Roosevelt Rappley and Family

Roosevelt Rappley and his dipshit family need a cunting.

Now, I know that none of you will have the first clue who this now deceased member of the shallow end of the gene pool is, so allow me to enlighten you. Rappley was a lowlife who inhabited Montgomery county in Maryland, Philadelphia. Recently, Roosevelt decided to go to his local Dollar Store and rob it. In he went, waving his gun about, threatening staff and customers alike and demanding money from the till. Unfortunately for him, one of the store clerks was carrying a legally held firearm, which he promptly drew and ended Rappley’s crime spree before it had a chance to become more violent. Obviously, Rappley’s association with life also came to an end.

Police were called, decided the store clerk had acted in self defence and that, as far as the law was concerned, was the end of it. For Rappley’s family however, not so much. Two of his TEN siblings went on TV to complain that the clerk’s ending of their brother’s criminal activity was excessive and unjustified. They think the store clerk shouldn’t have been carrying a gun in the first place. I should point out here, that we’re not dealing with a stand up family. Roosevelt is the second sibling in his family to have been shot dead.

They actually had the audacity to claim that although their brother was PARTLY to blame for the incident, he wasn’t ENTIRELY to blame. Really? Well, let’s take a look at it shall we. He woke up that fateful morning and decided that, being short of money, he would go and get some. Unlike normal people however, he didn’t decide to do that by going to an ATM or earning it by working. He decided to get money by threatening staff and customers at a local store and attempting to steal it. That was HIS decision. HE chose the store that he was going to rob. HE decided to carry a gun into that store and threaten innocent people with it. The clerk on the hand DID NOT wake up that morning and think to himself, “I think I’ll shoot someone dead today”. He was FORCED into taking that action, by a moron, who was carrying a loaded firearm, and was presumably willing to use it. So, the blame for Roosevelt’s life coming to an end at the age of 23, rests entirely with Roosevelt Rappley himself. If he hadn’t gone into that store, waving a gun about, he wouldn’t be dead. Thanks to his stupidity and lack of regard for others and lack of work ethic, he is now an ex-person.

To normal people, Roosevelt Rappley is entirely to blame for what happened to him. To his idiot family, the clerk is to blame. Because although their brother tried to rob the place at gunpoint, and gave every impression that he was willing to use his firearm, the clerk was wrong to draw his own piece on him and shoot him, thereby saving the lives of his colleagues and the customers. To Rappley’s family, fuck the store workers, fuck the customers. Their brother is dead, and it’s the clerk’s fault. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to sue.

This is why I despise criminals and their families so much. They have a chronic, possibly genetic, inability to take responsibility for their actions. Burglar gets caught robbing someone’s house? It’s not his fault he caught, it’s the fault of the police for catching him. Criminal gets killed in the commission of a crime? Not his fault. The family blame everyone but the actual culprit. We are ALL responsible for actions. In Roosevelt Rappley’s case, it’s HIS fault that he chose to try to rob a store that happened to employ a man who was allowed by law to carry a firearm (although, granted, he couldn’t have known that). And it’s Rappley’s fault that he is now pushing up daisies. Had he been an honest, decent, law abiding man, he would still be alive. But he wasn’t. And he isn’t.

So, the Rappley family. What a bunch of cunts.

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  1. Well if you live in a country where everyone has a gun and then decide to walk into a public place waving your gun about and demanding money, don’t be surprised when one day, some cunt pulls their gun out and puts your lights out. Permanently.

    Stupid cunt got what he deserved. His family members will probably end up the same way. Daft, lazy cunts.

  2. Haha a guilty Dindu. Ma man ripple dindu nuffin, he a good man. Gibs me dat money bag honky. I needs to buys me some crack.

  3. So using the family’s logic , the clerk that had a licence to carry , shouldn’t have been carrying a gun despite Rappley’s presence with a gun showing that the clerk’s threat analysis was spot on.

    Also, the clerk shouldn’t have been carrying a gun to protect against scum like Rappley but Rappley wasn’t in the wrong for carrying (a no doubt unlicensed firearm) in there to rob it?

    I wonder how many more of the ten siblings will get offed in this fashion?

    Has Black Lives Matter declared it’s position yet?

  4. The dark key cunt won’t be pulling this stunt again. His mother should have been sterilized.

  5. This is the most sophisticated comment I can come up with.(incisive wit or not?)

  6. I took this a little further and looked up “Castle law” the right to defend your property in the US.
    On a previous occasion a very neighbourly neighbour took out two burglars with a shot gun, the burglars had robbed the neighbour and then strayed on to the shooters property when challenged, (they were un armed but had multiple convictions), the shooter was found not guilty under castle law (despite being told repeatedly not to engage as police were on the scene).
    This quote strikes me.

    Black activist Quanell X said he was meeting with civil attorneys to discuss the next legal move. He said he planned to lobby lawmakers to change the Castle Doctrine, which he believes is racially motivated. He went on to say, “This was a wild and out-of-control Western-thinking, gun-toting man who saw the opportunity to be judge, jury and executioner, and Harris County let him get away with it. But we’re not going to let him get away with it.”

    The crux of this statement would be that the law in place to protect your property is biased towards coloured people who intend to rob it, Now strike me down with a peeled banana, Is this a person of colour saying that coloured people are all thieves? Is he related to Diane Abbot? is this not a racist statement.

  7. We need more good news stories like this to help lift the national mood. I suggest that news outlets should be required to run at least one “worthless criminal/sponger gets what they deserve” story every day.

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