Those responsible for the London Bridge Attack

The British legal system

It turns out that the Cunt who was shot on London Bridge yesterday, was convicted of terrorism offences some years ago, and was out on licence.

Once these fuckers have been locked up they should stay locked up for life.

The ideal would be to stick them in front of a firing squad.
Only for our poxy, bleeding heart, liberal system, two innocent people would not have died yesterday.

What a heap of Cunt.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

Sadiq Khan

Lets have another Square Mile cunting for this diminutive crock of shit, London Mayor, and failed ex-cabinet minister Sadiq Khan.

Want to find somebody to blame for yesterday’s terrorist attack at London Bridge?. Of course it cant be the fault of his compatriot, the terrorist ex jailbird. It certainly isn’t little Sadcunt’s fault, anymore than the record number of murders we have had in London this year. It can’t be careerist lesbian Cressida Dick’s fault for running a joke police force,

No the solution is obvious – blame that nasty government

Just a few years ago this little arsewipe would have been thrown out of his job. Perhaps he would now if he were pale, male and stale, but it seems highly likely that the poisonous motherfucker will be returned for another 4 years of misery next year. Fuck him (I’ll leave Dame Keir to do that)

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

The Parole Board

The parole board need cunting again.When are these cunts going to be held to account when they let the dregs of society back out on the streets .Yesterday we had the attack in London from a twat who was out on parole,and funnily enough the ankle tag didn’t seem to dissuade him from crime.The cunts that sit as the parole board should be doing time for letting these scumbags out.

Nominated by CrustyFlaps

87 thoughts on “Those responsible for the London Bridge Attack

  1. Apparently the parole board had nothing at all to do with his release. They are cunts anyway but this time it’s not their fault.

    • I get the impression, that those that have the say of yes or no to the release of cunts like the London Bridge attacker, will sleep safe at night in their well protected houses in a fairly affluent area of town … Judges, parole board members etc. I may be wrong, but the release of these cunts won’t affect them.
      Back in June 2018, we had the coloured chap on a bicycle that pulled a ‘Zombie knife’ to try and hack fuck out of a motorist that had cut across him. A judge decided due to a ‘back ground’ story … this guy didn’t deserve prison.
      I believe this was actually overturned.
      That got me thinking …. just to make any cunts mind clear, that if there is ANY doubt if some cunt should or shouldn’t go to prison, or NOT be released from prison … The responsible cunt in authority, who signs on the dotted line, should take FULL responsibility. If some cunt, not jailed, then goes on to commit a further crime … both of them should be banged up for the same length of time … And, if some cunt released early goes on to commit a crime, the ‘resonsible’ person that allowed their release should be banged up along side them for the remainder of their sentence. that should put any doubt out of their Liberal minds. Cunts.

  2. Good one on Sickipedia this morning…..

    America: only guns can keep us safe.

    Britain: pass me that Narwhal tusk

  3. A pity the cunt didn’t blow up the Stock Exchange as he originally intended. If he’d killed a few rich cunts he would never have seen the light of day again.

  4. Comrade Corbyn is blaming UK military action overseas.

    I wish Corbyn would move overseas: The DPRK would fit in well with his madness.

    • Any word from Jo Swinson? Or is she blaming the Brexit result for this, and thus underline the need to throw the entire referendum result under a bus!

      • Granny Grieve and Dame Keir have refused to make a statement, but along with Ben Bradshaw and Lloyd Russell-Moyle they did say “oooh, we do feel q. ueer ducky”

    • Putting that comment on a lighter note you make it sound like kim jong un/corbyn& trump in north korea !sat around a coffee table having tea like the mad hatters tea party! Mind u when u oppress the masses like kim jong un does you dont get shit kicking off !when jailed over there thats it!

  5. Sadiq Khan is probably related to Usman Khan. Probably his brothers son on his mother’s side

  6. Twice this morning I’ve heard on the BBC and Sky….

    “On London Bridge, where two people tragically died.”

    Lets get it right….

    “On London Bridge, where two people were murdered by a Muslim”….

    • You won’t hear anyone in the MSM use the words terrorist or murder.
      It all has to be watered down for puffs and cry babies.

      • Had it been a member of the EDL doing the killings you can almost guarantee the BBC, Guardian and MSM will have the words “murdered”, “massacred”, “right wing” and “terrorist” plastered all over the front pages of their news sites!

    • It’s easy to tell when it’s a Muslim terror attack, just read the news and if they don’t mention the perps skin tone it’s a Muslim. Whenever it’s been a white man they instantly tell you that fact .

