Zakia Khatun

A Festive Cunting for Ms Khatun.

Who the fuck is she? Well, she is the Headteacher of Whitehall Primary School in Essex (co-incidentally, the little dark key knocked off his scooter and stabbed by some other filth went here). And, to celebrate our Christian heritage, she has changed the words in a carol from “Jesus the Saviour” to “Jesus the baby”, among other changes:

The reason for this? What do you think? Yes, to not upset the peacefuls. Welcome to Britain – diversity is our strength, but just don’t be white or Christian.

Fucking cunt.

Nominated by Lord Cuntingdon

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  1. If you haven’t moved on since caveman times and still think there’s some sort of “god” who you must worship, you are, quite frankly, the most pathetic, gullible cunt imaginable.

  2. You have become my muse Miserable! I wrote two Noms both inspired by what you said on here. The first one was called ‘Bible Bashers’. ‘Not what you’re thinking cunters people who are always bashing the Bible, criticizing it’ the thing began. I went onto to say that the New Atheist is imore fundamental than the Fundamentalists. We all know that Genesis is the ‘poetry of Creation’, or that Noah’s Ark is an embellished story. But they miss the message of the Bible.
    The other one I called ‘god botherers’. This retold the story of a friend who wanted a Humanist funeral for his wife. And the pain and a hurt it caused in her family. He got his way. He was angry you see at God. That one was inspired by you saying that they are always angry.

    Both binned.

    • I do not believe or agree with what you say on religion Miles.
      However, I do defend your right to say it.

    • But there is no such thing as a “New Atheist”. Anybody who didn’t believe, or did anything out of the ordinary, would have been burned at the stake or drowned for being witches by the lovely, caring believers. Forget Hitler, the followers of god have been the true fascists throughout history. It’s no wonder the intelligent ones kept their mouths shut, thus making it seem that your so-called “new atheists” are a recent phenomenon.

      How can you argue that atheists “miss the message” in the bible. Actual believers, the true god botherers, use what is written in the bible and declare it as fact and use it to spread their hatred and bigotry. To accuse atheists of missing the message in the bible is somewhat disingenuous.

      • Funny thing is, I didn’t have to buy a book telling me how to become a non believer, or follow a code or a way of life. I don’t attend meetings, or belong to groups that have a mission in life, to spread the message of the non believers. I don’t tell people that I’m a non believer unless I’m asked, or I’m being lectured by a believer of some superstition. It doesn’t effect the way I interact with the rest of humanity, what I eat, or how I vote, what I wear, and who I associate with. I don’t have to mutilate the genitals of my offspring or worry about being judged by anyone other than those I care about. I do good deeds for no reason other than making the world a slightly more bearable place to live, and it is the decent thing to do. I can’t blame my non belief when things go bad, or praise it when they are not. If I do right or wrong, it’s me alone that has responsibility. Is that so bad?

    • Sorry they got binned Miles.
      I think my point was that if someone gets comfort and solace from their faith, why would you knock them?
      Im not Christian but dont mock them,
      As someone whos not got a dog in the fight, watching from the sidelines so to speak, it seemed the more ‘soapbox preacher’ was the atheists,
      Seemed angry and pushy, theres certain things i dont pry with other men, their family, faith, health, etc
      We all get the answer to the question at the end!

    • I think part of the problem Miles, is that you sometimes use religious ‘jargon’ in some posts. To quote you “Genesis is the Poetry of Creation” means very little to me or possibly other non believers. Any discussion needs to be in plain English. Do religious people deliberately obvuscate? I don’t know. However, if a scientist was explaining the Big Bang Theory to you using terms like cosmic microwave background or baryonic matter, you would be as equally confused.

    • Miles, please beware of Chesterton. It’s possible to admire the guy, and I do, without taking on his Catholic baggage. He’s precisely the sort of Bible-basher some here complain of. Not only does he have an untestable hypothesis, but he dismisses everyone else’s untestable hypotheses* out of hand, as well as the scientific point of view which, via millions of small testable hypotheses, logically derived, can at least provide a self-consistent account of the mechanism of the observable universe.

      Chesterton has just one salient proposal, a theme he often returns to, and this is hinted at in what may just possibly have been the words of Christ; the kingdom (or realm) of heaven is right here, and you can’t see that with an educated and analytical mind. You can’t see how it works without one, though.

      I think the last thing Christ wanted to do was to set up a Christ-cult, in fact. God wasn’t just his father, but everyone’s, in his view. And this tied in to the childlike outlook he advocated. Separating what he actually thought from the accretions of the former taxman and demagogue Paul, propagating an antiestablishment movement in Roman territory, let alone the subsequent devotional hagiography, is now completely impossible, of course. I would not base a theory of the universe on the scraps available, even if I believed he was something supernatural.

      *He is invariably nasty about Buddhism, for instance. Because it’s so different from Catholicism? Or so similar in its essentials? Think on.

  3. The whole point of this cunting is the erosion of western values and culture. Whether you believe or not is irrelevant and your own business. I am an atheist but deplore the trashing of Christians and their values by the totalitarian left.

    • Maybe I am just a cunt (I can own the title, I don’t give a shit), but I am happy to trash the values of Christians, Muslims etc etc. They have been ramming their beliefs down everybody else’s throats for so long, it is nice to see the shoe on the other foot.

      Finally being free to speak out against religious fascism does not make us the “totalitarian left”, whatever the fuck that is.

