Dead Pool (143)

Congratulations to Chicken George who correctlty predicted that Cream drummer Ginger Baker would be next to conk out.Baker was 80 which was remarkable given his rock and roll lifestyle.Boris the Boilsucker also picked him but Chicken George was first so wins.

On to Deadpool 143

The rules:

1)Pick 5 cunts you think are on the way out.No duplicates allowed.Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

2)It is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal other peoples names like Black and White Cunt frequently does.

3) It must be a newsworthy cunt we have heard of.

My picks (Shaun):

David Gulpilil
Juliette Kaplan
Douglas Hurd
Denis Goldberg
Roy Hattersley

76 thoughts on “Dead Pool (143)

  1. Kirk Douglas (actor,102)
    Hal Holbrook (actor,93)
    Betty White (actress,97)
    Dame Olivia de Havilland (actress,103)
    Rosemary Harris (actress,92)

    • Obviously I’m taking the piss with my first nom, seriously chicken George well played you sneaky cunt I had Baker for almost every deadpool for 3 bloody years aside from the odd one or two where dio or chas nicked him but no hard feelings i’m more saddened by one of my favourite drummers dying so cuntgratulations m8 a win is a win replace Chicken with oh I dunno how about Alex Trebek

      • No problem TS, apologies for thieving your regular choice i’m just a kleptomaniacal cunt.
        I too am gutted the great man has gone, I loved Cream, and Ginger was one, if not the best drummer of his generation.

        RIP Ginger

        My noms are

        1 Harry Roberts
        2 Peter Sutcliffe
        3 Dick Van Dyke
        4 Harvey Weinstein
        5 George Soros

      • just noticed that old cunt soros has been taken so i’ll have Richard o’sullivan instead

      • No hard feelings George fair is fair, huge Ginger fan too

        Blind faith, cream, graham bond organization, Baker Gurvitz Army, and his jazz band stuff are all top notch imo mourning him too cheers m8

  2. Stanley Baxter
    Dickie Davies
    John Astin
    Luke Rhinehart
    Bill Ward

    Bang on Mr. George.

  3. Glynis Johns (Send in The Clowns)
    Michael Douglas
    Mario Andretti
    Jackie Stewart
    Lord Adonis

  4. Des O’connor.
    Des Lyneham.
    Vince Hill.
    Vince Cable.
    Gordon Lightfoot.

    Nice going George.

  5. My noms please,

    Dick van Dyke
    Angela Lansbury
    Gary Glitter
    Val Bisoglio (Danny from Quincy)
    Tim Currie

    • bollocks, didn’t clock the ealrier posts and see that Clive James Norbert Stiles and James Greaves had already been taken.

      so I’ll bring

      Bob Dylan
      Van morrison
      Stephen Fry

      off the subs bench

  6. George Takei (sulu)
    Bill treacher (Arthur Fowler)
    Josef fritzl
    Dennis skinner
    Ozzy Osborne

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