – did his bit and took them on…. Yet Waters thinks he is an authority on war and anguish, when his old man actually did fuck all and refused to fight? Fucking priceless…. Like most rich rock stars, Waters as a ‘politico’ is a joke… Think an older and richer Rick from The Young Ones…

    And let’s not even start about how he treated his Floyd bandmates and how he tried to stop them using the name and actually taking them to court over an inflatable fucking pig….. What a cunt….

      • It’s just what we need – a rich old Jeremy Paxman impersonator telling poor people how it’s all their fault but Julian Assflange will sort it all out!
        I have an idea Roger – shut the f*ck up you clown.

      • For some reason the Wall film turned his father into a combat officer rather than an ambulance driver corporal.
        Always wondered if that was Alan Parker’s idea or Roger’s.

        The Final Cut is near unlistenable…

    • Respectful correction: Waters’s father later joined up, got a commission, and died at Anzio. Wikipedia says so, anyway.

    • My sentiments exactly Norman. There’s a kind of school boy mentality about Roger equestrian features Waters. Sneering at anyone who disagrees with him. Yes, he is a Cunt isn’t he ?

  14. Waters has always been a cunt about the Falkland Islands. The only slightly sensible thing he conceded was that it was “a complicated situation”. The complications not being alleviated in any way by his cuntish utterings.

    Cunt deserves to be pecked to pieces by a very angry Falklands penguin.

    • The Falklands are British, members of my Family have defended that god forsaken freezing s*ithole (I would have been there myself but I did not to miss my ballroom dancing lessons! 😀) and if the impertinent Argentinians try anything they will receive a biblical slapping!
      And nothing to do with the fact that Thatcher knew the waters around the Falklands have some of the biggest deposits of oil and natural gas in the World..

  15. I was at Brighton Dome 1972 The very first time they performed DSOTM.
    Absolutely brilliant.
    David Gilmour threw his guitar to the ground because there was some technical hitch. But they promised to come back at the end of the tour and do it again.
    We recorded that concert on an old cassette recorder. The album didn’t come out for another year. I preferred the earlier version to the end result. Much more trippy sounding.

  16. Waters was also a cunt for sacking Richard Wright…. Presumably Rick dared to disagree with old horse face and was then frozen out and fired by dictator in chief, Waters… Thing was, he had no right or authority to fire Wright… Waters did not own the band, although his later antics in court showed everyone that he thought he did own Floyd… To treat a fellow founding member and a top class musician like Waters treated Wright was unforgivable and the actions of a total cunt…. Rick did have the last laugh though, as he was the only Floyd member (now viewed by Adolf Waters as a ‘session’ player) to earn money out of the Wall Tour…

  17. Waters is about as politically astute and with it as Joe Strummer was…
    Another well off cunt who played at being the ordinary man and pretending to know what was going on in the street… The Guy Ritchie of rock….

  18. Waters is a well-balanced man ….. comfortably wearing a chip on both shoulders. But Im sure his four ex-wives think the world of the miserable cunt.

    In fairness, the death of his Dad clearly affected him, occurring at such a young age and that cannot have been easy. PF lyrics are stuffed full of references to this.

    I share an experience with Fenton. Saw that unofficial DSOTM premiere mini tour with a charity gig for (I think) War on Want at Wembley Arena; tickets a pricey £1.50 !!! Quizzically blank (now there’s a song title for ya Dave) looks all around when the cash registers started off proceedings. My recollection was that nobody present could possibly have imagined the album would go on to be the success it was when released a year later. We just wanted them to get on with playing ‘Meddle’!!

    Although Waters is a curmudgeonly cunt; he would be very proud to be so described.

    Parting shot : Gilmour raised $21.5m flogging off his guitars for charity and has quietly been conducting benevolent activities under the radar for over four decades; buying up houses in London to give away as Women’s Shelters comes to mind. Ok he’s probably down to his last £250m now but never mind, he’s way more generous than most. Played/playing a Benefit with Gary Brooker any day I believe.

    • Waters was only 5 months old when his father died so he wouldn’t have known anything abaaaat it.

  19. Best thing about ‘the wall’ is the marching hammers!
    The far right! Danger! Danger!
    Far rights coming!
    Wish someone had taken one of those hammers to the back of Rodgers skull, the flat nosed hippy cunt

  20. This horsey-faced, soporific old cunt needs to keep his manpleaser shut and not meddle in politics (excuse the pun). While I own several PF albums, I subscribe to Jack Bruce’s (R.I.P, ol’ son) notion that the band’s output can hardly be described as music; it’s an overly pretentious prog rock entity whose concept albums were suffused and imbued with an ethereal ambience and a dreamy, eccentric mystique, imo. In addition, the band relied heavily on elaborate, fancy stage shows to carry the music. I do like the albums Meddle, DSOTM (an undeniable masterpiece) & WYWH. ‘Echoes’ is probably my favourite Floyd song (absolutely love the funky jazz section of the song that begins about 7:03 into the studio version) and love David Gilmour’s soulful and graceful minamilist playing.

    Still, Waters is unambiguously a sour cream-filled cunt for endeavouring to permeate and influence without being qualified to do so. Tsk tsk!

  21. Hey, Fenton, I knew a Trevor and Alex Fenton from Nitshill in Glasgow (I grew up in nitshill). They related to you, perchance? 😀

  22. Roger Waters was also loathed by the rest of Pink Floyd as he was an insuffrable cunt even then….

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