Halloween (3)


Yes that fucking “celebration” where stupid little cunts dress up as ugly fucking witches and gargoyles (or just wear Flabbott face-masks for the same effect), and go around people’s homes trick or treating!

The problem with this shit is that it has become Americanised over the years, so every cunt now has to have a massive candle-lit pumpkin in the front window, and the kids have to be fully kitted out in a witch’s costume in order to have any street cred.

Moreover, these cunts that come-a-knocking carry around big buckets, expecting you to load it up with chocolate bars (not just the odd Fox’s Glacier Mint, but fucking Kit Kats, Twix’s, Twirls and shitloads more) and if you don’t deliver, expect a brick through your window, a keyed car door, or paint splattered all over your garden.

But you tell these kids to go fuck themselves, and they go blubbing to social media and then their parents (in that order,) and scream child abuse!

Oh, and these cunts really should check their calendar – Halloween is the 31st October, and not 2 weeks before!


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127 thoughts on “Halloween (3)

  1. Couple of local kids turned up tonight dressed as burglars. I quickly put on my Tony Martin costume and shot the little fuckers.

  2. Fortunately we didn’t have any young cunts T&Ting last night: perhaps they were all high as a kite, or nicking a few cars to care. Unless they’re thinking of coming round tonight despite being a day late.

    Either way they can fuck off and stick their witch’s broom where the sun don’t shine!

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