Not so Breaking news, more the flaming obvious.

As every one is going off topic and getting on my tits, Philip Schofield has made a number of announcements on social media and on live TV.

I for my part am surprised at the surprised reaction of a number of contributors. My rule of the thumb is if you use more beauty products than your partner then there is an issue (either way), so please feel free to mumble and grumble here.

as yet whether he likes cock or arse is not clear, but his mum and family love him, so should you.

Yours Day admin.


185 thoughts on “Not so Breaking news, more the flaming obvious.

  1. Your right mate on with that mate i mean apparently he has no intention of leaving his wife or fucking off with another bloke. If that’s the case why the fuck come out in the first place when you could have either kept it to himself or in the confines of his own home. I’t wont be long till he is on Piers Morgans life stories crying like a pathetic cunt of a man and him and his wife are doing an interview together and her banging on about how understanding she is and how supporting she is gonna be. FOR FUCKS SAKE WOMAN HE’S JUST TOLD YOU HE WANTS FUCKING COCK!!!!!. How can you support and understand that !, bet she’s thinking now why he always wanted to do anal with her. cunt cunt cunt cunt , he deserves slagging off for this.

    That could be the answer, sniff her vibrator and we will know the answer.

    • His wife probably hope she’ll get lots of invitation to tell her story and make a packet.
      Money grabbing immoral parasites.
      Not an ounce honour between them. She should divorce him immediately ,take him to the cleaners and shut her face and he should start wearing a 👗.


  2. Who? Had to google the cunt, being televisually challenged*. The crowd of cunts ‘reaching out’ to offer him their ‘support’ and concern is enormous: the same cunts would undoubtedly step without thinking twice over a stab victim in a pool of blood in the street. Nauseating. In any case gay is the new straight, and I’d have thought the gayness was more or less mandatory in luvvie/presenter circles these days. What a song and dance from a singing, dancing, mincing cunt.


    • I’d support old Peter …. well i’d support him for about 30 seconds before i let him go down a cliff the attention seeking woe is me cunt bastard. I wouldn’t mind but he’s on TV more than any cunt , still reckons it’s because he wants to be on Piers Morgans life stories and reckon he will before the year is out. I bet Piers is rubbing his hands right now after this came out. Well i guess he won’t be doing the advert for available because rumor has it he’s changing to available . 😄. If i was to say anything i’d just say what a stupid silly arse cunt you really are.

  3. I’m glad he’s finally decided to come out.
    It’s been a tough couple of months persuading our Pete to tell the world the truth.
    Yes, our Pete likes to receive.

    • Evening MPG.

      Who’s Pete?

      And what does Bent Dennis think about Phillip cümin’ aaaatt?

      I think we should be told.

  4. I have a feeling that Robbie Williams will follow the same route.
    Wife, kids, then admit is battyboy….

    No he will go bisexual, that way he keeps both fan sets.

    • Robbie fucking Williams now there is a cunt of all cunts i’m not even gonna start on him as it would be a looooooooong night , besides this is Philips day.

  5. Sitting on a sofa next to Willoughby and acting quite normally for years without looking blue-balled was a clue, as was hiding in a broom cupboard with a rodent.

    I would’ve lost it and plunged my head into her cleavage, muttering ‘willoughby-willoughby-willoughby’.

  6. What are the odds that this non-story will be on the front page news of all the national rags tomorrow!

    Never mind about Brexit, or the rapes and murders by “mental issue” camel jockeys, or any other major news item that will affect the many and not the few. No, fuck all that; let’s here it for this “brave” rich celeb for coming out against all the adversity and hate (none that I could see). So very brave; a hero in fact. He should be knighted etc etc

    Cunt on him and a bigger cunting on the media for turning a non-story into something the entire country should care about!

  7. I’ve hated this cunt for ages and now I hate this cunt even more.
    I remember after the Westminster Bridge attack this bender decided to ‘defy the terrorists and their threat’ and walked over Westminster Bridge…THE DAY AFTER THE ATTACK.
    Then the super rich cunt is on those we buy any car shite adverts…like he ever sold his motors on there and got ripped off.
    Now the bender is a bender, I assume as I haven’t bothered looking it up.
    What a cunt and I bet he’s got HIV.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  8. Was he bumming Elton? On the “We buy any car” advert, it clearly says ENTER REG…
    Why is being hailed as a hero? If he announced that he’d been shagging Linda from number 42,he’d have been called all the dirty cheating bastards under the sun. But because he’s a whoopsie, he gets praised.
    Never liked the cunt anyway.

    • Gordon the Gopher has given big Phil up, turned Queens evidence!
      Gordon currently in the witness protection programme masquerading as a squirrel, Willoughby finally realises why Philomena is the only Man in TV who hasn’t f*cked her!
      And on a final and somewhat tasteless ending a thought from one of my Australian chums – how do you get a gay Man to f*ck a Woman?

      S*t in her c*nt!

    • You can imagine my shock when I heard this news – Mrs. Boggs told me the minute I got in that old Phil was *one of them*.

      Whatever next? The Pope is Catholic – you heard it here first.

