Mothers Rise Up

A nomination for ‘Mothers Rise Up’
From their website :

8am – 9.15am :
We will gather with prams, including two huge pushchairs containing giant globes, outside Shell’s UK headquarters on Belvedere Road, SE1 7NA (behind the London Eye) to sing reworked versions of well-known nursery rhymes including ‘Old King Coal’ and ‘Amazon’s Burning’ as the company opens for business. This part of the action is child friendly – there is even a playground next to the Shell’s building. Just remember to dress for the weather and bring plenty of snacks – you know the drill!

9.15am – 10.15am :
We will process across Westminster Bridge with our pushchairs to protest outside the gates of Downing Street. This part of the action is not suitable for children, as we may need to weave in an out of traffic with our pushchairs.

10.15am – 11am :
We will march with our pushchairs to BP’s global headquarters at 1 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4PD. This part of the action is not suitable for children, as may need to weave in an out of traffic with our pushchairs.

We hope this protest will help put pressure on the government to deliver more rapid emissions reductions in the UK through a range of measures, including a ban on dirty energy from fossil fuels and a massive expansion in renewable energy.

How about you fuck off to China, the world’s biggest polluter with your pushchairs and sprogs. Take that sanctimonious Thunberg with you.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

86 thoughts on “Mothers Rise Up

  1. Hopefully I will be in and around these hypocrites when they are protesting in My HGV, foot hard on the gas,

    Fuck all better to do , get back to work,and fucking wake up moaning cunts

    I blame the partners I mean what the fuck are they doing out of the kitchen without a Ball and chain.

    Well cunted

    • Well said pal. The partner should be saying’ stop being a cunt and fucking Hoover up’. But they won’t.

  2. Cut these fuckers off from the National Grid and watch how quickly they start burning wood, coal, or simply anything that’ll catch fire, just to keep warm.

    • 12 coffee in a massive cunt chain,
      1pm lunch at a massive cunt chain,
      2:30 off to the chamber you fucking bunch of CUNTS

  3. Stupid middle class bitches with nothing better to do except sitting around gossiping. So what do they do with their brats during the parts that are “not suitable for children.” ? Leave them with their Eurotrash au pairs on 6 quid an hour no doubt.
    I hope the little bastards get nicked by Roma pikeys and end up selling their arses in Bucharest. Stay at home and watch Loose Women you fucking whores.

  4. I wonder how many of these fuckin’ hypocrites turned up in their Chelsea tractors, parking near the edge of the congestion zone of course. They then return home to their ‘green’ wood burning stoves which give off six times as much pollution as a diesel truck. May all your nappies be shitty ones.

    • It may be the adults with toilet issues tomorrow Blunty, if all these Extinction Rebellion nutters are superglued and padlocked to stuff then I guess they just shit and piss themselves in adult nappies?
      I will not take some hippy middle-aged vegan seriously lecturing me about ‘twelve years to Armageddon’ while he has just shat himself in the street glued to a door.

      • We posted very similar LL at 4.18.
        “What do we want? – A shit”
        “When do we want it? – urgently”

      • My trouble is, I’m a bit of a hippie. I have Joss sticks ffs. My Mrs is Buddhist from birth so therefore I am Buddhist. The greatest thing about being Buddhist is I can do exactly what I want. I can get as pissed as I want, eat anything. I just can’t kill anything. Apart from anyone who threatens my religion. True story. Probably.

      • But we both think these fucking cunts are just fucking rich middle class cunts. FUCKING climate change. Utter bullshit.

  5. Talk about using your own kids to promote your own agenda driven climate change bollocks. No doubt the same cunts drop off their little shits in gas guzzling Chelsea tractors outside the school gates, take a couple of foreign holidays a year and wear fast fashion, made by some piss poor Bangladeshi girl for 30p a day.

  6. What are the chances that they’ll be plenty of Yummy Mummies there?

    Johnny says, “No chance.”

  7. These happy clappy workshy pricks are planning to bring Londonstabistan to a grinding halt this week the cunts. No thought to people trying to get to work and earn a fucking living. Oh no, I need some photos of me being virtuous for my Facebook page.
    And what about the poor immos trying to drive their illegal taxis around and doing an honest day’s shoplifting. No thoughts for them you fucking racists.

  8. These are not ‘mothers’. They are DEMONS FROM HELL. They need to be impaled on red-hot pokers through their manky minges. These BRAINWASHED LEFT OPERATIVES are popping up everywhere and with far too much frequency. They need to be stabbed in the minge so they start going “How could you do a thing like that, I was just going to give you coffee, I thought we were friends”.

