James Abbott-Thompson

You can only imagine a real BAME sense of entitlement drives the son of the current Shadow Home Secretary, the lovely Diane.

James Abbott-Thompson appeared before a judge at Thames Magistrates Court where he was accused of 11 crimes – most of them on NHS property.

He is alleged to have gone on the rampage attacking nine people including five emergency workers, two of whom were assaulted on the same day.

The 28-year-old faces nine charges of assault, a charge of of racially aggravated criminal damage and one of exposure over the past five months.

George Gross, defending, said: ‘The defendant proposes to indicate not guilty pleas.’

He sounds a real charmer, doesn’t he? Exposing himself, hitting, biting – for the many not the few I am sure. How lucky we are to have a “resistance” of such characters.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

We now know the full extent of this privileged, odious punk’s charge sheet. THREE assaults on police officers, one count of exposing himself to hospital staff, several violent attacks on nurses and doctors, racially/religiously aggravated assault…

How the fuck does a person collect so many charges without having been hauled before a judge ’till now!? If I committed just one of these it’s a prison term, this prick has 11. How did somebody so dysfunctional and savage as to be beating nurses get a job as a fucking diplomat for our nation!? Why the fuck is this prick still allowed through the doors of any hospital in the country? One attack on NHS staff should mean a red card you son of a fucking architect!

What’s the bet this filth pleads mental health problems, promises to get help and doesn’t get a single day in the nick? The rodent should be in prison, banned from using NHS services, and stripped of British citizenship.

Nominated by The Return of Rev. Shagga

James Abbott seems to be being treated somewhat leniently by our justice system. It has been suggested that this could be because his mother is the Shadow Home Secretary.

You might very well think that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Nominated by Francis Urquhart

74 thoughts on “James Abbott-Thompson

  1. The really disturbing aspect of this saga is that whilst his antics were recorded in several newspapers prior to the election there was no mention of it on the BBC. I think that we all know what the coverage would have been if it had been a relation of Nigel Farage or Tommy Robinson (real name….).

    • I emailed the BBC about this and this was the reply i got
      “While Diane Abbott is a high profile public figure and Shadow Home Secretary, her son is an independent adult. We needed to consider why it would be justified to report a story about him when the main reason for doing so was his mother’s prominence.

      We thought hard about this story and decided not to run it on BBC News because we were not satisfied that there was a sufficient public interest justification for doing so”
      Proper bunch of Cunts

  2. A tale to warm us up on a Winter’s day. What hobbies were this little weirdo practising while the Flabbotasaurus Rex was blurting out garbage such as ‘Black mothers love their children more than white mothers’? Sadly, this untouchable freak will spend about as much time in prison as (Labour MP) Kate Osamor’s son when he peddled Class A filth at a music festival.

    It’ll soon blow over and overweight, racist Lady Di can resume attempting entry level Maths while guzzling buckets of red meat and mojitos.

  3. Cunt parents raise cunt kids. Never mind uncle Steptoe will have a word with his commie cunt mate ( the judge ) to give the vicious golly a lenient punishment , anger management , psychiatric help, community service. Rotten to the fucking core the lot of em !

    • I smell a new BBC vampire series:

      Count Blackula – an horrific tale of a monster who arrives in England to terrify and bite white nurses. He was born from the womb of another grotesque beast – Vlabb the Imbiber.

      • The BBC would certainly commission this one, plenty of effnicks, trannies, gays and political intrigue. I , for one ,cannot wait for it to hit our screens.

      • BBC are also considering a new series based on the monster’s final hours. After bursting into a hospital ward, the creature exposes himself to a group of nurses before throwing one over his shoulder and climbing to the top of the hospital water tower. The government send in a fighter plane and the monster is mortally wounded by the plane’s gunfire before hurtling to the ground.
        It all sounds a bit too far fetched for me.

      • Especially as the Bofors machine gun on my Sopwith Camel is f*cking stuck!

        Was it not Diane Abbott who advocated a “zero tolerance policy” on people who assaulted members of the emergency services?

