Peter Tatchell (2)

Oh, what a gay day to offer a tinsel and glitter cunting of that elderly poofter, the self-righteous, publicity hungry, Peter Tatchell.

This time the great man is swinging his handbag at the BBC – not because of their political bias, but because a BBC1 comedy show ‘Gavin and Stacey’ is going to use the word *faggot* in the context of a song.

“The BBC wouldn’t use the n-word””, the old queen whines. No ducky, but then I am not the Director General. Just try me if I were.

How the mighty are fallen – once it was mincing down the street to arrest foreign dignitaries, now it is sniping at some elderly comedy show on the telly.

Peter dear, fuck off and remember another song sang often at Christmas – “Nobody Loves A Fairy When He’s Forty”, and despite all the make-up it is obvious you are well past that…well past.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

77 thoughts on “Peter Tatchell (2)

  1. The same Peter Tatchell who, in the days of the “Militant Tendency” marched in support of members of the P@edph@le Information Exchange.
    THAT Peter Tatchell?
    Maybe he ought to keep his head down.
    The cunt…

  2. Being fair to the old Arse-Bandit….anything that might get that dreadful “Gavin and Stacey” and the equally appalling “Fairytale of New York” removed from the airwaves can only be a good thing.

    • The Gays do too much protesting. This is because they only work for a few weeks of the year. If the Pantomime season was extended to 6 months,the Gays would be too busy playing The Ugly Sisters or The Pantomime Dame to get their frilly bloomers in such a twist.

      • I suspect Mr Fiddler you’re sick of ‘Fairytale’ because the imagery is too urban. But don’t give in there is another Irish ‘Air’ you could hum today while you’re about you’re tasks. That is more in keeping with your pastoral living as well. The (hardy) perennial ‘Londonderry Air’,

        Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
        From glen to glen, and down the mountain side.
        The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling,
        It’s you, it’s you must go and I must bide.

      • Perhaps. but they’re very useful as bowling-balls. Find a well-polished supermarket-aisle,grab your Munchkin by the scruff of it’s neck and seat of it’s pants,take a run-up and launch your Leprechaun at the family standing in the Vegetarian aisle discussing which Quinoa to have for dinner that night.

      • Disagree Moggie!
        Great on the bottom shelves!
        Admittedly top shelves are a problem,
        But seeing two dwarves one on the others shoulders stacking shelves warms the heart!
        Bit like ‘its a knockout’

      • I must be the only cunt left in Blighty that has never watched Gavin and Stacey. I mean that fat cunt Corden is in it and its on the BBC which is well known to be 98.6 per cent lefty cunts so to me it’s not worth the risk of putting my foot through the screen like i feel like doing with every other BBC ‘comedy’.

      • I’ve never seen any more than two minutes on ads for the show, and it looks as funny as pissing out a kidney. Plus, I’ve never watched an isis beheading video, but I might if they were doing James Corden. It is literally the only thing I’d watch with him in it.

      • I watched one episode and to be fair it wasn’t terrible, it was just typical, which is to say shite.

      • No , haven’t seen it either, it’s got that fat unfunny Essex cunt in it, the only thing I would watch the cunt in is him being put in his grave, that would make me laugh, soft cockney cunt

      • You are in good company neither have I .
        I hate that fat fucker James Corden with a passion 👎

      • I saw ten minutes of one episode before switching off, while muttering “I thought it was meant to be a comedy”
        A crock of shite…

      • I haven’t seen it either , if I wanted to see a hippo faced cunt/mouthy southern twat ,I’d just watch an episode of rainbow.

      • Add me to that list. Never seen it, never want to see it. Fat Corden gets right on my tits, I cannot fathom how he has got where he is. Talentless fat cunt. That fat cow Ruth Jones makes me want to throw the TV through the window as well, another cunt.

      • Ruth Jones. Why does she talk in that utterly crass stupid staccato voice?
        So shite. And the pathetic thing they all think it’s great. As do the milennials who watch it.

