Gary Neville (2)

Gary Neville is a cunt, isn’t he?

Gary Neville, regular cliché turnip of Sky Football, previous bootlicker of Alex Ferguson, bestie mate with David Beckham, and all round bell-end, believes Football should empower players to walk off the pitch if they face racial abuse.

This solution by Neville who, let’s face it, has never been known for his intellect or depth, is both embarrassing and crassly stupid. It does nothing but score the little window-licker some ‘liberal’ points while saying, “look at meee, I’m not waycist.”

What happens when the other team continue playing football, Gary? If you walk of the pitch the other side win. Have you considered that, Gary?

What happens when teams are being beaten 2-0, pretend they’ve heard some racist abuse and walk off pitch. How do you prevent that, Gary?

Incredibly, Gary, who always looks like he’s breathing through his mouth, is not even the ugliest brother in the Neville family, although he may be the most stupid. He recently blamed PM Boris Johnson for “fuelling racism” in Britain. Gary Neville! Is he about to trade in his Man United defender shirt and Sunshine Coaches haircut for a Lib Dems badge?

This is defeatism at its highest. It encourages snowflakiness. If players were entitled to walk off the pitch it, that would be the reaction required, and would ultimately result in far more racist chanting. Instead, why not tell players to be stronger and do their bloody job, for which they’re paid a fortune.

Consequently, why not stick to YOUR job, Neville, you fucktard: Muttering bad commentary in a whiny, nasal Manc voice.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

74 thoughts on “Gary Neville (2)

  1. I think the fact more than half of violent offenders are wøgs is fueling racism enough without it needing Boris to exacerbate.

  2. Boris Johnson isn’t to blame for fuelling racism, well above Bojo in the racism stakes are –
    1. The media for constantly going on (and on) about an article many moons ago referring to letterboxes.
    2. The English being told they are racist if they have any pride in being English.
    3. The British who voted to leave the EU are racist.
    4. The likes of Lammy talking about ‘white saviours’
    5 The liberal lefties telling us we should be ashamed of our colonial past.
    6 The failure of the authorities to say ‘Knife crime in London is a Black issue’
    7 The failure to address the concerns over unlimited immigration.

    So fuck off Gary, we are racist and it’s fuck all to do with football, the reason it comes out in football grounds is because we are pissed off with being labelled racist, so fuck it we may as well let it out!

  3. A family of cunts, from patriarch Neville Neville (really) to brother Phil, who looks like he’s been put together in somebody’s basement to this Fergie arse crawling fanny.

    • “Phil, who looks like he’s been put together in somebody’s basement.”
      Brilliant LL!

    • (To tune of David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’)

      Neville Neville, Your future’s immense,
      Neville Neville, You play in defence,
      Neville Neville, Like Jacko you’re bad,
      Neville Neville, Is the name of your Dad.

  4. He must be emulating that other skyscraper turd Linekant by using his lofty position as commentator to put the world to right. Somebody should remind him of his job. To say the names of the players and not drop the microphone.

    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

  5. Fucking Simpleton Cunt. Shit footballer, Shit coach, Shit Pundit,
    Virtue signalling cuntery of the highest order from this Twat.
    Irrelevant, borning, odious cunt can fuck off and die for all I care.

    • Yeah Boris Johnson. I just hope he lives up to his promises and delivers Brexit. If he has any sense he will also speed up the death of the Labour party and rid us once and for all of the lefty fuckers and their hypocritical anti white British bullshit.

    • Struggling to think of one Bob.

      Would’ve said Roger Daltrey but then again he ain’t a cunt.

      • Morrissey.
        He’s a cunt of the highest order and an enigma – a Thatcher critic, a vegetarian but also a Brexit supporter and some say a racist.

      • Quite. Apart from being one of the greatest rock vocalists ever, Rog is a great bloke. The interview with Sly News (I think) was a classic.

      • Both. I like both.
        Roger and Moz are both people who think for themselves and not swayed by others.
        Both great singers from great bands.

      • I remember Viz about 27 years ago with “Morrissey, pop genius or twat” on the cover.

        A lot of both probably.

  6. Is “Lugs” Lineker working this twat by remote control?
    The lights are on but nobody’s home…

  7. Footballers are known for deep philosophical thinking and sharp incite into politics,social movements, economics etc.
    Oh sorry meant intellectuals!No footballers are just mongs in designer clothes.