      • Probably. She’s advocated ‘zero tolerance’ of just about everything else her adoring public objects to. But this is clearly to the point:


        In which: “All assaults on the police are unacceptable…”

        Clearly, young James, whose private schooling (as the son of a hypervocal faux-egalitarian socialist) should have taught him better, should be made an example of.

        Bring back the pillory!

      • No hyphen at “faux-egalitarian” and “hypervocal” is a Septic neologism too far….

        But then I notice CS constantly fucked up correct usage of hyphenation, so I can’t be him, can I?

        I blame Daddy.

        Be nice

      • He (CS) is incredibly easy to emulate… or “channel” as K would put it.

        When he first arrived here (March-ish last year?) I notice that K was initially convinced he was some twat off another blogsite.

        Bit of a recurring theme, praps?

      • As CS (you) announced that you were active on another site I use, I had fair grounds for accepting the announcement – after checking back and finding ‘James’ on CM. ‘James’ and its sockpuppets are actually rather versatile trolls – chameleons, I think I suggested at the time – but their motives are unclear. ‘Onanistic mischief’ covers it, I think. That said, you disapprove of people playing with the language for the sake of variety, which probably makes you American.

        No he is home grown, works in a shit hole though.

      • Gagging of a new kind, but no Slovakian chicks this time. Quite why my (real) identity is such a matter for speculation is genuinely mysterious.

        I suppose these speculations suggest a reply request (otherwise why comment?) though I’m not sure they actually deserve one.

        I’m not American, but “home-grown”. I’ve lived all my life in the UK, from Greater London to Greater Manchester with the West Midlands and a brief dalliance with East Kilbride (that really was a shit hole) in between.

        Komodo’s “James” (aka at least a dozen other handles) on Craig Murray’s laudable but laughable website certainly was CS on here. I wouldn’t describe him as a troll, though perhaps a little off his trolly a more condign¹ synopsis. Quite why he persisted on either site is a mystery, and “onanistic mischief”, although concise, is scarcely comprehensive as a motive for such long-term activity. He indicated he was bored shitless on several occasions, which seems a likely explanation.

        I personally do not work (much), either in a shit hole or elsewhere (I’m either too young, too old, or too wealthy… your guess, hehe).

        Risking turning ISAC into a “dating site in reverse”: I’m white, male, 40s, educated to undergraduate level, solvent and looking to move to Norway in the coming year to resume a career in the oil and gas industry. Lizards need not reply; I’m a republican.

        ¹ see how easy it is to mimic CS? I’ve looked at loads of his posts, and thought them mostly quite entertaining

  4. If this is the ‘best and the brightest’ from around the world then it’s not difficult to understand why his part of the world would be considered barely habitable by civilized human standards. If I was put in a hospital ward with this cunt I’d smash him in the face with a brick in retaliation for each of the nurses he’s swung his arms at.

    • “Bombaklaat”
      Etc – and a big thanks to my correspondent from Ghana for the interpretation of these words (cheers Eugene!)
      I may be wrong but was it not Abbott the Gutt who advocated a “zero tolerance policy” on people who assaulted members of the emergency services?

      When interviewed Abbgutt – relieved she escaped the nets of that awful Japanese trawler – sighed, turned her head slightly to look coquettishly upwards, lowered her voice to a breathy whisper, gave a little sigh of exasperation said “but, sigh, interviews aren’t about answering questions Laura, sigh, with my gut and your ego we need a bigger room” – now can you borrow a crayon from Granny Angela so I can work out how many units of taxshpayer funded alcohol I have had since breakfast”?

      Although she may have asked for an exemption for fat drunken self serving talentless racist bitches who accidentally kill people after rolling on them whilst pissed!

      Just hiring four helicopters to transport DA to Fishlake – they need sandbags..

  5. Must be great to be part of a privileged protected minority. If he sees the inside of a prison cell I will flap my arms and fly to the Moon.

