The New Year’s Honours List (3)

Roll up, roll up and roll under, top-secret-letter-from-the-Palace cunting please, for this years ‘Right-On’ Honours List.

I thought I had heard it all with “Dame” Butch Lesbian-Cressida Dick, but look what we have this year – Floella Benjamin, stalwart of pre-school childrens TV 40 years ago, elderly chef of 80s TV, Ainsley Harriot, and just to prove we move with the times, that mud slime woman who won the amateur baking contest a few years ago. Add in mincing queen Elton John, and you have the recipe for a real SJWs, virtue signallers wet dream.

What the fuck is the point of these discredited awards? At one time it would have been a genuine honour, now it just green stamps for poofters and effnics.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

The same familiar faces getting gongs for making themselves rich.

Although a new face has emerged this year, Nadiya Hussain, who is given an MBE for services to the culinary arts and making herself rich by writing not only duff cookery books, but now has gone on to write about Fatima, Farah, Bubblee and Mae – who are the only young Muslims in the quaint English village of Wyvernage about.

Only Muslims in the village I ask you. It must be a pure fiction book.

Nominated by iamnot

52 thoughts on “The New Year’s Honours List (3)

  1. More bollocks from the establishment. The whole honours system is a farce. Fucking Elton John has his knighthood improved? What has he actually done for the country? He’s a parody panto dame.


    • What has fat Reg done?

      Well, according to the Guardian, he’s getting a ‘Companion Of Honour’ (free taxpayer funded bum-boy) for his “remarkable career spanning more than five decades, in which he has sold more than 300m records worldwide, and used his fame to promote the work of 23 charities, including his own Aids foundation, and being a gross, vulgar, Meghan & Harry brown-nosing CUNT.”

      • At least they didn’t put the fat cunt in the Lords. And why not? Because there isn’t enough room for his lard arse, I’d say.

        The CH is awarded for “… a major contribution to the arts, science, medicine, or government lasting over a long period of time”

        Since 1978 63 appointments have been made. None were to medics, four were to scientists and 22 to politicians. The remainder were mostly arty. Doesn’t take much figuring out where the priorities lie.

        Come the revolution…starting with Major, Osborne and Roy Strong, blindfold on and step up to the wall as your names are called, please.

        A cascade of cunts.

    • Did he pay back the half a million quid he sued The Sun for accusing him of being a homosexual? Was he prosecuted for perjury like Jeffrey Archer?

  2. Disgraceful. The “Côte d’Ivoire” box ticked along with parasitic luvvies. Cunts.

    • Fear not Sir Stamford most of us recognise these charlatans for what they are totally undeserving unlike your esteemed self, a true colossus given to the service of Empire and Dominions.
      Twas only this past week I had the good fortune to observe your sterling efforts in ‘Up the Khyber’ the service you provided to the native girls was most commendable, long may you continue in your duty of providing a taste of the Imperial sword to the native womenfolk, may I further suggest a little seasonal garnish could be applied to encourage the craving for said sword

      • Too kind Evening Star. Mrs Le Cunt now preparing the Sake and Toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦) new year food now. All the best pal.

  3. We all know this is complete bollocks, and we’ve been saying it for donkeys years, and yet it is still here, just as irritating and just as unjustifiable.

    When you think of some previous appointments – such as making that racist bitch Daureen Lawrence a Dame just because her gangster son was murdered and the police fucked up – its just best not to dwell to much on how this shit works because nothing will change.

    It also amuses me how certain liberals and dark keys with a grudge against the Establishment, Colonialism, the Monarchy etc suddenly do an about face and accept an honour rather than refusing it on principle!

    If I was the Queen with a malicious streak I would hack the heads off some cunts during the knighting ceremony!

    • I’m just surprised Dominin Grieve wasn’t honoured for his services to brown-nosing Donald Tusk and treachery towards the UK.

      As it is, he will be heading down to the Rose & Crown this evening with his electric organ to continue his residency. His guests tonight Jess Phillips and her hot trombone and David Lammy with a song from his Tribute To Paul Robeson CD (a personal friend of his of course).

  4. Not a fan of this honours nonsense myself, but after having the year that he had, Ben Stokes was a cert for a gong.
    They say that this year alone, he’s hit more balls than Liberace’s necklace….

  5. Probably 50 or so cunts were given honours for depriving the poor of their bank cards/mobile phones/possessions/cars/lives. Apart from these wankers that get them, does anybody give a shit? I mean, services to women’s football?? Get a grip. Do you honestly think that if we ever meet I’m more likely to call you ‘Sir’ than ‘cunt’?

    • One of my neighours likes to be called ‘Sir’ – following heridetary favours in the family – he doesn’t even live in this country – I call him CUNT

  6. Honours List?

    More like a shit list for the biggest cunts of said year.
    Sums it up what the honours list really means when the likes of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile have received knighthoods and honours in the past for services rendered………..

    This Honours list is another nod by the establishment and crown to PC. It ticks a box in their minds that they are not ‘waycist’ or ‘anti-bumboys’ by showing the world how PC and woke they are by honouring irrelevant pricks like the ones pictured above.

    In reality a bunch of Z-list Dark-Keys and Shirt Lifters get a little badge from HM for being good progressive, law abiding members of the UK.

    In reality 95% of these shit-weasels hate the UK in many ways and have got rich for either sodomizing other arts fanatics or just because ‘their blick’ (said in South African accent) and making bucket loads of cash in the process.

    Same old shit, Average Joe cunt don’t give a fuck about these talentless effniks and sodomites getting a gong.

    Did however laugh my tits off when some dickhead leaked all their names and personal addresses on the internet………

  7. The honours system is an embarrassment . Years ago you had to do something truly outstanding for a Knighthood like be the first to climb mount Everest or been a great commander in a decisive battle in the war. Nowadays they give people awards for just being cunts. I’ll just check the post to see if my telegram has arrived .