    • Just watched the BBCstanistab 10:00 pm news about the second victim of that murdering mozzie, Khunt Khan. Eight minutes long and not once was the word I-slam or Mudslime mentioned.Those libtard mind fucks are fucking terrified of associating that murderous piece of shit with the religion of the so called peacefuls.

  7. 1/ Reintroduce the death penalty, the fourth reich wont accept any state that has it on the statute book. 2/ Don’t release the body, just let the slimes know its been buried in pig shit. 3 Wherever the stabby twats worshiped close said premises and demolish it. I don’t know about the cunters on here I’ve had enough of the goat shagging cunts antics.
    Thats made me feel so much better, medieval bastards. Fuck them to hell and gone.

    • “Shut the mosque/s… Don’t release the body…”
      My thoughts exactly. Fuck any notions of respecting their kulchrull norms and practices.

      “…just let the slimes know its been buried in pig shit.”
      Even better; inform them that it is currently being turned INTO pig shit by the state’s herd of feral boars and they won’t even be getting the bastard’s bones back.

  8. Expect the usual buck passing and “nuffin’ to do with us. guv!” responses from those chiefly in charge of this kind of shit.

    While all the obfuscating goes on in the Establishment, and the liberal media go into their usual hand-wringing “well its them right wing xenophobes that really pushed that poor man over the edge!”, you have to feel sorry for the fucking victims in all of this!

    Not only have the relatives got to deal with the loss, but will have to suffer the media spotlight, rent-a-quotes, social media scrutiny (if they say anything remotely critical of the camel shagger on Twitter they’ll be hung drawn and fucking quartered all over again); and having to put with local politicians grubbing for votes and PR stunts in the run up to the election.

    But the bottom line is that no one in power will take the blame because shit always rolls down hill and ending up with the plebs having to deal with it.

  9. All of those that were responsible for this cunt Usman Khan being let out and back amongst us should be held accountable.
    They should be punished for dereliction of duty, or embezzlement of public funds, or anything as long as they’re made to suffer.

    I want to single out that pathetic piece of shit Sadiq Khan for extra special treatment after trying to blame the Tories for his Muslim friend’s murder spree.
    I’d like to see the Pakistani cunt tied to London Bridge railings where any passer-by can inflict whatever damage they feel appropriate on his unwelcome, stinking, carcass.

  10. Just saw Corbyn interview with sophie Ridge he said “3 people tragically died”…
    The fucking terrorist he meant!
    Fuckin daft cunt!
    People like him? …bullet.
    Him and people like him are enablers to terror causes.

    • I bet the cunt doesn’t even know their names, but he’ll be quick enough to get his Labour candidate over to the homes of the victims’ relatives for a quick photo op!

    • You can see which way this country is heading if Corbyn and his Britain hating cohorts get in.

      • I find it incredible given this shambling old fuckers recent balls ups on TV and radio, his fantasy economics and plain downright lies that his stinking party are rising in the opinion polls. Are the British public really that stupid. If you get a Marxist governemt it will be the last proper election – after that they will be mere 5 year formalities voted in by 16 year old wankers who cream themselves at the word *free*

      • The IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah will have their feet under the table in No.10 before you can shout “Ali’s Snackbar!”

      • The terrifying thing is Comrade Corbyn doesn’t actually have to win – provided he gets near the line he will be propped up by Swinson and all the other opposition fuckers.

        If the Liberals do badly we have the delight of that bunch of bastards being led by Umunna, one of the most pompous, self-promoting arsewipes in a sea of the bastards.

      • Swinson should be banned from Parliament as sge is not a fit and proer person to carry out the duties of a member of Parliament. Its one thing arguing against leaving the EU before the vote but its quite another doing everything in your power to prevent the implimentation of the result of that vote. This is an affront to democracy and sets a very dangerous precident .

      • Corbyn loves our enemies hates our armed forces Hates the generic white people of this Country Hates everything the Jewish faith stands for.He cannot stand
        anyone who is rich but earns £180 grand a year himself a complete hypocrite and champagne socialist a total cunt.
        Communist Labour For The Many But Not The Jew

      • Hmmm well thats politics for you .this mudslime then m lord before he murdered two innocent people was he wearing a jeremy corbyn mask?no thought not so there you go bigger cunts in this world.

