Charlotte Church (4)

I would like a full on, attention seeking cunting for Charlotte Church.

This silly gobshite is obviously trying for some sort of comeback due to the fact the moon-faced muppet is on the telly in the news, promoting her new snooze fest where she pretends to love her family, say shit like fame ruined my family, my step dad only has six months to live and the classic, “I’ve made some bad choices in life”, anything to get back into the limelight. No, you silly bitch. It’s more like fame made you a cunt who wouldn’t listen to reason, all the bad choices including that silly, orange cunt Gavin Henson were all down to you and your belief in your own self-importance. Well get this.. nobody fucking cares what you do. You are a has been that fucked it all up; surely you made enough money to just stay gone. Next it will be a book like Lily, the musical mong.

Give it a rest and try and hang on to a little dignity, you silly, spoiled, adult brat….

Nominated by fuglyucker

164 thoughts on “Charlotte Church (4)

  1. In the picture, I wonder what she’s looking at, or if her eyes are stuck like that.
    There’s a nomination on here recently of a bald, gay, comedian.
    I forget his name. I think his eyes are stuck, as well.

  2. Fucking horrid socialist fat fucking cow, needs a kick in the cunt.

  3. Charlotte is the biggest slag in Macc.
    Can’t post a link cos I’m a Swedish zomchild cunt.

  4. Was shagged by a Welsh rugby (bugry?) player. No doubt she didn’t know which way to turn.Vile gobby gaping sphincter.

  5. Bloody hell,150 odd posts for this tart, and counting (as well as cunting)

    That’s almost as many men she’s fucked this year!

    I didn’t realise she has become her own sperm bank! Men just seem to love leaving a deposit in some or all of her saggy glory holes.

    Fuck, have gone right off my breakfast porridge now.


    • She’s a national treasure. She represents the UK during the Blair years in so many ways.

  6. On Gavin Henson, he was a wonky-faced dickhead who wasnt too popular with his Swans teammates.

  7. Coots.
    Apparently, brevity is frowned upon.
    Funny little birds, rather ridiculous, in fact.
    Maybe stewed, or in a pie ?

  8. I’m much more interested in that other Welsh female Lexi Lowe (don’t google her while you’re at work).

    In the words of a well known cunter on this site “I.S.M.T.U.H.A”
    (Although someone’s already beaten me to it)

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