Zakia Khatun

A Festive Cunting for Ms Khatun.

Who the fuck is she? Well, she is the Headteacher of Whitehall Primary School in Essex (co-incidentally, the little dark key knocked off his scooter and stabbed by some other filth went here). And, to celebrate our Christian heritage, she has changed the words in a carol from “Jesus the Saviour” to “Jesus the baby”, among other changes:

The reason for this? What do you think? Yes, to not upset the peacefuls. Welcome to Britain – diversity is our strength, but just don’t be white or Christian.

Fucking cunt.

Nominated by Lord Cuntingdon

193 thoughts on “Zakia Khatun

  1. “Diversity, equality and inclusion”is complete cunt water. “The goal of socialism is communism”. Lenin.(another cunt)

  2. What christian heritage? Christianity, like most of the world’s fucked-up religions, began in the middle east. It is almost 100% certain that jesus never even came to Britain, so how on earth do we have any christian heritage?

    And anyway, exactly what is jesus the saviour of? The human race? The planet? If so, he did a piss poor job and isn’t worth immortalising in song.

    • I’ve heard you say Robin that the Bible should be with The Lord of the Rings in the fantasy section of the library. The Lord of the Rings is it a favourite book? A Christian parable.

      • Not a favourite, never read it. But I suspect it is as likely to be as accurate a retelling of history as anything that is in the bible.

      • The Bible isn’t about the past, it’s about the future. Every person is free to choose their own future and if a person isn’t interested in a spiritual path it’s not a way they have to tread, but also have no business in preventing those that do.

      • Baron,

        Couldn’t agree more. If people want to believe in something for which there is no evidence of the existence of they are free to do so. It is their insistence that only they are speaking the truth, and that non believers will spend eternity in the fires of damnation, and their teaching our children in school that it is all real that really fucks me off.

  3. Her name is a clue, hardly epitome of englishness is it?
    Fuck her change nowt, teach the kids ‘saviour’ fuck the peacefuls feelings!
    This is our country.
    Shouldnt be a teacher anyway, shes obviously not wired up right, danger to kids, just call her a nazi an say shes transphobic.
    She’ll be happier doin the washing up down at the Red Lion.

    • Maybe she should start doing assemblies along the lines of “Thou shall not stabbeth ye cultural enricheth riding upon his chariot of mopedeth”. Might get a few more saying “Yes Miss” on Monday morning registration.

    • It’s called al-hijrah, jihad by immigration and procreation, using the infidel’s laws against themselves and with the Dhimmi leftist cunts in key positions, we are losing.

  4. Doesn’t want to upset the Peacefuls but doesn’t care about anybody with Common Sense.
    Which easily gulled idiots still subscribe to this crap? Born to a virgin, does sleight of hand, son of a fairy who lives In the sky?
    Christians, Muzzies, Sikhs, Hindus, Catholics (especially Catholics). Joos, Star Wars fans, muppets, and Born again fuckwits:

    Hoo-ee, what a bunch of cunts.

    • You forgot atheism which is also a religion that gave us Stalin,Hitler, being born in the wrong body etc etc

      • Definitely those fanatical tosspots. And the ones who slice up rabbits in pentagons. Can’t remember their name.
        Oh, Methodists.

      • My missus was brought up a Hindu but she never had any problem joining in the nativity plays at the Church of England primary school she was at.

        These PC cunts need to be novichoked.

      • Atheism a religion? Hitler and Stalin both had religious upbringings, Hitler had a whole army marching around with ‘god with us’ on their belt buckles, and was quite happy chilling with the pope, and have peacfulls in the SS. Stalin had a priest flown over a battlefield preying for victory, just in case. As for trannies, plenty of them are believers.

      • How the fuck is atheism a religion? It is the very opposite of religion. Being transgender, or a mass murderer, has absolutely nothing to do with religion, wether you follow one or not.