      • No they Were murdered in cold blood That’s the fact the snowflakes don’t like murdered 👎👎

    • Comrade compo has always been a friend of terrorism – secret visits to Soviet controlled Czechoslovakia, turning up to see his IRA friends at terrorist funerals, laying wreaths at the funeral of islamic terrorists etc..
      2 Humans died, and one feral savage beast and we have to wait like little bitches for the next peaceful atrocity so inspector Wokeflake can blame everybody but the perpetrators.
      Corbyn is a traitor and cunt of the first order

    • I know I’m banned (and too lazy/proud to circumvent the banning) but perhaps admin might allow me this one opportunity to paraphrase that font of all knowledge, ‘Catch 22’…

      “The enemy is anyone who will cause you harm, irrespective of the uniform they wear, the flag they claim to serve, and the allegiance they purport to pledge.”

  11. Nobody is safe as all politicians know their are thousands who sympathise with Islamic terrorism in the UK but won’t do anything about it.
    Take the fucking gloves off and deal with the cunts properly.
    Fuck them.

    • Unless there is a proper threat or punishment, this will continue.
      I favour the Electric Chair being introduced.

      • A good idea but I think boiling them in pig fat and having the gays be the ones to cast their remains back to the families.

    • Thats pretty much the point i tryed to make ! Well said^its not down to politicians all together its the system itself .stop &think a minute where did this happen?at a conference to do with helping ex offenders or something similair/and this shitbag turned up wearing a fake bomb vest and attacked /killed peopke .IT WAS PREMEDITATED MURDER HE HAD PLANNED IT WITH INTENT TO KILL

  12. Talking of champagne socialists,
    Billy Braggs seaside mansion up for sale, £3million!
    Obviously he’ll be putting it into a peoples fund, wont you Billy?…

    • Billy Bragg.
      Quite possibly the most tuneless, hopeless layabout to ever step up to a microphone. Shockingly bad “singer”, this jammy cunt actually had a number one single with his eardrum-shattering cover of the Beatles song “She’s Leaving Home”, but that was because it was a double A-side with Wet Wet Wet’s version of “With A Little Help From My Friends”. A charity single from around 1988 or thereabouts. Bragg also wrote Kirsty Macalls hit “A New England”.
      Apart from that, I’m at a loss to name any other song by Bragg, or indeed anything else he’s ever done. And yet he’s a millionaire.
      What a cunt.

    • Steptoe has spoken…
      Sounds like one of those appalling hymns with bad rhymes and inept scansion that Victor Lewis-Smith wrote of when reviewing Songs of Praise. (“Inside the Magic Rectangle”)

      “Steptoe has spoken…first cuckoo of spring”. more like.

  13. Bury all dead mudslime terrorists covered in a blanket of smoked streaky. That’ll at least stop the rampage, although they might then resort to planting bombs and car bombs etc. like the IRA, to crush ‘the infidel’.

    But no, that would be an affront to modern snowflake sensibilities. We are fighting a battle with both arms tied behind our backs (by snowflakes).


  14. Does anyone else think Suckdick looks like a Bobble Head (apologies for using Americanism), every time I see the cunt on TV that’s all I see.

    When something in the region of 900 people left the the UK to join ISIS and there are over 20000 cunts who are of interest to the security services it doesn’t take much thought to see where the problem lies.

    The problem with our political class is that they seem to think they can apply the logic and values of western society to rehabilitate these extremists which is total crap.

    Islam can be compared to the great enemy of the federation on Star Trek, The Borg, the collective will assimilate or destroy.

    But we are all missing the obvious, the real blame for the London Bridge attack, Tommy Robinson, not his real name!

    • Its like when the bell end in charge of terrorism operations said there was a rise in far-right terror plots but failed to mention the vast majority, save one or two IRA inspired ones , were paradise seeking towelheads.

  15. Sadiq Khan would blame the government wouldn’t he a proper little wanker
    He’s the Mayor of Londistan the buck stops with him stop spending money on PR and spend it on knife crime Don’t use these murders for Labour Party Political Advantage you scumbag.
    Communist Labour For The Many But Not The Jew

  16. Not so long back, we had those touchy-feely adverts for the Army. You know, the ones where the squaddie has a little cry because some cunt had sent him a teabag. I think they were aimed at soppy millennials, who get anxious if their phone battery goes below forty percent. However, it was the one where there was a peaceful squaddie, getting his prey on, and his mates were giving it the ‘ah bless’ treatment. At the time this was being aired, more peacefuls had left Britain to join Isis than were serving in the British army.
    What the fuck is so wrong about asking people to fit in? There are a few places I’d like to emigrate to, but I would want to fit in, as that is part of the attraction. It’s the way of life as much as the place itself that should draw you to a particular place, it’s values and customs. The cunt who got shot on London Bridge was recorded for a documentary years ago, saying he wasn’t a terrorist. He should have added the word ‘yet’. He also said that he was English, born and bred. I would say maybe born, but definitely not bred. His appearance, and his whole outlook on life belonged to someone from a faraway land.

