John Swinney

I’d like to to nominate John Swinney please (this is my first attempt so please be gentle, fellow cunters!)

I came across (ooh er missus!) this little snippet of world-shattering news by accident:

Apparently, Herr Swiney (see what I did there?) and an organisation calling themselves ‘Perth Against Racism’ are getting their collective knickers in a twist after some stickers bearing the slogan “It’s okay to be white” have mysteriously started appearing on lamp posts and drainpipes throughout Perth city centre. Swiney has been positively foaming at the mouth over it, ranting the “atrocious” stickers had “no place in Perth or any other part of our country” and “we must stand together to resist this unacceptable material.” One stupid cunt had this to say: “I am certainly worried now for my daughters who are not white, but are from Perth. It’s sickening and disgusting to know that people think like this.” Don’t worry, luvvie. I don’t think you need to worry about the Perth branch of the McKu Klux Klan coming to rape and murder you and your daughters in the middle of the night, dressed in their tartan hoods and kilts.

What I find especially ironic is that Swiney is the current deputy and ex leader of the Scottish Nazi Party, whose unashamed and palpable hatred of England and anything English doesn’t seem to constitute racism. Incidentally, his uncle, Tom Hunter (VC) is the only Royal Marine from the Second World War to receive the Victoria Cross and was killed in action. He would have been very proud of wee little Johnnie.

Quite clearly (and apologies if I am) I must be missing the point as to what I see as a violent overreaction to a few stickers. Just remove them and have done with it. I understand the slogan may have been picked up by neo-Nazi groups, but I believe that was in the USA.

Anyway, we don’t seem to have the same fuss over the Black Lives Matter movement, do we?

Nominated by Cupid Stunt

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  1. I would have thought they’d be a little more concerned had the stickers read “It’s not OK to be black”

    • As we all know – it’s simply NOT all right to be white, or a Man, or straight – because Owen Jones tells us f*scists so, and if we disagree pwincess will scweam and scweam and scweam until she’s sick!

      Or have an opinion which differs in any way from the snowstorm (it’s gone well past flakes) woke agenda, or have any pride in your Country – because if you are not Scottish, Irish or Welsh you are waaycist – evil English scum we are!

      The Country we fought and died to save is disappearing down the toilet, helped on every inch by a generation of libtard fuckwits who hate us and everything liberal and decent we have always stood for.

      RIP Great Britain, it was nice while it lasted.

  2. Exemplary cunting sir. As we all know full well if these cheeky sticker pranksters had substituted the word “white” for any of those from the library fuckwit smorgasbord of acceptables, e.g. black, gay, bi, trans, LGBTQ, Muslim etc. ad infinitum they would have hailed as heroes

    • Thanks Cuntan. I have no idea when all this shit is going to end but I have a feeling it will end badly. Then, of course, it will be all whiteys fault.

  3. Congrats on a splendid inaugural cunting CS!
    Swinney the Swine, another one of that tribe of blue arsed ranting SNP cunts.
    Great choice for a Hogmanay cunting!

    • Thanks Sir Ron. The Scottish Nazi Party aren’t getting a lot of love on here at the moment. Shame, isn’t it?

      • Good nom Cupid!👍
        IT is alright to be white.
        Thats not a racist statement.
        This started as a social test to gauge the reaction, read something about it,
        But the snowflakes looking for issues had a meltdown!
        Just know i want one of those stickers for my white van.
        😀 hehe

      • Oh my!
        I’ll have one of them as well!
        They do “doesnt break for vegans”
        Auto stickers?
        If not im copyrighting it now!

      • ‘I don’t like Greta’ – must be the most polite hate-sticker ever made.

      • “White” van MNC? Could be construed as waaycist!
        My bumper sticker “honk if you like the fact you have f*cking BO” has not currently been taken up by Amazon

      • Yeah the van comes under the same rules as anyone who works for me,
        Can be any colour you want as long as its white.
        Hey, you hear that?
        No shhh there! Hear it?
        A snowflake choking on their tongue!😀

      • IT is alright to be white.
        Thats not a racist statement.

        True. but it’s also a huge red herring. The root analysis tells us that this isn’t about ‘racism’ at all, most likely Swhiney in his heart (and with the cynical hypocrisy of all leftists) couldn’t give less of an actual fuck about bl@ck/effnick rights or any other ‘under-privileged’ group he mouths for. No, this is about the supression and (failing that) outright oppression of white self-affirmation or even the slightest outward stirring of it. THAT is the real target, they just dress it in the language of ‘discrimination’ by which contortion they can legitimise their all fronts offensive on YT; first in terms of their own wank ideology and secondly before the long suffering white electorate.