      • There’s no evidence that there ISN’T a God. Though these ridiculous stories are so childish.

      • That the Bible ‘written for children’ is not far wrong. It was 2,000 years ago, intended to be appreciated for millennia in different languages for people most of whom couldn’t read, to create a mood of freedom that counteracted the spirit of slavery, and just happened to be most appreciated in the parts of the world that led humanity into a better future – funny that, considering it’s apparently so backward.

      • Atheism is the non-belief in made up deities. Therefore not a “belief”, therefore not a religion.

      • I’m not an atheist, because I don’t “believe” that there isn’t a God. There just isn’t. So there.

      • Atheism is a creed, through the term religion is definitely misleading. Atheism is basically marxism, where the sum value of human existence is reduced to economics.

      • Wow, so that’s Marxism, national socialism and communism. Oh, and transgender. Mmm, I’d better get a priest to sort me out, and as I’m not a child, I’m quite safe…..

      • Marxist countries are definitely the most aggressively atheistic, banning all religion, check your history. They regard themselves as staunchly scientific and reduce humanity to the same observable elements as animals and even inanimate objects in that a human being is nothing but a resource that is a means of useful production. It’s no coincidence marxist/atheist countries happily enslaved their population like animals, or that Christians from Christian countries were at the forefront of banning and then helping to prevent human slavery in the world in the likes of William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln. If you don’t want to try and be a Christian then fine, but think in a more balanced way what arose from Christians and their nations and you might even be grateful to have had the good fortune of being born into one and show more respect.

      • How perfectly constructive that comment is, well said shagga, each to their own and all that bollocks, I prefer David Icke’s conclusions on it all, at least it’s ian nteresting perspective 😂

      • “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the government as useful.”

      • ”I’m right and every other cunt can fuck off”

        (The Right Rev. Bum Shagger last Sunday)

      • Human existence has no value whatsoever. The answer to the question “what is the point of life” is simple: there is none. We just exist. We simply “are”. If more people could just accept that, the happier we would all be.

      • You have the freedom to make yourself happy, but I don’t know what kind of superior being you think you must be tell other free people what they should do with their own minds to make themselves happy. It never ceases to amaze me how people who mercilessly criticise religious people for ‘not thinking for themselves’ are the first in then trying to tell them what they should think.

      • You are the one who mentioned religious people not thinking for themselves. Do they though? Do they really? Or do they just go, like a bunch of sheep, into their mosques, churches, synagogues etc etc to be preached at by a so called expert in the religion?

        Do these religious people ever question, and if they do, do they just accept “it is the will of the lord”? Ifthe lord wills it why the fuck does he/she/it not show their face and tell them themselves?

        I’m not trying to tell them what they should think, but I would ask why they never actually think for themselves.

      • I think it was in his Little Red (or little-read) Book that Chairman Mao stated that there was no difference between someone who has been indoctrinated into thinking he’s happy and someone who is actually happy. I’m happy with that. Or I think I am…. *hic*

      • If you think people whether religious or not would do well to think for themselves then aggressively telling them they must be atheists it’s rather incongruous. You would be guilty of the same error of which you accuse religious fundamentalists who don’t respect human freedom – suggesting that the faults’ of which some religious people have been guilty are human ones, which you yourself share, and you should be more sympathetic to their mistakes whilst refraining from them.

      • “How the fuck is atheism a religion? It is the very opposite of religion.”

        “Atheism; ‘I believe there is no God’. That’s a belief.”

        “Atheism is the non-belief in made up deities. Therefore not a “belief”, therefore not a religion”

        “Is that just a “belief”, Miles, or blindingly common fucking sense?”

        It’s the terminology and the defining of terms that’s the problem, the words belief, faith, creed, religion, metaphysical objectivism, ideology et al are too easily transposed and substituted for each other when they all have subtly different meanings and can also be ‘redifined’ at the receiver’s end according to their own filters and predispositions so people begin such a discussion immediately at crossed purposes. You have to clear the discursive rubble away as it were before any meaningful discussion can be expected.