  17. Facts :

    1. The parole board was not responsible

    2. You missed out the Labour Party. In 2008 they passed a bill setting all prisoners free after serving half their sentence. In 2012 the Tories changed that. However, the lsw cannot be changed retrospectively and this cunt was sentenced before the law was changed. So blame Labour.

    3. Corbyn wants to abolish MI5 so expect more shit like this if he wins

    4. Corbyn said this weekend that terrorists are radicalised because of our interference in overseas wars, so basically its all our own fault.

    • Its our goverments fault for lletting them in
      Also everytime theres a war in some mudslime country does the uk always stick its nose in??? Yes it does so if we left them to kill each other they wouldnt come to settle in uk.but because we fight their war(not our business blame goverment)they say its our fault win/lose either way they end up being sent over here with the mass immigration we have already so at least partially true.

  18. Strip the terrorists families of their assets, sell off any property they own, rip up their UK passports, stop the benefits they bleed, and put them on the next plane to wherethefuckisthatastan. Proceeds from that to be given to the victim’s families. Watch how quick terrorism would stop!

    • Move the fuckers up yo Scotland then give the English a say in their independence. Better still, an island off the Hebrides.

      • Gruinard would be better.
        By the time they’ve shagged a few sheep, they’ll find that anthrax still lies there…

  19. Corbyn & McDonnell

    Following the latest atrocity on London Bridge, I want to nominate these two terrorist sympathisers & apologists for a cunting.
    It’s no secret that these two shit-heels despise their own country & people so much that they’re prepared to align themselves with the bastards that want to kill us & our families in our beds.
    Yet even in their slimy grab for power, as they talk up their ‘For the Many, not the Few’ shite, they still can’t bring themselves to vehemently castigate the ‘peaceful scum’ that walk among us. Dirty Grandpa doesn’t even think that all terrorists should necessarily serve a full sentence; no Jezza, it’s better to have them out on the streets, being all rehabilitated & that, just like Usman was, eh? You cunt.
    Given his previous statements about the former Irish terrorists, Marxist McDonnell will probably be nominating Usman ‘I ain’t no terrorist’ Khan for a posthumous bravery award. What do you reckon John? Honour another ‘freedom fighter’ should we?

    God help the UK if this pair of terrorist sympathising cunts get control.

  20. What’s happened to good old British revenge?
    Too often, the response now to these attack is typically ‘don’t look back in anger’, turn the other cheek, show them we’re not like them etc.
    WTF. It’s normal and healthy to show anger.
    To repress it, is to slowly desensitise us all to the next attack. Thank god for the man who did show anger and had to be pulled off the cunt before the police could shoot him.
    Without that mans anger-and courage, there may well have been other deaths.

    • Agreed! Love the footage of the tusk & fire extinguisher being used, looked like he got twatted with the extinguisher once he went down too – fairly sure good ol’ Usman wasn’t expecting to be surrounded & fucked up like he was. Hope it fucking hurt before he was shot too.
      I notice even Dirty Grandpa hasn’t got the balls to say what he no doubt thinks, that the Rozzers should have tried to arrest him, the way he did about that other camel shagger that topped himself before the Yanks could shoot him. Fucking Corbyn, The Terrorists Friend.


  21. Today on the Raspberry Marr Show the Prime Minister was categorically blamed for what Happened in London last week. It was all his fault and the nasty Tory Party to blame.

    Now because of optics, the PM responded in light tones, however let me respond in his stead…

    The reason that last week happened was because Usman Khan (a surname all too familiar to Londoners) should not have been there in the first place.

    Nor should his cunt family.

    Productive members of the commonwealth came over from the West Indies and India. The non productive ones come from Pakistan (and muzzie Africunt nations). They are leeches on society full stop, and but for cash in hand trades like taxi driving (handy for other nefarious activities) or rip-off corner shops, not one of the cunts would work!

    Suckdick Khunt’s first words were: “Diversity is our strength…” ahead of passing on his sympathies to the victims and their families.

    Is it Saddiq, is it really?

    Any word that has “divide” as it’s root is not a source of strength but one of weakness, and a nation cucked into believing those from without are “just like us” is naive at best and complicit at worst.

    We have been cucked into falling over backwards to appease minorities in this country, especially those of a “peaceful” persuasion, for the last 40yrs and that’s worked out well hasn’t it!