      • Seen adverts for it years ago and thought- unfunny fat cunt, unfunny fat Welsh bint, unfunny cock er knee twat, no thanks.

  3. He has been over to Russia a few times to protest over LGBTQ rights and been on the end of a battering by a young fit man but probably not the sort he is used to.

    • Indeed his pathetic shrieks of “Help me!” as the Russian lad twatted him are comedy gold.
      Fuck off into a bushfire you daft faygit.

  4. How about Birds Eye “faggots in gravy”

    They were quite delicious and wholesome back in the 80s, but fuck knows if they’re still produced today given the touchy-feeliness of some soft-as-shite-easily-offended cuntsticks.

    Good morning

    • Don’t know about Birds Eye but Brains made, and still make, really good faggots in a great gravy.

      • Hmmm, give it time and it will be rebranded to something wishy-washy like pork mince in gravy.

      • Wouldn’t bother me, it’s what it is and I’d still buy it. Frankly, I’d be happy for any number of things to be called what they consist of and not some meaningless pretentious bollocks.

      • I remember the first time I seen a packet of faggots in Iceland. Funniest thing I ever seen. Started laughing my head off and shouting to my mate “watch out, here’s a bunch of faggots”, much to the bemusement of other shoppers. Well it was hilarious at the time, but I was about 18 and pissed. Never go shopping after spending all your giro in the pub…

    • I like to scream ” Faagggooottttsss !!!” at any passing Gays. I then lob several of the meaty delights at them. This way I am covered if one of The Gays ever reports me for calling him a nasty name.

  5. Thus delusional Australian lives in a council flat on benefits.

    Put him on a plane home with Rolf Harris.

  6. Once, famously interrupted a church service by shouting about gay rights and Christianity’s prejudiced attitude towards bumbanditry.
    When he, or a single one of his mates, turns up at a mosque and does the same thing they will have my respect.
    But they never do so, in the meantime, they can shut their whining faggot gobs.

    • I remember that, and decided then that he was an odious cunt. Mediawhoring fag. UK queens make American ones look sensible and responsible.

    • Nice one Freddy. It’s exactly the same as those animal rights cunts whom are happy to protest at middle-class farmers, but I’ve never seen one yet demonstrating about Halhal meat

  7. This country acts like a Belisha beacon for cunts like tatchell, how far would he have got with his brand of campaigning in his native Australia? Not far I would suggest, like isac favourite Professor A.C grayling many come over to our country and start piping up about how racist, homophobic, xenophobic etc we are as a country!! , don’t like it here? Feel free to fuck off back from where you came CUNTS !! And take that Norwegian born sack of shit afua hirsch with you too

  8. Christ I just posted a nom about Baroness Hale having the most brickable face in Britain but this cunt’s mush certainly wins Best Male.

    • Joking aside, hes brave ill give him that, but still think he should do a 20 stretch in siberia.
      Professional moaning cunt, we have too many!
      Herd needs thinning.

      • True, the cunt’s not afraid to put himself in the firing line, a braver man than most of us will ever be.

        And against ‘no platforming’ for people like Germaine Greer.

        That said, being a perpetual protester and socialist, he’s a massive cunt by default.

  9. In 2020, this simpering shitstabber can have his arsehole reamed and suck off young men’s dicks completely legally in the ‘enlightened’ UK. What is he complaining about?

    Honestly, some people are never happy.

      • Hey in the picture above, doesnt he loik like a young camp Peter Cushing?
        Have a look.
        Anyway im off to work, on a sunday!!
        Dont normally but need the money, taxs due😠
        Cant spend my time discussing gaylords with strange men online much longer.

      • “Oooh Draccy dear shut that door, I’m no virgin you know!! I’ve got a nice stake for you dearie, now let’s have your cape off and get you bent over. Ooh what did you get your medals for – I bet it was services for your fellow man……”

  10. I was very impressed with his behaviour over that cunt Mugabe, previously I’d considered him to be a whining bore, cf every other one-issue campaigner.
    Having said that I agree with Ruff Tuff that on balance he’s a cunt.