      • No offence Robin but you talk like a black person who has never experienced slavery, or even met anyone that has, yet feel now that they are now in the 21st century ‘finally free’, and have the right to act like a cunt toward white people because some other white people enslaved some other black people hundreds of years ago. All this despite the obvious benefits of living in a country built by the people you imagine to have forced you into bondage, and as such now regard revenge as your personal prerogative – just a chippy self-righteous tosser with no particular person to blame.

      • Nah, just an atheist who is pissed off with religious nut-jobs preaching their falsehoods as facts even though they are just a bunch of wish fulfilment fairy stories.

    • Christians have been trashed this evening but I’m sure it wasn’t by the totalitarian left!
      Final score: Christians 2 Lions 10

      • I don’t see how Christians have been trashed Bertie? They’ve survived 2 millennia after all. I’m not one by the way. The existence of god is not settled either way for me and that’s without even trying to define what God is or isn’t. The fact the some very learned men of science have come to believe that there must be intelligent design at work in the universe is reason enough for me not to consider I’m able to deny the existence of a higher being.

        Freedom of religion is one of the foundations of a free society, it seems that Christianity is the one religion that has lost the protection of that particular freedom. Many of the things that receive cuntings on here have become more prevalent as our society has been less Christian. I have no axe to grind with Christians, I don’t darken their door and they don’t darken mine.

        Those that have no belief in God have nothing to worry about.

        Those that do believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent being should give him credit for being able to sort his own shit out if he feels the need.

      • Evening Sixdog. I’m only talking figuratively – reflecting the bashing they’ve had this evening. I do agree with you, however, that this nom goes deeper than religion and is primarily about the erosion of Western values.

      • Cheers Sixdog, thats what I was trying to convey!
        Not as eloquent as yourself.
        Just dont see what someones faith is is anything to do with me?
        Why would i want to disprove it?
        Nowt to do with me, but anyone pushing a view one way or another gets tiresome.

      • No! Was under the impression that you could express your views freely, not be preached to or have a opinion forced on you, and that each posters opinions were equally as valid!
        No pushing! Same rules as the public baths!
        Oh and no divebombing or ducking others.

      • erm… actually… the Christian church has been one of the principal facilitators and apologists for mass third world immigration and that alone gets them brass plated onto my cunt-wall.

      • bollocks! – half a post…

        “I have no axe to grind with Christians, I don’t darken their door and they don’t darken mine.”

        erm… actually… the Christian church has been one of the principal facilitators and apologists for mass third world immigration and that alone gets them brass plated onto my cunt-wall.

  4. Look at it like this lads, none of us can say one way or another.
    When we croak, and that IS a certainty,
    Its either a pit of eternal dark nothing,
    Or a blinding light and heaven..
    Your gonna feel a right cunt if its the latter…

    • I don’t know about ‘croaking.’ You’ll have to ask Freddie the Frog about that one!

      • There is a middle way Miserable. Do you believe in Reincarnation?
        If reincarnation was real, you might come back as a table cloth.

        You’d get laid three times a day and pulled off at night.

    • Despite my beliefs and all that I have said, I would dearly love there to actually be a god and a real kingdom of heaven.

      However, when my time comes, I won’t feel a right cunt (i’ll probably be heading south anyway!), but I will have a lot of questions. Such as:

      Why did you appear 2,000 years ago only to show your face to just a handful of people, and then fuck off again to leave us to rape and pillage the planet that you created?

      I could go on, and on, and on. I won’t feel a cunt, I will be fucking angry.

      • Well exactly RB, that any kind of ‘supreme being’ would allow this shit fest to continue for no discernable benefit other than his own amusement/curiosity/spite marks him/her/it down as nowt more than a fucking sadist and should I rock up at the Pearly Gate house I’ll be signalling my arrival in the afterworls with a fucking brick through St. Peter’s office window and calling that cunting deity out into the car park to deliver a pan dimensional hiding on behalf the poor suffering fuckers back on Earth who’ve put up with his employee’s moralising indifference, the plagues, the wars and sundry torments he’s “sent to try our faith” over the centuries. God! Yer a cunt!!! Get out ‘ere NOW you omnipotent little prick.

  5. I have read what people have said and pondered it in my heart and have come to the conclusion that you’re all full of shit and I am right and you are wrong.

  6. All religions are fairy stories. What pisses me off about this is the fact that the religion that was once the staple of this country has to be changed for fear of upsetting Mud slimes. Providing we can change some parts of the Islamic festivals and ways so they are no longer offensive to other religions then that’s fair.
    Personally halal meat would be banned.
    It’s all about erosion of British customs and values.
    She should be told that you respect the British values and that Christianity is the core religion and if you don’t like that go and live in a Islamic country.

    • Not me, I’m going to stay up all night pulling myself off to tranny porn and then get drunk before tomorrows fire-and-brimstone sermon telling everyone to go to hell.

  7. Ah, cultural enrichment, eh? Can’t beat it…

    I’ve said it before and I shall say it again…
    They always have been and never not will be total human filth…

  8. Dear God, know we’ve not spoke in a while,
    Please see it in your massive heart to forgive me, ive been a sinner.
    Tried to be good though!
    Please protect our armed forces and our fishermen, only ours though!
    Let the french ones drown.

    I wouldnt blame you if you laid a plague on some of my fellow cunters for saying orrible stuff about you id understand, so, eh…were good?
    Cheers All father.👍

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