  9. And what happens if one of their push chairs gets crushed by a lorry or run into by some other green cunt on a bicycle? You know who they will blame don’t you? Yes, Boris fucking Johnson………and Trump obviously.

  10. It seems to me that Green issues are the hideout for the biggest hypocrites on the planet at the moment.

    You have that ugly schoolgirl being flown round the world while burning all manner of resources. You have the protesters who parked crappy boats and such in city centres while using cars to get to the “protests”. In Leeds, they were filmed secretly parking cars and walking over, they even had McDonalds trash in their vehicle so all’s good and correct there then, nothing to see here etc

    The biggest and the one’s I hold most hate for are the Royals and so called Celebs who jet around on private jets and drive round in bullet proff limos while telling us poor proles to use our cars less and not take holidays.

    I do my bit for the planet and wildlife. I don’t buy carrier bags, I eat all I buy, I drive in a sensible manner and walk when I can can so I DON’T NEED YOU UTTER CUNTS telling me what to do…that’s right, eat my shit and then beg me for another bowl you FUCKING HYPOCRITES.

  11. Bet they all communicate via the Internet and not the telephone. The Internet consumes an incredible amount of energy which is going up all the time. And as other esteemed cunters have said drive around in huge German Chelsea tractors polluting and causing traffic chaos everywhere.
    Total hypocrisy on display.

  12. what will cressida dickface do about obstructing the highway, no need to answer that one, probably got a special licence /permission granted by the magistrates/Londinistan powers to do your worst, can you imagine what it would be like married to one of these cunts

    • She’s under enough pressure with the investigation in to the alleged paedophile ring. The police force where I live is no great shakes but the Met must be one of the shittiest police forces in the world.
      Is nobody going to cunt them or the fuckin’ incompetent rug muncher that leads them. It has to be a Londoner. Surely somebody’s piss is boiling over this useless, inept organisation?

      • ADMIN – why has my comment been moderated? Have I been blâckbâlled after 6 pm?
        Could you please leave my balls out of this and return me to normal service. If I’ve offended anyone please let me know and I will take steps to rectify the problem.

    • Evening Spoony. What has happened to you? In a matter of weeks you’ve morphed from Private Godfrey into Frankie Boyle?

      • I guess you’re right LL. I would hate to think it was the corrupting influence of this site!

      • BTW when are we going to get the next Chinese discourse between yourself and Captain M?
        Worth the licence fee alone!

      • Evening, Bertie how art thou and Percy? I hope you are both well.

        I love this website. It could be having an effect on me but I’m not sure what.

      • Bunch of useless bleeders who want the whole world to sit up and take notice just because they’ve given birth. No-one gives a fuck darlings, so stick your babies back where they came from and shove your prams up your arse.

      • I can see you now, Ron. “Listen pussycats, make me a sandwich, I’m busy watching the Villa highlights right now.”

      • Christ Cap’n what a night last night. Watching the highlights of us pasting Norwich 5-1, with my lovely wife snuggled in beside me on the settee, wearing my Villa shirt. Could a man ask for more?

  13. haven’t the bints got anything more worthy to do such as knitting, darning socks ,starching of collars, ironing (if it’s not up scratch luv you’ll be doing it again) and make sure you clean out the fireplace in the morning,oh I’m sorry you haven’t got one keep warm by the aga do we, fuck off


    Very sound advice.

    But what the fuck has it got to do with a bunch of under-occupied wimmin snowflakes and their pushchairs manufactured in China?

  15. Why don’t they write letters and or sign a petition? Surely that would be more effective and less polluting than driving to London.

  16. Stupid cows have too much time on their hands. They should be at home changing nappies, washing dishes and fingering themselves until their husbands come home. Daft mares.

  17. It seem to be have a pop at the women day. And I cannot give a fuck. So sick of hearing about their whinging. We’ve just got rid of one useless cunt who made a mess of running the country, there’s three more (Swinson Sturgeon and Lucas, fuck me sounds like the world’s shittest solicitors) who want to rule us, without the fuss of an election putting them there. I didn’t care once upon a time, if people got where they were through merit, who gives a shit what gender they are, but that would never work, so we have quotas instead. And the world is worse off for it. I couldn’t give a tuppenny fuck for sports, and it’s all you hear about, women’s this, not paid the same as men, blah fucking blah. Do away with gender in sports then, but make sure it’s merit that dictates who competes. From formula one to football, cycling and athletics, let them try out. If they can compete at top level, go for it. Same for the army, although I read an article about some woman who was moaning about the bergans the were using were not designed for women. Have you ever seen a rucksack for a woman? And I don’t mean a pink fucker, one that had straps in different places? Get fucked, it was too heavy for her.