  11. Just before Christmas I was in Belfast and the taxi driver made a point of asking: “Do you know this?” when Fairytale of New York came on.


    He then prompted me to listen to what was “Cheap lazy fàggot!” which had now been replaced with “Tired and you’re haggard!”.

    “The world’s gone mad, so it has. ‘Fàggot’ wasn’t even in the context of gay, it was the food thing, a mish-mash of any offcuts of meats, so it was!”

    These “offended for the sake of being offended” cunts leave me fucking dry!

    The “Black Country” is racist – no need for any historical context here, let’s just infer that it relates to the modern day demographics of that region now.

    “Personkind” instead of “mankind” when that was in relation to the order of man (biological classification) from the Latin “Homo Sapien” literally meaning “wise man”, not some oppression against blue-haired, nose-ringed land whales with two much time on their hands.

    There is a gathering storm coming against this “woke” bullshit. In this day and age, ordinary people are unlikely to use waycist, sexist or homophobic labels, and even though the needle was at parity some time ago, *they* still need to push the needle further and further left until we hit the ridiculousness of shit like gender pronouns, “jazz hands” instead of clapping, and “aggressive smells”!?!

    The Boris majority wasn’t only about Brexit, it was a backlash against all this leftist bullshit that ordinary people were being forced to eat like a shit sandwich and are sick of it.

    No more!

    I refuse to alter reality just because it may interfere with a nutters “woke” view on the world!

    And tonight I will be having Mr Brain’s Fàggots wi’ chips and peas for my tea, so FUCK YOU Peter Tatchell, you irrelevant cunt!

    • *“aggressive smells”!?!*

      You should have caught the after effects of the rip-snorter Mrs. Boggs let off in the kitchen this morning. I am going on a diet for the rest of the day keeping out the kitchen and away from Mrs. B. dirty tart.

    • Loved every bit of that post…

      “The Boris majority wasn’t only about Brexit, it was a backlash against all this leftist bullshit…”

      Exactly so and the greater part of (let’s face it, English) dis-ease was uncontrolled, mass immigration, although you would never have guessed it from the coverage. I’m struggling to recall a single mention of the word other than as a positive, it was desperate and I nearly pissed m’self laughing when I heard some cunt actually dare to trot out the “all the marvelous ethnic restaurant/takeaway/cuisine” argument! The moment you hear that barrel-scraping piece of idiocy offered up you know you’re dealing with a juvenile cockwit of sub-median intellect who’s never read a single demographic projection in his entire 35yr long childhood.
      It was as though this subject only was completely off limits as a debating point for every party and all media outlets and I think I’ll include The Brexit Party in that cabal who should have been all over this!
      As for Twatchell, well personally I’d have preferred it if Mubongo’s heavies had fucking wheelchaired him.

  12. I think they should have an edited version of the song, like they have done with Dire Straits “Money for nothing”. How about something like “you scumbag you grabber you loose holed shit stabber”.

  13. Peter Tatchell’s been doing this angry young man(ish) routine since the 80’s he ought to calm down a bit now and consider his health. If I may suggest taking up yoga. It will help him to meditate and relax, and after a bit of practice he’ll be able to suck his boyfriends shit off his dick.

  14. Aside from everything else that this cunt is, why does he bother to signal his [suspect] virtue by protesting to complete strangers about things he can do fuck all about?

    His cunt status just went into overdrive, the mega-cunt.

  15. They have a ready made replacement for this cunt in Owen Jones.
    Loud mouth wanker. Tick.
    Always at every ‘protest march’. Tick.
    Annoying little twat. Tick.

    • Poor “rusks and Mummy” Jones – “Bwutally assaulted”? Tick

      “Definitely right wing thugs”? Tick

      “Jessie Smollett” – er, speaking as my lawyer (as in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) no comment Your Honour!

      Terrible news fellow ISAC’ers – everybody in Leeds is afraid!

      I went to a shop yesterday for a BLT sandwich and the Woman serving said “We have no tomatoes, I’m afraid”

  16. Me and the Mrs watched 3 episodes of Gavin and Stacey back to back last night.

    Luckily, I wasn’t the one facing the TV.