    • I remembered Nadiya Hussain moaning about Theresa May when air strikes were called on Syria over the chemical attack a couple of years back calling her a threat and our political leaders monsters. And she gets an MBE. Hooded cunt.

      • Nadiya Hussain is a nobody she was just created, promoted and sponsored by the BBC into a so called celebrity!!!!!, the BBC and the honours system, being institutions both ”past their sell by date ”

  8. At least Boris didn’t give a gong to that preening cheating cunt Bercow.
    Oh dear how sad never mind.

    • Don’t worry, Bercunt will be quietly ‘elevated’ sometime in the new year, once Boris has got his Brino Treaty safely over the line, you can bank on it.

      • Hey Rtc, a fights kickin off about god on other nom!
        Hurry up an come get a few punches in!👊💥

  9. I would just like to put in a good word for Alison Saunders, hapless Director of Public Prosecutions, who has rightly been awarded a Damehood for abject failure, like her similarly useless and disastrous predecessor, Dame Keir Starmer.

    Also June Sarpongo MBE deserves a mention. She is now upgraded to an OBE.

    Is there no limit to the generosity of the British Empire?

    • Well done Reg & co!
      Thoroughly deserved!
      Especially the establishment dark keys!
      These people work hard toadying and social climbing for years,
      Must be tiresome?
      See you all in the firing squad!👍

  10. I looked on in exasperation and a sense of deja vu at said list. There’s genuine people out there who deserve accolades but don’t get recognised because they’re not “celebrities” Why does that raghead cook get an MBE? Why has that nasty, mincing little bitch Reg Dwight been further lauded? Makes me really angry.

    • In Fat Reg’s case, I gather his ‘elevation’ is in recognition for outstanding sucking up to royalty and the EU, hence the granting of the title ‘Companion of the Order of the Brown Nose’. We’ll never hear the fucking last of it from the be-syruped cunt.

      • I believe Fat Reg received his honour for keeping quiet about what happened at Pwince Eddie’s parties!

  11. Nothing for the pig shagger again. Poor old Call Me Dave……will they ever forgive him?
    Perhaps if hugs a few more hoodies?

  12. Fuck’s sake, couldn’t they find anyone else more worthy to give yet another accolade to, rather than Fatty John? There appears to be one hell of a mutual arse licking going on between the establishment and that fat old poof.

    Yes, he does charity stuff (mostly to finance HIS OWN charity, that AIDS foundation thing, so not THAT benevolent of him) but that was the premise on which he was given a fucking Knighthood, so why the need for any more awards?

    This shit pisses me the fuck off. Ok, so the majority of honours go to Joe Public , but why do the likes of Sam Mendes deserve a gong? For directing films and making himself a lot of money? What else has he done?

    Umm, fuck all.

    • I’m surprised we haven’t had Lord McCartney of Notty Ash as yet. And why hasn’t poor Gary Linekunt been given a knighthood yet? There’s something rotten about the whole system if you ask me Nurse.

    • Excellent cunting NC.

      It too grips my shit to see these money grabbing dickheads and useless fucks get awarded yet many heroes in the NHS, armed forces, Police, Fire brigade or Coast Guard get fuck all. These men and women serving in these organisations should get the real recognition. Not Dame Elton John the fat sausage gobbler…..

    • That luvvie twat Sam Mendes got his honour for helping to turn the character of James Bond into a boring closet shirtlifter.
      Guy Hamilton and Terence Young must be spinning in their graves…

  13. Cunters will no doubt be mourning the tragic double suicide in Kent yesterday.
    Absolutely awful.
    Good afternoon.

    • Ha! I was wondering when that would, undoubtedly, come up on ISAC. Yes, who the fuck cares about a pair of dead pikeys? It’s just a start…..

    • Devastating news about the double suicide of the poor honest travellers – who the f*ck is going to tarmac my drive and steal my 4WD now?

      Oh yes – all the f*cking rest of them!

  14. What a rotten rat’s nest it all is.
    Brown types and puffs all over.
    Henry VIII would sort those cunts out.

  15. The honours system is a complete joke. Eddie The Eagle still hasn’t got anything, and if anybody can rightly be described as a national fucking hero it is him!

  16. Floella Benjamin? What (principally) for being the right shade on the RAL chart and services to fuckarsing around in the 70’s with Gemima, Hamble, Humpty, Big Ted and Little Ted?

    Fat Reg is an arse-greasing pantomine chimp. He hasn’t released anything musically half-decent after 1973.

    Fuck off!

  17. It’s an absolute fucking travesty we didn’t get to see Sir Nigel of Farage. Cunts!

    • Old “snake oil salesman” Farage? I used to believer too. Then I saw the light and realised he was as much of cunt as every other politician.

  18. Elton hasn’t released a decent song in 30 years. Completely irrelevant. And he gets another award for what ? Being King of Homosexuals ? Wig-wearing cunt.

  19. Sir / Lord Tony B Liar can’t be far off. Can you imagine the cunts and his cunt wife’s shitting eating grins. I feel quite bilious.

  20. I reckon that Nadiya cunt will be a bit put out.. Because she has been replaced by Stormzy as the BBC’s new favourite pet…. She is basically being rewarded simply because she is a towelhead who was gifted – oops sorry – ‘won’ a crappy cake competition on the telly… I expect Sir fucking Stormzy will be next year, the damn cunt…

    At least Beckham didn’t get anything, mind… The thought of his already up herself face like a smacked arse talent, looks and charm free wife calling herself Lady Beckham would have been a turd climbing up the ladder moment of Megan Markle proportions…

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