    • Some fucking Asian bint presenting Match Of The Day 2. Is there nothing fucking sacred or cuntitude that the cunts at the BBC won’t stoop to?

  18. Women protesting in London, maybe they could head for the Chinese embassy, it’s not too far from Oxford Street so they could do a little shopping at the same time.

    The ‘saintly’ peaceful cooking, got my own program but not happy with that, Nadia Hussain was in the series on depression/anxiety.
    Now to keep her profile right up there and try for even more sympathy has suddenly remembered that she was sexually assaulted when she was a child in Bangladesh, strange she didn’t think to mention that in the TV program


    • probably true though bunch of pervs festering in that sad sack of a country and if it wasn’t probably suggested to her by her BBC minders /promoters

  19. “Mothers Rise Up”
    Fuckin’ hell my mother would have no chance of rising up. She’s been dead for 15 years!

  20. Evening fellas,
    Mothers rise up a force to be reckoned with!
    Bet theyll be effective (snigger)
    Everyones saving the world ,
    Should be sorted in few days at this rate!
    Cheers mums!👍

  21. Why is it “Mothers Rise Up” and not “Parents Rise Up”? Is the implication that fathers don’t care about their kids and/or they are not capable of standing up for them? Or is this just yet another jab at the imaginary patriarchy?
    Presumably it’s the white men at these oil companies they are offended by, right? I mean it’s a load of bollocks either way, but do we have to suffer the bleating of the supposedly poor downtrodden female, rising up to fight the (white) misogyny spiel yet again?

    It reminds me of the Flabbot and her veiled racist/sexist proclamation that “West Indian mothers will go to the wall for their kids”. The hypocrisy of these duplicitous cunts knows no bounds.

  22. i have a £1000 here that says the world will not end in 12 years, any of those bonkers women want to have a bet? ( obviously i can’t really lose lol).

  23. All this climate change finger pointing is really starting to get right on my wick.

    Which generation is it that has the central heating cranked up all year round so they can walk around in shorts and t-shirts at home?

    Which generation is it that is obsessed with having coffee served in disposable paper cups, rather than making their own and drinking it from a travel mug or thermos?

    Which generation constantly has take-aways and eats fast food from cardboard and polystyrene containers, then throws them away?
    I’ve seen some of the dirty feckers throw it straight on the ground, when there’s a rubbish bin all of 10 feet away, but I suppose that was too far to walk, was it?

    Which generation drives around in Chelsea tractors and only ever do the school run or pop to the shops?

    Which generation uses about 5 devices at the same time?
    They have the TV on while they’re on a laptop, while playing music from their phones into their wireless headphones and then texting on their phones.

    Which generation never turns the fucking lights off when they leave a room?

    People in glasshouses throwing stones.

  24. The bitches should be where they belong, doing the lord and masters evening meal, and practicing the post prandial nosh on the old mans todger

    Fucking wannabe dyke CUNTS

  25. Sensing a lot of hostility in here towards women?
    Calm down lads, woman are great,
    You know what theyre like, say no when mean yes,
    Always screaming,
    But if i want to wear a balaclava indoors i will.

    • No hostility towards women from me MNC.
      I kind of like them…apart from the whinging and nagging about things. But that’s a necessary evil I suppose.

      My comment on this nomination applies to both males, females and non-binary rainbow unicorns of certain generations.

      • By the way I now identify as a 6 foot 4, 16 stone, Viking Warrior Chief.
        I’m sure you’ll all respect my worldview and if not you’re all neo- fascist, cis, Trump loving, haterz! 😂

      • Evening Harold!
        Was taking the piss, hence the balaclava remark!😁👍

      • I know you were 👍
        I just wanted to make my statement clear after reading it back.
        I get paranoid sometimes, with everything that goes on in this crazy world, about having to one day explain myself in front of a judge.

    • As a woman, I cannot stand women!

      Give me a group of blokes rather than a gaggle of women any day. At least their conversation stretches beyond dieting, children, school runs, their sex life, their annoying husbands/partners, how dry their fanny is of late or how their menstrual cycle is playing up.

      I cannot abide that bollocks.

      Most women are a pain in the bumhole.

      • Strange thought ivr just had /would u describe yourself as bit of alright?? That seems a very mature head on your shoulders snd its given me the fuckjng horn! Mind u still being young women in uniform /an il leave it there out of taste lol.

      • Balaclavas are dead trendy at moment!
        That armed blagger/sinn fein terrorist looks all over the catwalk from paris to milan.

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