Mothers Rise Up

A nomination for ‘Mothers Rise Up’
From their website :

8am – 9.15am :
We will gather with prams, including two huge pushchairs containing giant globes, outside Shell’s UK headquarters on Belvedere Road, SE1 7NA (behind the London Eye) to sing reworked versions of well-known nursery rhymes including ‘Old King Coal’ and ‘Amazon’s Burning’ as the company opens for business. This part of the action is child friendly – there is even a playground next to the Shell’s building. Just remember to dress for the weather and bring plenty of snacks – you know the drill!

9.15am – 10.15am :
We will process across Westminster Bridge with our pushchairs to protest outside the gates of Downing Street. This part of the action is not suitable for children, as we may need to weave in an out of traffic with our pushchairs.

10.15am – 11am :
We will march with our pushchairs to BP’s global headquarters at 1 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4PD. This part of the action is not suitable for children, as may need to weave in an out of traffic with our pushchairs.

We hope this protest will help put pressure on the government to deliver more rapid emissions reductions in the UK through a range of measures, including a ban on dirty energy from fossil fuels and a massive expansion in renewable energy.

How about you fuck off to China, the world’s biggest polluter with your pushchairs and sprogs. Take that sanctimonious Thunberg with you.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

86 thoughts on “Mothers Rise Up

  1. This shit is for middle/upper middle class cunts who have nothing better to do with their time, apart from lunch with their Mummy Chummy (with some cunt name like fucking ‘Felicity’) and ‘Hugo’s’ little playmate ‘Finn’. On the way they will take time to do a bit of futile protesting because they don’t actually have to work to keep themselves and their City working husbands pay for their idle fuckery.

    These are the same cunts who in a few years time will be jetting off several times a year to fucking ski, while their emotionally neglected child is being nannied and self harms back in jolly old Hampstead.

    Seen them, seen the kids, nursed said kids and this shit is always the same story.


  2. Obviously Jemima and Pippa types in the smoke who’s husband’s do 12hr days in the Shitty in some financial role to keep their ball & chains in the cunt lifestyle they’ve become accustomed. Hopefully they’re all banging their secretaries senseless too as the thought of laying down with the harridens back at home would soften titanium!

    As I’ve said previously, ask these cunts: “Compared to what?”

    Sure London is a Shithole but that is mainly through the demographic replacement these days. I would have loved to have seen these Mumsy cunts do that same march in, oh, let’s say 1860. They probably wouldn’t have seen each other from 2ft away due to the smog and the coal-fired smoke of industry!

    So your beef with the environment now, compared to what? Your water is drinkable from a tap (even though you cunts are probably Evian guzzlers – oh, but you recycle the 20 x ¹ltr bottles a week do you, well good for you!) as opposed to being riddled with cholera (which is making a nice resurgence thanks to said 3rd world demographic replacement).

    You have no “Skin in the Game” you cunts! Every thing you do is for social media gratification and FaceTwat “like” dopamine hits!



    I see AL-BEEB have given their dirty smear merchant in chief – John Sweeney – a much deserved push into obscurity (hopefully).

    No news outlet should ever go near you again for your attempt to fake sexual allegation scandals and other fiction against Tommy Robinson, however – as it was Robinson – no doubt shit-weasel establishments such as El Groaniad and Sly are probably queuing up for this cunt’s particular brand of fake news.

    But if they don’t John, and I say this sincerely from the heart of my bottom, you can always LEARN TO CODE!


  3. I’ve just noticed in the picture there is a SALE sign. That must be why they’re there.

  4. Fred is the black George Graham… In other words he is fucking useless, hopefully like George, he isn’t playing in a United side that’s about to be relegated….

  5. The people there are just doing that for the LIKES and attention.

    Find something better to do, ya vacuous cans of can’t.
    “I was there. Like this pic/comment.”

    Fork off.

  6. I think it’s just an excuse to get some early Christmas shopping done. And if they’re so concerned about the environment why did the stupid cows have sprogs? Cunts the lot of ’em.

  7. The biggest contributor to man made CO2 emissions is population.

    Stop dropping sprogs out of your c u n t s for 5 minutes, how about starting there?

    And for 99% of the time, these harridans leave their ‘precious’ sprogs with Jelena, their 20 year old Lithuanian nanny on “£4 an hour cash in hand/you can sleep in the box room whilst my husband pops in now and again to give you a good seeing to without my knowledge”.

    This is what happens when bored wimmins sit at home and get their opinions from those great thinkers of our time on ‘Loose Women’.

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