Trouty Pouty Facebook Profile Pics

An Elizabeth Arden and ‘Avon’s calling’ cunting for the plethora of fucking stupid little millennial bitches, pouting like a cartoon tuna fish in their “Cuntbook” profile pics.

Normally you see them taking a selfie with boss eyes, because they’re staring at themselves so intently in the screen to ensure that they look like an A-list pornstar. A lot of these slags must have been watching make-up tutorials by Youtube influencers that tell them it’s great to look like Coco the clown after he’s had a strawberry trifle thrown in his physog. They look so ridiculous. I mean, how much slap do you need in order to impress your classmates and peers and get a 4k following? So much that when you do your trouty pouty, you risk the fucking lot falling off and ending up all over your augmented baps it would seem.

And what’s with that stupid cunty stick on puppy nose that they use to make themselves look cute? Cuntbook is turning so many girls and young women into vain, duplicated morons it’s unreal. Stop putting your lipstick on 3mm beyond your lips, ok girly? And stop sticking your mouth out, because you look like an ugly, vacuous, self-absorbed CUNT.

Nominated by Dai O’Rhea

110 thoughts on “Trouty Pouty Facebook Profile Pics

  1. Jesus what a couple of twats.The one on the left looks like a Barbie doll that’s starting to melt. This obsession with ‘selfies’ is hilarious.

  2. And then there’s the eyebrows like fucking allotments. Silly, self absorbed, useless cunts.

  3. Hehehe! That pics nailed!
    Nice one admin!👍👍👍
    Being a nearly 50yr bloke i dont get this ‘goldfish face’ pose either.
    But they all do it!!
    Young girls of 14-24yrs do this an post it online, facefook, etc
    Dont know who started it, its certainly not attractive but young girls are cuckoo for it.
    Asked my daughter why but just got a shrug and “its what you do”.
    Looks like something in a keep net .
    Now gay blokes are doing it too!!

    • It’s supposed to stretch the skin over your cheeks making a person look slimmer therefore better. Whereas old-fashioned things like smiling are fatty and unattractive.

      • That why?
        Well i never, slimmer eh?
        Should we just not tell them its bollocks, let them carry on doing it?
        Makes for good material when theyve grown up to show their kids ‘look at what your mum used to do” sort of thing.

      • Yeah it’s not actually about the lips but the cheeks. Try sucking your cheeks in and your lips will naturally do trout face.

      • Just tried it in mirror Shagga!
        Works great with a full beard.
        Looks like a close up shot in a 70s porno film!!😁😁

  4. The one on the right looks like one of my ex-girlfriends, though in fairness she was rarely that sober.

  5. Bad enough idiot teenage girls and Katie cut Price with her perma trout face but when you see middle aged women at it whilst trying to fit into slag juniors outfits…..pass the puke bag.

    Worth mentioning the so called men who join their dumb bitches in playing with instagram filters. Digitally smoothing your face and adding eye makeup and antlers is not fucking manly. Cunts need a good kicking.

      • Afraid so MNC, maybe it’s a cunt test, see how far some cunts will go to become bigger cunts.

      • At least with a trout pout you don’t actually need a fish, just the brains of one. And these fuckers laugh at what people wore/did in the 70’s. Love to see what they think when they look back in 40 years.

      • Stick a big fuckin’ fishing hook through their lips Moggie! They say fish don’t feel pain.

  6. But they all wanna be superstar celebs don’t they? In Britain today nobody wants to work, put in a proper shift, make things to sell, nah, that’s old hat that is – they all wanna be on the telly and earn millions for doing fuck all – these are the cunt elites at work – the planet’s gone fucking mad

  7. Talking of ugly….did you know that whenever John Merrick walked into a room nobody ever mentioned it….

  8. It’s like looking at bell bottoms or brown shirts and kipper ties in the 70s.This time though you will never be able to fold over or cut out the photo.
    This time it’s for ever fucko. Cunts

  9. I’m not sure females should really have cameras in their telephones.
    Just look at those two! Good grief they are quite awful!

    And cunts as well.

    • The real tragedy is that these two no doubt think they’re stunners. The one on the right looks like she’s shit herself after a stroke.

    • “Straight outta Wetherspoons, straight outta the gutter”!
      “Cos you a needy ugly ass fucker”!
      The “ladies” in my Town dress up to go to Wetherspoons – I was completely unaware there was an evening-wear department in JD Sports!

