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Gambling advertising is a cunt.

Every day there seems to be more and more adverts for various different gambling firms trying to muscle in on their share of a quick quid. On the front of football shirts, funky, colourful adverts that make it cool and fun, which for me, seems to be made to appeal to kids as well as adults, but no one is talking about the problems that gambling brings. In the last two years, problem gambling among the 11-16 year olds has soared, according to a gambling commission audit which was reported in The Daily Mail. Mobile apps have proved popular with this age group, with betting games being most played.

There are thousands of adults that have lost everything due to gambling: home, relationships, job, the list is endless and frankly, these betting firms don’t care. They wheeled out the slogan “when the fun stops, stop”. That’s really responsible, isn’t it? It’s like telling a cannibal to stop eating people when they don’t enjoy it so much.

It’s huge business and there’ll be a lot of money being made at someone else’s expense.


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  1. The gambling ads always seem to be preceded or succeeded by some nefarious loan-shark outfit ad with eye-watering, legalised usury interest rates.

    Still, they can hock the kids Xmas presents at Cash Converters to pay for it. Another ad which either succeeds or precedes the loan-shark ads, in that advertisement triumvirate of cuntitude!


  2. “ gertcha money dan at 365 !! Markets in play” chortles faux cockney man of the people and primrose hill resident ray winstone, showing a pub full of Normal working folk scrabbling around on mobiles to flush their hard earnt down the fucking toilet at winstones command as they wrongly perceive him “ one of us” …..
    Although a towering cunt I bet he’s not silly enough to “ have a bang “ on anything other the fat chq 365 write him every year!!
    Fuck 365 and all the other parasites but especially fuck winstone for endorsing this kind of bollocks ……
    I particularly hate the disclaimer
    “ bet responsibly “ ? That’s fucking laughable as anybody gambling on a regular basis isn’t particularly responsible …….
    It’s like saying to an alcoholic “ 14 units a week “ CUNTS

    • Denise Coates
      Denise Coates CBE (born 26 September 1967) is a British billionaire businesswoman, the founder and joint chief executive of online gambling company Bet365. In October 2019, Forbes magazine estimated her net worth at $12.2 billion.

      I suppose the 365 is the number of days you can gamble in a year. All day, every day.

  3. Two friends come to mind. I called round-knocked on his door, ‘What did you knock for you’ve ruined my run now…’ That was online at home. The other ‘OK, look after £40 for me’. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes’. Then he won. Mad at me ‘I could have won bigger’.

    • A colleague at work would keep feeding the fruit machine, at a local club, until he won the £100 jackpot, at which point he would overflow with joy and ‘drinks all round’. He never even noticed how often it cost him twice that to do it, often cashing numerous cheques at the bar, and he wouldn’t listen when you tried to point it out to him.

      • As a kid I worked in a pub (wash up) and the fruit machine has settings, so on the weekend you can set it to 1 in 12 so of the 12 who play one wins and in the week one in four .
        I have made money on fruit machines but they were the old geared mechanism ones that worked on 7 14 28 and re set.
        To my shame I met these in Africa and worked them out whilst sitting at the bar so it was a bit like card counting, the fee was 10 kobo which is about 1p but rather unfair on the locals who had little grasp on math.

  4. ‘I love the sense of community. You feel you know everyone’ or similar

    is said in one of the cunting adverts. Really?

  5. Another evil that can laid at the door of labour, deregulation under them led to the explosion of gambling sites, with more and more of these mindless cash frittering opportunities popping up daily. The tories have done little to address the problem, but it would be unpopular to take away what a load of cunts think is fun, and plays into the nasty party narrative.
    The ads are all annoying beyond belief, from the oi oi! footy lads themed cunts, telling the slack jaws there is now more ways to win(lose), to the roulette types featuring the cool cunt with the dicky bow, when the reality is some cunt sitting on a toilet, soiled pants around his ankles, betting away the last two quid of his JSA.
    Then there are the slots and bingo sites, aimed squarely at the dummy skummy mummy, with what appears to be great success, as that Bet365 women took home 265 MILLION pounds last year.

  6. The gambling industry is a cunt, full stop.

    I don’t, nor ever have felt the need for a flutter or whatever it’s called, so I guess I’m lucky.

    The misery caused by gambling is off the fucking scale, and just to make a few rich cunts even richer.

    • Drug addiction will take everything and everyone you have then kill you.
      Alcoholism will take everything and everyone you have then kill you.
      Gambling will take everything and everyone you have and keep you alive but wanting to die.
      Gambling is aimed at emptying the pockets of the poor.
      No further comment needed.

      • Vernon – A succinct and eloquent summation. Were I wearing a hat I should doff it to you Sir.

  7. Watched that programme a few months ago about Harry rednapp putting together a football team of ex footballers. Had Paul Merson on who basically had a breakdown on TV about his gambling addiction and good old Harry was trying to sort him out.
    Not two weeks after the programme we see good old Harry advertising his pimply arse for a gambling company.
    Hypocritical CUNT!!

  8. My missus says my addiction to poker has now become unbearable and she’s considering leaving me.
    I think she’s bluffing….

  9. What surprises me is how the government just doesn’t give a shit about the causes and effects gambling has on a growing number of desperate people!