    So answer me this Saddiq – YOU CUNT: the native British people are expected to be tolerant, kind and indiscriminant towards minorities. That is a noble thing. However, when we become a majority Muslim country – between 2050 and 2060 – will the minority indigenous peoples of Britain be afforded that same luxury?

    I very much doubt it but hey, who gives a fuck right! Your family will be alright Jack, won’t they!

    Instead of a “hug a peaceful” standpoint after every fucking atrocity they commit, we need to get a bit more “Marcellus” on the cunts with a couple of “pipe hitters” in tow – metaphorically speaking.


  22. The only way the British population will stay safe from these cunts is either to put all Muslims in camps, or make ghettoes of the places they live in. They’ll love it as they don’t want to integrate anyway, and we can keep a check on their movements.

    • Nitrogen would be very effective, and it’s not harmful to the environment, so should keep the Thunderpants brigade happy.

    • Just ban the lot of them. Deport, prosecute or whatever is necessary.
      Compulsory purchase orders on all Mosques etc etc.
      Why are we so fucking liberal in this Country?

      Haven’t posted on here for a while. Feels good to be back.

  23. Any fucking goat fucker that has had anything to do with terrorism no matter how small should be hanged. I’m sick to the back fucking teeth of these attacks killing innocent British people and nothing being fucking done. Islam has no place in the West and never has done. I despise islam with all my heart

  24. A nomination please for Guardianista Shaniqua O’Toole for the following tweet :

    “If the police had known how to disarm a simple suicide vest, Usman Khan would still be alive. Instead, they killed him.”
    I demand to know why the @metpoliceuk didn’t know it was a fake suicide vest, only in tomorrow’s Guardian.”

    She ‘demands to know’ — her cuntitude is unarguable. Just a look at her stupid vacuous ugly mug reinforces it.
    Reminds me also of the cunt on Radio 4 Any Answers programme yesterday who wanted to know whether the British police now had a shoot to kill policy. Well yes you cunt, it’s reserved for cunts who wear suicide vests, real or fake, who go around stabbing people. Cunt.

  25. Not all terrorists are muslims. I remember nearly being killef at Westminster Bridge tube station by the IRA. Now we have Corbyn as a friend of the IRA. Hammas and Hebollah running for PM. Can’t believe we’d be stupid enough to elect him but you never know. God help us!

    i reserve the right to prevent anyone being murdered in this country. I don’t care what colour they are, what their religion is or where they come from. I also support the return of capital punishment.

    As regards rounding up all muslims and putting them in ghettos, that turned out well for Hitler when he did it to the jews didn’t it? I understand the anger, but that’s just a daft idea…

    • “Not all terrorists are muslims.” Agreed. However, many Muslims tacitly support these terrorists.“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

    • The thing that didn’t work out well for Hitler was invading Poland and the Soviet Union.

  26. I think this may go down in history as the worst case nomination.

    I think usman Khan is a total cunt an am rather glad he is dead for many reasons, I will also go against the grain by praising felons.
    So lets start with Accreditation, Due to a few diplomatic issues I was removed from active service for a foreign nation and moved across to a non combatant role in the interior (Basically there was a massive war going on, the EU asked that foreign combatants be cleared from the field so I was found other work in the lull, I worked for the Ministry of Justice).
    So lets get back to the subject, Usman turns up to a meeting hosted by some very nice and well meaning people, Who have no idea about the realities of life.
    Unfortunately for him they have also invited a number of people who never lived the luxury of the VPU (vulnerable persons unit) .
    These people are very inventive in their quest to stay alive and not be sodomized in the showers (we are on the topic of prisoners not Cambridge students) so on the basic soap in a sock to a nasty slicer made from a tin lid these guys and girls are top of there game!
    So why the fuck did he choose to kick off there?
    As I type the victims were students, who probably thought that “Lilly Allen” reasoning would talk him out of it, and the aggressors who drove him out of the building and on to the bridge were ex cons.
    I note that one was armed with the tusk of a Narwhal (soon to be issued to all CT units).
    I have a mental image in my head of an ex con ripping it from the wall and objections from scholars and students who’s ancestor had provided the specimen.
    Then the final scene’s on the bridge which quite frankly showed signs of conflict with human nature, The cons really did want to give him a kicking but held back fearing retribution and a possible return to prison.
    I really hope that does not happen, but the parole board take this in to consideration and maybe, well the police relax their application criteria (well done chaps)
    sorry did I mention that Usman Khan is a cunt (a dead one )

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