BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Now, this used to be a fascinating night when I was younger, but in recent years it’s been a pile of cunt, usually fronted by either a potato crisp salesman or a `national treasure’ Lesbian.

Now, given the recent results of the `Glorious 12th’, I have been dipping my toe back into the bizarre world of ‘today identifying as Auntie BEEB,’ so thought I’d give it a go. Well, fuck me. After some Dark key footballerist who is apparently descended from Jesus himself, the greatest sporting highlights this year appear to be wimminz football, wimminz rugby, wimminz cricket, and any number of raspberries able to steer their wheelchairs without stacking it, oh, and Michael van Gerwen, presumably because he represents Europe.

Fuck off until you can do it properly again, you bunch of faggot, virtue signalling, Libtard arsewipes.


Nominated by Kunte Kunty

46 thoughts on “BBC Sports Personality of the Year

  1. I am surprised that they haven’t named the usa wimminz football team, that is soccer to you dumb yank cunts,
    It ticks all the BBC boxes, wimmin check, foreigner check, dykes check, dark quay check, ffs if the men’s England team had won it they would have been called sexist , Jesus Christ!!

  2. Good morning

    Like many BBCunt programmes it is just not worth turning into. Hopefully in 2020 the government will begin to take a serious look at the funding and light some fireworks under the arses of these bastards.

  3. You used to vote for any sportsman/woman you liked but now there’s an approved BBC list.
    Like everything on the BBC now it must be inclusive/woke/lefty friendly so like 95 per cent of their output i just don’t watch it anymore.
    Sad cunts.

    • Be some woman who plays wheelchair basketball an some pâki who swims while wearing her darth vader costume.
      Fuck this shite.

    • I think they scrapped the whoever you like vote after students rallied together to vote for some nonentity who was ranked about 260th in the world at snooker or something like that.
      Yes, they can be cunts most of the time, but this vote, (which the BBC conveniently ignored), I thought was a stroke of genius.
      After all, pissing people off is what they do best.

  4. I hate sport, jocks, football, car racing, tennis, golf and everything that goes with it…I also detest the BBC with every fibre of my being…I would rather be force-feed my own shit than watch this.

  5. I enjoy watching the diversity of this show, get the lads round some beers and piss ourselves laughing at the pa ki in the wheelchair. Fuckin priceless telly.

  6. My moneys on the EAR from G8 classification 100mts freestyle at the para Alliance world swimming championships…..

  7. Didn’t the Calais dinghy enrichers get a special mention for ‘Services to Sport in the Face of Adversity’ or ‘The Owen Jones Fist of Fury Award’ (ooh er) when fighting off a group of far-Right white supremacists?

      • Morning Q, thank fuck Christmas, NY and cunty arselicking shows are nearly over for another year. I usually watch the NYE celebrations on the telly when Sydney chimes in but I don’t think there will be fuck all to see this year!

      • I was thinking of crowd funding my prospective purchase of an ex navy submarine
        I wanted to have it operating off the south coast in the new year……..

  8. Unwatchable since the ABBC decided to lavish vast sums of our money hiring ever larger arenas to hold it in. And no doubt paying that jug-eared cunt a six figure sum to front it.

    I have it on very good authority that the numbers of the public bothering to vote has been plummeting for years.

  9. How about the guy who stabbed the terrorist on London Bridge with a narwhal tusk? It was by far the most interesting thing shown on the bbc this year, and I have it on good authority that constitutes sport in Greenland…….

    Dismounted jousting champion 2019

    • Yeh !!
      Like it admin 👍

      Funny thing although that terrorist had some training in how to make bombs etc etc nothing could have prepared him for some middle classer steaming with a narwhal tusk!!
      only in the UK would a terrorist get attack with such an object !! Absolute gold, there’s talk those lads who attacked the terrorist will get awarded medals? I hope they do , what they did was extremely brave …….

    • You’ve got to say that the little cunt’s got bottle tho. After enduring an absolutely ruthless kicking from six neo-Nazi thugs for nearly an hour, he was in front of the telly camera only a few hours later with barely a mark visible. That takes guts.

  10. The woke fog descended on this shitfest many years ago.
    Thank goodness the BBC tax comes out of my bank every month.
    I always worry how they would cope without it.
    What a set of pandering demented traitorous cunts they really are.
    Get fucked.

  11. A virtuous festival of shite. Presided over by talentless cunts for the benefit of other cunts.
    Wimmins fucking rugby? Do me a favour.

