Pharrell Williams

A vocodered and auto-tuned cunting please for musical cuntlord, Pharrell Williams.

For those fortunate enough to be blissfully unaware, this cunt is responsible for the infuriating corporate staple song ‘Happy’. Fuck off if you expect me to post a link to that pile of simpering vocal wank. I still have night terrors after seeing BBCunts Clare Balding and Bill Turnbull jive out to this during a segment for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Pharrell Williams is already a cunt of significant standing due to i) being a ‘rapper’, ii) being one of the public faces of Killary’s 2016 prez bid, and iii) being musically involved with some of the biggest cunts on the planet. But this wankstain upon life’s rich tapestry has gone even deeper into the fabric by suddenly denouncing his collaborated shite ‘Blurred Lines’, which he performed with one-hit wonder and suspected closet sex offender, Robin Thicke.

Williams and the Thicke cunt trousered tens of millions on sales of Blurred Lines, thanks of course to the mornonic modern music masses happy to rock out to lyrics which glorified sexual assault laid over a fucking biscuit-tin beat. Yet we now see Williams in this post-#MeToo, virtue-signalling landscape publicly shaming himself for releasing the shit known as ‘Blurred Lines’ for online backpats and a pre-emptive adjusting of his liberal social standing. Lest history forget that this born-again ‘liberal’ cunt is the fuck-faced fucker who has built his entire fortune on charting highbrow, Aristotelian concepts such as ‘hoes’, ‘bitches’ and ‘fuckjars’.

Will the fucking cretin make a meaningful gesture, like donate the millions of dollars he earned in royalties from Blurred Lines to some wimminz charity? Of course not.

Williams says that he is ’embarrassed’ by the ‘misogyny’ of the lyrics in the song. Perhaps he should be more embarrassed that he wrote such turgid shite, in addition to the embarrassment of that crock o’faeces was proven in court to have ripped off elements of Marvin Gaye’s material.

There is a special place in hell for spineless, talentless cunts like this (see also: Will.I.Am). And I would happily spend a busman’s eternity down there myself, if it meant I could forevermore shovel the white-hot coals for Beelzebub himself to adorn upon the scrotums of high-ranking cunts like Pharrell Williams.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

57 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams

    • It annoys the shit out of me that our democracy is, to a large extent, monitored and disrupted by a bunch of demented old cunts that haven’t even been voted for. Oh, the fucking irony.

  1. Most definitely a cunt, he looks like an Alien.
    Surely on advice from his legal team he said this to save his career and legacy.
    He’ll be vegan next week and marry a tranny the week after.
    Go fuck yourselves.

      • I saw them a few times in the 80s apparently they’re still going, just not as angry now though.

      • Dead cities..exploited👍
        His names backwards , like him.
        William pharrell twat in a hat.

  2. Amber Dudd – one more mega-cunt who has chosen not to stand in the upcoming election. Good ruddence!

    • She knows she will lose. Talking about old wimmin Granny Grieve made his farewell in parliament last night wearing a black tie and cummerbund.

      He was on Wireless 4 this morning on Today saying he was a “Conservative with a small c”. Wanker with a big W I would have said.

    • Rudd’s brother’s* been having trouble from dissidents (including Mangledbum) in the Poopers’ Vote bunch too. A rare popcorn moment to relieve the serial clusterfuck, as this bunch of remoaning cunts handbag each other to death.

      *several times millionaire PR cunt: educated at Millfield, Oxford (theology, ffs), Blair’s arse.

  3. Eternity ensconsed up J Cordens arsehole would be too good for this wank hat wearing dildo model. He has the unctious look that makes my piss go plasma at the mearest hint of the twatster. That fucking hat was the very pinnicle of …. (words fail me at this time)

    • ” Wank hat wearing dildo model” fuckin hell! Thanks Black biscuit you’ve made my fuckin morning 🤣🤣🤣

  4., Wyclef Jean, TI, Madonna, that Ronson twat, Diddly (or whatever the fuck he goes by now)- all cunts of the same ilk. They should be purged.

  5. Pharrel Williams is one of those ‘artists’who get a huge hit that’s popular with the gormless (The Black Eyed Peas’ is another act) and when you even hint that it’s not your sort of music those championing it on facedope take it as a personal attack.

    A cunt who makes music for weak-minded cunts.

  6. Blissfully unaware of the cunt. X Factor? Britains got Cunts? Don’t give a fuck for any of these musical pygmies.

  7. Its all Um Bongo drum beat with chiggun bones used for woodwind and timpani and a shrunken heads used for castanets.

    “Cos, I is happy an’ muh dick is a gettin wet up muh skank hoe”

    Piss off.

