Trouty Pouty Facebook Profile Pics

An Elizabeth Arden and ‘Avon’s calling’ cunting for the plethora of fucking stupid little millennial bitches, pouting like a cartoon tuna fish in their “Cuntbook” profile pics.

Normally you see them taking a selfie with boss eyes, because they’re staring at themselves so intently in the screen to ensure that they look like an A-list pornstar. A lot of these slags must have been watching make-up tutorials by Youtube influencers that tell them it’s great to look like Coco the clown after he’s had a strawberry trifle thrown in his physog. They look so ridiculous. I mean, how much slap do you need in order to impress your classmates and peers and get a 4k following? So much that when you do your trouty pouty, you risk the fucking lot falling off and ending up all over your augmented baps it would seem.

And what’s with that stupid cunty stick on puppy nose that they use to make themselves look cute? Cuntbook is turning so many girls and young women into vain, duplicated morons it’s unreal. Stop putting your lipstick on 3mm beyond your lips, ok girly? And stop sticking your mouth out, because you look like an ugly, vacuous, self-absorbed CUNT.

Nominated by Dai O’Rhea

110 thoughts on “Trouty Pouty Facebook Profile Pics

  1. Last time I saw a mouth like that there was a hook in it,what stupid cunts the young people seem tho the days, treble cunts.

  2. Turn your laptop sideways on and take a look at that picture. It looks like a German 70’s grumble flick.

  3. I was watching some Danish/German 70’s porn the other night. Great clothes and interior decor I must say. The hairy fannies didn’t look right in today’s world but I much appreciated the complete absence of tats and ironmongery on the birds. That just says to me…….desperate druggy slag, she’ll be dead in ten years.

    • The bush must be cultivated certainly, but birds took it too far with the 10 year old look. A trim with a pair of scissors is sufficient and fetching.

  4. All these pouty slags on social media look like Muddy the Mudskipper from the Ren & Stimpy Show…. As Truman Capote said about Mick Jagger, ‘About as sexy as a pissing toad’….

  5. Fucking Mingers! What would have probably been previously pretty, young girls made very unattractive by botox and daft-looking trout pouts. Although in their defense, they have probably served in the furtherance of preventing any potential, future rapes………. so fucking good on them!

  6. Just grow fucking old gracefully like the rest of us you fucking look at me wanna be cunts.

  7. Cuntbook and Twatter are two of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The other two are the EU and the Human Rights Act. Check the Bible – it’s all there.

    And I sayeth unto ye, “ fuck off”

  8. Was at the dentist’s earlier this morning to get a filling. When. I walked into the reception area . . . BOOM! A young bird identical to those in the nom pic was seated there in all her fake glory. Festooned with tawdry jewellery (no doubt financed by her drug-dealing boyfriend), fake bronze tan from head to toe, fake nails and lip augmentation. Traigic thing was, you could tell she was a naturally good-looking young bird with a nice body and most definitely did not need all the aforementioned fake enhancements. I also walked by another young bird earlier this morning of the same ilk who was standing at her college bus stop. What a waste of two healthy young women! It’s, as I said, quite tragic.

    PS: I’d still rim them savagely, though!

  9. Such an eloquent observation – well done sir. I suspect that now, as a 48 bloke, I should pout with a megazoom and a cute doggie nose like all the dumbass, unimaginative, stereotypical, sad followers of losers. I will soon need a new passport photo with Brexit and all that, and so, it will come in handy.

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