Disabled parking

I’d like to nominate disabled parking. As a wheelchair user I need to have a wide parking bay to get in & out of my car. All I see (if I can ever get a space) is so called disabled people getting out their car unaided, walking round the shops & getting back in unaided. I’m aware of hidden disabilities but surely you don’t deserve a wide disabled space if you don’t need it.
They’re giving disabled spaces to people with anxiety now! Their argument is that their shopping trip would be easier if they didn’t have the anxiety of finding a parking space!!?? Firstly, what the fuck is an anxiety sufferer doing shopping at such busy times & secondly what about my anxiety of finding a space where I can actually get in & out of my fucking car??
They give spaces for parents of children with ADHD! Surely that’s what the parent/child spaces are for!!

I am going to add to this, cunty car parks who charge for disabled parking, why you say? well my little blue badge allows me to park in some right cunty places, But sensible free parking stops us doing it, however the “lets rake it in council” seems to have other ideas. So cunty parking anyone?

And the worst part is the sanctimonious cunts who give me evil eyes because I drive a nice car & don’t look like I’m missing a leg until I start dragging my wheelchair from the passenger seat & start assembling it. Most of the time I’m the only person there who fucking *needs* the disabled bay but that doesn’t stop some old cunt staring at me as if I’ve stolen my grandmother’s disabled badge! The only saving grace is seeing their faces drop when the wheelchair is dragged out.


Nominated by BobMonkeycunt

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  1. I would never park in a disabled bay. My local Tesco in Sheffield is next to a Mosque. I make it my sole aim in life to park in the ‘parking with kids’ bays because they take the fucking piss. Seen them park up with the average age of those getting out of the said van being about 75 with an orange beard.

  2. It must be terrible being disabled. Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons: where I live it seems to me that 35% of all car parking spaces are for the disabled. I cannot believe that this percentage is a fair representation of the portion of truly disabled people in society. So when I see people parking in them, even with a blue badge it really fucks me off when they go skipping from their car into the nearest shop.

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