    • On Sunday, went to see the cluster-fuck that is currently masquerading as Arsenal football club. There is a new fried chiggun stand on the walk down from Finsbury Park – it was surrounded. Like a scene out of “Zulu” it was.

  8. I’m not familiar with his “music” but if it’s anything like his dress-sense and Amish hat, he’s a cunt.

  9. You cunt reminding me of that fucking awful “tune” Sing along if you feel like a room without a roof. What the fuck does that mean? Its worse than I don’t want to see a ghost, rather have a piece of toast watch the evening news and that was a collossus in the “oh no not that fucking pile of poo again” The other thing is that radio stations seem to push these awful creations down our throats more as if taking some sort of revenge on music lovers.
    Morrisey is still a cunt though!

    • Not half as bad as “Things can only get better”. I puke involuntarily when I hear that song.

      • I remember it as Things Can Only Get Bett -ar beloved by the glottal stop New Labour soy boys. I remember just after they won the first election Mangledbum mincing along to it with Prescott. To his credit Prescott looked appalled and embarrassed.

  10. An absolute cunt, that “Happy” song is an unapologetic pile of dog’s dirt that evokes the same reaction in me as that other mong anthem, “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Cunts. Torturous. The only reason I gave Pharrell a by-ball was because of the glorious rage, hand-wringing, and snowflake horror at the fantastically rapey “Blurred Lines”, which I also think is dogshite, but is a song that I would gladly blast at full volume 24/7 just to annoy various libmongs, #metoo dogs and other whimpering cunts. Now Pharrell has joined the weeping fucktards and denounced the only half tolerable thing that he’s ever been involved with, in order to pacify a bunch of cunts. I’m now having second thoughts about releasing my next single, “Shut The Fuck Up And Drop Your Knickers, Slagheap, Before You Get Another Slap” as it’ll probably be banned. Cunts.

  11. I can’t get that song my head now, that and Hey Ya by OutKast.

    #Shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture#

  12. That Robin Thicko , whats that cunt doing now .? Looked a right sleazy cunt. Probably spends his days fucking and boozing. A bit like I did.

  13. Fuck…… piss boiling again

    Just watched PMQ’s that fucking dumb bitch Jess Phillips trying to be oh so smart, she fucked up her question, instead of saying guarantee maximum in class sizes she said minimum….

    What a Cunt, sadly Bojo didn’t pick her up.

    There must be some thick cunts in Yardley to vote for this stupid cow.

    • There was that Yardley fragrance in the seventies. Yes lush orchestral music as she dabs her neck before sauntering out in a long flowing flowery dress, face all a soft glow.

      • Poor old Bulldyke Phillips had an accident. She was just putting some toilet water on when the seat fell on her head. That’s the only fragrance she would have – Margaret Beckett’s piss.

    • My old Dad kept one of my school reports from primary school. Pretty shite. But the interesting thing was that the class size was 42 (this was early 70s). It worked as we respected the teacher and didn’t fuck him around.

  14. Meanwhile. Back in the real world “Shirley Ballas has her false tits removed” enters the Top 10 of most viewed ABBC stories complete with a breathless account from their own Health Correspondent confirming in all seriousness that “Shirley should be ok to judge on Saturday’s Strictly Cum Mincing”

    The nation awaits the next bulletin with bated breath. Or not.

    • I wonder what’s happening in Iraq , Syria, Burma and South Africa these days? Nothing? Ah well… as long as some bellend has recovered from surgery to judge a light entertainment programme and snotty kids are collecting plastic bags to save the earth.

      People wonder why i dont watch BBC news. I tell them watching that childish crap is a good way to stay misinformed about almost everything.

  15. I think I had the misfortune to see this dark key dwarf on telly once.
    Put him on the rack for a week.

  16. Another ephemeral entertainer with attitude. Pardon me if my eyes glaze over; the world is full of them now.

  17. Roll out the Pharrell….

    Who the fuck comes up with these names ? I don’t know of a single other person called “Pharrell”…. well, not in our village at any rate.

    Blistering insight, as ever, ECT.

  18. Looks like one of the smurf’s got stuck up the chimney, go on batman give him a good slapping

  19. Get back to the plantation. That cotton ain’t gonna pick itself!


    Ole Man River

  20. When the Pharrel l Williams cunt sang that ‘Happy’ song at the Manchester Arena benefit gig (aka the Ariana Cunt Show) I wanted to mash his head with a pneumatic drill…

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