      • Thank Dog phones don’t yet have the ability to transmit odours…

        Anti-STD mouthwash and kipper-minge.

  10. What do they think they look like? They’re ugly bitches filled with delusion thinking they’re attractive.
    Is it me or were girls better looking 20 or 30 years ago? Today they seem to be pramface mutts covered in fake tan.
    Pigs in knickers.

    • Definitely better-looking in the past. Imagine being a youngster now and seeing these two at kicking out time. Both are eight-pinters. The photo must’ve been taken just after a kebab. Mid-fart with a lot of smelly, liquid follow-through. Eight pints might not be enough when you pull down those shitty panties.

      • Exactly General. I never saw girls like that years ago. Are they girls or extras out if the new Lord of the Rings film?
        Loud ,ugly, graceless mutts.
        If you had taken that home as a teenage to see your mum she’d have locked you in your room for your own safety.

  11. Most girls and women that plaster themselves in a lot of heavy makeup are actually pig ugly.
    Also, when they do face posing for the camera, can end up with a very wrinkled forehead.
    Seen a lot of dog nose and dog ear filters on Tinder, even women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, completely unacceptable.
    I pulled a 19 year old bird once, when we woke up in the morning and all her makeup had rubbed off, she looked like a completely different person, she looked like a bad transsexual or bad transvestite, she was a brilliant fuck though, despite being a solid 5.5 out of 10.

    4mm thick makeup is just a prelude to plastic surgery, for those that can afford it.
    I don’t agree with any of it, don’t agree with thick makeup, nor trout pouting, nor dogs ears, nor plastic surgery, don’t agree with none of it.

    Gimme a bird from off of the 70s, 80s, 90s, I’d even accept a hairy bush, better than all this modern day nonsense!!

    Happy Cunting fellow Cunters!!

    • 1st tart: have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?
      2nd tart: no, but I’ve been swung round by the tits a couple of times.

  12. As a female, I find this shit bemusing. I am aiming this at women as I have yet to see a single selfie of a bloke (bar the giant poofs of this world of course) pouting and posing into their phones.

    Do they think this makes them more attractive and alluring? Newsflash, you dozy cows: it doesn’t. Not to man, woman, beast or anything in between.

    My young cousins (15-18 year olds) are up to his shenanigans on a daily basis. Selfie poses, lips out like Orville the Duck, those hideous, thick trowelled on eyebrows that give them the distinct air of Liam Gallagher about them and even worse, full body poses where they stick their arses and titties out like some fucking Page Three scrubber.

    Awful. Just awful. I honestly don’t know how young women…no actually, GIRLS of this age become so image and looks savvy at such a young age and more worryingly, so aware of their own sexuality with all of this slutty posing.

    It makes me want to give their mother (my cousin) a fucking kick in the snatch for allowing them to get up to this crap. If they were my kids, they bloody well wouldn’t.

    What ever happened to just smiling in front of a camera whilst trying not to look awkward? What is wrong with a photo without all of the Polyfilla makeup and rubber ring lips?

    Fuck me, It is official. I have turned into my Mother, no thanks to these cunts……

    • Most of my photos have been taken by the Police! I always pull a stupid face or generally misbehave, find photos silly, get told off and ordered to behave quite a lot!

    • Spot on Nurse Cunty.

      The two girls in the picture look as though they have been and got some collagen implants on their lips. My dentist has recently been taken over by an ambitious chap of sub-continent origin. As I am getting my molars fixed the new flat screen TV he has installed in the dental surgery is advertising the advantages of getting the collagen implants and a bit of Botox while you are at it. He is also a wow at dental implants apparently. My dentist, a good old boy of stolid and phlegmatic attitude didn’t like it at all. I think we are storing up problems for the future.

      My next port of call was the hairdresser to get my hair tidied up. The hairdressers was empty and I had a rather attractive 30 year old (looked younger but they all do nowadays) cut my hair and I mentioned this to her. Oh she says all dentists do it, all my mates have it done but I don’t need it as I have got quite full lips. She went onto say that the only surgery she would consider having done was a bit of flappy skin over her cesarean scar on her minimou. Apparently her boyfriend wasn’t too keen on it when he went down on her. I did think about asking her if she would show it to me.