  4. We all know what happened regarding misconduct charges brought against a prominent member of the SNP.
    I predict, looking forward to 2020, that another one will end up on racism charges.

    • It couldn’t possibly happen Bertie. As we all know, the SNP is a very progressive and inclusive party. They love everyone from everywhere…

      • I would imagine Ron, that you’ve taken out SNP affiliate membership to be able to make your Hogmanay trip!

  5. In 2018, just 4% of the Scottish population were black or ethnic. Of course it’s OK to be white.

  6. Well, according to City lit in London, Benghali is the second most popular langauge in London, and Lithuanian is getting very popular too. I think white British people ought to go and live in America – they seem to be the only people to actually like undiluted British people and the way the talk and behaviour.

    Yesterday, just to prove we really are 2nd class citizens in our own country, a wealthy man had his offer of a large donation to send poor WHITE British boys to good schools was turned down because it was waycist. On Wireless 4’s PM last night they had some black cunt praising Stormzy for doing the same thing with black boys, but this “broadcaster” (unpronouncible name) decided that the white man was wrong. Typical fucking hypocrite.

    • Yes, the chap in question was a retired professor who had come up the hard way and wished to help young lads who find themselves in the same position he did.
      How normal person could be offended by his generosity is beyond me.

      • Well said GG – Utterly incredible, leaving a bursary to educate the most disadvantaged children in the UK (IE, poor white boys from T’ North), and being turned down by the “Nelson Mandela Wimminz peaceful LBGTABHGBH civil partnership collective” – cos it’s waaycist!

        And finally, the illegal discrimination regarding heterosexual civil partnerships is ended – where does every straight Man apply for compensation? Could I suggest a mass poster campaign around Perth? Perhaps a charity single from “The Bonio”?

      • Ridiculous that people had to go to court to end such an flagrantly discriminatory piece of legislation. That the law should apply to all people equally should be a given for all statutes, I’d like an inquiry to investigate all examples where discrimination occurs had have them all rectified. Halal slaughter, and topless women going to prison being top of the agenda.

      • It would be an interesting exercise to find out who benefits from all the bursaries and scholarships given by fee paying schools and universities, from examples I have come across I would say the majority are already going to ethnic minorities further condemning our white English children to a back seat when it comes to getting a helping hand for advancement.
        It is not only perverse I think it is criminal that such establishments go out of their way to prefer advancing other races other than the poor/middle class white child.
        Even Eton managed to grant a scholarship to some fucking Afghan refugee kid some years back

  7. Here on the far white we give not one fuck. It’s not ok to be white, it’s fucking fantastic.

    It’s so good being white I can’t get excited about some people not being white, only having experienced being white I can’t imagine being another colour but I suspect if I was black I’d be as happy as I am being white.

    I’m grateful to Mr Swinney for being a white cunt and providing evidence that us white folk have our fair share of cunts.

    Maybe he can explain why my white privilege score doesn’t mean fuck all to my credit score?

  8. Is this cunt going to adopt the same attitude towards Black Lives Matter?
    I doubt it, but nice first cunting Cupid.

    • Thank you, your Grace. Yes, I’m struggling to see what the actual difference is. In fact, I would have thought that ‘Black Lives Matter’ would assume that white lives don’t.

  9. It’s ok to be white in the ancestral lands of whites . Fucking disgrace ,someone needs to punished for this outrage .

  10. Look into my eyes.
    Look into my eyes.
    Bertie’s almanac for 2025 predicts England sinking into the North Sea.
    This will be due not only to the increase in present pressures but the influx of English expats returning from Scotland due to ethnic cleansing.
    Throw in all the Antipodeans fleeing forest fires from down under and we’re really sunk.

  11. Testing ……….
    I’ll just see if I can get the expected response . . . . . .

    Happy New Year ADMIN!

  12. Clearly Swinney has got his pants in a spinney about this.

    Instead of going off on one, perhaps he should consider why white people are speaking out and placing such signs in public places.

    Perhaps the more intellectually deft can understand it is in response to the likes of our ruling elite, the BBC and left wing political commentators who cannot resist but unfairly promote any race, colour or creed that are absolutely not Caucasian, White and Christian. Three very naughty words that you are unlikely to even hear uttered on TV or the wireless nowadays.

    Swinney is just another bullshit bingo player in the political and media worlds. The sooner these cunts have a size 12 booth placed on the side of their fucking yapping heads the better. CUNTS.