        “Atheism is basically marxism, where the sum value of human existence is reduced to economics.”

        I see where you’re going and that’s valid up to a point in as much as Marxism can be overlaid on Atheism and you will find points of congruence but it is more correct to see Atheism as one of Marxism’s tools. Marxism was (still is) predicated on the complete eradication of all conceptions that there is anything external to man as you correctly say and all prior notions including theism, nationalism, ancestry, familial affiliation, aspiration, patriotism, Love with a capital ‘L’ etc all these things must be swept away to prepare the ground for “the struggle”. That’s why communist/socialist regimes suppress religiosity/philosophy with such irrational violence and right wing regimes (generally) don’t.

      • You’re all wrong. Religion is nothing more than the most insidious form of politics. All religions were invented by cunts with an agenda. The purpose of any religion is to create a prison for your mind & thus enslave you so that you can be easily controlled by the elite cunts who run the said religion.

    • Actually the allegory of being born to a virgin is about ideas and thoughts, not supposed to be taken as a literal truth. A person has two parents so can point physically to where they come from, a person has an idea and the origin of that idea has it’s seed in the world that can pointed to as the originator of that idea. The virgin birth signaled an idea that was not an ordinary idea, and who’s basis could not be found in the quintessence of dust around us but has it’s origins somewhere else.

      • I’ve always been of the opinion(not belief, there is a difference) that good people don’t need the threat of eternal damnation, or the promise of everlasting bliss to be good. Likewise the opposite of religion isn’t fucking totalitarianism. As humanity in general gets more intelligent, those that continue to believe in religion have to excuse more and more of the bible, as ‘interpretation’ or not meant to be taken literally, as it was obviously written by humans at that point in time, with what passed for knowledge then. If someone wants to get on their knees to some sky fairy who gleefully gives children cancer, carry on, just don’t knock my door on Sunday.

      • ”As humanity in general gets more intelligent”

        Order order as a proud cunter can I suggest this last comment is struck from the record as an abomination! It runs contrary to everything the website has stood for, is so demonstrably untrue, that I fear the right honourable gentlemans comments will bring disrepute on such a place as ours which has always valued common-sense and a degree of broad accuracy completely lacking in such an obviously untrue statement.

      • De-evolving is right Ruff Tuff. Humanity has ascended, peaked, and is now declining. This is the story that’s not commonly told about this planet and it’s now up to every person to choose freely how to rise above this descent into darkness.

      • Spot on Ruff Tuff. The ascendancy of the human race is well and truly over. Global warming won’t make the slightest bit of difference because the human race will be too stupid to notice.

        I mean, look at us now. We have screwed this planet over good and proper, and what do we do about it? Fuck all.

        Devolution is right. We will soon be back in the caves where we belong.

    • I object to the muppet dig.
      We are a proud people with a rich heritage.
      May Hensons blessings be upon you.

      • If Atheism is a religion, then abstinence is a sex position and bald is a hair colour.

        Fuck off with that shit.

        There is an Invisible Pink Unicorn called Gerald who lives in my shoe. I defy any religious ‘scholar’ to disprove this statement.

      • ‘There is an Invisible Pink Unicorn called Gerald who lives in my shoe’ so typical of The New Atheism that. Scornful and switches the focus to epistemology – ‘what can one know’ or ‘ how does one know?’ The argument becoming confused so Design or Meaning,Morality or Feeling or Intuition or all the million experiences of life that you can bring to bear on why you think God exists become stalled on a trick question.

      • “There is an Invisible Pink Unicorn called Gerald who lives in my shoe” is not as scornful and childish as your post of 4:58pm yesterday, where you mangle the English language in order to misrepresent atheism as a belief – an example of crooked thinking par excellence!

        Happy New Year Miles, and may your God go with you.