      • Bloody hell, Wanksock! Hairdressers will talk about anything wont they!

        Yep, I find the whole cosmetic procedures thing a bit weird in dentists. My dentists also have someone who does filler, botox, etc. I blame these bloody shows like ‘TOWIE’ and ‘Love Island’ where all of those cunts have glow in the dark teeth, and smooth faces that resemble a blown up balloon. People want to kill two birds with one stone and get the teeth and face done at the same time.


  13. Ffs everytime I look at that picture it gets worse.
    The caption should read
    “Hammer Films Presents”

  14. My ex Mrs was better looking in the past. Years ago when we had our first home together, I walked through the front door and she was stood in the kitchen. We had two guests sat down in the lounge (her best mate and my best mate). I sniffed the air and said to the ex “what’s that smell ?”. “It’s the fat burning” she replied. Without hesitation I said “Well move away from the oven”. Our guests fucked off sharpish and I went round the chippy as she didn’t fuck about when someone upset her.

  15. It really is tawdry, vacuous and, above all, pathetic. If all of this excessive grooming — which usually entails fake tan, fake nails, fake eye lashes, hair extensions and lots of shaving — isn’t a damning indictment of society, I don’t know what is. It’s also toxic and dangerous, putting a lot of teenagers and young women under a considerable amount of pressure to look good (no wonder depression and anxiety rates are through the roof and so many of today’s yoof are receiving counselling). Oh, wait, I said women — the men (so-called men) are just as fuckin’ bad, with their fake tan, steroid-laden bodies, skin-tight jeans and no socks; they look like mannequins. I actually fear for the future of mankind. The digital age has ushered in a tsunami of cuntery, and fuck knows what the world will look like in 50 years from now! I shudder to think. (Good nom, incidentally.)

    PS: I may only be in my early 40s, but I’d still rather have a curvy, pale plain-Jane with wiry pubes and a big white arse that looks not unlike a giant golf ball. Big set of pendulous tits, too, please, Jeeves.

    • Let them do it because in 50 years time sharia law will prohibit any such behaviour. The rat-breeding ratio and double-barrelled social climbing immigrants will make these tango girls and boys a massive minority. The lefties are rolling over now and arguing the case for what will be a very very dark future… Excuse the pun.

      • Hi Funboy, Berties referring to the 80s pop band ‘Funboy3’
        A spin off from the Specials google them, might like them?
        I do.

      • Love the Specials and theyre good live,
        Cant do links Vern but check out ‘what i like most about you is your girlfriend’
        With Jerry dammers smiling at camera!
        Funny & talented!!👍

      • Fuckin ell Bertie I was going to spring that one the other day but, being the gent I am, thought it might appear rude to a new boy!! A mate of my father in law was a session player for the Specials, right old character with a fuck-off great RAF handlebar tache who played the saxophone

      • That’s him!!!! Lovely bloke, he opened a little coffee shop in dad-in-law’s tiny little village (Swineshead, there’s a proper lincolnshire name) – had two fucking great Irish Wolfhounds, used to mooch about like ponies while you were drinking your cappucino. Last time I spoke to him he was living in his land rover…..

  16. I wonder if the swollen lips act like a suction-cup when you deep-throat them?…handy if they did….save me from having to grab her lugs to keep her in place.

    I’d have a bash at the blond one but the dark one is a step too far even for me….nah, I’m fibbing..I’d pork either one of them regardless.

    • Not sure about that but they’re very good when plunging your toilet bowl.
      Good evening Dick.

      • Evening Bernie,
        I’ve not had a solid shite for 40 odd years….strangely enough it coincided with me starting to drink Guinness and Bushmills.

  17. The one on the right appears to have lost all motor skills. Better plough her face down or she might swallow her tongue.

    • I didn’t strangle her your honour, she was just so fucking drunk she gagged herself to death. No I didn’t notice, you don’t look at the mantlepiece when you’re stoking the fire, especially with a mantlepiece as ugly as that.

  18. The one on the left I would. Do you think those lips return to ‘normal’ when they’re not pouting?

    The dozy heifer on the right looks like a Labour MP.

    • The one on the right looks like a freeze frame of a slow mo video, when someone is standing in front of a fan or stuck their head out of a fast moving car.

      • Looks like they’re at a scat party. The one on the right is squeezing out a massive turd into Sir Keir Starmer’s expectant mouth.