    • Being a minority in Britain is great – you get access to bursaries, scholarships and internships, especially in government departments, that other people do not, you have all firms being told to hire you, even if you are not the best for the job, you can play the race card to gain sympathy from the courts and intimidate other people, and you can blame the majority for all of your failings in life. It’s such a shame we can’t do blackface anymore.

  6. I thought Abbott’s low profile during the election was down to her being such a vote loser beyond her slow witted constituency, but could it be that this cunt was about to be arrested? The timing seems a bit suspect. Even when she finally appeared on Election Day, she had two left shoes on, the daft cunt.
    She has famously said that West Indian mums are superior, and the reason she sent the little cunt to private school, after slagging off private schools as elitist, was to prevent her son turning out a cunt. Neither worked love….

      • What a fat fucking dummy.
        Thought my hate for flabbott had peaked, but no!
        New plateau of HATE for this dozy,patronising, cant do maths, cunt.

      • Poor Diane Abbott – shit at maths but enough financial acumen to realise that a hundred grand spent on the right legal advice can keep her Son out of prison.

      • Am I being waaycist for clicking on that link?

        Will Big D send some feral b*stard to show me his cock and bite me?

        I am scared now!

      • Thanks Vernon, now youve got me worried!
        Abbott jr coming to show me his liquorice stick and chomp on me!
        Thought it might of been him knocking at the door earlier and panicked!
        Swiftly opened door and threw a kettle of boiling water over the figure outside!
        Luckily it was just the window cleaner!
        Felt a bit embarrassed.

  7. If the count does one day of chalky, or one hour of commoonity service I’ll be amazer.

  8. Oh a Biter! We have a biter here!
    Now now son stop struggling youll only hurt yourself!
    The ball gags for everyones benefit,
    Didnt your mummy teach you biting is naughty?
    Now this is my dog Freya.
    Shes a Akita, shes your teacher for today, topic?
    Youve guessed it biting! Well done not as dumb as your mum are you son?
    Anything to say before i let go the lead?
    Sorry your mumbling
    “See em off, get him!
    (My new favour daydream )
    Miserable of the North 2020

  9. One of the charges he faced was for indecent exposure. You’d think a lawyer would know better than to show a ward of nurses his ‘briefs.’

  10. Undoubtedly a real chip of the old block, and the ugly block at that. What I find a bit odd about the whole business is the cunt’s penchant for causing bovver in and around NHS premises. Anybody got any idea what the story is behind this?

    • I think he was protesting the lack of minorities that work in the NHS , he got angry and then his skin really hit the fan.

      • Pity somebody doesn’t wang the cunt around the head with one; a real case of the fan hitting the shit.

  11. Maybe he’s dyslexic and confused the letters NHS with KFC. The sense of disappointment would drive any Abbopotamus offspring crazy.

    Anyway it’s all the fault of cunts like you lot. How would you like cunts constantly taking the piss out of your Mum? You bastards.

  12. Obviously the poor lamb is having some issues. When he goes to court it will all be sorted out. If he was white his feet would not touch the ground. The cunt.

  13. Once upon a time someone would have properly filled this cunt in and saved us all a lot of mither.
    Dear me the Gayness of the 21st century….
    Fuck off.

  14. Vile little cockroach. Offspring of flabbott the Hutt so what do you expect?
    The CPS (criminal protection service) will ensure he faces no more than a hefty fine (paid by his fat-pig of a mum) and a couple of hours of community service. I hope the judge however is a closet ISAC member with an NHS doctor of a wife and sends the little cunt to HMP bellmarsh where I hope some peaceful inmates make him airtight every fucking night.

    • Or Wandsworth. More overcrowded, 40% of inmates are foreign nationals, and there’s fuck-all to do. (Source: Howard League). Handy for Hackney, too.

    • “…paid by his fat-pig of a mum.”
      Thus it’s the taxpayer i.e. you and me who’ll ultimately pick up the fucking tab to pay ourselves a fine we (via the court system) imposed on this silver-backed yard ape in effect underwriting his recurrant T.N.B??? Call me over analytical but anyone else seeing the flaw here?