      • Now you’re getting confused RT. You think I am saying Atheism is a ‘Belief: with a capital C, as in a religious belief. I’m not. I’m just saying it is a belief. There is a difference. I believe Mount Everest is in the Himalayas. I’ve seen pictures, people have told me but I’ve never been but I BELIEVE it is there.
        WokeUpThisMorning above woke up this morning and said; ‘I’m not an atheist, because I don’t “believe” that there isn’t a God. There just isn’t. So there.’ That’s his belief. It’s not a belief in the positive sense as in believing in something. But it’s still a belief.
        You wrote-‘Atheism is the disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods’.
        To disbelieve is a conscious positive thing. An act of the will.

      • “WokeUpThisMorning above woke up this morning and said; ‘I’m not an atheist, because I don’t “believe” that there isn’t a God. There just isn’t. So there.’ That’s his belief. It’s not a belief in the positive sense as in believing in something. But it’s still a belief.”

        Alternatively you could just as validly call it his ‘conclusion’.

  5. Jesus is the saviour to many people particularly after the two goals against Watford that ensured FA cup victory for “city”

  6. Never mind the Ten Commandments, they are mostly wank anyway. Stop teaching kids this shit, you only need one Commandment; don’t be a cunt.

  7. So 60 pupils didn’t attend the carol service and, I’m sure, the ones that did didn’t attend the local fucking mosque to read the Koran, so fucking what?

  8. Atheists are like vegans, youll know because theyll tell you, repeatedly.
    Not interested if you
    A) believe in a god
    B) dont believe in a god
    C) dont eat meat
    Just get on with it and leave me the fuck alone!
    I love meat, and make blood sacrifices to my sky gods who are angry and need to be appeased.

    • Hope the kids got you a decent Thor hammer for Christmas Miserable and some beard oils that wont show you up to fellow Viking enthusiasts, plenty of volume and body, so I’m told.

      • Hiya LL, DID get beard oils!
        Although sadly not a smiting 🔨 hammer…
        Like it when it heats up on a nom dont you?

        Heehe, all end in tears, been here before havent we?
        (Dont mean reincarnation mean arguing about religion!😀

      • Yes Miserable, Fiddler mentioned of one yesterday in the queue about the QC who beat a fox to death. I think Cap’t M nominated it so I will be breaking out the pop corn for that one, tee-hee.

      • Noticed that myself!😊
        Be good that hehe.
        That bloke wore a silk kimono to fight the fox? Bit strange eh?
        Only men i know who wear kimonos are George Hamilton an closeau.

      • I tend to steer clear of the bloodshed boys! Like my cunting lighthearted as I’m such an easygoing fellow

      • Naw i like it when those who will burn in hell fire and the snake handler types go to war, they should follow their own advice, science says “shut the fuck up”
        As does the Bible!
        Got more in common than they know..

  9. I’m surprised Benedict Cuminmyface didn’t get a Knighthood, his tongue has been working overtime, luvvie cunt,
    As for Hussain whore I fucking give up!
    As it says in the Eric Idle song – I hope there’s intelligent life up there cause there’s fuck all down here on Earth.

  10. Does it really matter? In 50 years time we’ll all be forced to read the Koran and you can bet your life, literally, that they’ll be no changing of the words.

    • On the bright side, the perfect opportunity to learn classical Arabic. Or else. Translations aren’t valid.

    • I’ll gladly take a very sharp knife to any fucker who tries to get me to read the koran.

    • Strangely appropriate and spookily coincident, considering she is one of the first order.

    • On the one I’m glad we don’t live in a country of violent religious zealots the like of which would have murdered this count by now but on the other hand…

  11. Hang on. If Suckdik Khant keeps telling us that diversity is strength and the EU keep telling us that unity is strength, who should we believe?

    Leftard heads are going to explode with that one.