  17. Not only an Ozzy Cunt but a life long activist for sodomy and to put the icing on the cake a fucking Labour party supporter and mates with the magic commie Grandpa.
    I wonder when the ‘Aids’ is gonna pay this vile perverted maggot a visit and fast forward his one way trip to Hell? Sick little subversive cunt.

    • I had no idea he was from Australia until I looked it up, CoC.
      A cunt is a cunt no matter where you slice them.

  18. I asked one of my gay crewmates if he was offended by the song when it was played on the radio at Christmas.

    ‘Why the fuck would I be’?

    was his answer. Cunts like Tatchell put their cause back with stunts like this.

  19. I found it highly amusing when he went to Russia to protest and got a smack in the mouth for his trouble. What did he expect ?
    When or if he goes in a Mosque and does the same thing he had better be a fast runner and make sure there are no tall buildings in the vicinity.

    • As with every f*cking coward he chooses who he bullies and berates very carefully FF

  20. The header pic of him is so gay. It’s like instead of saying ‘cheese’ when he gets his photo taken, he says ‘mmmm, nice boy’ instead.
    Never liked this cunt, particularly in the 80s and 90s when him and his mates would turn up at a church and ‘out’ a bishop or priest, or they would out celebrities, as it wasn’t fair that these people were keeping their sexuality a secret. Perhaps they didn’t think, unlike Tatchell and his type, that their sexuality was the least interesting thing about a person, and perhaps they liked to keep their private life private. I can’t believe the untold misery that prick inflicted on people, of dragging them through the media, all because he wanted a bit of attention. A well deserved cunting for a world class cunt.

    • These fucking minority cunts that do fuck all of any productive value but just protest and tear down others need to fucking neutralized as a complete waste of space.

      • Poor fella looks like he’s in the later stages of HIV. With all the diseases around today, I’m surprised he’s still here at the grand old age of sixty seven.

    • oo.. aha.. yes… that was it, my eldest’s b/day’s coming up and you’ve just jogged my memory that he wants Dambusters (unedited!) on DVD. much obliged Krav. Right, to the Bay of Fleas.

  21. Inspire FM..

    A Luton based korminidee radio station for our Ali snack var of fiends.

    It openly preaches the oppression of women and warns against MI5 infiltration of Mosques.

    Tatchell and his Palestinian promoting scum (he helped to found the Palestinian solidarity campaign) will never criticise Islam and they view oppression of Islam to be a more worthy cause than the LGBTQIA&+4#;84 lokgtevijvf”&@%-+ kormunnnideee.


    • What goes in and out very quickly at the sound of an aircraft?

      An Iranian Generals ar*ehole!

  22. That picture encapsulates everything emetic about ‘gay-face’ which explains the inclination to be homophobic. That is the perfect, repulsive visual representation of a ‘poove’. Granted that this ‘man’ did a lot towards breaking down barriers for UK gays, but let’s not forget his aforementioned love of the PIE, plus, all now mysteriously deleted from the internet, his early 2000s campaigning for the age of consent to be lowered to 14, and his publishing of an ‘interview’ with a kid of said age in a care home who oh-so conveniently was extolling the virtues of bumsex with older men. His physiognomy is an aberration, a true freak of nature. No-one of any proclivity should look like that.

    • Jim Davidson got it pretty spot on when he asked “Why do shirtlifters always have ‘that look’?” on Hells Kitchen. Of course, talentless “look at me” Drama Queen cunt Brian Dowling then threw a complete hiss fit and Jim got the boot. Brian Dowling-another one of those limp-wristed snivelling little turds you’d never tire kicking the shit out of.

      • About ‘that look’ he paused looking for the right word to describe it….then inspiration- ‘preening’. Like half said. Stayed with me. Brilliant moment in the millions of moments that’s all the other way. Like a flash of truth.

      • His appearance on Big Brother was a few years later. He actually won BB, giving me a bit of faith in the cunts who actually phone in to vote on reality programmes.

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