    As already posted here, gambling advertising is all over the fucking place, not least at football grounds and kits etc. Ironically previous governments and advertising watchdogs banned the use of cigarette and alcohol advertising at these very same sporting venues along with associated sponsorship deals. I think its about time the same cunts stepped in and did something about gambling (or would the cynic in me suggest they don’t want to miss out on all that extra tax revenue!)

  10. Good Nom. Normally I deride ‘addicts’ as weak cunts but I feel sorry for gamblers. They can’t even try and relax and watch a bit of TV without some cunt coming on telling them how much they could win, watch a football match without the changing live odds being pushed at them. Trying to resist a bet when your being barracked day and night is extremely unenviable, it’s like being a junkie with your dealer constantly coming round to tap on your window without ever giving up.

  11. A friend of mine in her 50s had her husband commit suicide due to his gambling debts. She lost her husband and home as well . I cannot understand why the gambling companies are allowed to advertise on tv. As many of you have pointed out ‘when the fun stops…’ A load of bollocks.

  12. I’m off work recovering from surgery. The adverts for gambling are on all day, every day. There must be dozens of fucking online bingo sites alone. It’s a despicable situation.

  13. ‘When the fun stops, stop’.
    Yep, that’s going to influence the compulsive gambler to modify his behaviour that is. Talk about trying to give the appearance that you actually give a fuck. The gambling industry is a cunt.
    Bang on the button bit of cunting Evil.

    • Too true, what a fatuous statement, like telling a drunk to stop drinking. Or is that just me?

  14. If people are fucking stupid enough to ruin their lives with this shite then let them…I couldn’t give a cold dead rats ass for the gamblers or the fucking disgusting companies that take advantage of them.

    Same goes with idiots killing themselves with drugs, tobacco products or booze…drink and smoke up I say.

    Online gambling seems to very popular with the offence of “theft by employee”…you can see it every week that some tart has ruined a company by stealing to feed a dim-witted gambling addiction. Apart from that one who stole from the Grenfell fund to buy a 12 inch purple dildo…she was class.

  15. I used to do high stakes gambling, The stake was my life, (I did not know I would loose sanity as a side bet) I did very well (well I am typing this arnt I) For that reason I do not play games of “Chance” I think I may have used my luck up.
    I do however have a subscription to the lottery, simply because you have to be in it to win it.
    The only notable win was £700 although I think I have had more “lucky dips” with them than the MRS!

    • I dont gamble, no interest in it.
      Its a rigged game and fucks up peoples lives.
      I wouldnt even know how to go in a bookies and place a bet.
      Known a few gamblers, not got happy lives, certainly not rich.
      Give it a miss.

      • You and me both Miserable. Just don’t get it. I wouldn’t know what to do in a bookies either.

      • You know Ghee, ive known lads that are clever, high functioning decent blokes, that then spunk the months housekeeping, leaving their missus in tears.
        Why would someone do that?
        If a dozy twat like me can see its a con surely they could?
        Its a disease, real addiction isnt it?

  16. Strange that the govt reduced the maximum stake (£2) on fixed odds betting terminals in betting shops thus acknowledging that a problem exists, but has done nothing in relation to on line gaming/gambling even allowing the never ending stream of adverts to continue and contrast that to the pariah status with anything to do with smoking.
    I doubt that it would be too difficult to enact some law/regulation whereby a punter is prevented from staking ridiculous amounts in the merest of time frames, obviously it would require all platforms to share data on punters to be effective.
    Then again don’t the banks have some responsibility if they see monies flooding out of the account or more likely ever accumulating debts on the card, I would have thought that would be in their best interest to call a stop on that, I hardly think they expect to make a profit on the overdraft interest payments if they do they must be stupid
    Government inaction on this issue is to my mind bordering on criminal, notwithstanding all the invested interests of TV advertising, sports sponsorship and tax revenues

    • The government is using addiction to prop them up – also ties in with the bread and circuses mentally that blights so many governments now.

  17. All nominations are excellent.
    This one in particular really chimes with me.
    I don’t begrudge anyone whom gambles.
    I remember my mum telling me many moons ago that the only winner is the house (the betting shop). If everyone (members of the public) won there’d be no betting shops.
    I detest gambling advertisements. They should be banned from the television, glossy magazines etc just like tobacco was all those years ago.
    Advert: “When the fun stops, stop”
    Me: “Fish off!”

    Imagine adverts for guns.
    “Always use responsibly”
    I suppose it’ll be OK for them to advertise as long as they say that.

    I’ve not gambled in a betting shop but I have bought lottery tickets and scratch cards.
    I suppose those 2p coin machines at the arcades when I was a child was a form of gambling.
    I don’t remember whom said it but gambling is a tax on hope.

  18. The “When the fun stops, stop” Line is there to look like they take responsibility, but it ultimately rests on the people who are addicted.

    Reminds me of Immortan Joe’s line in Fury Road:

    “Do not my friends, become addicted to water – it will take hold of you, and you will come to resent its absence” – Right after using it to manipulate people.

  19. Gambling is also incorporated into video games, with micro transactions, that if ignored, would render the game impossible. Cunts.

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