      At 60 whatever he is, he comes out – now I wish he would go back in again and fuck off.

  9. Who gives a fuck, really – what is it with these luvvie types????
    I’m going to have to ‘come out’ soon – as an old bloke with a colostomy bag, one leg longer than the other, with sweeping locks of no hair and a panchant for kicking celebrities YAAAAAAHHHH fuck’s sake ………

    • 1. why is this justified as national news ?
      2. who fucking cares ?
      3. it makes me sick – seeing footage of twat boy being hugged & ‘comforted’ by Willoughby ‘blank expression’ tits, Fat Eamon & his buck-toothed wife Ruth.
      4. why are people fawning over him like he’s just been given the all clear after chaemo ? He likes dick & has been lying to his wife & family – so what ?

      he was a massive cunt before – and still is

  10. Since you’ve decided to make an honest nom of him, another of those Harry and Paul tours de force seems yet more relevant than this morning’s.

    I did/do not know much about this cunt, and best remember him as a children’s TV presenter. (We only get BBC here in hurdy-gurdy land. Just to really piss you off, it’s free via cable – and has been since the 80s. We pay the same for cable TV, which includes BBC 1 & 2 as you do for the licence fee!) Consequently, I didn’t know that he was married with issue.

    Since when has going off topic been of any significance whatsoever is a little “quare-y” to Admin, who are getting heavily involved in the dialectic these days, queerly enough. Like children, I though you were supposed to be seen but not heard?

    Put you in your place here.
    1, This thread was created by admin from your posts as it spanned 3 threads.
    2,The comment you refer too was a one liner but will make an excellent thread when written up properly, I wont divulge the contents because it will undermine the article.
    3, as the longest serving admin here, who the fuck are you to tell me or any other admin how to do their job, check the site rules, abide or fuck off, it is quite simple.
    Thank you for your input.

    • Well done again admin, responding to topical issues and giving them room to fester.

      P.S. is this another spedding sock puppet?

    • Oranjeboom, why are you stirring shit here lately?

      As another admin here your comments really fuck me off, to be honest. I take time out of my day (my NIGHTS in fact, sitting up scheduling noms) and for the grand total pay of ZERO like all other admins here. I do it because I love the site and it is a labour of love, but what I don’t appreciate are rude cunts like you getting lairy about what we do. This site runs because of admin work, along of course with the valuable and funny contributions from cunters.

      Going off topic (especially when it creates a whole string of other comments which overtake someone’s nomination page) is not acceptable, not IMO anyway. It is like shitting on the nomination at hand and saying it is boring and let’s talk about something more interesting.

      As other admin said above, feel free to do one if you take issue with the way things are run here.

      Thank fuck you are here, I have been busting for a piss I hope they doc that off your pay check.
      Day admin out

      1 do I get overtime?
      2 do not fuck with the desk.

      • 1. Nah.
        2. Ok. I’ll keep the spilt ‘Special Brew’ stains down to a minimum.

        Sorry about my late arrival, day admin. I had a long swim in to work as that cunt Schofield’s tears had flooded the motorway.

        For future reference, I can recommend TENA pads. Helpful when you have a bursting for a slash moment……

      • I suppose I did ask why the “new direction” of admin input, Admin.

        Not too fussed, but in the interests of balance, I’d draw your attention that I’m not “guilty” of

        Going off topic (especially when it creates a whole string of other comments which overtake someone’s nomination page)…


        That’ll be Ruff Tuff, who pointed out the “breaking news” about Philip Schofield’s “brave emergence from the closet”. I then contributed a one-liner (the one about N°6, Players cigarettes, complete with a link to a relevant YouTube video.) strangely, that comment has been expunged in the transferring of comments to this new thread.

        Going off topic “is not acceptable” you say, but then I’ve yet to find anywhere on the site where more than 50% of comments are actually on-topic.

        What are TENA pads, btw? Not available here in Nederland. A quick Google reveals a product for soaking up wee wee marketed to ladies of a certain age.

        To Gutstick: I’m not a sock puppet, indeed I’m not too sure what that means…but can be a bit of a sick puppy. Again, not sure who/what you’re referring to as I’m pretty new to isac. Do tell more!

        No offence meant, just curious. I had imagined this place to be largely free from paranoia, which besets loads of other dank and gooey corners of the www. I hope I’m not wrong – I like dank and gooey corners!

      • You are new to this site. When I first started on this site, I kept my head down. I OBSERVED rather than trying to lead. I won’t have you saying anything about RTC. He’s a gentlemen who’s been on this site for some time and whose comments are worth three times more than anyone else’s.

      • No, on reflection, I’m being a bit too generous there. That should read “are worth three times more than most others! “

      • I could imagine him burrowing away in a back office with piles of paperwork as some cunts Parliamentary aid or the like.

      • off topic, but, found out about tena pads the hard way.
        Did some work for the lady down the road, minimum charge job just a tena.
        I have changed odd job pricing to eleven quid now to prevent that mix up ever happening again.

