Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is a cunt, isn’t he?

Every once in a while this aloof cunt sticks his head out of his Kensington mansion to poke his nose into politics and wag a priggish finger at the Hoi Polloi. It’s all a pretence however, as in reality he’s advertising a new dreary film about an upper class berk mumbling and bumbling like it’s 1927.

Aside from making anachronistically clichéd films, there’s nothing Grant enjoys more than being all righteous about some superior crap. Well, that and being sucked off by cheap whores in Hollywood.

This time he’s been mouthing off about Brexit, despite it being over three years since the biggest electoral victory in British history. He’s been promoting tactical voting to prevent leaving the Fourth Reich. Standing next to Labour’s/Change UK’s/Liberal Undemocrats’ (delete as appropriate) Chukka umWobbler, he said, “I have never been involved in a general election campaign before. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but you could argue that it is my job, but I really do think we are facing a national emergency.”

No Grant, your job is to be a third-rate character actor, perpetually flogging a dead stereotype as you did in the sentimental vomit that was “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

Grant, who was in the intensely-political Paddington 2 (cunted by yours truly), has mouthed off about Brexit before, bizarrely throwing his support behind the old spinster, Dominic Grieve (!?).

Perhaps Grant sees himself as a late-blooming political man of the people. He has, after all, made such deeply poignant films as “Love, Actually”, “Notting fucking Hill”, “Bridget Jones 1”, “Bridget Jones 2”, and “Red fucking Nose Day”.

Hugh Grant: Cunt, Actually.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

54 thoughts on “Hugh Grant

  1. Yes I’m sure Brexit will really affect your life in Monaco or wherever you reside you ponce

    • He wouldn’t even prove useful during a flood, if you scooped out his rotten inards & used him as a canoe.

      Stick to keeping Harrods & Fortnum & Masons in trade by throwing dinner parties for you equally chinless & lightweight chums. Toodle pip you wanker.

  2. He has the look of a spoilt posh cunt who would shit himself if he had to go in a pub.
    I blame him for the never ending wankers wondering into Notting Hill still asking ‘Where is the house’…of course being a fine upstanding citizen I point them in the totally opposite direction.
    A mate of mine sells one of his golf mates a load of sniff every now and again and he’s a cunt as well.
    Hugh is wading into politics again…why doesn’t he go and get another blowjob from that black tranny.
    The cunt.

  3. He is only wading into the political arena because all the other stuck-up Hollywood types are doing so. Perhaps he needs a bigger following on Twatter to make himself relevant.

    The fact is of course, he is rich and has a modicum of influence; and therefore true democracy can get fucked as far as he is concerned because it doesn’t suit his agenda; and being rich he thinks he can dictate policy.

  4. Best thing that cunty grant did was get caught getting a blowjob of some pro in Hollywood. The man is a walking twat who because of some wank films and a fair bit of shagging is of the opinion that he is special. You ain’t special mate you really ain’t now fuck off and spend your dosh and try not to miss your own funeral.

    • Hughy had a taste for ebony that day when he got sucked off by divine brown…

      He only has himself to blame for that incident he was too cheap to take the hooker to a hotel and got sucked off in his car the brake light was on it was what originally alerted the policeman

  5. I thought he was very good as Jeremy Thorpe in that BBC series. But then he was playing himself……..a greedy, grasping, self entitled, know it all, up his own arse public school poof.
    In fact he plays himself in every fucking crappy film he’s been in.
    Now he’s playing Student Grant……stop Brexit, stop the evil Tories, save the poor.
    The only time this cunt was interested in the poor is when he was paying one of them to gobble his weedy cock.

  6. He’s all over the place regarding this election. One day he was supporting the libdums, now he’s supporting Chingford and Woodford Green Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen. Shortly afterwards, he criticised the Liberal Democrats on social media for claiming that it was the only party that could ‘take seats off the Tories’ at the general election. He replied that this was ‘not true’ and that he advocates tactical voting to unseat as many Conservatives as possible.
    Obviously thinks that the great unwashed will flock to see his new shite film.
    What a cunt.

    • The only thing I would flock to pertaining to this cunt would be if he was strung up by his bollocks

      • He is one of those fancy nancy public schoolboys like Anthony Blair and Dickhead Branson who is so up his own arse he needs to be surgically removed from his own rectum.

        I bet all three of them were pillow biters when they were at their respective schools, but I must admit this week Grant has supported more political parties this year than Chuckup Ummuna

      • Eeuurgh Grant is the quintessential Englishman to our fat dozy yank cousins.
        To me hes the quintessential cunt.

      • He can nip up here for a week and get a few of the Dooshkas to wank him off for a tenner MNC👍 This ponce needs his ears boxing the fucking ponce 👍

    • Very true MM. Don’t these champagne socialist cunts realise that when they pull these propaganda stunts it makes the voters turn their backs and think fuck you, Who the fuck are you to tell us how to vote you over indulged pompous little shit. Remember Bumrack Obummer lecturing us on Brexit, it has the adverse effect.

  7. Hugh Grant is one of those lucky people who can do the same thing in each film and get paid every time. Nice work if you can get it. In 1995 he was found in a car with a black whore while trying out the method acting technique in preparation for a complicated role in a feature film. That’s what I believe anyway.

  8. This dickhead is proof positive that a privileged background doesn’t equal real intelligence. Hasn’t anyone ever told him that he’d be one of the first people put against a wall and shot if there was a revolution?!