  12. Clearly Xmas is more palatable without it’s religious aspects.
    Hospitals are more efficient without patients.
    Schools are more efficiently run without pupils and staff.
    Cunt’s opinions are more justifiable when the cunt in question has no brain but insists that they are the most appropriate person to provide an education to our young.
    Shouldn’t the governors exercise their control over this….or are they cunts as well?

  13. It could’ve been a lot worse, she could’ve gone the full level of insulting wankritude and said “Jesus the Palestinian”, or denied Jesus a gender by insisting that by being the offspring a non-human entity was therefore genderless and henceforth will be played by a “transitioning” child to be more “inclusive”

    You cunts read it here first, my prediction for some Marxist infested discipline-free, knowledge-lite, prizes-for-all state daytime indoctrination unit, for the 2020 “seasonal play” where Christianity will not be mentioned and is “re-imagined” as taking place over a small chicken shop in Rotherham. With 150 not-too-wise men from the East (Pakistan) “visiting” several young virgins simultaneously while promising gifts of Golden showers, Frank contempt and Murder, with the Herod’s of the Local CUNCIL insisting that the rapists-from-orient-are, of baby that results have their names on the birth certificate, thus effectively raping the mother again and forever.

    Now THAT would be a production designed to offend.

    For I AM the Imam of ALL Cunts of the Al-Aqsminster-Kharpet mosque. ALLACHHHHHU AKHBLARRRRGH Now fuck off….

  14. Maybe kids need to get the historical perspective so they can view religion in context. Though in this case editing of a hymn so as not to offend followers of another religion is ironic. Jesus is the foundation of Christianity, Jesus is the saviour and to say otherwise is a blasphemy. I very much doubt that Mohamed would of been similarly demoted as this would of caused a shit storm of epic proportions, Lily Allen (blessed be her name) would of reactivated her twatter account to denounce us all as racists.

    Despite what people like to believe this is a Christian country, Christianity is at the root of our culture even if the religion itself is no longer followed. There tends to be a loss of religious faith towards the fall of a civilisation, old faiths replaced with new faiths, climate change religion and imported idols in our case.

    How long until Jesus is presented as the non binary offspring of a trans couple? It’s probably already been done. Christianity don’t seem so bad given the alternatives.

    • Imagine if someone had said Mohammed didn’t shag pre pubescent girls, there would have been a fucking uproar.

    • Exactly what is jesus the saviour of?

      Also, to imply that this is a christian country is ludicrous. That would imply that every single one of us is a christian, and I am sure you are well aware that is not the case.

      I believe that jesus existed, because even the muzzies believe in him as a historical figure, but the son of god? Nah, another conman like old beardy mohammed.

      • The point being Robin, if you’re a Christian then he is your saviour. In fact from a Christian point of view he is your saviour whether you believe in him or not, but only through belief can you be saved.

        Our culture is vastly influenced by our Judeo-Christian heritage, modern Britain was shaped by the influence of church and then the reformation, in that context we are still a Christian nation.

        Be agnostic, atheist or a satanist, matters not to me, long as no one of any persuasion is forcing me to live according to their opinion.

  15. How come this foreign fucking bitch gets to become a headteacher, and use the position to attack our culture, in a country which is “100% racist, for sure”? (Thanks Stormzy)

  16. “Religions are advertising agencies for a product that doesn’t exist.” (Clive James)

  17. I would appreciate it if someone could explain the bond between left wing, Godless Marxist Sympathisers and the fascist moose limbs.
    I thought this might have been blown out of the water with the Birmingham LGBT school dispute but this seems to have died down.
    This is an unholy alliance. Will it be shattered by the first shirtlifter to be thrown over a cliff? Fucked if I know.

  18. Couldn’t agree more.

    Religious studies should be taught at school insofar only so the kids are taught about all the world’s religions, NOT that any religion is factually correct.

    It will help them, as they move into adult life, to be aware of how many truly insane people there are out there.