      • The tales I could tell you Fiddler about the goings on at Creampuff Manor following my short but eventful butlering stint. RTC’s non-disclosure agreement was worth every penny in preventing me cashing in on front page tabloid filth.

      • I can well imagine,LL.

        The man is a Cad. He wouldn’t be welcome at The Hunt Ball…not “our type” I’m afraid.

      • Sometimes we have a Masked Ball. All the men wear horse masks and the women fox..with a fox-tail butt-plug hanging out their hoop….still not tempted?
        You’ll even get to see me tootling my horn while dressed in my Pinks.

      • RTC depraved? I can vouch for that.
        I’d never been on a pornographic site until Ruffy started posting links to them. The one he posted on bestiality had me recoiling in horror. I thought to myself, this is what they must mean by the ‘bark web.’ From someone who’s never had a dog in their life, even like the two in the photo, Mrs B is puzzled as to why I want one for my birthday.

      • Evening, m’Lord !

        Did you ever have Marg of Arg to your place ? She might’ve lowered the tone a bit. Apparently, went to her Harlot Street medic, the lift was severely “compromised”, when the doors opened she walked into the cabin…and it wasn’t there. She fell a couple of floors.
        Eventually recovered, and spent rest of her life getting shafted.
        Stories of hoods and aprons, and a famous organist abound…

    • Jeez, Ruff, was that necessary? Lol! The only scat I like is of the jazz variety.

      Btw, is that the Italian pornstar Rocco Siffredi in you av?

      • Seconded Ruff, I’d rather have a steaming turd dropped on my chest than have to listen to jazz, scat or otherwise

  19. A large dose of Syrup of Figs for the one on the right, she’s obviously very constipated.
    No future.
    Get To Fuck.

  20. Shambles Chukmeabutyy is at it again. Wants to launch a judicial review about HM Government’s plan to keep our muzzie scum cunts locked up.

    If there was ever a candidate for a compulsory burkah….

    Ugly rice muncher, this one.

  21. Grade a cunts. Unabashed fuckwittery of the highest order.

    There’s a cult film, Idiocracy, with every passing day we get closer towards this as humanities future. There simply aren’t enough wars to get rid of the cannon fodder blokes and leave the undesirable women as spinsters.

    • Idiocracy is an excellent film – if I was there I would be the 110,000th most intelligent person in the World – winner!

      • Yep, Idiocracy is ace. About time we got the Starbucks menu for real though with “full release” lattes

  22. A mate of mine blends his own whisky and works on the premise if you add quality to quality you likely to get quality, add shit to shit and you’ll likely get shit. There’s simply too much shit in the human gene pool now we’re all liberal about everything.

  23. Reminds me of a night many years ago when my then girlfriend persuaded me to spend a friday night baby sitting with her at her friend’s house. This one’s husband had left her and she wanted to have a night out for a change. We arrived there and I saw that her friend was a stunner, really pretty, nice and slim. I would have dumped my girlfriend and done a swap no problem, even with the kid. She went upstairs to get herself ready, when she came back down she looked fucking revolting with all the make-up she’d plastered on, her hair was terrible and her clothes looked ridiculous.
    Women are convinced they know what makes them attractive to men, but in reality they have no idea.

    • They complain men somehow force them to do all this shit because we judge them by appearance. They’re off their head, no man notices a womans make-up except how awful it looks! This make-up obsession is driven by other women, they’re all judging eachother, not us!

  24. Indeed, J peasmould. As the proverb goes: two wrongs don’t make a right. In the instance of this non, this is entirely apposite.

  25. I’ve always found that a woman can make herself attractive if she can get her feet behind her ears.
    I’m just an old fashioned traditionalist.
    Good evening.

      • Yes, we’ve had a very mild winter here.
        Various bulbs are flowering, cock blackbirds are scrapping with each other and the hazels are getting their catkins on.
        Spring is certainly on the way.
        The only dark cloud recently has been having to say a final farewell to the hound. She’d had a great life, but it still hurts like hell, as any dog owner knows.
        We soldier on !

  26. For those of you discussing fucking these two slags I doubt if either of them are very much older than 14, if that.
    Unless you pray five times a day and drive a taxi i’d put it out of your minds.

    • Or you could take them up the arse in Germany where the age of consent is 14. I’ll bet the Syrian taxi drivers are having a field day over there.

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