    • Netball’s alright CC. Healthy, strapping girls in gymslips working up a sweat. What’s not to like?

  12. Morning all, sobered up now trawling through comments from last night to see what banal tripe I wrote, fortunately ok. Agree with all of the above, adored this programme when I was younger especially when real personalities won it, like Botham, Gazza et al, changed irretrievably after likes of boring cunt like Owen and Gifts won it. The latter after plowing his brothers wife, charming specimen.

  13. When Ben Stokes was announced Sports Cunt of the Year last week, there were mutterings in the Lefty media suggesting a stitch-up by the BBC suggesting they let the “white man” win, rather than Lewis Hamilton or Dina Asher Smith (both of whom are not white!)

    Reminds me of all the whining when Labour lost the election, and some of their losing MPs suggesting it was all rigged, and that the voters voted for the wrong people (ie. “didn’t vote for me”), and then played the race cards.

    Personally, I have never given two shits about this back-slapping bumfest. They all get paid handsomely, so why people think they should be awarded for being good at their job is beyond me.

    And don’t forget we have more of this woke, virtue signalling award-ceremony bullshit to come in the next 2 or 3 months with the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTA shite!

    • Hasn’t Andy Murray won this cuntfest three times or something? How is this possible for someone suffering from APBD??**

      **Acute Personality Bypass Disorder

      • Until my sport of public drunken w*nking is included I shall defer my interest. SPOTY? And the award for being the biggest f*cking snowflakes goes to.. all of you!
        Wimminz football? 11 rug munchers playing with all the skill of an 10 Year old boy with epilepsy, I mean, seriously? You want equal pay? OK, play the Mens football team and whoever wins gets paid the most. Did you lose? Awww, is’s cos those awful Men didn’t give you an 18 goal start, the misogynist b*stards, cos we is ladies innit!
        Wimminz rugby? A chance for the ugliest munters the breed has ever spewed out to actually get some attention, but never any criticism for being f*cking shite!
        Wimminz tennis? “We want equal pay to Men” – no problem fatties, play the same number of f*cking sets!
        Wimminz golf? “We want the same money as Men” – no problem, play on the Men’s tour and stop using tees which give you a forty yard advantage every f*cking hole!
        Wimminz sport in general – “you must respect us for being female athletes, but give us allowances in every area for being f*cking shite and never dare criticise us for being utterly laughably useless – because we are Wimmin”!
        And a last word to Phil “the second class waistcoat” Neville – set two cones up ten yards apart and whichever “Wimmin footballer” can kick it all the way (all that full ten Yards) without it going out of play, being intercepted or going to an opposition player gets to be captain! And all the ones who are not made captain can whine about racism and discrimination form the evil Male overlords, gotta be some compo in that ladies!
        And while I am on my coffee and painkiller fuelled rant (back injury due to over enthusiastic off road cycling and some pretty solid trees, but nothing compared to the medical problems some of my esteemed ISAC colleagues are enduring so I will not complain) a bit of advice to advertisers – please stop Wimmin with f*ck all skill trying to teach kids who could run rings around them all their “Wimminz football skills”!
        Ah well, time to brave the great outdoors – maybe I could chase the “peaceful” Woman selling the big issue in my town, same Woman recently exposed for having a four bedroom mansion with a Porsche and a Range rover on the drive and back out the next day selling – no prosecution because presumably it would be waaycist!
        “Bigger shoe Sir” – no thanks, mine fit perfectly..

    • What a load of bollocks, Al-beeb would always lean toward a minority win. Stokes won because he single handedly nearly kept England in with a sniff of the ashes which would have been a travesty as they were totally outplayed the whole summer. Asher-smith and KJ Thompson had good years but it wasn’t the Olympics. Fuck Hamiilton the whining disingenuous cunt. When he called his nephew gay for wearing that dress and then made all the false apologies, fuck off.

  14. Well done Stokesy apart from when you defended those jizz guzzlers in Bristol. I thought that was unnecessary.

  15. BBC’s left wing bias and woke bullshit has now overtook every part of their programmes, Sports personality is no exception to this.

    Look at David Attenborough documentaries, all have in your face messages of climate change and global warming enough to make even enviro spakker Greta Thunderbird’s rantings look insignificant.

    Apparently their new 2020 Dracula series features ‘a pansexual’ Vampire. The original Count Dracula historically famous for being a fanny magnet has just been made a confused shirt lifter in the BBC version just to tick another box!