  11. Why has he bothered doing this? Either there was a tabloid scoop on the way, or he’s just attention seeking. If he was keeping his banditry private and he was about to be ‘outed’, then I will have some sympathy for him. Not enough of these media turds keep their private life private, so it’s a sad day when another one expresses the need to be identified by who or what they fuck. If he’s doing it for the attention, then he needs a different type of foot jammed up his arse than he’s planning on.
    I’m also sick of the label of hero attached to these cunts who make a big show of their sexuality or gender issues. A classic example of this was ex rugby Wendy, Gareth Thomas admitting that he was HIV positive last year. The media, both standard and social, was awash with sycophants calling him a hero for bringing it to a largely uninterested world’s attention. Admittedly it was to shut down an expose by the gutter press, but if he wanted to actually do some good with his predicament, he could have regretted his promiscuous lifestyle of having rough unprotected sex that resulted in him catching the disease, and the extra unnecessary burden he has put on the NHS regarding the lifelong cost of treatment. Cunt.

  12. FUCK ME just got ITV news and on the headlines it’s showing Philip Schofield on this morning crying giving hollie a hug.

  13. Miserable wanker unfortunate enough to see his selfrightous performance on the news proper me me me scant mention of how the wife of 20 odd years are really dealing with it the cunt

  14. It’s about time Ben Fogle did an intimate portrait of Philip and his missus and kids – he could call it Escape from the Cuntry

  15. What is it with all these famous people nowadays , i mean if it’s not mental health it’s being gay or both if you really want the attention. In saying that i reckon that will be Phil’s next trick along with suffering from bulimia. Personally i reckon his wife caught him wanking over Gay porn or caught him wearing her clothes while doing it. Won’t be long before the autobiography come out .

  16. If the most interesting thing about you is your sexuality then you are one fucking boring cunt

  17. I have it on very, very good authority that Mr Schofield has rubbed up a few bosses the wrong way, he has long been Mr ITV and since his attack on Dave Cameron ‘live’ on This Morning he has grown an ego and has got people sacked (runners on This Morning).
    There were rumours ITV where thinking of replacing him & Holly on TM and the ratings have been poor since they started extending the show to 150mins from the previous 120mins, both he and Holly got pay rises (figures unknown), also it is rumoured he had an injunction on a certain ITV star whom he had an affair with back in 2017.
    I , and many others at ITV believe he has come out now because ITV are thinking of ditching him and so he can claim they are ‘gay phobic’ when they do not renew his golden handcuffs deal.

    This is all rumour of course, but much like Saville, everyone in the media knew the rumours but the injunction stopped the papers every revealing it.
    It is also rumoured he was at the infamous Michael Barrymore party.

  18. As with a few others here, I couldn’t give a bugger if Scofey’s a handbag twirler, and as for all the brave revelation stuff, it’s embarrassing. Such fucking USA dewy eyed slush; why do we have to copy everything they do over the pond. I don’t doubt he’ll get a standing ovation from an audience somewhere when he appears on set, USA style!

    I happen to think the timing of this announcement is rather contrived to be honest. Very recently, there have been rumblings behind the scenes at ITV over this guy’s attitude and behaviour and as many of you know he’s seriously pissed off Ruth (85000 miles but immaculate and serviced regularly) Langsford over an interruption issue on Loose Women. Also there was the bust up between him and Eammon Holmes at the TV awards. Could be that he wants to garner feelings of goodwill/admiration to deflect any bad or even unsavoury gossip coming out in the media. It does smell fishy, and I’m not talking about his frenulum by the way.

    • Gay? Not gay? Only big Phil is bothered, but Schofield knows this is an easy last payoff if he gets sacked (seems inevitable but as far as I am aware for other reasons) because he can immediately claim discwimination and walk away with a fat “out of Court” settlement!

      Never knew Admin did not get paid for what they do by the way, so for what it’s worth – thanks Admin and well done! 👍

      • Well he’s worth nearly an estimated 10 million as it and chances are they daren’t sack him especially as gays and the blacks and tranny’s have more rights than us white people do nowadays. He is gonna make even more money now he’s came out , they will be autobiography’s , interviews , chat shows the fucking lot. Saying all that i guess the only thing he really wants is a big fat cock up his fucking arse . And yeah thanks admin just stop moderating my messages (jokes). 😉

  19. I recall this doughnut puncher getting the best looking male award in the 1987 Smash Hits reader’s poll… That’s the day a great music magazine died… From bands like XTC,The Bunnymen, and The Jam on the cover to a squeaking puppet cunt… Oh, and his gopher and all…

  20. Of course, this squeaking shirtlifter will get endless sympathy and libfuck woke bellends calling him brave and other arselicking crap… When he should be called out as a fucking weasel for leading his wife a right merry dance… But, of course nobody will give a fuck about her as Philip The Fruit will bask in the glow of his SJW army of wellwishers and his (lack of) morals will not be questioned… Fucking sickening…

  21. Wont be selling a motor “to we buy any car” and I’m worried for that poor puppy hes stroking you dont know where he draws the line now hes started giving in to his urges, ” so Schofield “

  22. I always assumed there was a lot more going on in that BBC broom cupboard in the I80’s and 90’s than messers Schofield, Peters and Crane let on…

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