      • Fiddler, as a straight white, able-bodied tax paying, red meat eating, blood sport hunting male who voted for Brexit, you may be the most persecuted group in the land.

      • I do feel persecuted LL… even that nice Mister Corbyn said that he’d sooner have The Chief Rabbi guide his cock into Golda Meir’s corpse than meet me.

    • Got to be honest Dick, I was kind of sympathising with him, I mean, it does seem kind of hypocritical to run an animal welfare charity and then support companies which use animals for testing.

      Then I read “He also does not take buses so he does not crash into insects or birds”.

      Fuck me! You couldn’t be more right. What an utter, utter CUNT. Has he not see the way that some members of the animal kingdom, including insect and birds, treat each other?


      • It’s the sheer zealotry of him and some of his ilk that gets me,Robin. They really are bigoted,self-righteous and well….fucking mental is the only way I can describe them.

        Still….I suppose he’s no more (or less) mental that the hard-core religious fanatics who can accept nothing but their own particular brand of beliefs and would happily butcher anyone who doesn’t share their view….so maybe he has a point about wanting equal protection from the Courts to spout his bile.

        The Cunt must live in cloud-cuckoo Land

      • Agree 100% Dick.

        What this is really about is him mouthing off his views to the world and hopefully getting a big payday at the end of it. It is as dishonestly shameful as Peacefuls who go to work in Tesco and then complain about having to handle alcohol. Spineless snowflakes, the lot of them.

        I have no issue with vegans, but holier than thou cunts like this should be shot.

    • He’d love you Dick!😀
      Vegan shoes an aftershave?
      Tempted Fiddler?
      Rubber slip ons an eau de beetroot?

      • “He’d love you Dick”….. I’m not sure that I share your optimism about that if I’m honest, MNC.

      • Hehee, bet hes a right laugh in pub?
        Big space around him, sipping fuckin turnip juice, straw pants an rubber shoes, itching to tell someone hes vegan!
        Doesnt do jokes
        Doesnt listen
        Doesnt have a girlfriend
        Animals hate him😀

      • I’d like to see his pension pot after years of being invested in wind power and tofu.

        Give me shares in arms dealers, tobacco and oil any day.

  19. It’s a little play about the birth of Jesus, wise men and sheep shaggers in supporting roles, if you are someone who believes then it has meaning and the words ‘little lord Jesus’ are relevant.
    Changing the words to be inclusive for other religion makes absolutely no sense, it ends up have no meaning to anyone so may as well just scrap it altogether!

  20. I thought I’d wandered IsaChildishCunt for a minute, there being so many Happy clappers queuing up to defend The Lord. She’s a silly bitch for ‘reaching out’ to those savages who’d sliť her throat without qualms and enjoy it too. Nevertheless, get a grip devil dodgers. It’s all nonsense. Try to question your self-deception.

  21. Someone tell this over promoted chai wallah to wind her fucking beck in.

    Who minds the shop when she is at the school?

  22. Atheism equates to who gives a fuck. whilst religion is the harbinger of guilt.
    One thing that can be said in religions favour is that it has inspired spectacular buildings, craftsmanship and art as for music that can be inspiring or just plain bloody awful

    • Exactly. All these “spectacular buildings” made through the sweat and toil of decent men and paid for by, who? Oh yes, the same poor fuckers they deluded into building their vanity shrimes.

  23. I just wish they’d teach em how to remember

    “What did you learn today? Any new sums, songs? What book did you read?
    …Can’t remember
    Come on just one little fragment of what they taught you today
    ….Errmmmm oh stuff you know

    At least he seems to be forgetting the libtard tosh as well

    • You’ve got to tease it out of them. Try multiple choice to see if they have been taught :
      a) Tango man is good; or
      b) Tango man is bad

      Next year they will get taught about Boris.

  24. Ásatrú or Odinism seems to be on the comeback.
    The original cult of Northern Europe. Perhaps it’s time to kick all this middle eastern stuff out.

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