    Sports personality is no different. It’s all Wimminz, and Spakkers of varying degree. Another BBC box ticked for Diversity and inclusion (a.k.a fuck off straight white boy)

    The Corbyn worshippers at ALBeeb are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. The UK people told the left to get fucked on December 12th.

    On the back end of this, an angry Boris has now got the lefty filth at ALBeeb firmly in his sights.
    These anti-British scum at Auntie are walking the plank now as they know that licence fee is going the way of the DoDo…..
    Very soon telly tax will be gone therefore subscription only will mean ALBeeb will lose tons of its viewers. This is because average Joe cunts are forced to pay for it at present therefore use it. Given the choice they will turn off in droves, their reasons being that they will no longer pay for the shitty, lefty woke bullshit the BBC has been allowed to get away with over the past few decades.

    ALBeeb forgets (but has been conveniently reminded) that the same average Joe cunt voters are the same average Joe cunts that are forced to pay for their shit. Given the choice average Joe cunt will vote with their feet and Auntie will lose £billions£ when subscription is introduced.

    I loathe the BBC with every inch of my fibre. They are now an irrelevant dinosaur who have perused a path that has led to their own demise.
    Dropping viewing figures prove this. When TV tax is abolished and BBC is made a subscription service (hopefully by a vengeful Boris) the final nails will be hammered into Aunties bloated coffin.
    I for one will be their to piss on it and laugh my tits off at them as their sadistic, peDo harbouring, anti British, lefty scum bag empire comes crashing down.

    R.I.P ALBeeb. Go Fuck Yourself🖕

    • Dracula as well?? I’m at the point now where I won’t watch anything on BBC because it’s so agenda driven. How can they not see that they are ostracizing a large percentage of their audience. I really want to stop paying the licence fee but fear the repercussions, don’t want to be hounded on the doorstep constantly by bailiffs. If anybody on here knows how to get shot of it without being pursued advice would be great. Only watch MOTD & don’t watch anything live but would happily give that up.

      • If it helps I’ve been licence free (legally)
        For the last 4 years now.
        In short, cancel your licence, don’t watch anything live on any channel (live means what is scheduled to be broadcast eg. What’s published in the TV mag) and any catch up service provided by BBC eg i-player.
        By denying them your licence you are revoking their ability to screen bias content.
        In very short have no contact with them after cancellation. They have no legal right to enter your dwelling unless you invite them….
        This link to you tube explains how to do it Legally:

        Don’t be scared. I’ve not once had these scum come knocking. If they do they’d get told to fuck off my private property. Door closed immediately.

        Best Wishes, and please don’t feel intimidated by them. That’s exactly what they want. Just your money for their deviancy. They are the filth of the planet!

        Need anymore help just ask, I can send you more videos that explain what to do.

      • Thanks Count, years ago I wouldn’t give a fuck, but when you settle down & have kids, get a good credit rating etc you just don’t want the hassle but I’m at that point now with the bbc that I morally shouldn’t be subsidising their filthy and disgusting dogma. Every time I turn it on (which isn’t often) it’s just a constant stream of feminaziism, gay,lesbian,bi trannie, non binary, BAME bullshit. We’re effectively paying them to attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate us & I’m saying NO more.

      • The cunts they send to your house have no powers whatsoever. They pretend to be enforcement officers but they aren’t. They’re jumped up salesmen who work a set of cunts called Capita who in turn work for Bastards Bothering Children. You don’t have to to even talk to them. As long as you can’t watch live TV the bastards can’t do a thing. Don’t ever answer their questions or let them in. Just close the door in their face.

  16. Admins?

    Ref my post Awaiting moderation?
    It has totally disappeared. Was it too naughty?
    Feed back please kind sirs?
    Thank You.

      • “And now, live from Buckingham Palace – SPORTS PERVERT OF THE YEAR”!

        And the winner – for a record, ahem, 17th time is..

      • “And now, live from Buckingham Palace – the Sports Pervonality of the Year”!

        “And the winner – for, ahem, a record seventeenth time is”..

  17. A quick review of Sports Personality of the Year
    Made by – cunts
    Presented by – cunts
    Contested by – cunts
    Viewed by – cunts
    No other comments required

  18. What a absolutely pointless accolade. I’m tea drinking chain vaper of the year. Who gives a fuck? Nobody.

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