  15. I work security in a hospital. If that feral cunt did that to the nurses where I work he woupd have had his teeth kicked out. Gutless tree creeping savage

    • It would be wonderful if such creatures were aware of the saying ‘You reap what you sow’.

  16. He problaby started out clutching the apron, but now throws ’em around like hot potatoes. Be realistic. Can’t be a gangsta if you’ve had every advantage going, sweetie.

  17. The little CUNT was a token person of colour at Cambridge University, just like Mummy, then his stunning non architectural ability got him a senior post in the Foreign Office. Pity he had not followed his father’s route into architecture instead, he might then have received his just deserts and not wasted all of the tax payers’ hard earned money

    • It would be great if the people who let him into Cambridge and the F.O. Were held to account. I am pretty certain that interviews are now videoed.

    • “then played serial tazers on the cunt.”

      What a fabulous and heart warming tableau, shuckin’ n’ jivin’ like a thunderbird puppet doing the funky chicken.

  18. Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree with this brat.

    I bet he is still sucking off of Mummy dearest’s pendulous titties, her precious little baby boy. A typical spoiled, indulged, black son with a ‘he can do no wrong’ Mother who thinks the sun shines out his arse. They are all the same and it doesn’t matter what the crime is.

    Theft – “He’s a good boy really”.
    Mugging -” My boy woudn’t hurt a fly”.
    Stabbing – ” He’s a wonderful son who got in with the wrong crowd”.
    Murder – ” They have the wrong person. He’s a good, Christian boy”.
    Assault – “He was being racially profiled and got frustrated”.

    You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that the cunt has probably never heard the word “NO” in his whole life up until now, and is used to getting his own way. Flabbott will come come up with a ton of excuses as to why he is the way he is and how it will undoubtedly be society’s fault for passing judgement on young, black men, making them bitter and resentful and a whole host of other weasel words to explain his deviance.

    Own it bitch. Your son is an arsehole.
    He is an utter cunt who came out of an utter cunt’s vagina. Full stop, end of conversation.

  19. And the BBC were absolutely desperate for this cunts mother to be our next Home Secretary.
    Fucking weird.

  20. This is going to be handled with kid gloves with the plods and CPS tiptoeing for the lightest treatment possible not because the cunt deserves it, but because that word WAAAAAYYYYCISM is going to be flung around like caged chimps flinging shit at all and sundry. What’s the betting that he’s going to get little more than a slap on the wrist and even with that his elephantine mother will be screaming “white privilege” and all the usual shite with Magic Grandpa hovering in the background with fellow race-baiter the po-faced reverse racist Dawn Butler.

  21. Imagine, and shudder at the narrow escape we had from the educationally subnormal race-baiter as Home secretary with her ghastly offspring hiding behind and protected by mummy’s political position and her Melanin Shield of Invulnerability.

  22. My poor darling boy, I see now why you were upset having to endure NHS treatment, whilst mumsie promised only the best for my baby boy, surely en-suite facilities at one of London’ finest private medical establishments is the least that spawn of the Flabbotumus could expect.
    Not to worry the judgiepoos will understand this loss of entitlement, as for that horrid policeman placing his leg in your mouth I can’t imagine the trauma that must have caused you

    • Little cunt needs a good kicking, ungrateful fucking non entity. Weird thing about Abbott, she’s got the reverse Midas touch, everything she touches turns to shit yet still she hangs onto the teat of public finance like a lobotomised greenfly. There really is no natural justice in the present world.

      • If that’s original material then I doff my my hat, that made me laugh. Fucking greenfly…

  23. 28??? More like 50-fucking-8. Anyone checked his birth cert and IDs? I’m pretty sure that back 20 years ago there was never any mention of the Flabbopotomus having a sprog.

    • Diane Abbott’s Son was just celebrating the fact he could bite something that did not then deflate halfway across the channel!

  24. This big turd is a good old fashioned Retard, lets hope he gets the same treatment in prison as Steven Biko got.!

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