WASPI…I know these fuckers have been cunted before, but there’s nothing like another deserved cunting.

Yesterday (03/10/19), the high court ruled against WASPI, in a case where they took the department for work and pensions to court, arguing that changing their state pension age from 60 to 66 “unlawfully discriminated against them on the grounds of age, sex and age and sex combined”. I do not pretend to know what that means.

The courts ruled that it wasn’t an issue for them as it was agreed within parliament and they’re well within their rights to legally change the pension age. It was a matter for the public and their MPs.

This however, didn’t stop flabbott sticking her oar in, “disappointed to hear about todays decision regarding the WASPI women. I will continue to support the WASPI Campaign in their fight against pension inequality”. I don’t see what inequality there is, about changing women’s state pension age to equal that of men? If anything the inequality is that they still currently get to retire a year earlier.

Yet another case of wimmin desperately wanting equality, but only if it benefits them.

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  1. To the lady in the photo, I wish you would fucking buzz off and die in pain somewhere, preferably in misery.

    I have never understood this one, women want to be equal, by making the age of retirement the same, they are fucking equal?

    Another fucking stupid thing that people with nothing better to do have found to shine and bleat about.

    • She has also spent time creating her placard only to put an apostrophe after 50 like the dolt she resembles. What with her punctuation skills and Flabbot’s Maths, perhaps wimmin should spend their pension years at a Further Education college.

      • The Grocers’ Apostrophe. A certain sign of a fucking tool. There you go – fucking bore the tits of people about “equality” and when you get it, you still fucking moan. Sounds like wimmin to me.

    • Totally agree SMS
      Even with the lady buzzing off and dying in pain , there’s something fucking irritating going on with her face? Oh yeh
      She’s looking extremely pleased with herself …….

    • You want equality with men, then you have to accept equality in all things, even if it doesn’t benefit you (for a change).

      Even my Mother (in her 70s) agrees with this.

      Shut your bloody whingeing, you ungrateful cows.

  2. They’ve changed mine to 66 the cunts. I’m a bingo callers big moment. Try that on for size. Fortunately I’m minted and work if I fancy it. A bit like most women I’ve been associated with.

  3. Suck it up bitches. Had some dozy tart on the radio Devon Al JaBeeba the other day. Saying she wanted to commit suicide, that’s a new one, wondering if she’d do it while on the air. Unfortunately not, bollocks.
    Equality suits them when it’s all one way.


  4. I didn’t hear these fucking slags bitching about it when the retirement age was 65 for men and 60 for women. Anyway, wasn’t this all brought about by some stupid cow going to court because it was discriminatory against women who wanted to work beyond 60? You reap what you sow and all that’s happened is the retirement age has gone up for men and women! Well done, Einstein. Women only seem so want ‘equality’ when it suits them and on their terms..

    • I should have added that their definition of ‘equality’ = preferential treatment – or treatwoment.

    • You’ve just got to love the irony Cupid. As you say, they weren’t gobbing off when the boot was on the other foot.
      ‘What do we want? Preferential treatment for women! When do we want it? Now!’.
      Get fucked.

  5. Funny isn’t it, how Flabbot quite happily accepted a judges decision to prorogue Parliament but fuckin’ sounds off about a decision she’s not happy about?

  6. I recall WASP being the name of an American thrash rock band famous for Animal (Fuck Like a Beast). WASP was an acronym for We Are Sexual Perverts.

    [Roger Moore Mode] “Hmmm!” [/Roger Moore Mode]

    • Saw them at he monsters of rock festival back in the 80s. They were quite low down on the bill, and the only remarkable thing they did was have soft porn celebrity Linzi Drew get her tits out on stage. Screeching cunts….

      • that would instantly make their act better than 99.9% of the shite music of today. Linzi Drew with tits oot, or Stormzy? Hmm – let me see……

  7. Weren’t WASP a crappy poodle perm metal band from the 80s?
    Like an even shitter Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction….

      • all for that one, but WASP = willing able sexual partners not so sure probably need to check the goods first

    • I saw Zodiac Mindwarp at the old International 2 on Plymouth Gr in the 80s Norma n. You’re right they were utter shite.

    • Saw a “band” called the 4-skins once in Canning Town. Long before it became gentrified. I was afeared for my life in and out of the venue – and they were fucking shite.

  8. Who cares what a bunch of past-it old biddies are banging on about? They’re crusty and wrinkly so should just stop flapping their gummy yaps and be thankful that seeing as they’re no longer attractive to men there’s no point in them spending money on make-up or nice clothes and are long past the point of needing jam-rags so can save a Pound or two there as well.

    Fuck Off.

    • Come off it Dick. Along with old age comes a whole new set of expenses – suppositories, incontinence pads and polyfilla

    • I refer the right hon. gentleman to the Cameron cunting – Mahatma Goat @11.46

  9. I’ve been modded, so I’ll try and say something less controversial in the meanwhile. Anyone who aligns themselves as ‘left’ is mentally ill and incurably so. The one and only way to guarantee the future of human survival is Eugenics, which means a total ban on any more Moose Limb birth, and African births. To be enforced by whatever means necessary, including chemical warfare. If we don’t want this planet infested by cockroaches then we have to stop them being born.

    • That’s one hell of a can of RAID you’re talking about there!

      Crowd funding is the way to go.

      If say we needed £2 million, then that could take almost half an hour to accumulate!

  10. They can fuck off, it was 1996 when all this was announced.

    Just shows women only hear what they want to hear!


  11. Galling given the fact that men pay more in tax and work harder jobs. They die younger. They die more at work. It’s ridiculous. Obviously, feminism is a supremacy movement when these joyless ingrates are allowed to agitate unopposed. They should be called what they are: sexists

  12. This judgement added a certain piquancy to my lager as I laughed at the TV.
    Equality doesn’t exist so cop that you daft cunts.
    Now fuck off.

  13. Fuck them. My mate works for the civil service, and it’s basically women this, women that. A woman will get promoted over a man, every time, regardless of how shite she is at her job. Also, the big thing there now is time off for the menopause. Paid time off, that is. I’ve got to work till I die, no time off for fuck all. You cunts wanted equality, so suck it. Half of them are shite at that too…

  14. You gotta feel sorry for all those trannies who had the full slash n’ gash, expecting to get their state pensions 5 years early.

  15. Another word which has reversed its meaning while I wasn’t watching: ‘equality’.

    There is a faint ray of hope that all these mad people will split into sects and either bore or stab each other to death. It can’t go on indefinitely, surely.

  16. Well these bitches wanted equality and now they have it, so it just goes to show like all things in life you need to be careful what you wish for, equal pay, equal opportunities, and yet months off work for being pregnant or the time of the month, and complain like fuck when they don’t get the same, so now they are going to get royaly fucked over on third pensions just the same as men, the problem now is that doesn’t suit, I say you brought it in yourselves so stop fucking moaning you cunts, anyway by the time they get to claim their pensions the government will have moved the goal posts again and eventually no pensions for anyone.,…

  17. Mother you had me
    But i didnt have you,
    I wanted you
    But you didnt want me…
    One of the Beatles sang/wrote that
    Probably Ringo
    Fuckin mummys boy.

      • I know it was Rtc, takin the mick.
        John had massive abandonment issues.
        Ringo wrote the far superior octopus s garden, Lennon&McCartney seethed with jealousy knowing it couldnt be beaten.

      • Octopus’s Garden? You gotta to stop takin’ the mick Miserable!

        How’s the holiday going?

  18. Yeah good thanks Rtc!
    Hey get this,
    Next village i kid you not, is named..Glutton😁
    Fit right in there!

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