Those responsible for the London Bridge Attack

The British legal system

It turns out that the Cunt who was shot on London Bridge yesterday, was convicted of terrorism offences some years ago, and was out on licence.

Once these fuckers have been locked up they should stay locked up for life.

The ideal would be to stick them in front of a firing squad.
Only for our poxy, bleeding heart, liberal system, two innocent people would not have died yesterday.

What a heap of Cunt.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

Sadiq Khan

Lets have another Square Mile cunting for this diminutive crock of shit, London Mayor, and failed ex-cabinet minister Sadiq Khan.

Want to find somebody to blame for yesterday’s terrorist attack at London Bridge?. Of course it cant be the fault of his compatriot, the terrorist ex jailbird. It certainly isn’t little Sadcunt’s fault, anymore than the record number of murders we have had in London this year. It can’t be careerist lesbian Cressida Dick’s fault for running a joke police force,

No the solution is obvious – blame that nasty government

Just a few years ago this little arsewipe would have been thrown out of his job. Perhaps he would now if he were pale, male and stale, but it seems highly likely that the poisonous motherfucker will be returned for another 4 years of misery next year. Fuck him (I’ll leave Dame Keir to do that)

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

The Parole Board

The parole board need cunting again.When are these cunts going to be held to account when they let the dregs of society back out on the streets .Yesterday we had the attack in London from a twat who was out on parole,and funnily enough the ankle tag didn’t seem to dissuade him from crime.The cunts that sit as the parole board should be doing time for letting these scumbags out.

Nominated by CrustyFlaps

87 thoughts on “Those responsible for the London Bridge Attack

  1. First and foremost, Bravo to the marksman for the kill, I would have preferred a gutt wound for a bit of pain but the bonus is that the wanker is now good and dead.! Now Death doesn’t seem to bother these brain dead pricks so a different deterrent seems to be in order, the suggestion I would like to put forth is thus: once the terrorist has been sorted they are To be taken and fed to a hungry pack of pigs, resulting in their final journey instead of drifting off to Mecca would be through a pigs digestive system to be turned into a load of Pig shit, now even the hungriest of animals might turn its nose up at such a repulsive meal so as a back up said terrorist would be buried along side a dead pig and be made to spoon the animal in a final act of love to a superior being.! What do you think.?

    • Bit tame. Mix the corpse’s bit up with pork and make it into a sausage to be transported to hungry Africans. In a way it’d be like returning home.

  2. It’s time anybody found guilty of terrorism in this country is executed full stop .Why the fuck are we locking these cunts up at a cost of millions when they would be a queue a mile long snuff these cunts out.

  3. Went with some friends to stay overnight in the smoke on Saturday (so I guess we qualified as being ‘uncowed’ and ‘keeping calm and carrying on’. No – we had this planned for months and paid a lot of fucking money, Suckdick Khunt.

    Stayed near Tower Bridge, and standing on that fucking resplendent bastion of historic British pride in building a civilization, walking it, sailing back towards it from Greenwich like a conquering armada ship was uniquely moving and stirringly patriotic.

    Until I then looked out over towards London Bridge to see the eerie sight of the buses and lorries frozen in time since Friday, the bridge cordoned off for (presumably) crime scene work. What they’re looking for since the cunt’s dead and in his deserved place on a red-hot poker up his chuff for all eternity, I don’t know, but there we are I’m sure Strapon knows what she’s doing.

    The two contrasting sights are, dispiritingly, a reminder of where we’ve come from, and confirmation of where we’re going to.

    (PS – spell strapon backwards… it never occurred to me before 😀 :D)

  4. This might be a bit controversial, but I would like to nominate David Merritt, the father of Jack Merritt who was murdered by that savage at London Bridge.
    Why do I nominate him? Because he has condemned the prime minister and Priti Patel, for using the attack as justification for a series of tougher criminal policies.
    He suggested the Tories were using his son’s death to promote “vile propaganda” and shared a tweet accusing Mr Johnson of trying to “make political gain from people’s death in a terror incident”.
    He then shared a tweet by the hard left, corbyn loving ‘journalist’ and ‘academic’ Ash Sarkar which said: “It’s beyond disgusting that Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and newspapers like the Daily Mail are using Jack Merritt’s death and image to promote an agenda he fought against all his life. He was a passionate believer in rehabilitation and transformative justice, not draconian sentencing.”
    He then retweeted a second post by Sarkar which said: “Jack Merritt’s family and loved ones have asked that rightwing newspapers and political parties not use his murder to advance reactionary demands. If you see it happening, call it out. They deserve so much better.”
    Then he posted two front-page articles about the Conservatives’ crackdown on released terror offenders, writing: “Don’t use my son’s death, and his and his colleague’s photos – to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for – hatred, division, ignorance.”

    Well, good for Jack, but it didn’t seem to work with that barbaric savage, did it.
    I don’t know whether his father is just too overcome with grief and is not fully aware of what he is saying. But if he is really serious about this, then he can explain his point of view to the parents of the next victim of a barbaric muslim fanatic.

    • First time on here so sorry if I come across as a total cunt.Couldn’t agree more,you couldn’t make this shit up,fella loses his son at the hands of a fucking savage and then when the government says its going to try to stop these cunts being released to fucking murder innocent people he spouts up that doing that would be fucking wrong,what the fuck is up with these people!! Fucking insanity,so after innocent people are murdered on the street this tool and his ilk think a bit of a chat and some poetry writing will stop the cunts killing anyone else…these fuckwits all need locking up…in Broadmoor.

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