  9. If you want to see this chinless git debase himself totally I suggest “The Lair of the White Worm”
    Ken Russell’s last (I think) film and a lurid, laughable bollocks-fest.
    Fuck off Hugh there’s a good chap…

      • I recall another shit film he was in where the ladies exposed their playthings. It was set in Australia and he was a vicar, I think. Awful film but lovely tits.

      • Sirens I think it was. Yep, some decent baps on display but utter shite really

      • Lair of the white worm was actually not that bad i liked it but i agree hugh grant is a overrated shit actor, actually not much of one i think he just plays himself in every film. Only does romcoms where he plays a stuck up posh cunt whooing some twat

        Wasn’t Ken Russells last film he did another called rainbow and a tv film before he quit the biz

  10. Afternoon all.
    I think that ‘The Glorious Twelfth’ should be the start of the Opinionated Luvvie season. Give the grouse a respite.
    Getting sick of all these luvvy cunts sticking their oars in and mouthing off, on the assumption that their view on anything counts for fuck all. Go fuck yourselves.

  11. A chinless cunt who makes a living playing chinless cunts. A national treasure if ever there was one. His other agenda is to muzzle the press (along with Alan fucking Partridge) in case he gets caught out again.

  12. When you’ve been busted in a car buying sex off a drug addled ho I’d think your opinions on morality and social cohesion were questionable?

    The stand out line of this cunting.

    “ It’s all a pretence however, as in reality he’s advertising a new dreary film about an upper class berk mumbling and bumbling like it’s 1927.”

    He’ll never pass himself of as Boris!

    Hugh grant from a prime Liz Hurley to a street whore in a blink of an eye. Grant couldn’t afford a hundred bucks to do her in a hotel room so he settled for a 60 dollar gobble in his hire car.

    The prossie has made 1.6 million out of the publicity surrounding the arrest. Maybe his next movie should be for a few dollars more?

    Now Hugh gets peeved when the event is mentioned, posts his mugshot and labels those who bring it up trolls.

    It’s a reminder of your reality isn’t it Hugh, you made yourself look a proper cunt to save $40 which was probably about 15 quid at the time.

    Fuck of Hugh, people don’t need to hear you spouting off.

    • Couldnt play boris ?oh aye i reckon hugh would fucking nail it as boris After all they both like the slags! Hugh could don a barmy wig /stuff a few cushions up his coat/work on the voice/mannerisms and keep quoting DITHER&DELAY BLAME LABOUR/BLAME CORBYN coming soon to a theather near ya!

  13. He is the arche-typical metropolitan foppish privileged liberal cunt that infests our media with their opinions,. Now I understand actors say they like to live the life and immerse themselves in the role but being a life-long cunt is pushing the boundaries, I have being forwarding my Christmas wishes of the pox and cock rot to the like of his ilk but I would imagine he already has it. So instead of trying to fuck us over with your tactical voting why don’t you fuck yourself with a Prosseco (drink of choice for cunts, not sure about the spelling) bottle up your bony arse

  14. I am beginning to like Piers Morgan, especially after he referred to Hugh Grant as a “virtue signalling little twat”.

    Spot on, that man.

    • I’ve warmed to him, as well as Morrissey, O’Neill and a few others. Brexit certainly has exposed the cunts.

    • Hate Hugh Grant with a passion Paul. Privileged little ponce with an attitude needs his ears boxing and a good twatting Imagine paying that slag when he could have banged Liz Hurley what a wanker

  15. You can see why Hugh is jumping on the libtard bandwagon. He must be shitting himself that one of his #metoo pals might suddenly remember that he exploits poor black people for his own sexual gratification. He’s getting his white privilege reparations in first. Smart thinking.

  16. Mr morality Hugh Grant, this upper class whoremonger should start his own political party he could recruit David Pleat, Angus Deayton ,Frank Bough and Keith Vaz they’re all used to pounding the pavements and they could drum up plenty of support around Soho and Tottenham court road . Sleazy toff cunt.

  17. I had barely heard of this cunt until his aforementioned incident when he was caught getting a gobble from that horrendous looking whore in LA. That received a lot more publicity than any of his shite films. How many Hugh Grant films have I ever seen? Hmmm, let me think..
    Oh yes. None.
    Never liked the cunt.

  18. Another superb cunting, Cap’n Mags.
    When I first saw photos this week of Hugh Grant standing beside Chukka ButtyinTheAir I couldn’t fathom it. If the Libtards won the election, Grant’d be screwed; if Labour got in he’d be taxed out of the continent; if the Greens won he’d be living in a cave with the rest of us. Then I remembered, Chukka CushionOutYerPram is rubbing shoulders with fellow millionaires from the London Hypocrisy Club. Fuck them all. Fuck them all to Hell.

  19. Huge Grunt is the sort of Posh Cunt that needs a good beating followed by Leroy and co giving him a right Royal Bumming in some prison Cell. Shame he didn’t get caught getting that Blow Job in Saudi Arabia , because that’s what could of happened. What a fucking bitch he is.

  20. ‘upper class berk mumbling and bumbling like it’s 1927’ like a Bertie Wooster. Only the world of Bertie Wooster never existed. That’s why it’s real.

  21. Didn’t this Cunt play a prime minister in a shit Richard Curtis film? That’s probably why he thinks he’s qualified to give his political opinion. The cunt.

  22. Always thought he was a bit of a cunt, Liz Hurley at home but decides to get noshed off by Serena Williams uglier sister. Grade A, wooden twat.

    • I would be petrified getting nosh from serena willams shes got very masculine like aggression when she breaks her tennis racket, probably eat my cock like it was chicken

  23. You cunters know hugh’s second middle name is mungo? Lol more like mongo haha thats hilarious what a twat

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