  8. Is it a disease? Go on the telly and immediately become happy clappy?
    Fuck me what a set of cunts.

  9. He’s to do with football so he’s bound to be a complete grease stain whoever he is.

  10. Most definitely a cunt, although he does talk sense sometimes…most of the time he sounds like cunt.
    His brother is a cunt…I remember when Phil tried commentating and put on some weird sound effects the Belllend, oh and his sister (who coached the England Netball lezzers) seems to be a cunt also.

    A proper Family of cunts.
    The can all go fuck themselves.

    • Sporting lezzas are nearly always mingers too B&W, although to make savings to the license fee payer I bet Clare Balding would jack in her BBC work and coach England Netball for a fraction of her current salary.

      • Unfortunately true LL, I watched part of a game once and ended up supporting the other team as the England Netball team were all ugly cunts.
        As for Clare Balding…you can imagine her half time team talk, strutting around the dressing room wearing a strap on shouting ‘whoever messes up next gets a pounding from me’.

      • “ended up supporting the other team as the England Netball team were all ugly cunts”.

        Excellent BWC! But could you be accused by the snowflake mafia of being “munterist”?

  11. Football team management is clearly not in the Neville’s genes.
    Gary was a disaster at Valencia and while brother Phil is manager of the England women’s team, the only semi they’re likely to see is when he walks into the showers….

  12. I’ve noticed an increase in female comments…Jenny and Lady Chatterley…its so nice to see my open letter has given the fairer sex the confidence to brave some of the Barbarian’s on here.
    Don’t worry ladies I am here for you and romantic chivalry is not dead.

    Your humble servant Black and White Cunt.

    • Oh aye B&W, the tall tales of bumholes and tongues are a vicious smear campaign of jealousy and idle gossip.

      • Exactly LL, it was all a plan by the opposition to thwart my campaign to run for Mayor of London representing the Monster raving loony party.

      • Great result today Bertie…some of the younger players look very strong, Jones and Brewster etc.

  13. When you learn the difference between we’re and were we will think about posting that one

    • I know how to spell cunt. Isn’t that the main objective.

      No not really there are rules and regulations as to what you can say, they are the law in the country in which you live, We Admin are off shore as is the site, hence .com not
      What you say is ultimately your problem, however we don’t need the hassle ourselves of dobbing you in.
      How does grow up grab you?

      • Now that’s what I call a bollocking. Both barrels and a reload….

        No it’s not we could do worse, older members might remember.

      • Quite right Admin!
        Firm hand is needed.
        Steely gimlet gaze, and the will to punish them when they get lairy.
        You run a tight ship, i admire that.
        You need a 2 strike policy and a notice board with the names of those pending exile.
        Want me to suggest some names?

        Fuck off

      • Some virtual Guantanamo Bay for naughty IsAC cunters, break out the thumb screws Miserable!

        No not really, we just ban them

  14. Yes its good to have more female posters, but i worry theyll all fall inevitable in love with me.
    Need to clarify it here im a married man and all posting is strictly friendly,
    I know this will hurt but thats the deal.
    You can always settle for BWC or Fiddler who are single and have fantasies its MY tongue up your shit tube.
    Ill allow that.

    • Oh that was for female posters and female admins.
      If i find out any gay posters or admins have been having fantasies about me i wont be happy.
      No gays, sorry.

      You worry us however HELLO

  15. Fucking mouthy, thick as shit rich cunt. Probably been mixing with Linekunt and picking up his libtard BBC bullshit.
    I’d like to know more about his tax returns.

  16. Boris Johnson is not “fuelling racism” any more than Neville is fuelling intelligent solutions to fabricated problems.

    Gary Neville is a bollockless shitbird who’d lose a bitchslapping contest with Greta Thunderberk.

  17. He´s got an honorary degree in something – not football management, I trust – from that august center of learning, the University of Salford. It gives him the the right to wear a Henry VIII hat.

    • Hehehe nice hat!
      Id wear it everywhere i went so people knew im intelligent and not a dumb as fuck football monkey.

      Off Topic- cadburys are bringing back my favourite chocolate bar of all time,
      Old Jamaica😀
      Last time i was this happy was oh,… The General Election results!!

      • “cadburys are bringing back my favourite chocolate bar of all time,
        Old Jamaica”

        Ha! Ol’ Jamaykeeee me hearties..” ‘kin excellent, loved that stuff as a kid and always kept me eye out for it but in vain for all these years. All I need now is the return of Bar Six and I’m a happy boy.

