Rachel Boyle (2)

Rachel Boyle, that chip-on-shoulder merchant again. This tiresome race baiter, who clashed with Laurence Fox over Markle says, ‘I’ve had to grow a pair’.

Speaking at another event about racism in Britain, she said, “The last month of my life has been transformative. I have had to grow a pair. I had them but I have had to exercise them. White people have no idea as to the privilege their whiteness affords them”, she told the audience at University of London. Boyle said Meghan Markle joining the royal family had been a “pivotal moment” for her.
She added: “Meghan is one of the ways I see myself in society. It was a pivotal moment because anyone else who looked like us either sang songs or kicked footballs.”

I have no issue with anyone,regardless of colour, religion or sexual persuasion, as long as they don’t have an issue with me, but just stop your incessant fucking moaning about how hard done by you think you are.

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  1. I’ve read somewhere,with supreme indifference I might add,that Africa is something of a shithole.
    Perhaps this know-it-all cunt could fuck off there and see if she can help out.
    Or she could just stay in cosy olde England talking fucking gibberish as that requires zero effort.

    • I can confirm that, having lived there, Africa is indeed a shithole. Made so by it’s occupants.

      • I can also confirm that Africa is a shithole because of the White men………we gave it back to the Blacks!

  2. I don’t believe this lying fucker is mixed race at all, she seems to black herself up for photo opportunities. Anyway, there is no point attempting to have a sensible grown up discussion with thick twats of this ilk which leaves only one course of action which is to kick her cunt off and let the fucking bitch bleed to death.

    • Good for them, protecting themselves.
      Sorry about the kid, but glad the puppy that was aboard was ok.
      Off topic- on news, 95% of uk black people dont go swimming, and they are more prone to drowning.
      Fiddler was right!!

      • Eric the Eel convinced me back in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics , Professor Fiddlers research has only reinforced my suspicions.

      • Yep, its true LL, 95%!!
        They must be porous or something?
        Any London cunters if threatened by knife wielding dark keys, your safest either jumping in the Thames, a fountain or even the swimming baths!

      • Next time B&WC is on we will need to ask him if he got his 100 metre front crawl swimming certificate at school and do his white genes make him float better?

      • Bwc is half white so that part swims well, the other parts panicking so gives him a unique swimming style.

        Hey LL ive just donated a paddling pool to stockport black lives matter.

  3. Fucking ugly mutant tranny bitch.

    Why can’t British mongrel birds be pretty like the Brazilian ones?

  4. This tart is clearly one of the ‘turd head’ variety. White simply = wrong to these people and this is as far as their intellect can take them.
    I have to on reflection agree with her though … when you really analyse it we would have a far better world without twatty white people messing everything up ….. after all without white trash there would be no loss to , engineering, chemistry, nuclear physics, commerce, biology, Astro physics , medicine so on and so on, so on and so forth.. … this is ( obvs) because white people have made sweet FA contribution to the advancement of civilisation. Just think how far the world would have got if only the bongo bongo tribe had been allowed to flourish without let or hindrance from the stupid white man? Basically by now the world would have a complete array of witch doctor potions , the mud roads would be wide and everywhere, mud hut communities will have popped up all over every inch of the world and a highly sophisticated barter system would be in place so people could easily obtain a chicken in return for just a handful of glass beads. Refrigeration would not be needed because everyone could buy fresh food everyday – they would have the time to do this because nobody would need to work as many hours as they do currently and could just lay around and smoke herbs. Screw the pale and stale males/ females I say ……. what do any of them know about anything and what over the centuries have they ever done for the advancement of humanity? Good night.

  5. The word ‘bullying’ as regards this Priti Patel carry on is fucking ridiculous. I mean when I was at school the bullies were first and foremost BIGGER than you. Fuck me Priti must be about 5′ 2 or something. In fact she seems to be getting smaller and fatter to my eye. Squat is the word.
    And the supossed recipient of this bullying Rutman- the first thing you think looking at him is ‘you deserved it’. All sorry-faced and pleading. Just like the bullied ones at school. From what I’ve heard she has said-”are you all fucking useless?’ Or something, a general criticism.
    The truth is as Cu**wings has identified far from us having the greatest Civil Service in the world we have one of the worst. The whole mass of immigration has been facilitated by them. I mean they have worked hard to see that lots of foreigners took every advantage of loose immigration laws. I fucking suspect them. The whole CS indeed. It is Britain’s ‘deep state’ and its pink.

  6. No idea who this cunt is, i assum she is one of Megans arse clinkers hanging on for grim death and trying to get herself some recognition along the way,and these poeple who vituall pass for whites but play the race card make me sick,25 shades darker and then you can play the race card, until then go and get a tan…..needy attention seeking cunts….

  7. This fucknugget wants to pop back in time to the 1970s, and get a taste of white privilege (or the absolute absence of). These fuckers live in a veritable utopia.

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