  13. The fact that it has become genuinely controversial to suggest there’s nothing wrong with being white, or that a woman is a human female, goes to show how far normal people have to go to push back against the cult of the minority which has taken hold of the demented mainstream.

  14. ‘it’s OK to be white’. Apparently, it wasn’t just John Swinney; the local tanning salon was kicking off about them too…

  15. Baldybollocks ought to spend more time doing the job he gets paid for. Scottish exam results have fallen to a ten year low under his watch, which he publicly dismissed as due to “yearly variations” while secretly ordering civil servants to conduct an in depth investigation, presumably to come up with a better excuse to cover his useless arse.
    He’s a politician, therefore a cunt ………a libtard cunt who talks in sound bites and rides on the backs of the working man.
    Fucking sack of shit.

  16. What’s this cunt moaning about, has he not realised he’s white? Or does he identify as black?

  17. So by implication it’s not ok to be white?

    I feel oppressed.

    Hopefully some BAMErs will be offended on my behalf (like most white SJW types are on behalf of the BAME community who could be less arsed about the naming of the Black Country, etc.)?

  18. Perhaps he could go on a fact finding tour of Iraq.
    Then Somalia.
    Wearing a bacon jacket.
    The cunt.

  19. Someone sticks some paper on a lamp post saying it’s ok to be white and all minorities start evacuating their bowels. Thousand of white girls are repeatedly abused by mos-loon rape gangs and a politician says they ought to keep their mouths shut for the sake of diversity. In my book that’s called tyranny.They talk about diversity as if it’s some fabled object that is the source of our truth and power like the Ark of the covenant or to a lesser extent Mjolnir. It’s wank fucking absolute wank and since the 1950’s millions of crimes have been forced onto us in the name of it.

    • “In my book that’s called tyranny.”

      In my book it’s rewarded with a long drop to a short fucking rope.

  20. Fuck off, you stupid bald cunt. Let’s face it, you don’t get much whiter than the sun/work dodging pasty ginger cunts that vote for twats like him.
    So, he must think it’s not ok to be white? He should borrow Trudeaus’ make up bag…..

    • Being white Men is clearly a crime – we are just so intolerant of everything which is twisted, evil and wrong.

      Damn us – we will want free speech next.

      Great idea for my New Year resolution – whenever a peaceful sheep farmer (it’s “his lamb”, as it were) tells you their “religion” is one of peace and tolerance tell them “OK, prove it – renounce your “faith”, see what peaceful tolerant treatment you get then!

      I look forward to the results of this experiment, and in closing a happy and peaceful (no pun intended) 2020 to all at ISAC

  21. What the fucking fuck.

    Even for Swinney this is fucking unreal.

    How can a simple statement of fact be interpreted as vile and racist?

    Thing is though sadly Jockland is now run by facist scum who’ve already convicted Count Duncula of ‘Hate Crime’ despite his video clearly setting out it obviously wasn’t.

    Here’s looking forward to Jabba Salmond getting 6 years in Barlinnie sharing a cell with a Billie Boy. Cunt.

    Great first cunting CS. Keep ‘em coming

    • A simple statement of fact can very easily be interpreted as vile and racist and the simple litmus test is “was it said, written or thought by a white person”?

      “Is it a member of the BAME or LGBT community making the call”? Yes? Then whitey is clearly a waaycist fascist

      “Did they vote leave”? – fascist

      Do they live outside in London with a home that Mummy and Daddy did not pay for? Fascists!

      Easy when you think about it

    • Greet everyone you meet with a clenched fist *and say “white power”!
      Millenials love it.
      * if uncomfortable doing a clenched fist a salute like a ww2 axis soldier has a similar effect.

      • There used to be a Dutch company a few years ago MNC that made high end suspension units for motorcycles – called “White Power”….. funnily enough that name got quietly dropped!!!! 😃

      • Hehee!
        Im gonna use this ‘its ok to be white’
        In arguments with lefties.
        No matter the topic im gonna say “its ok to be white”.
        Drive em to weeping!😀
        Might even get some of those stickers made up.

  22. Monseuir@4.41. The mp who said those girls should shut up for diversity was Naz Shaw. Muslimp Labour mp who wants Isreal towed over to the U.S. She is a very dangerous woman suspended from labour for anti semetic shite verbiage and quietly slunk back in. A true worthy to stand alongside this Swinney nutjob
    .it is ok to be white,it’s becoming difficult though
    Happy new year to all cunterisers

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