      • Evening cuntychops!
        Yeah as a kid it was my mums treat,
        Used to beg for a bit, so suppose in my head its a forbidden fruit, a luxury!
        Ill throw the missus healthy shite out the fridge an fill it with old Jamaica!😀

      • Doesn’t it smack of some sort of unhealthy colonialism/lawlessness/ageism, notwithstanding it is fucking delicious! Surprised its comeback is allowed.

        PS, Miserable (lovely boy) – I will be content with imagined encounters, your good wife need not worry.

      • Used to love old Jamaica but isn’t that now cultural appropriation, and therefore extremely offensive and racist?

        The library’s will go into meltdown!

      • Evening Ron!
        Yes it does look a bit ducky, but we could wear that and still be the smiith fanny magnets we are.
        Wearing hats is about confidence!
        If you feel self conscious itll show and youll be shamed in peoples eyes.
        If you’ve swagger in yer step, face full of character, like moi?
        Well i can wear a karmen miranda fruitbowl on my nut, a cowboy hat, or a turban!
        Got confidence see?!
        Obviously id look a right cunt.

      • So he does!
        Wonder why only his hands an head grew to adult proportions?
        How’s tricks Cuntan?
        Wanna name your top ten movies?
        I cant think of owt else about Gary Neville.

      • Weird innit! Normal head and hands on a gimpy little body – apparently he is a right egotistical cunt though? I have neither interest in nor knowledge of soccerball, and don’t pretend to do so – movies much more in my wheelhouse but too late on a Sunday night to think of top ten! Some of my faves though are Once Upon A Time In The West, Apocalypse Now, Robocop, The Searchers, The Thing. Chinatown, Oldboy, Die Hard, Alien, The Godfather 1 and 2, Audition, Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Ichi The Killer

      • Fiddlers a fan of Warrick Davies!
        Yes warrick sees himself as a serious actor, even though he plays goblins an teddy bears an stuff.
        Delusions of grandeur.
        He did a travel thing with Karl Pilkington, thats how i grew to hate the little bastard.

  18. You’re an ex footballer squire as if anyone gives a toss of what you’ve got to say, yawn, time for bed

  19. And now we have to hear about footballers and their mental health. “I earn 30 grand a week, play sport for a living, shag fit birds and I’m depressed.”

    Man up!

  20. If he’s on the BBC, he’s a….


    Edit: sorry to cut it short, it was great, but the same word 500 times is definately going to trigger a spam filter. This is the only time I’m going to bother with an edit. But yes, he is indeed, a CUNT.
    Love admin.

  21. Manc twat. Not the sharpest pencil in the box. Ever see Cyril Regis walk off the pitch? Real men just get on with it.

    • Gary Nev is from Bury… The land of black puddings and six fingers… Think the Goodies and their ‘Ecky Thump’ sketch… Mind you, last time I was there it looked like the set of Zulu….

      Big Cyril was ace and so was Remi Moses…

  22. Nev was an overrated player anyway… I saw far better full backs like Albiston, Houston, Gidman, Nicholl, Irwin and even Alex Forsythe… Gary and his little turd of a brother Phil were to blame for the departure from Old Trafford of the great Jaap Stam…. In a book Big Jaap called the Neville Brothers ‘busy cunts’ and ‘crawlers’…. They went to Fergie and blubbed like babies about it and Stam was forced out of the club… I also hate the way these cunts have attached themselves to Salford City with their Thai sugar daddy… With the exception of Nicky Butt, the so called Class Of 92 are cunts…

  23. He is such an annoying cunt, with an accent that scientists should bottle and sell at chemists for people suffering from narcolepsy!

    He was an average footballer lucky enough to be in a pretty decent team under Fergie, but seems to think he’s on a par with the best of them.

    Dipped his toe into football management at Valencia, and fucked up big time because its one thing talking bollocks as a pundit, but quite another telling a team what to do on pitch-side.

    Regrettably Sky took him back as a pundit, with very little been said about he shite time as manager, even though you secretly knew the other pundits wanted to shout “You’re shite, Neville!”

    So how people can take this jumped-up little cunt seriously, as well as paying him something like £600k a year, is beyond me.

  24. Another ex – Pro pussy, not one of the media dared tell the real racists in Bulgaria or Montenegro to tone it down, yet again picking on the good old diverse UK to bow down to the woke brigade.

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